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What is that milky fluid on my RX-8's oil dipstick?


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I found a milky fluid on my RX-8's oil dipstick - what does that mean?


This milky substance does not affect engine performance or any other functions of the vehicle. During cold weather, moisture contained in blow-by gases (exhaust, oil, fuel, water vapor) is cooled by the intermediate housing wall and condenses due to difference in temperature. A chemical reaction between the moisture reacts and the engine oil in the intermediate housing will yield the milky fluid. This fluid then eventually dissipates
as the engine warms up to full operating temperature.

The milky fluid does not affect the quality of the engine oil and therefore the engine performance is not affected either. Mazda has verified that the amount of moisture in the oil is within the acceptable standard for motor oils commonly found in the market.

However, you should verify that the coolant reservoir is full and that there is no sign of engine coolant leakage.

You can also go to you Mazda dealer and ask for a new oil level gauge tube plastic insert which has been developed as a countermeasure to keep the milky substance off of the dipstick (however, the substance will still be in there- it's a cosmetic fix only).

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2007-04-11, 00:43:11
anonymous from United States  
in my world, it usually means a blown head gasket from water or coolant mixing with oil
2007-04-20, 06:50:05
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
Hi There,

If it is a blown head gasket does anybody have an idea of a cost to replace this? Tried having a look round but could find no idea anywhere?

2007-07-25, 08:48:05
anonymous from Australia  
Renesis Engines dont have pistons or a head so I'm guessing that it wouldn't be a gasket.
2007-12-31, 14:12:19
anonymous from United States  
2008-01-09, 14:55:29
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Don't forget, this isn't a reciprocating engine!!! It is a Wankel rotary type so normal engine principles aren't accurate!!!
2008-01-24, 09:12:53
anonymous from United Kingdom  
What shall I do if I have the milky susbstance and my engine coolant reservoir is nearly empty???
2008-03-15, 13:44:18
anonymous from United States  
fill you reservoir
2009-02-09, 10:10:41
i own an 2004 rx8 (great car by the way).today,feb 09,2009 i just went through ''the milky white subsance'' on my dipstick,worried to death i went and got an oil change and gave the guy a test jar to fill up...good news is that there was no milky white stuff mix with the oil,the somewhat bad news is when the tempreture from ice cold outside to about fifty degrees happens it will appear on the dipstick only...who said head gaskets?,your silly,nope never heard of those,what?.
2009-10-31, 08:57:08
anonymous from United States  
i have the same thing going on with my rotary. the deal is if it is leaking coolant into the oil, then one of the major seals is shot and mazda does not offer a rebuild kit. The answer is a new engine that will cost about 5k and another 1k to install. best way to find out is drain the oil, drop the oil pan and if tha white jelly subsyatnce is on the inside of the pan.
2012-06-30, 01:52:47
anonymous from China  
2012-06-30, 01:54:09
anonymous from China  
2012-06-30, 01:55:20
anonymous from China  
2012-07-23, 22:42:28
anonymous from United States  
2012-08-04, 16:41:07
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Its caused by condensation dont push the dipstick in so far let it rest on the shaft and take her for a 4 hour run
2012-11-20, 14:39:45
anonymous from United States  
Your apex seals could have gone too
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