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Dating scammer Gary Hatfield


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Name: Gary Hatfield


none in Kabul or APO 'alledged was stolen if sent there'

Other Comments:
Always sent things via his 'friend in Ghana' Saviour Ahiagbedey Nsawom Road 106 Accra, Ghana 00233
Phone number 233244119135. Alledged he was in Kabul and his friend flew the packages into him at Kabul. When I stopped believing him he has changed his name to Brett Coppins, because I complained that he had no background to check and everyone has documents. His whole story changed. His age changed too from turning 60 in July to being 53. All the photos are of the same man except the military id was photo shopped that he sent to convince me he was real and needed my help. I reported to the local police but they didn't get back to me before I sent some money. Never followed up on the scammer with the FBI.


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2013-12-20, 11:31:13   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2013-12-20, 11:31:13   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

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Dating scammer Gary Hatfield
Dating scammer Gary Hatfield

2013-12-20, 11:31:13   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2013-12-20, 11:31:13   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2013-12-20, 14:44:54
Miss Marple from United States  
I am sorry that you are scammed and thank you for reporting this scam to this site. Scammers changes very often names and photos as they do not want to be caught and when they are reported somewhere they quickly change IDs to continue fining new victims to scam . I hope you have blocked the scammer from contacting you as they can be very hard to get rid of especially when sent them money . I advice you to report it to FBI if it is a substantial amount you have lost ,even if it is impossible to trace the money in Ghana ,but for your own sanity and for your healing sake it is good for you to take the step and report the scam as it is a crime that have been commited and you are the victim in this case.Please post mails sent to you from the scammer .



2013-12-20, 18:32:22
anonymous from United States  
'Gary' also sent me his 'son's' email address which is The 'child' would write me letters and began to call me MOM. The kid was hit by a car when he was flying the kite I sent to him…I asked for pictures of him and was sent a picture of a beautiful kid with intense blue eyes alledged to be nine years old…looked younger. One picture he's wearing a bright yellow shirt with a lizard on the front…it was in the military scammers and was told he was probably at the library and sent to his friends in the states and was stolen. There are three pictures of him playing baseball and one of the kid sitting on a motorcycle. He asked for expensive games and things at first and I said no that it wasn't proper for that age. So sent him books. Shipping cost were high. He wanted shirts, shoes and candy, underwear, toothpaste…then when the child was struck by the car, money was asked for and I sent $600. Once you begin to send things, they know you are hooked and if you're a mother, a child's needs are a concern. He needed money for school and he flew into Ghana and could not get out without more money being sent. His debit card had expired and he couldn't get access to his seven million he had earned from his father and mother's death plus the million he'd earned.
He sent me pictures of a house in 'Strawberry Plains TN' that was in a remodeling phase. It was five bedrooms on acres. I asked for the address and it didn't match the house he sent when I Googled it. I talked with an agent and she couldn't find him listed. I still was suckered into this after doing all this research.

On Sep 14 he sent the following email:
'How Much I Need You'

'You are my breath and everything to me. Words just can't express how much you are making the love that I have for you grow stronger and stronger each and every day. You have become a special part of my body and I love everything about you. Loving you is what I live for and making you happy is my mission. I promise to love and cherish you until the end of time. I just want you to handle the love that I have for you with care and so much affection. I love you now and I will continue to love you always and forever.'

'I can't stop loving you because you are the one person who knows just how to make me laugh and always knows how to put a smile on meyface even when the world is against me. You know just how to make me happy and for that loving you seems so enjoyable and with such a big happy moment.'


I have over 1200 texted messages and have a thick file on most of his emails. I have photos of his alleged military ID but when I took to the Army Reserve center they said it was fake but a good fake. The photo was photo shopped and he put E7 for his Staff Sgt ranking but they said it was E6. There were no encrypted numbers on the ID. I asked for pictures of his friend, Saviour and received one with him and Mike, the son, after the cast was off the leg. Then I received a picture of his friend, Saviour, his daughter, Jennifer and his best friend, Jude with Mike standing behind the group on a sofa.
There's a picture of him with Mike in front of a white house with flowers blooming. Another photo is of him…not his body, but the head sitting holding a bible and looking rather awkward because of the way the head is in the photo. It's on my phone. He was always quoting scriptures and then saying a prayer…sort of stilted…and gave his interptation of the verse. He knew I attended church and that was his daily thing to do the whole time. Sunday's he was attending church and always talking to his pastor.
2013-12-20, 22:02:44
anonymous from United States  
I'm adding some more things he did that was part of his profile. He liked to use Akon's songs and when he had a way to call he would call up and sing with the music for sometimes twenty minute using the internet. He loved to write poetry and he sent flowers, a box of chocolates and teddy bear from Hawaii. This is only thing I ever got from him.
Before he told me 'his real identity', Brett Coppins, he was really laying it on thick of his undying
love with an email like the following:
Nov 16 (2013)
'my love for you will never die'

'Hello Darling, You are the only person I see when I closed my eyes….You are the same person I see in my dream. You are on my mind day and night….I promise to love you the most until I am called to rest, Darling. Then you will feel you have lost a true rip of your life. I'm born to love you and no one else….you are my forever love, Darling. I'm all yours forever, Darling. Don't ever forget that true love never dies……no matter the circumstance, Darling. I still have the hope to live a happy life with you forever, Darling.

I hope you're doing well there, Darling. Try hard to make me the one to be with forever. Darling, I wrote this letter for you to keep, and when you need a reminder of how I feel. I've said it before and I'll say it again, words cannot express how you make me feel. I make this promise to you my dear, to love you the way that you love me. I now look to the future and forget the past, your life is mine and we will make it last. I love you more today than I did yesterday, and I'll love you more tomorrow than I do today. With all my heart I am forever yours.

Love Always and Forever,

He sent pictures of his mule, Jellico and him riding him. I saw the mule and him on it on Brett Coppins' Facebook account. He said it was an Iraq mule. Looked more like a burro. He had a pitbull dog named, Outback and a poodle named Tyler. He had a French accent but the man on Brett's site was on a video and had a strong American accent. He said his friend Saviour spoke French fluently. He loved to sing songs to me. I told him to quit sending text messages because it was costing me on my cell. He said he was sending by the internet and should not be cosing me because I'd cut him off. I'm sure he's preparing to pursue another victim because I've not been bothered for over a week by his texting me. I told him I'd block him on Yahoo which I did. His reply, 'you can block me on Yahoo but you can't block me out of your heart.' End of messages.
2013-12-21, 09:56:49
Miss Marple from United States  
Thanks US,I doubt his real ID is Brett Coppins it is one another lie in this scam. The scammer is operating from Nigeria or Ghana ,most likely Ghana and people there do not carry names as Brett Coppins there. Scammers can disappear and show up trying to scam victims again a week is no time in the scammers world .I advice you to change the email address connected to the scammer ,as once you sent money other scammers will enter your emailaddress and then you will never get rid of them .
2013-12-21, 13:54:43
anonymous from United States  
Miss Marple, you was right, I received another person in the miltary trying to make contact with me. His name is Major Phillip Kent Witt who claims to be in Kabul Afghanistan. Says is from Dallas and is stationed at Ft Hood TX when stateside. He's sixty years old. This appeared on my Facebook account. I saw on his that he claimed to be friends with another woman I've been emailing for some time from and Our She emailed me that he was a scammer as well. I deleted access to my Facebook account for these type of emails. My friend has corresponded with him enough to know he was a scammer. Asks for money for leave which the military provides for service men.
2013-12-21, 14:53:36
Miss Marple from United States  
Any email address to this Major Phillip Kent Witt ? The letters sent to you are copied and pasted from a site called http://www.marriage..ter/196857 ,scammers uses templates mostly to save time as scammers sends out to several victims in the same time as they are lazy in their nature . Their english is not so good either so by doing this they are trying to hide their real origin too. Scammer has lots of tricks to fool people with .
2013-12-21, 17:54:09
anonymous from United States  
I didn't let this one get any further when I cut it off. I don't have an email address but my friend corresponded with him. I'll see if she has his email…this just started this week. Will get back with the addy from her if she hasn't deleted.
2013-12-22, 12:36:00
anonymous from United States  
Miss Marple, I received a phone number that was used by Phillip Witt. 1-321-872-7669.
2013-12-22, 16:23:49
anonymous from United States  
The PTA document that he insisted was legit is part of the scammer's mode of operation.

2013-12-22, 16:25:18
anonymous from United States  
The PTA document that he insisted was legit is part of the scammer's mode of operation.
2013-12-22, 21:34:31
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2013-12-22, 12:36:00
anonymous from United States

Thank you for the phone number ! Scammers uses spoofed phone numbers(US Landline) to fool people with that they are in USA,scammers uses also Magic jack numbers , but in reality is in Nigeria or Ghana ...

RE:2013-12-22, 16:23:49
anonymous from United States
Thank you!
Scammers uses all kind of fake documents ,these kind of fees as BTA (Basic Travell allowance is now used as PTA (Personal Travel allowance ) 100 % SCAM

Fake documents used by scammers as PTA,BTA:


Phone numbers used by scammers:
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