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Featured Article

XP User Interface: How can I lock a screen in the Luna UI


Now that I have Windows XP for a while, I got used to the 'Luna' user interface but how can I lock the screen? I used to press Control+Alt+Delete and then chose 'Lock Screen'. Now this hot key brings up the task manager.


Use the Windows Key (right of your space key) and press the L key simulatenously.
Other useful shortcuts are:
Shortcut keyFunction
[Windows] + LLock session (new in XP)
[Windows] + RRun box
[Windows] + TabCycle through open programs through the taskbar
[Windows] + EStart Explorer
[Windows] + MMinimize all windows
[Windows] + Shift MRestore all windows (after [Windows]+M
[Windows] + DMinimize all windows, activate desktop
[Windows] + FFind in Files/ Folders
[Windows] + PAUSESystem properties
[Windows] + UWindows Utility Manager

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