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2010-04-18, 23:38:04

i see her pics are plastered all over the Internet. Stephanie Washington is a borderline sociopath and a pathalogical lier. This woman is quite sick but is as cunning as the proverbial shithouse rat. Don't be sucked in by those big tits. I suspect, like Lady Macbeths's dugs, they are fill with gall (poison) . Watch out and stay away she will rob you blind given half a chance.

2010-04-21, 22:15:20   (updated: 2010-04-21, 22:19:50)
anonymous from United States  
HI, I believe this person Jamila Abubakar ( is trying to scam money from men . She sweet talked me on yahoo mesenger trying to get me to send her money. I did not agree to send any money so she dosn't want to chat anymore. beware of this person she used the phone number +233241989224 as a contact number to call me and used the phone number 1110440601 to text me. Beware

2010-04-24, 14:02:46
anonymous from United States  
Want to protect yourself against a potential scammer? It's quite simple....


It doesn't matter if you have exchanged a million emails filled with 'love.'

It doesn't matter if you have talked with this person a thousand times by phone.

It doesn't matter if you have had the most wonderful experience of your life on webcam or any web conferencing event.

Forget what your 'feelings' tell you at the time... you are now a compassionate and loving person ready to have your wallet stolen by an internet pickpocket.


This image was also posted here:
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Dating scammer Svetlana
Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia
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Other Feedback

2010-04-27, 19:06:24
bbs123 from United States  
2010-04-30, 13:29:51
anonymous from United States  
thank you for this service it has saved a lot of trouble
2010-05-01, 22:55:47
anonymous from United Kingdom  
2010-05-06, 15:14:36
anonymous from United States  
i want to know is this girl a scamer

2010-05-06, 16:17:15
OJAS from United States  
Anon US 2010-05-06, 15:14:36, check this thead http://www.delphifa..p=9#193354
2010-05-11, 20:52:52
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Just been hit ...again, by another scam from Koforida, Ghana. via aff site. go's by the name Amanda, her aff name is amandakk, she prefers to chat on yahoo, I did'nt manage to get any other info as she cut me off, ha. She is using photo's of Sativa rose (porn star) as warned, she/he is a scammer and just wants your money.
2010-05-12, 14:57:56
I am hoping that I may finally be able to get an answer to a question that I've had for over a year, please? I was scammed by a man claiming to be from the UK, London, specificly. He called many times from his 'cell phone', which I later found out had a scammer-type number starting with 44-70.................... At any rate, can a scammer be from any other country/area and still have a flawless British accent? I know that many scammers claim to be from The UK, but we spoke many times, and I know his accent was British. Curiosity about this issue is killing me! (not literally, lol) Thank you in advance!
2010-05-21, 16:57:12
I was slickly scammed by a Russian woman claiming to be Elzaveta Batutiti. Her aunt supposedly was Olga Khanaeva, who i believe is the mastermind. She was claiming to be working toward coming here on a 2 year B2 tourist visa. All the info checked out with my own travel agent here in the US. She had one woman pick up funds named Elena Pavlova, later a Larisa Maksimova. When it was the final time to have the remainder of the cash for her 'bring-in' money to the US, she has evaporated. These are the emails associated with the scam. Batutiti) Olga was Both sent me emails. They were upset when i wished a flower arrangement ne taken to her and they would take a picture. Dumb me.

2010-05-30, 04:17:43
anonymous from Nigeria  
hi luve, u
2010-05-30, 04:18:23
anonymous from Nigeria  
hi luve u
2010-05-30, 04:19:03
anonymous from Nigeria  
hiluv u
2010-06-02, 00:28:46
anonymous from United States  
Listen what in the world is wrong with you guys 100% of all girls from Africa are scammers and just google Ghana on there there is not one white girl over there i guess you have to loose a bunch of money first before you relize that, This is what all there people do for a living is get models and pretty white girls and say it is them all of them are young boys men and black girls i know i had two friends that got scammed good so they went down there and seen for them selfs so really if you want a girl you better stay in the states or if she is from another country go meet her first some of these people are making a million dollars a year off of us and i have been talking with some of the same ones for years and sooner or later some of them tell me the truth...
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