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2013-06-27, 02:38:47
anonymous from Canada  

2013-06-27, 02:45:00
anonymous from Canada  

here a few emails she sent me .

Hello my dear Kevin! I am glad that you like my picture. They make friends for me. I see that you are looking hockey. which team will win? Now I am waiting with great anticipation your letters. Nice to know that there is in this world, a man for whom I care which does not care about my life. The person to whom it is important to know that with me, that I do. The closest people to me were my parents and my grandmother. How did you come into my life, you became to me just as expensive as the family. How was your day today? How are you? My day started out as usual. I waited with anticipation when I open my email and I will read your letter.

This morning I woke up with the thought of you. I was in a very good mood. Then I went to work. I went and thought that you write. Perhaps you will send some new photos. With every letter we get closer to you. You're telling me about his life, I'm on my life. I'm with you is very easy to talk to. After becoming acquainted with you, my life is better. I mean, I need a real relationship. I do not want empty correspondence, which came to nothing lead. I got used to you. You really like me. Recently, I often start to think about you. With your advent of my life is filled with meaning, and I could feel how it is necessary for me - to know that on this earth are you, and how important it is for me - to live for you.

Of course bad that we are so far away, but for love and relationship does not exist obstacles. probably my dreams go too far. Tell me if this is the case. then I will be more modest. Unfortunately, I have to finish and I will wait for your answer.

I love you! I miss you. I want to see you, in your arms.

My kisses

Your Ekaterina

Hello my love Kevin! It is a pity that today you do not write to me. You've been very busy? It's always been, and always will be my pleasure - to get your letters. It is also my pleasure to deliver to you the smiles and happiness to you. Every time I write to you. I'm just amazed at how we can affect each other so through our letters. I doubt that we can truly imagine how wonderful it would be to be together at last. I only think about you. My thoughts are of you, and I want to be with you and only you! You're forever in my heart. When I read your letter, my heart starts to beat faster. And I realize that I can no longer live without you. I love you, darling. I want to be with you and only you.

This morning I woke up from a beam of light that flowed through my window. It was so nice to me, soft and beautiful. And I thought of you. Because it caresses my body, I assumed it - you, who is there, sending me your love. I hope that when you wake up in the morning, and the sun shines, is your window and caresses your body that you would think about me. I really want to feel your tenderness. I want you to now was against me, then I would have looked into your eyes. I would just like to say, to see your smile, hear your laugh. I want to talk to you all night long if I could. But I need to finish the letter.

You - my love. You - the thief who stole my heart! I love you!

A lot of tender kisses, your always Ekaterina

Hello my love Kevin! Did you miss me? I'm very bored. Every time eagerly open my email, to see your letter. And every time I'm nervous, I wrote to you today. My heart is beating at a furious pace, the rhythm of love and passion. And then, finally, I open my email and see your letter. And the great joy and happiness, a smile on my face, you wrote. Your letters to me a lot of meaning. This is the only thing that connected me with you. Sometimes I'm afraid you can not write, and then I'll lose you forever. Then I get very scared. Tell me that you'll never leave me, promise me! I ask you to never break my heart. I'm trusting you, you opened the soul, gave my burning heart and ask only about one thing that you kept it, he kept him as the most valuable.

Today I received two of your letters. I was interested to read them. You asked the name of the store where I work. Its name is 'Lady'. I wrote about this before. when your Christmas? Our Christmas will be a next year on January 7.

You know, today, when I went to work thinking about you. I always think of you. I was sorry that it's a beautiful morning there beside you. When we meet, I will not step depart from you. I want to spend my life with you, my dear. We always pull through, in joy and in sorrow, we'll be together. The first and most important test for us, this is our distance, but soon very soon we will turn these kilometers to centimeters (millimeters). When we're together, we'll be the happiest in the world.

I miss and miss you. I want to cuddle up to your chest, to hear the sound of your heart. Enjoy a moment of happiness. More races to say: I love you! Let it trite, but it is reality. Honey, I need to finish the letter. Tomorrow again I will wait for your answer.

Lots of kisses, your always Ekaterina

Hello my love Kevin!!! I was pleased to read about your childhood. So I find out more about you. Thank you for sharing your memories. You're asking me about what kind of music I listen to. You know, I like to listen to music, but particular preference in music I have not. I can listen to different music. I listen to it on the mood. But most of all it is quiet melody. I like sports. I told you that I like to run in the mornings. I also do aerobics. I'm not tall, my height is 5 '7. Of course, I have natural hair. Why do I need to wear a wig?

Banal phrase. Extension will be more banal! I will not write about the crazy sensations, feelings crazy when I met you, I will not mention your strengths and excellent features! You're the only person in the whole world that I want to address, in which I believe and whom I love with all my heart! Kevin, you took possession of me, my mind, absolutely everything! You, only you offend my heart, making him tremble, desperate to beat and gently tap to the rhythm of your steps. Kevin ... How many times your name is in the silence and to myself that no one would have heard that no one would know how I feel about you. Nonsense? Yeah, maybe ... But the man always looks and acts stupid if ....

I ask myself the same question and try to find the answer. Every day I sit down at my computer with a great desire to write something beautiful, but nothing comes to mind. Yes, I love you ... finally decided to say ... I love desperately ...

I searched the Internet and found love. I found you, the man I love. I would like to come home and know that I would be met by a man whom I love, who can rely on at all times. I would like to know that I can cover it up and give kisses. I do not want to disappoint you. I wish to tell you that I am very happy because I met you.

I love you more lives. I know you're the only one who needed to me, who I will be happy. I'm talking to you about it, because I wish to open your soul. I want what you have seen my essence of the soul. I want you to understand that I really do love you. Do not doubt my true love for you. The whole truth. I would not say these words, if it is not. I will never play your senses. What I want in the future? Probably all that is wanted by every girl. I want happiness in the future, I want it nearby was a beloved man, who may rely on the most. I wish to love and to give love. It would be desirable to true marital happiness. I wish to cook for a family meal, knowing that my hard work appreciated. I am willing to wait for her husband from work, feed him, get a massage and to be engaged with this love. I wish to meet his most intimate desires, I want to be his woman, and only that. Here is my main dream for the future. And a career or something else in me in the background, because I regard as the most important - family happiness. This concludes my love letter. I'll be waiting for your reply. I love you, and I wish to get more of your letters to my love!

Your Ekaterina

I do have more emails but thats some of them.

2013-06-27, 02:51:09
anonymous from Canada  

I do think i got another fake one here from the same site. and why i say that is cause i remember seeing the same picture 2 times but in different canadian cities.

her name she said was Olga from the city of Sheboksary i believ its located in russia some where.

her email is

So i wrote her saying hi how are ya and this is what she sent me .

Hello my new friend kevin!
How are you doing? I hope that all is well., thank you my new friend that you wrote to me.
why you did not send me a photo? I would very much like to see you. please send me a photo this time. I'll be very happy.
Why did you write me a little letter? I am very upset about this.
I very much expect that the next time you write about yourself for more.
I hope that we get to know each other.
I want to tell you a little about myself.
my name is Olga.
I live in the city Sheboksary.
If you are interested, I will send in my next letter you a photo of my city.
I'm 27 years old. my birthday on February 16. I sign Aquarius.
I live in an apartment with their parents. the name of my father, Yuri, and the name of the mother of Alexander.
My dad works at the firm for transportation. He goes round weights in different cities. and it often does not happen at home. My mom works in a store cashier.
I work in a cafe administrator. I like my job. but I'm not a very big salary. we have a small town and there is little work.
I also do dance. I have long been engaged in dances, about 10 years old. I like them very much. usually we dance R & B dance. but we dance the waltz and tango, and more. I go the same way in the gym with her friends. I support her figure in great shape. and you go to the gym? do you like sports?
in my spare time I teach foreign languages. I studied English in college. I know him well. I also know German and Italian. but I want to learn multiple languages ​​to understand many things.
I wish that you would just have told about themselves. I'm curious to know more about you.
please send me your photo. I will send you my photo as well.
I hope that I have liked and I'll get interesting.
I hope you will write to me. I'll be waiting for a letter from you.
Your girlfriend Olga!

2013-06-27, 02:51:34
anonymous from Canada  

2013-06-27, 02:52:28   (updated: 2013-06-27, 02:53:31)
anonymous from Canada  

same site as ekaterina

2015-02-01, 02:04:27
anonymous from Brazil  
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2015-02-01, 03:15:22
anonymous from Canada  
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2015-02-02, 07:03:58
anonymous from Valencia, Venezuela  
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2015-02-03, 15:18:22
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2015-02-09, 15:06:26
anonymous from China  
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