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This weekend (October 10th, 2009), I introduced accounts on

The main reason was to give people the ability to edit a comment that they have posted several hours or days ago. Without a login, it was not possible to reliably identify the 'owner' of the comment.

Second, it did happen that someone impersonated someone else by using that person's name. It is still possible to post anonymously, but if you post while logged in, a green check mark will appear next to your name above the comment.

Finally, it has happened several times that one poster tried to reach another poster but neither one of the 2 posters had left their email address. The 2 posters would independently email me and I would try to make the connection. Successfully, in a few cases, I may add. Now, if you are logged in, you can send a message to another registered user on this site.

You can see your own messages in your profile.

In the upper right corner you have links to log in or to register a new account:

Once you are logged in, you can access your profile by clicking on your name in the upper right corner:

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2010-02-24, 17:06:04   (updated: 2010-02-24, 17:08:41)
how can I contact the administration of this site?
2010-02-24, 18:46:52
Scambay Terr from Canada  
You will find his address near the top of the left sidebar, above the 'Bookmark this' box.

@IE diehards, a 17 year old problem has been solved 18 days ago!

Hmmm... maybe I should rethink this whole move. Any news on when they're planning to fix Windows ME? What about the chkdsk problem with DOS 5.0?
2010-02-25, 00:32:56 from Denver, United States  
I recently posted about the dating scammer Perry Evans aka Bart Thompson aka Robert Taylor. I found Robert Taylor again on spiritual singles dating sight. His new email is and he is still using the name Robert Taylor. He sent me an email. He is using a different picture now. Please beware of him. He is clever and very uncaring. His name on that site is 'huggs'. I reported him to them and scam raiders as well.
2010-02-26, 22:21:47
Scambay Terr  
Try to keep this thread for account and other technical issues.

You can find related threads for names or email addresses by using the search box above.

2010-02-27, 21:34:58
Scambay Terr  
Well, here I am logged into delphi for the first time on Firefox. Do I look different?
It's taking me a while to make it look like IE6, but I'm already much closer than is even possible with IE7 (which I will revert anyways). So far, no problems to speak of.
2010-02-28, 00:18:01
Scambay Terr  
Here's a weird thing. In IE the shaded quotes on delphi are centered, and in FF they are left-aligned. Anybody else notice this?
2010-03-01, 08:15:50
DOC from United States  
Scambay Terr,

Yes, I noticed the quoted text is not centered in the page with firefox. Oh well... You'll get used to it.
2010-03-07, 12:45:51
Scambay Terr  

How did you do that?
2010-03-07, 15:20:47
DOC from Moscow, Russian Federation  
Привет Scambay Terr!

Я направил Вам письмо!
2010-03-07, 18:48:12
OJAS from United States  
@Scambay, Test sequence with Firefox http://www.delphifa..323#165254
2010-03-09, 08:52:10
Scambay Terr  
Привет DOC
Я получил ваше письмо.
Я сделаю Некоторые путешествия, когда у меня есть время
2010-03-09, 13:20:05
afonso from Brazil  
Hello natasha,I m looking for you, bye
2010-03-09, 21:44:19
DOC from United States  

2010-03-13, 04:55:42
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