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Dating scammer Harold J.Greene, Harold Greene


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Name: Harold J.Greene, Harold Greene


claims to be in US, real location Ghana

Other Comments:
This scammer contacted me first time yesterday on Wayn and send me 4 messages and his mail.

I managed to read two messages and his profile of Wayn been deleted yesterday(hardly 2 hours since he contacted me in the form that he added me as his friend - without my agreement.)

In spite of hiding full face I noticed military uniform so wrote him if he is hiding. When googled him came real US brigadier general Harry S. Greene.

I managed to read his two messages out of 4 he send to me prior his profile has been deleted on

Its nice and gracious meeting you for the first time and I do appreciate your effort so much. My name is Harold Greene currently working with United Nation as American General Military soldier and you too who are you and where are you from dear . Please add me so that we can meet online and talk

okay darling, Its better we start communication through mail to mail or through yahoo messenger chat just for us to know each other properly darling....add me to your yahoo now

Typical feature for scammers to offer mail address, title darling and get one on yahoo msg - even if he would not have pictures, all this are signs for red flag.

I got from him invitation to join him on yahoo today. I wrote him I 'do not have' that msg and that I prefer mails. Thanks to that short invitation mail from him I got his real IP

IP address:
IP address country: Ghana
IP address state: Greater Accra
IP address city: Accra
ISP of this IP: Glo Mobile Ghana Ltd
Organization: Glo Mobile Ghana Ltd

Within 5 minutes came from him long mail

Greetings darling,

It's nice and gracious to receive your mail dear..Let me just say one or two words about myself, My name is Harold J. Greene American Military General soldier currently working with United Nation for peace keeping and I'm a simple man,loving caring,understanding.I love travelling reading,gardening,watching true life story movies as well as cooking,

I am the Deputy for Acquisition and Systems Management, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology). I am responsible to the Army Acquisition Executive for providing acquisition oversight of Army systems and acquisition reform initiatives.Before my current assignment as Major General Greene and I was assigned as the Program Executive Officer for Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors. In that position, I have led the organization responsible for research, development, acquisition, and life cycle management of the Army intelligence, electronic warfare and sensor systems. Prior to my assignment at PEO IEW&S, Brigadier General Greene and I was assigned as the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM) Deputy Commanding General and Senior Commander of the Soldiers System Center, Natick, MA.

I previously served as the Director of Material in the Deputy Chief of Staff for Programs, G8, Headquarters, Department of the Army where I was responsible for the resourcing and fielding of the Army's major items of equipment. I also served in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology as the Battle Command Division Chief. Before serving in the Pentagon, I spent four years as the U.S. Army's Project Manager, Battle Command.

my assignments include: Assistant Director, Directorate for Combat Developments, U.S. Army Maneuver Support Center, Fort Leonard Wood, MO; Product Manager, Aerial Common Sensor at Fort Monmouth, NJ; Division Chief in the TRADOC Systems Manager, Engineer Combat Systems Office at the U.S. Army Engineer School, Fort Leonard Wood; staff officer and materials engineer with the Army Aviation and Troop Command, St. Louis, MO; Brigade Engineer and Company Commander, V Corps, Federal Republic of Germany; assignments with the Corps of Engineers as Resident Engineer, Athens, Greece and Project Engineer, Istanbul, Turkey; and Company Executive Officer, Platoon Leader and Battalion Staff Officer, Fort Polk, LA. I am a native of upstate New York. I received my commission as an Engineer Officer following my graduation from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1980. I holds a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California in Materials Science as well as masters degrees in engineering from both Rensselaer and Southern California.

I also holds a Masters of Strategic Studies degree from the U.S. Army War College and is a registered Professional Engineer in the Commonwealth of Virginia. My military education includes the Army War College, the Advanced Program Management Course at the Defense Systems Management College, the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, I am the Engineer Officer Basic and Advanced Courses. my awards include the Legion of Merit with three oak leaf clusters, the Meritorious Service Medal with a silver cluster, the Army Commendation Medal with three oak leaf clusters, the Army Achievement Medal and the Army Superior Unit Award.

I was born in 1944 bless enough to have a child.please I'm not good at saying much about myself please feel free to ask whatever you will like to know about me,kindly tell me more about you.hope we can be good friends, I mean writing each other and see what we can learn from one another since life itself is an institution of learning,let's see where our friendship will lead us .Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go, by T S Eliot. kindly tell me about you in your responses your biography history about you.I have to stop here for now take care send me some of your pictures and remain blessed. I need your yahoo messenger chat to talk with you online darling. add me now or If you don't have create one for our conversation okay.

Best Regards

Harold J. Greene American Military major General soldier

As one can see he really had copied information from biography of abovemention general. When sending me pictures he even did not bother to rename them.

Profiles : - deleted

The last profile belongs to the brigadier general Harry S. Greene whose name and part of photos this scammer abuses.

As I see I do not have peace from military scammers. It is known to me that they are targetting middle aged ladies expecting them to be widows or having savings. That is their main and the only aim...
Therefore I appreciate to uncover them as well as other scammers.


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2013-08-16, 04:26:26
hemisphere from Czech Republic  
I am attaching photos of this military scammer.

And the guy must be desperate still inviting me to join on

2013-08-16, 04:27:17
hemisphere from Czech Republic  

2013-08-16, 04:29:43
hemisphere from Czech Republic  

2013-08-16, 04:35:37
hemisphere from Czech Republic  
2013-08-16, 19:11:14
Miss Marple from United States  
Hemisphere ,thank you for your efforts!
2013-08-30, 05:27:19
hemisphere from Czech Republic  
'General' send me second request to join him on yahoo messenger. I replied that no time for chat and that he did not replied my mail and did not send me some his civilian photos. I got new mail from him yesterday and had a very good laugh.

He send 3 pictures evidently stolen - two of them with name Kelly and one with name hense. When checking photos with exception of one photo with fruits behind - the remaining two are documented on


All 3 pictures have very far to civilian photos of 'general' - probably he did not find or did not bothered to find some so he used another stolen one. It is obvious he was not checking them.

Last mail from him : (without respond to any of my questions as copied from internet)

My darling,

It's has been a hard working days since few weeks now, My man shot 16 army robber last 2 week on our way to Military Kabul Zoo forest and
some properties was recovered and materials. Put me as a sign on your heart, as a sign on your arm; love is strong as death, and wrath bitter as the underworld: its coals are coals of fire; violent are its flames. As a face reflects in water, so the heart reflects the real person.

A precious few are blessed with a love like ours. Even fewer have the strength, passion, and desire required to make that love last an
eternity. Love is when thoughts of but one woman fill your heart, when he means more than life to you, when you know you would do anything for him and shall die if she is taken from you. Desire is when you ache to see him and touch him, when she causes your body to burn and tremble. Desire
does not demand love before it can ensnare you, but desire with love creates a powerful bond.. My desire is fulfilled when I reach my destination, which is none other than a place in your big heart. I'll be on holiday this month and I'll like to visit you darling...

Lovely you Always

Harold Greene

All his 5 mails came with IP Ghana although he wrote he was US serving in Benin lol...

Email Sender:
IP address:
IP address country:     Ghana
IP address state:     Greater Accra
IP address city:     Accra
IP address latitude:     5.5500
IP address longitude:     -0.2167
ISP of this IP:     Glo Mobile Ghana Ltd
Organization:     Glo Mobile Ghana Ltd
Local Time of this IP country:     2013-08-29 15:29

Hmmm 'general' Harold Greene is planning to visit me. I am afraid he does not manage since now is end of month...

2013-08-30, 05:29:19
hemisphere from Czech Republic  
photo documented on

2013-08-30, 05:32:28
hemisphere from Czech Republic  
second photo documented on

2013-09-27, 07:28:42
hemisphere from Czech Republic  
Frank William with mail

Seems that came into reincarnation of this scammer. Again contacted from Wayn under different name and different mail and hidden real IP - profile without picture and already deleted profile within a day (he put swedish nationality)

Messages he send on Wayn prior being deleted (the first one in


Это действительно приятно прийти свой материал...Я Фрэнка Уильяма по
имени,после прочтения вашего профиля,я честный,добрый и ласковый человек.I
нашел тебя серьезным человеком с вид,что я ищу в каждом женщина.If вы не в
отношениях уже,я хотел бы знать вас больше,может быть,мы начнем с дружбы
знать,что мы можем установить хорошие партнерские отношения..

Mail:ID MSN:(

В надежде услышать от вас


Translation :

Hi ..

It's really nice to come your stuff ... I'm Frank William on
name, after reading your profile, I am an honest, kind and affectionate man..I
I found you a serious person with a look that I'm looking at each woman..If you are not
relationship already, I would like to know you more, maybe we'll start with friendship
to know that we can establish a good partnership ..

Mail: ID MSN: (

Hoping to hear from you


Second message - I am already dear

My dear..nice to meet you..oK give me your email address so that i
will send to you my picture and more littly about me..thank you

Mail from him :


Please,I'm sorry for my late reply to you it was due to my busy tight
schedule that I can not write to you before now,please accept my

First of all,I appreciate your understanding and,as you know(public
website)is not safe for me to talk or submit themselves completely for
safety reasons..

Secondly,I am new to internet date,but when I wanted to register on
the site,never in my wildest dreams did I ever believe that I will see
that someone will be moving my spirit as I was touched when I saw your
picture even I never expected that I felt so deep inside me about

When I first saw your contact,I wanted to ignore it,because I've heard
that a lot of people on the site is not just for fun,even playing with
the emotions of the people,I hope you're not one of them..

Well,I have no words because I do not know what to say about myself,I
feel it could be better if you ask me anything you want to know about
me..However,I would like to imagine that you are low,despite the fact
that we are relatively unknown to each other.

(1)I am a sergeant in the U.S.Army,I am currently serving as the
deputy commander for operations of U.S.forces Afghanistan..

(2) At the moment I am still in Afghanistan,peacekeeping,I was in Iraq
in 2003,to keep the peace in the 1st U.S. Armored Division,and then
transferred to Afghanistan in 2010 g.No my assignment in Afghanistan
will end next month After that my resignation

(3)First of all,life is not easy in Iraq,serving under the U.S.1st
Armored Division,which was in the forefront of the war in Irake.Dazhe
here in Afghanistan

I am a person who loves himself and proud of myself,I also adjust and
cheerful person,whom others consider sincere and friendly too, I would
describe myself as a very hard working person,I was deceived taking on
new challenges in life.

I am 180 cm tall,and my life changed,I grow as a physical,mental and
emotional.I afraid to grow old alone,I want a woman that can grow with
me and change me..

Although I must say that my heart and life was empty for many
years,and he wants to be filled,but I do not want to be hurt..

On my part,I am ready to please my partner at all levels,not just
sexual,but life itself is to be satisfactory too.The ties two people
together should be so fundamental that it can survive the test of

I love to read,exercise,watch TV,go swimming,bike riding,horseback
riding, but every moment has its time.I also believe in mutual harmony
to complete each other.I know if love will join us later,I I will go
beyond the great distance between us.

I divorced in 2002.

PS..I would like to know more about you, and send me some of the
current photographs,if possible..
I send to you my picture
I want to leave a kiss on the forehead, before I go,

Looking forward to hear from you.

1st picture he send in the mail is again Brig. General Harry S. Greene
2nd picture stolen from

At Wed, 25 Sep 2013 19:01:26 +0100, the email sender sent you an email from the IP address located in United States, Mountain View.
Email Sender: [more info]
IP address:
IP address country:     United States
IP address state:     California
IP address city:     Mountain View
IP postcode:     94043
IP address latitude:     37.4192
IP address longitude:     -122.0574
ISP of this IP:     Google
Organization:     Google
Local Time of this IP country:     2013-09-25 12:50
Will see how long he will use this hidden IP

I noticed that many scammers now started to use as domestic location beside Turkey also Denmark, Finland and Norway. Seems that location with UK and US became too much 'overcrowded'with scammers.

2013-09-27, 07:30:16
hemisphere from Czech Republic  

2013-11-12, 05:46:43
hemisphere from Czech Republic  
Within a month another mail from this scammer with mail and now using name Frank William. I had really good laugh to find out how he is forgetting what he wrote before... He became still more 'educated'. Currently using gmail proxy with US location and hidden real location. Abusing name and stolen photos of brigadier general Harold Greene.

Now promising to send some photo so wonder with what one he comes... I will ask also some civilian to see...

Hi.. xxxx

First, am sorry for not reply earlier, I went to a special duty outside my camp and I don’t have access to internet ,anyway thanks so much for your sincere letter and perhaps, I never knew that I willend up searching for a soul-mate in the internet but sometime destiny comes in a mysterious ways .

More so it would be better to tell you more about myself so that if you wish to continue to communicate with me as to know ourselves better fine but if you chose to stop also fine.

i graduated from Boston College High School in 1973 and from Saint Michael's College in June 1977. After my basic education i enrolled into United States Army War College, Ranger School and the Amphibious Warfare School.

I also hold a Master of Arts degree in Government from Georgetown University and a second Master of Arts in International Relations from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

As I told you, am currently serving as an assistance command of United States Forces- Afghanistan

I have been here for years and i do miss civilian life. Soon i will be retired from the army, which was the main reason why i joined the site in search to find my soul mate and luckily I find you.

I am not into one night stands and believe meaningful relationship should be base on respect which is the only key to keeps a relationship from falling apart.

I enjoy quite moments with my loved one, I love to laugh, talking,listening, touching, always showing affection, physical closeness and support.

I am a good listener and am a dedicated partner. Both parties need to work hard to deserve and earn that respect because respect is the backbone of lasting relationship.

Take care of yourself and accept my kiss
I sent you some photo
2013-12-30, 03:40:49
anonymous from United States  

same scammers using general harold j greene contacted my lady friend few days ago and want her as his wife.

that bastard should be nailed and put behind bars for all of his innocent victims that eagerly want to live and work in the usa and willing to sacrifice everything for nothing!
2013-12-30, 03:47:46
anonymous from United States  
sorry i forgot to rate ....

again same scammers sending fb private message to my lady friend few days ago and want her to be his wife and step mother to his 2 daughters, my poor innocent friend believe him so much and willing to sacrifice all that she have ( family, children) in order to marry him and achieve her dream to go, live and work in the usa.

that scammers should be nail and put behind bars for destroying innocent life of many women around the world who is dreaming to work and live in the usa.
2013-12-31, 18:19:10
to anonymous thank you for need not to apologize.

I agree with you totally scammers are really destroying life of many ladies. The only way is to make scammers exposed to be more people informed. In Africa, especially in Ghana and Nigeria, scamming is big business and unfortunately, never punished. In their internet shops are branches of Western Union and scamming is not crime... and that is alarming.
They come with new and new fake stories targeting ladies and women scammers targeting men, even using women photos being men in reality... Using stolen photos of white people, in some cases also black celebrities. So many dating sites and social nets allow scammers to re-sign again although their photos must be known...Therefore sites exposing scammers are more then needed as number of scammers grows daily in incredible way...
2014-02-17, 13:19:32
Say hi to Martin J Houston, or the same brigadier Harold J Greene https://www.facebook..j.houston

Message received on facebook:
hi beautifull are you today...? i hope all is well with look so pretty and so cute like diamond in the dear am so happy to see you in heart was full joy when i come across to you name is MARTIN can we become friend on facebook...? i am waiting respond from you....GOD BLESS YOU...AMEN
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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