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Is a carpool violation a moving or a parking violation?


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I just got a ticket for HOV violation (carpool violation). Is this a moving or a parking violation? This happened in California. Any ideas on how much this ticket will cost me?


It depends.

If your citation has a code 21655.5B then that means your got into the carpool lane by accident and this is not a point violation and therefore no traffic school is necessary.

But anything else - for example a 21655 or 21655b citiation would be a point and traffic school can be taken if it has not within the last 18 months. In some states you will get multiple points, e.g. in New York = 5 points on your driver's record for an intentional carpool violation.

If this was your first carpool violation, then your ticket should be between $300 and $500. Repeaters can get fined up to $1000 (as of December 2005).


2007-10-22, 15:25:37
anonymous from United States  
I am pregnant and due to the traffic very bad this morning. I use the carpool lane for less than 1 mile. I got ticket a ticket for that. Is there a law that allow pregnant women to use carpool lane when it is in emergency situation like, I need to use the restroom or I am in pain?
2009-01-07, 16:19:06
anonymous from United States  
ok listen up here.. i got a ticket for being in the carpool lane back in October i recently went to court and they fined me $436.00 plus a $35.00 fee for going on a payment plan and this was my first offense and the charge code was the VC 21655.5B that means by being in the carpool lane by accident... Anyways... hope my story is a little helpfull to all you carpool lane violaters [no worries I went on the carpool lane on purpose.. the lines to get onto the freeway are CRAZY!!!] So I learned my lesson... but trust me its not worth going on that lane and getting caught... that is too much money for that violation..
2009-05-25, 16:50:32
anonymous from United States  
Was your ticket for VC 21655.5B a moving violation or a parking violation? Is it a point on your driving record?
2010-05-19, 02:07:34
SamVia from India  
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2012-05-02, 18:14:52
Victor T from Oakland, United States  
i hope this is right. i got that code on my ticket too so hopefuly i got no point
2012-05-02, 23:50:38
Observe county and/or municipal codes for motorists ... please !

2012-06-11, 11:10:55
anonymous from United States  
I just got a ticket for crossing the double yello lines in a carpool lane to exit inorder to get onto another freeway. Mind you this is coming from the 605 South to the 60 West. There is no carpool lane exit signs or warnings prior to the 60 for the 605. The first exit was about 2 miles prior to the 60 fwy. Can I fight this ticket? If I cant fight it how much is the ticket?
2012-07-05, 12:20:49
[hidden] from San Jose, United States  
anonymous (posted 2012-06-11):

You should exit the carpool lane 2 miles prior then. You have absolutely no grounds to fight the ticket. To say it nicely, you deserve the ticket and the moving violation. The lack of education of most drivers in California is startling.

To think that you can fight a ticket because your carpool lane (which is basically a preferential expressway) does not have an exit for you within 2 miles of another freeway exit is very telling of your driving experience and etiquette.
2012-08-19, 21:43:17
anonymous from Korea (R)  
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2012-09-14, 03:47:06
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2013-01-21, 22:13:57
wanwan from Japan  

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