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Have a Javascript popup display Yes/ No instead of Confirm/ Cancel


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I need to ask my web site's user a Yes/ No question. Currently I use JavaScript's confirm() function.
The return value is true (OK) or false (CANCEL).
The word CANCEL is misleading. I want to have the buttons say Yes/ No instead.
How can I do it?


Many people will tell you it is not possible, and that is true for standard Javascript.

However, I found the following which works at least in 32 bit Windows with IE (which often accounts for 95% of your site's users).

This solution uses vbscript's confirm() function.

No, it does not work in FireFox. FireFox will display Confirm/ Cancel.

<script language=javascript>

/*@cc_on @*/
/*@if (@_win32 && @_jscript_version>=5)

function window.confirm(str)
    execScript('n = msgbox("'+str+'","4132")', "vbscript");
    return(n == 6);

@end @*/
var r = confirm("Can you do it?");

Content-type: text/html


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2010-04-17, 13:53:50 from United Kingdom  
Well Jvascript Dosent Do Yes Or No Properly Although Visual Basic Script Can. I Can Give You An Exaple. This One Is An Comfirm One:

x=msgbox ('Your User Account Has No Settings And May Cause Data Loss To Your Computer. Do You Want To Enable ?', 4+48,' User Account Warning')
if x=6 then
msgbox 'Your User Accont Settings Are Now Enabled', 0,'Enabled'
elseif x=7 then
msgbox 'Your User Account Settigs Has Been Left Until Further Notice', 0,'No Change'
end if

Tryed It?, Didnt Work? Then Eamil Me At The Adress
2011-12-15, 05:53:11
anonymous from India  
2012-01-27, 06:57:18
anonymous from India  
thank you very much..It works well
but how can I get a new line
When I use '\n' in my message(str)
It show an error 'Unterminated string constant'
2012-06-09, 00:25:47
anonymous from Washington, United States  
New line is vbCrLf in VBScript.
2013-01-11, 01:19:28
anonymous from New Delhi, India  
2013-02-28, 13:28:18
2014-07-23, 13:44:23
anonymous from United States  
I just love it. Thanks :)
2014-10-24, 14:29:57
anonymous from Pakistan  
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