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How do I uninstall SourceCoder completely?


How do I uninstall completely SourceCoder. I keep getting the 60 days warning after I have uninstalled it with the control panel utility.


The proper way to uninstall SourceCoder is to use the shortcut that was created in the SourceCoder group in your start menu. Using the uninstall via the control panel leaves an entry in the registry.
You must run shortcut "Un-Register from Delphi IDE" first.
"Uninstall" should be run afterwards, it will remove the tool which (Un)registers in Delphi's IDE.
In the case, that you already removed this tool (the EXE-Name is RegTools.exe, and to unregister, you need to call    RegTools.exe /u, you can manually uninstall:
  • remove the expert by opening the registry with RegEdit.exe
    There, open branch \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Borland\Delphi\6.0\Experts\
    You will see an entry SCoderExpert. Delete it.
  • Remove the remaining entries in the Tools menu using Delphi's "Configure Tools" menu entry.

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