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Please post here general other feedback that does not fit into the existing topics in this category.

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2012-03-16, 03:37:39
Profil von sulimka34 -
Profil erstellen · Profil Details Freunde Gästebuch. w 30 sulimka34. Userbild. Aktiv: Sa.,14.01. um 10:46; Rang: Rang; Wohnort: D 88 Altshausen. Besucher (92) ...
2012-03-16, 09:27:19
OJAS from United States  
Donald from previous page, the girl is on a Finnish site

You could use

Or if you could change the google domain to your country. Feel free to ask if you need help.
2012-03-16, 12:22:48
OJAS from United States  
2012-09-29, 15:06:27
anonymous from United States  
i need some one to resend me my passowrd to this site so i can log in.. and there is no thing asking if i forgot it but anyway the email is so you can send it there
2012-09-30, 05:38:57
DOC from United States  
anonymous from United States,

Send a email to the Admin about your password (
2014-01-29, 10:59:53
anonymous from United States  
I would like to add additional comments on the scammer LUCY BRAINS email address is
cell phone number current as of 1-29=2014 +233-572533681 She uses pictures of the porn girl Sweet Krissy , I had added a picture of her but couldn't remember my password. If ever the have a {HUNTING SEASON) on these sorry low life bitches and low life males I would sell my house and everrything I owe to come there and bring a SWIFT TEXAS JUSTICE to every miserable one of them, your GOD DAMN country ought to get off it's CROOKED ASS and start doing something about these crimes

2014-07-11, 05:07:07
anonymous from Malaysia  
1. Full Name: Rahim Suboh
2, Address: No. 13-8 Tmn Tanjong Minyak Jaya 75350 Melaka
3. Satae: Melaka
4. Zip: 75350
5. Country: Malaysia
6. Sex: Male
7.Age: 59 Years
8. Occupation: Veletran Army
9. Email:
10. Tel: 019-606-7280

Mr. Carlo Ghezzi(11 Presidentte)
2014-10-04, 17:45:59
I posted a photo of a woman by mistake, are using her pictures as scammer, but she did not and scammers .. I know and I can prove it, how do I remove the photo

2014-10-05, 16:53:14
Good night

I added a picture of a person (Blessing) document, and she does not scammer, their photos were stolen and is being distributed through the internet with several different names.
I posted the real picture. She did not and scammer.
I make a comment about the scammer, I posted the wrong comment, along with her ​​picture (Blessing) his real name,
Please scammer is she does not, your photos are being used by someone else to tarnish his image.
Please remove this picture I posted ..
She is not scammer
Thank you
2015-02-01, 04:45:29
anonymous from Belgium  
What litearbing knowledge. Give me liberty or give me death.
2015-02-02, 07:15:36
About the potato story. The truth is that pleope did not know they should eat tubers but not poato berries Nevertheless rebellion against what we now name as innovation is quite common to Russia.About the culture. We (the Russians)do have a culture. The culture of slaves every single one of them aspiring to become a Tzar. I think that living in Nizhny Novgorod you are familiar with migalka (car flashing lights). Why do you think it is so widespread in Russia? Not because it helps driving through traffic jams, but because it is the most visible attribute of Tzar These are the roots of legal nihilism.About the Russian universities.They are inheritors of Soviet universities, which were founded as training institutes. Very few of them are scientific institutions. Most of them do not have innovative projects at all.Traditionally education in such universities is primarily technical, that's why most Russian innovators are not aware of things like marketing.We need some more 100 years to become a civilised nation, but I'm afraid we don't have them China is far ahead [url=[/url] [link= http://ktlruvpkfnz...fnz[/link]
2015-02-13, 09:04:46
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2015-02-13, 09:05:32
sell auto seconds effect boats after both world whole range un-necessary frills ever heard dysfunction
2015-02-13, 09:06:29
sell auto seconds effect boats after both world whole range un-necessary frills ever heard dysfunction
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