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This weekend (October 10th, 2009), I introduced accounts on

The main reason was to give people the ability to edit a comment that they have posted several hours or days ago. Without a login, it was not possible to reliably identify the 'owner' of the comment.

Second, it did happen that someone impersonated someone else by using that person's name. It is still possible to post anonymously, but if you post while logged in, a green check mark will appear next to your name above the comment.

Finally, it has happened several times that one poster tried to reach another poster but neither one of the 2 posters had left their email address. The 2 posters would independently email me and I would try to make the connection. Successfully, in a few cases, I may add. Now, if you are logged in, you can send a message to another registered user on this site.

You can see your own messages in your profile.

In the upper right corner you have links to log in or to register a new account:

Once you are logged in, you can access your profile by clicking on your name in the upper right corner:

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2010-04-30, 16:27:53
sportka from United Kingdom  

2010-05-04, 05:16:29
Is this the chatbox with generall topics now ?
I m amazed how many Scammers from Russia and Nigeria/Ghana get listet in several respective forums.
But I have not found ONE site where there is a systematic listing of Philippine Scammers.
And - to my experience - they are fare more exceeding the numbers of Russians and African Scammers.
Even their system is different from the other nationalities, they can get very dangerous, because mostly their story and behaviour appears so natural and convincing that even carefull people are tricket.
I know one girl from Cavite, who has up to 8000 people sending her small amounts of money every month, acording to WesternUnion and Moneygram.
This one is using pictures of the Canadian/American online model KateGround to atract her visitors.
And there is a another one, who concentrates on dating scams:
She works around 15 victims at the same time taking first small amounts starting with 50 Dollars for urgent medicine or a ticket, because for years she had no chance to see her own child living in province with the grandparents.
The HAVE PITY methode.
And before you even notice, you are up to 10 000 spend. All you get in return are a few pictures, maybe a cam show on YM and promisse of later relationship or marriage.
In case you turn up in Manila you are kept waiting until you give up and return to your country.

2010-05-13, 12:01:19
Ratinos from Italy  
Good evening everyone,
now is more than a month email exchange with this person says I love and fidelity.
Scirve about every two days and already some days I do not send more pictures.
I think you expect me to call here in Italy to ask the money OCME ocn I've seen another person a few days ago.
What a fool I was to believe her until now.
Thanks for your support.

2010-05-13, 12:02:21
Ratinos from Italy

2010-05-13, 12:03:03
Ratinos from Italy
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Evgeniya zebreva

2010-05-13, 12:03:49
Ratinos from Italy

2010-05-13, 12:04:14
Ratinos from Italy

2010-05-13, 12:04:43
Ratinos from Italy
This image was also posted here:
Accounts on this web site

2010-05-13, 12:05:08
Ratinos from Italy
2010-05-13, 12:05:32
Ratinos from Italy
This image was also posted here:
Accounts on this web site

2010-05-13, 12:05:55
Ratinos from Italy

2010-05-13, 12:06:15
Ratinos from Italy

2010-05-13, 12:06:37
Ratinos from Italy

2010-05-13, 12:07:05
Ratinos from Italy

2010-05-13, 12:08:51   (updated: 2010-05-13, 12:14:23)
Ratinos from Italy  
Here are some letters written in Italian by lady
Sono pazzamente felice, che hai scritto per me. E bello per me per realizzare, che ho qualcuno e interessato.
Io con la grande speranza attende di sentire da voi e desidero esprimervi la gratitudine enorme
Per cui avete risposto. A nessuno un segreto, che su Internet non e sicuro si conosce, che
Piu con le persone provenienti dall'estero, ma il disegno di legge che ho l'impressione assolutamente altro.
Mi sembra, che il dignitoso e portato l'uomo, dietro il quale torna ogni donna
Sara come dietro di montagna in pietra! Io sogno di trovare l'uomo che mi capira,
Per aiutarmi a un minuto difficile che mi dara un massimo di attenzione e di non
Dara a nessuno in insulto, e la cosa piu importante che e bello che sia internamente, dalla aperto
E l'anima gentile! Auspico di cuore alla speranza, che la nostra corrispondenza procedera e sara
Per avere carattere reciproco e riservato.
Ho enorme desiderio di dire a voi di me.
Il mio nome e Evgeniya. Ritengo, che cosa e un nome bello e attraente.
E voi, come prendere in considerazione? A me 31 anni. Ritengo, che cosa esattamente a questa eta la persona comincia
Pensare ad una intimita della famiglia, sui bambini, per il futuro. Io lo credo, perche mi e frequente
Visita pensieri sulla creazione di famiglia. E a che cosa i pensieri su un argomento di famiglia? A me big
Quantita di hobby anche io voglio dire a voi su di loro. Nell'infanzia sono stato impegnato in piscina ed e possibile
A dire abbastanza sul serio. I memorizzare fino ad ora i premi, mi ricordano
Della mia infanzia. Certo, io e ora con la grande piscina visita di piacere,
Ma solo un tempo libero. Ho messo iniziare o con
Jogging o ti sweep su una bicicletta. Queste procedure mi aiuti a sostegno
La mia figura e lo stato di salute. E anche mi piacerebbe molto leggere. In particolare mi
Riguardano i prodotti su un argomento d'amore. In ulteriori dettagli, mi auguro, impariamo l'amico
Circa l'amico in un ulteriore dialogo. Se tu avessi qualsiasi domanda a me,
Che mi rispondera con piacere a loro! Scrivere di se, vorrei conoscere la vostra
Hobby, che si sono impegnati a tempo libero, sul tuo lavoro?
Con impazienza io ansioso di sentire da voi!

Evgeniya zebreva
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