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Open source search tools: ht://dig and swish-e

DelphiFAQ currently uses swish-e for searching documents. The presentation of the results is home-made.
I had used swish-e several years ago, and switched then to ht://dig. ht://dig is a great tool, but I could not get it to work on my new web host's environment. (I had to move from OLM to bluehost because of OLM's intolerable outages in 2005 and early 2006.)
For a while I ran the search function on the (frequently inavailable) old box -hosted by OLM- until I put in the time to migrate it completely to BlueHost, now implementing swish-e again.


The crawler runs currently not on a fixed schedule. Instead I manually start the crawl process. I am still looking into optimizing the recrawl process. I start the crawler about every 2 or 3 days. This means that if you run a search on a string that appears in a very recent comment, then this string may not be found yet.

You are welcome to leave feedback on the search function here.


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2018-09-05, 20:45:54   (updated: 2018-09-05, 20:48:07)
DOC from United States  
anonymous from Belgium,

It can be dangerous to post your private email address in a public forum such as this one, as you could receive lots of spam!
As for your question about this guy, I would say 100% SCAMMER!
Stop all contact and block this scammer now!
Never send money to strangers!

Regards, DOC
2018-09-06, 07:56:53

Sir,i have make such a big mistake to put on my mail adress here Under the text off Ryan Vandervoort,i have wreed your message i broke all contact with this man.
Please can you delete or remote the picture of this man,i'm in danger,how can i send you a mail please,do not publisch this text!
2018-09-06, 09:11:49
DOC from United States  
Belgium, I deleted your post at your request. Please repost all the information on the scammer so others can be warned!

Regards, DOC
2018-09-06, 09:25:20

Thanks for your cooperation.
But I'm on your site for the first time, and have read Doc's comments, and I did not know how to write all of this on your scammers site.
I am aware that I should not show my mail address, you can delete the photo and delete the comment.
I can indeed be in great danger with all the comments and the photo I have published, I am grateful to you for the wise words you have made known under my comment.
I stopped all contact with this person, and blocked everything.
So his name is Ryan Vandervoort, and I am on page 139, I am eternally grateful to you to remove this photo and the commentary on Ryan Vandervoort's photo's.
Remove everything from page 139, I know enough now, thank you for your cooperation.
To be sure, his name again.

Ryan Vandervoort, engineer-working for Eni-Petroleum in the Tasman Sea, son Reagan Vandervoort, Canadian-American.

Please remove the photo and comment from Ryan Vandervoort, I have put myself in great danger without realizing it, I am very grateful to you.

With a lot of respect for Doc.

I follow your cooperation every day.
2018-09-06, 09:52:30

First and foremost I want to thank you Doc!
I feel more reassured now, how can I thank you for your kindness and your proffessional approach, thank you so much, I will never forget you.
Many people here in Belgium appeal to your knowledge and your site.
Of course I go into your advice to make this scammer difficult, I just have to find the right text to stop me from getting into trouble.

Once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I have a lot of respect for you Doc.

Thank you so much,Sir.

I feel so much better now,and all because of you Sir.
2018-09-06, 18:37:38   (updated: 2018-09-06, 18:48:12)
DOC from United States  
You are very welcome! I will republish your original post minus your personal email address.

On 2018-09-05, 05:36:52 anonymous from Belgium wrote:

Hello i'm from Belgium,and i think,but not 1OO% sure that i have to do with a smammer.

His name is Ryan Vandervoort(alias Ryan Vanndervoort)

Phone number +194 16818302

Wife died,widower,was on a datingsite badoo,son Reagan vandervoort,goes to school in Washington dc,to St.albans school.

Mail adress

Age of Ryan Vandervoort 48...Canadian-American works for Eni Petroleum in the Tasman Sea
Mail-adress of the Howard,land and logistics.

Ryan said he had a house in Mutton Bay in Canada,mother 90 years old,father died he was a Canadian.

Works for Eni Petroleum for 12 years now,and is Engineer.

He wants to come to Belgium,but i have to pay a leave grant of 2,850$ us dollars,i didn,t pay this ,please can
you tell me of this person is a scammer,i would be so gratefull to you,thank you in advance,if you want more détails i'm ready to help you.

This image was also posted here:
DelphiFAQ Site wide search function

2018-09-07, 13:36:08
I am not positive but this man may be a scammer.
This image was also posted here:
DelphiFAQ Site wide search function

2018-09-07, 13:36:09
I am not positive but this man may be a scammer.
This image was also posted here:
DelphiFAQ Site wide search function

2018-09-20, 17:24:04
I have been talking with this woman for about a month. Reverse Image Search shows her as Cathy Schurr. No other info.

2018-09-20, 22:37:21   (updated: 2018-09-20, 22:37:53)
Cathy Schurr's Phone Number, Email, Address, Public Records - Spokeo

https://www.spokeo. com › People › Last Name (S)

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