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Scam artist Joel David Collins from Lansing, Michigan


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2008-04-18, 14:39:31
anonymous from United States  
another pic of John Carter.... also known as

2008-04-25, 21:54:48
This guy is on Blackplanet again. He just went up under a different name.

check it out

2008-05-02, 07:07:30 from Senegal  



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2008-05-20, 22:47:14   (updated: 2008-05-20, 22:53:10)
anonymous from United States  
Well here is one for the guys I also got the same thing from . Was contacted by a woman that goes by Tenny Cole and she said she now lives in Pa but went to Africa to be with her foster mother . We talked for a bit and as some one said earlyer she just seemed a little to good looking to be 'on the market' so I did some searching and found this post . I played around with who ever this person realy is and i then got the 'I need money for meds for her so I can come home ' I didn't by into it but the story of this one person sounds exatly like what has been stated above but its a woman . Hope this help some one . oh she also said she was from texas at some point and her email is

2008-05-23, 21:53:50
[hidden] from Texarkana, United States  
Well I just met the famous Raymond Kingston and it appears that he will go as far to pretend he has herpes and join a herpes dating site to meet I suppose what he considers 'desperate stupid women' LMAO! I just started talking to him yesterday. I knew from the jump that something wasn't right. He was supposed to be educated but seemed pretty stupid. I knew before I even really started talking to him on yahoo that he was actually from Africa and not just visiting just based on the fact that before he typed anything he hit the BUZZ! button. LOL typical Nigerians. He did not get around to asking me for money but he did tell me he was a sound engineer. His mother is African and father is Mexican. He supposedly lives in Portland Maine. He is supposed to have a 15 year old daughter named Alexis. His mother is in the hospital but according to him she is getting better. He states he grew up in Nigeria but came to the states at 17. I am not trying to be funny but not alot of Mexican men hook up with Nigerian women. He showed me many of these same pictures and some new ones not pictured here. Wish I would have saved them now. I am glad I figured to type something in google and check him out! Ladies beware apparently he has reached an all time low!
2008-06-16, 05:51:16
I received one from a 'John Daniels'. He had a good story line - played it well. Didn't understand somethings that I asked until I explained it to him - I thought was odd. Used a lot of quotes. I played along with his story. Went back later, started looking up the things he said. One of the quotes brought me here. When using the dating sites, if I can get the persons first and last name and approximate location, I run simple free background checks to see if there is anything out there. For him, the information that I was able to pull up didn't match the story. This site states that they use my space - checked there - same first name and town, different picture and age - same profile. I checked out Focus Hawaii and found my dream man and his son. Amazing. I notified the dating site and the modeling agency giving them the name he used and email address. Hopefully they will be able to trace back the email address. Luckily, I was able to catch on to the game in less than 24 hours and didn't have my heart broken or lose money. I am a bit bummed that I won't get to meet John... but maybe if I go to Hawaii - I will.

Now Ihave another one that I am working on - posing as military - hopefully this guy is real! Too many similarities in details of life - single father of 11 or 12 year old son. Father passed away. Has been to TX, Hawaii, is currently over seas and not scheduled to come back for a few months. Once he comes back to the States he plans on retiring (both have told me that)... Only time will tell.

2008-06-19, 06:22:47
anonymous from Phoenix, United States  
has anyone have any information on on this beauty? cassandra, goes by Mary mail is she hasnt ask for anything yet, but im getting in deep, and would like to know if she is listed on here or not. thanks.

2008-06-27, 06:22:36
anonymous from United States  
This guy is currently going by the name of Benjamin Collins so be careful!
2008-07-02, 00:43:26  
The so call picture above (Kelvin Smith) is of a man I knew as Robert Jones, he contacted me on BP. But the statement above about Alvin McFarland was concerning me, I meet him on a BBW website and, no I have blocked him since then and I sure as Hell didn't send him any money. This is one person that is changing names and using pictures from who knows where. Now when I meet a guy, I watch his language when chatting. Everytime we chatted, his language didn't make sense, especially for someone supposingly born and raised in the US. I know we Americans have typos, but these weren't typos, a big clue to watch out for. And I also noticed how everytime I would tell him to move on and leave me alone, someone new would contact me...and you guessed it, from Africa.
A lot of people aren't aware of the fact that you can type a person's screen name into the seach box on MSN, YAHOO, etc. and if they have a profiles, blogs or accounts on certain sites, especially dating websites, it will show you and allow you to view that site. Which is how I stumbled upon this site when I typed his name in.
2008-07-05, 12:10:19
I´m a spanish woma, and I´ve read about this man in the web, and I´m really scared!!.
One month ago, I met a man in yahoo messenger.He told me he´s called Toni, divorced from Nebraska, 47 years old, and two kids.He says his family is in Australia.
One week ago he asked me for money, I only sent to him: 200 euros.He told me was for his kid Mike, and he really sends me messages like: I love you and will alwyas do, You´re my angel, and so on.He says he´s in lagos(NIgeria), and I´ve sent him the money to his agent: Mr.Williams Tope(he told me), and he told me he was comming into spain on the 12th of july, but the pictures he sent me are from a very good looking man, white man, with blonde hair, and he sent me a picture with his kids: mike and John, and another with his associates.
He also told me he was so in love with me he wanted to marry me because I have all the atributes a man can dream!!!.
He usually calls me angel, queen and honey, and always says very late when we chat and he wants to go to bed: see you in dreamland.
He says he loves going to the church on sunday, and asked me if I was going to the church at the same time.
I leave here my mail, because I´m really confussed right now, and I need to know if he´s another impostor(I´m sure he is).
Many thnkas in advance.
2008-07-06, 06:56:01
anonymous from Spain  

I have some photos of this man that a peerson from Nigeria sent me telling he was the same person of the photos. I'm sorry for putting this photos in the web, but If this man see this photos on the web I would like that he would contact me. This is a scam to be denounced, sorry for this. I will contact the embassy of Spain in Nigeria to stop these scams.
My e-mail is

I have also a photo from tony ansgar's kids, but I don't want to publish it

2008-07-06, 08:23:13
anonymous from Spain  
I´m the same girl, from the latest message.The boy I´m talking about is the man on the right.
I´m very sorry for this man, but I´d like he contacted with me.The boy from Nigerian, says he´s called: Tony snazzy Ansgar, and hís mail:
I met him in Amoureux.
He told me he´s from Nebraska, and here I send one more picture of him.
I won´t publish the picture he sent me with his kids.If he want to see it, pls. contact with me in:
Many thanks in advance, and I´m verry sorry for this guy.

2008-07-15, 23:18:42   (updated: 2008-07-15, 23:20:31)
i meet last month he was going by the peter jones from micigan but stay in houston texas but he was with his sick mom cause she was sick. he ask me for $300 said it was for his mom he ask me where i bank wanted me to open a account so he could put $20,000,00 in it. i told my girl friend about it her husband said it was scmmer doing this. he had some body send me a letter like it was from the bank me found me on myspace telling me how pretty i was i would ask him things he couldnt answer i asked why you have to middle names peter anderson jones so i search on myspace under peter anderson and there he was so i ask was that him he would always say i never did get it i knew sometrhing was wrong this the # he game 0112348066616491. so i told him i didnt want to get caught up anything he said ok and stop writeing me.
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2008-08-01, 07:50:43
anonymous from Indonesia  
dear all,
as i read about scammer on this website topic.. make me wonder what if the scammer is a man?? am i being scammed too??

in 8th july 2008 i had a message in myspace, a man is very intrest in me. his name is eric kenedy. he was very sweet in words n tried to convince me about his love. he said he come from denmark. studied college in canada. he works on oil stuff n had live in cameroon (africa) for 5 years for business. he said he'a an orphant n have no one on his side but one of his nigeria friend. he ask me my cells number n since then he calls me sometimes. never been a long intimate conversation coz of the bad connection n our diffrent language troubled us in clear understanding.

so at 24th july he had his birthday n like to invite me to africa to celebrate. i rejected it. Tht impossible for me to visit stranger in strange country, infact i never been abroad before. so i gave him a present instead. he chose to give his bestfriend address in nigeria. so i sent it.

suddently, he nver give me a call like he used to be. he said he's been around n busy with works. n then he said he wanted to visit me n start business in here. he wanted me to prepare everything. he wanted to send me a money log edge n asked me to keep it first before his coming. he said he wasnt 'a small' person. so tht's why he ask me to write my full address n name. he chose to bring the logedge with his envoy by emirat airland right to my address.

its hard for me to believe him. everything come so rush i couldnt thinking. n now i became so afraid. many questions in my mind. there a lil stuff that make me suspicious if anything of him is true.
1. how can a man suddenly decided to fall in love at some strange girl by looking her profile by accident in my space. in my space profile he wrote his location in NY. usa ( which one is true, u think ? )
2. he cant speak danish when i ask him 'i love u' in danish language ( when he once said he was from denmark he should know danish language, right? )
3. he always gone mad n sad if anything remind him about his parents
4. he doesnt much socialize with people
5. he looks like ' too good to be true' indeed ( like george colooney i guess ) but his pictures always appear in small file with low resolution. when i ask for bigger one, he never give it to me.
6. how can he trusting me some money.. whom completely stranger to him? why dont he saving all those money on banks? we know it more saver there ( he said it wasnt comfortable in africa to save all his money )
7. how he like to start business here when he didnt know anything about my country at all. is it possible??

could somebody tell me.. if he a real person or just another form of scammer?? he said the visa n ticket to fly here almost ready. i'm afraid he's a drug dealer or wanted crime person or somthing else. what do u think i supposed to do? am i only over reacting or i should be aware about this man?? can u guys help me with opinion??

here's his picture he gave me .. n his my space account so u can c all his pictures

thank u guys for reading this.

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2008-08-02, 21:21:08
To the above poster - YES you are being scammed!!! Block and delete that idiot from your life. The baiters will have some fun with him.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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