Name: Lt. Kelvin Moore, Mr. George Mark, John Allen



Other Comments:
This person was really smooth. Sent emails that were very romantic and loving. He had me send a request of leave for him to and told me there may be a fee for leave. I sent the request and received an email from the name John Allen telling me the fee was $485usd. I have a friend who is ex-military and asked her if there was a fee and was told no. I also received an email from a Mr. George Mark trying to scare me into sending my information. He stated my emails had been monitored and that they had proof that I had been sending money to scammers. I refused to send my information. I can't help but think these guys are all the same people. I told Kelvin Moore that I had no money and that he was a scammer, and he told me that I should've trusted him and that I had broken his heart.