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Dating scammer Sgt Ebert Eric Smith


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Name: Sgt Ebert Eric Smith

Email: changes constantly

Said he's in a war zone and the Army will not provide mail service and does not provide medical care for his dependents.

Other Comments:
Approached me on Facebook. Immediately wanted to go to Skype and YIM. Says he's a peacekeeper with the US Army in Damascus, Syria. Is a widower with two children, son being schooled in New Zealand and daughter being schooled in Ghana. Because he is in a war zone he doesn't have any money and daughter needs an iPhone and laptop so she can communicate with her father. When that didn't work he emailed me an urgent message that his daughter was in the hospital and gravely ill. Needed me to immediately wire money to surgeon in Ghana for surgery $2500 had to be paid before he would operate. He had some really good stories and sent nice letters full of love and endearing sentiments.


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2015-02-01, 21:07:34   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2015-02-01, 21:07:34   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2015-02-01, 21:07:34   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

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Dating scammer Sgt Ebert Eric Smith

2015-02-01, 21:07:34   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2015-02-01, 21:07:34   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

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Dating scammer Martin Ebert

2015-02-01, 21:07:34   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Sgt Ebert Eric Smith

2015-06-22, 07:42:33
anonymous from United Kingdom  
This guy also got in touch with me.
2015-08-27, 12:20:45
anonymous from United States  
Big time scammer and I almost fell for it-Charming emails and messages but dont let that fool you! BEWARE!
2015-12-28, 11:32:09
anonymous from Jefferson City, United States  
This man just sent me a Facebook friend request as 'Eric Ebert,' claiming to be an Army SFC
in Kabul, Afghanistan. 'Eric' has no other data on his profile at this time. So glad I looked him up! I was very confused to get a random friend request. Although I am active at my local VFW, I had never seen his face before, and he isn't friends with any Army or VFW people I know.
2016-03-18, 18:22:35
anonymous from United States  
these pics were sent to me also, was told quickly that God had sent us to meet at the appointed time, that I was his true love, his wife had passed away, had two children, sister of late wife not caring for them well, many tells in his story, not good at accurately telling about his hometown, time differences, has a lot of women on the line at one time and blame sit on poor quality of internet reception because of location, my advice is when speaking with anyone you don't know is ask DETAILED questions, do some research, and trust your gut not your heart. let your head get the facts before you even let anyone near your heart!!!! under name of Russell Kichline
2016-05-17, 10:44:59   (updated: 2016-05-17, 10:59:45)
anonymous from United States  
This person now goes by ROSS EBERT. A few days ago I also accepted a friends request on FB because we had a couple of mutual friends. Later found those mutual friends were not on his friends list anymore and his profile really had nothing to view. This person started reaching out to me via messenger however he went by the name ROSS EBERT, computer engineer in the US Army stationed in Tripoli, Libya (peace mission). Said he had no kids, never been married and was looking for the 'one'. What gave him away was his grammar and spelling. For being a computer engineer in the Army, that certainly raised a red flag. I asked him to send me a picture with date and time and he asked why and was offended by my mistrust. One of the pictures where he's sitting at the table has an item with the a tag with the name of ERIC. Really hard to see. So I googled the images of the pics he sent me and found these similar posts. So glad I did my research. Needless to say he's blocked now.

2016-05-18, 11:16:32
anonymous from Bulgaria  
Hello my friend John.
I'm so pleased to receive your letter. I'm so glad that you have answered me my letter. My friend by John, I
was very upset that you did not answer. But when I went to my email and saw your letter. I am very happy. What
you said to me on my email. My friend John I registered on this site to find a man of my dreams. My friend
John, I want to tell you that it is my first experience of love on the Internet. As before, I am not
acquainted with anyone nor on the internet. I have advised friends to try. When I checked in, I just saw your
profile. I want to tell my friend that I begin to communicate with you. And I am very much afraid that, as I
have already said that this is the first experience of my life dating online. I will communicate with you and
try to learn more about you. My dear friend John, I want to tell you that your fear I can overcome in a short
time, when I know you better.

My friend John, I want to tell you a little about myself. Now I live alone in a rented apartment. Every
month I have to pay the rent. Also I have a mother. My mother is my most loved one. Closer it from me or
anyone. As parents I got a garden.
My friend John I work in a hairdressing salon. Barber, where I work, is located in the city center. At work
I wake up 7.00, prepare yourself to eat. I have breakfast before 7.30, going on the subway 8.00 I should
already be at work. I work till 18.00, Now work is not enough. My friend John, and you love to cook? What
kind of food do you like? Tell me what you eat for breakfast? I hope you do not mind, I have so many questions
you ask. I am very interested to know more about you. I went to college at the hairdresser. I love my
profession. To me it goes very, a lot of people, so I'm doing my job well. I'm doing a very beautiful
hairstyles. People leave very happy. Here, my friends work in the barber shop. My friend John I like my
profession. So as soon as I can stay here myself. My friends know that I'm gay. And I have nothing to hide
from them. My friend John my friends and I share all the secrets. They understand me and always help me. My
friends do not condemn me for my choice. Since I am also a human being and have the right to love. They
understand me. My friend John, tell me about your work. Who do you work for? Where do you work? My friend
will be pleased me to know where you work. I want to know more about you.
My friend John after work we love to go to a cafe and drink a mug of hot tea. And sit and talk. To take a
break from work. On weekends in the summer, we love to walk with friends on the nature. Do you love to walk in
nature? I also want to tell you that the winter in Russia is very cold because of this, we love going to the
movies, as well as visit the cafe. My friend John and you love going to the movies? What kind of movies do
you like? Tell me. I will be very interesting.
My dear John, I finish my letter. I'll look forward to your letter. By this letter I attach your photos.
These photos were taken today, when I was working. When I trimmed the client. I think you will like my
pictures. I hope that you send me a photo too.
Your dear Sasha !!!

Hello my dear friend John.
I am very pleased to see your beautiful letter. I have great pleasure to read your letter. After all, my
friend, our acquaintance is very nice for me. And I will be very happy if we can develop it more and more. I
think you're a good man. It tells me my heart. I was so pleased to read your letter. What's my mood
immediately lifted. And it's all thanks to you, my dear friend John. I have carefully read your letter. And
I'm so pleased that you talk about yourself. And I will be very happy if we can with each letter to know each
other better, and closer. My dear, I want to tell you that I, too, hope for a long and close friendship. And
I'll be very happy if our communication becomes every day more and stronger and stronger.
I want to tell you that you leave me your email address on a dating site. Gayromeo.
In this letter I want to tell you about my parents, I think you might like to read.
My mother's name is Marina. My mom is not against my choice. She tells me that everyone has the right to
love. And the fact that I was quite adult. I have the right to choose whom I love. Since she knows me very
well. My mother works in a flower shop. She really likes this work. My mom works very, long ago in a flower
shop. My father, I have not seen since childhood. Since my father with my mother we threw when I was very
young and left her for another woman. Now I do not know what he looks like, I have not seen him. I do not care
how he now lives. We lived with my mom is very difficult. My mother had to work 2 jobs. To grow me. But now I
have grown and I was helping my mom. In all that she asks. My dear John, tell me about your parents. I would
be very interested to know. What do they do?
My dear John, I'm so pleased to communicate with you. I'm so pleased that you're listening to me. Interested
in me. I am so it's nice. What you need me. You liked me your soul. I think the fact that you have a soul kind
and good. I feel that my heart is a feeling in you all the time, when I read your letters. My dear friend,
John, I'll look forward to your letter. I would be very interested to read your new letter. And to know about
you for longer.
My dear friend, John, I'll look forward to your response letter.
I'd love to read it. I'll look forward to your beautiful photos. I attach to this letter your photos. Where I
was photographed with his mother. I would hope that you liked the photos.
Your dear Sasha !!!!

Hello my friend John
I'm so glad that you wrote to me, every your letter gives me the joy on my face. When I read your letter, I
get a smile on his face. I'm so pleased that you write to me. My dear friend John, I think so that I know you
for so long. As if we have communicated to you, but it is very long. I from you or hunting, or anything to
hide I want to tell you the truth. I do not when I do not lie and do not like people who lie to me. I think
that you think the same way. Is not it? My dear friend, John, I want to tell you thank you very much what you
write to me every day. It gives me great pleasure to read your letters.
My dear friend John I also nice that you tell me so much about myself. And what you from me what not to
hide. it's very nice for me. I like to know about you more and more new. Since the ratio of this and built as
people learn more and more about each other. My dear friend John today, I thought all day just for you, and I
thought about how lucky I am to you. What I have found you. I am very glad that you met on my path of life.
Today is my day was, as usual in the morning I went to work. But today there was very little work. And
because of this I was released on earlier. I immediately went to the internet cafe to write you a letter.
My dear friend, John, I want to tell you where I was in the summer, where I went. And where I rested. I
think what you like to read.
By John My dear, I'm still not telling where I love to travel. Do you love to travel to other cities? I like
to travel to other cities, because I'm curious to see new sights, and see how other people live. I am very
interested to know how the whole life passes in other cities. But I want to tell you that I visited only in
Sochi. Have you heard about this city? It is also in Russia. This is a very beautiful city. This is considered
a resort town. Since there goes a lot of people vacation every summer. There is very hot and very nice. I want
to say that Sochi is located on the Black Sea. This is the most beautiful I have seen a sea. We went there
with a friend of my family's Ivan. And with my mom. We really liked it there. Since sea water is blue there
blue. Green park clean there is not any debris. The trees that grow on the street, they are so beautiful. Even
there are some species of trees. And this trip left me with so many memories. The fact that all my life. My
friend tell me about your trip not forgotten.
My dear friend John I finish my letter. And attach your photos. Where I rested this summer. I think that
you'll like my photos. I'll look forward to your response letter.
Your dear Sasha !!!!

Hello my dear friend John
I'm so nice to get your letter. My dear, I am pleased to read a letter from you. I am so pleased to read your
sweet words. I love reading your letters. You're so interesting to write their letters to me so nice to read
them again and again and nice words to me again and again. Your letters give me the opportunity to feel the
joy of life, and always be in a good mood. My dear John, I want to tell you that I get such pleasure when I
open my e-mail I see your letter that you wrote to me. My heart starts to beat faster, the pulse increases,
breathing becomes faster. Every day I look forward to your letter. It's a feeling like opening a box with a
gift. My dear John, every letter we become closer to you more and more. And I feel that in the near future
with you, our dreams will come true. My dear John I am so grateful to my fate that it gave me such a good
person like you.
For me it is a very well know you and chat with you. Thus, I am pleased that someone is thinking about me.
And what do you care to treat me.
My dear John with you I can talk to you about all the things. Which can only talk. And now I can trust you
all my dreams all my ideas. In a relationship, I especially appreciate the trust, honesty and kindness of the
people. My dear, I want to be frank with you and I want to tell you about his last relationship. And as I
became gay.
My dear John, I start by saying that I am with my first boyfriend met in a cafe. I came to the cafe with
friends. We took a bottle of red wine. Then we sat down to the guy, his name was Grisha. We were sitting
together talking. We drank a glass of red wine. And he told me to go to his home and continue at his home.
When we arrived at his home. We drank another glass of wine and he began to gently stroke me so I was pleased.
Then we moved into the bedroom. And he gently began to undress me when he gave me the part he got on his knees
and began to suck my cock, I was so pleased. When he had finished sucking then we lay on the bed and we are
committed passion of love. When he put his penis in my butt me, I was at first very painful but then I was so
pleased. And we had sex with him until morning. He and I have been together for a long time, but 3 years ago
he died. I could not forget it for so long I could not get over it. After 3 years, I realized that without a
loved one is very difficult to live and I decided to look for a dating site. I signed up on a dating site and
find you, and I do not want to lose you now I treasure you. My dear John, tell me how was your first sex? I
am very interested to know. My dear John, I conclude my letter, and I'll look forward to your letter. I want
you to tell me more of his photos posted. My dear John, I attach the photos that I hope that you like it.
Your dear Sasha !!!!

2016-05-18, 11:18:22

2016-05-18, 11:21:27

2016-05-18, 11:22:02
anonymous from Bulgaria  

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