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Scam artist Joel David Collins from Lansing, Michigan


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2007-12-09, 18:29:12

'Yeah he has scammed me as of 2-25 and its a real shame!!!!he is going by the name Ken on my the number that I have is 011-234-8039413023 and his yahoo id is ken_honey4real. He is a really good one makes you fall for him Dont send any money to him like i did careful ladies.'

Kehinde has been at it for a long long time.

2007-12-10, 14:32:16
anonymous from United States  
2007-12-22, 05:07:29
yes i was one of the ones who fell for this guy he is so charming i got caught up and believed all the lies the dished to me. well it stared off good he was in london for work and he would be back in about 3 weeks or less intil he finished his job he sayied he was an designer and he was from michigan, clinton township so i said cool someone who is not to far from me well after about 2 weeks he was telling me that he did not get paid yet and his mom was sick she lived in africa and she needed some money so i am a nice person i asked how much he told me $1000 dollars and i said well i don't have that much so i sent what i could i think i sent $100 dollars he said he would pay me back as soon as he gets back into the states i told him it was ok. as the days pass we talk via yahoo messager his screen name is (Terry Goldmine) and his mom is not doing well and he had to go to africa asap so he left when he got there his mom got into an auto accident and needed some meds to get better and he left his job befor he got his check so i told ahim i did not have much and again i sent him more money i think this time a little over one hundred dollars. then a week later he is mad cause he can't be with me and needed more money to get home mean while sill no check. i did not send him money that time so we still talk and he tells me he wants to be with me and have a family and he loves me and stupid me i believe him. So a couple of more weeks pass and we talk and they have no money and him and his mom are hungry and have no food and he have not eaten in weeks and if i could send him anything so i do i send him i think this time 60 dollars and the next day we talk and he lost it and he does not know how him and his mom are gonna eat he is so weak. But later down the road he gets his check and he wants me to send it to him so i get a check in the mail for 750 dollars and he wants me to send it to him so he could get home so i send 600 i took some to pay my cell phone cause we text all the time then the next day i google his name and find all this stuff out on how he is a scammer and of course he lied about it and refused to beive that i am the scammer so i did not send his money i stopped it and i have it know he tell me that i will be tooken care of in the next 72 hours someone will get me!!! someone i don't know what to do this guy is crazy and dangerous i don't know what to do!!!!!
2007-12-22, 09:03:35
Peter from Germany  
No, you don't have to be scared. Noone will get you. The worst that can happen is that they send you a voodoo-mail. You got scammed from West-Africa and this guy, most probably a young black, is the one that should be afraid of getting some serious trouble.
Sure I know by my own experience that money is not the matter that hurts the most in a case like yours. But for now you should be glad you stopped the big money in the last moment (exactly as I did).
I am here oftently and I read almost every day from ppl that had lost an awful lot of money.
Try to calm down and enjoy the celebration days. The true losers are not on our side. Sure you can get some support here from someone with better english.
2007-12-25, 22:06:02
Hey Ladies sorry to say that my ass fell for the scam. He has changed the game. He now goes under the name KELVIN DAIVD and hid mother has a broken pelvic because she fell after coming home from church. This man is relentless so don't fall for it. I was very sympathic to his mother's situation. These are the new pictures that he's using.
2008-01-06, 07:39:14
I have recently been scammed by a man who claims to be trapped in Nigeria. I had been talking with him for three the three months he done nothing but ask for money...I would love to post his pics for others to see so that they too will not be scammed by him...his profile is on myspace... robby12 and getting the word out that he is a scam. I also think that he's using someone else's photos and this person is probably unaware that his pics are being used in a scam...sure that individual would love to know...he too is being used..... He goes by the name of Robert Hesse and says that he works for Shell Petroleum and Gas and an engineer..said he was in the North Sea and has daughter named first I believed him..then requests for money began..first a birthday gift for his daughter because he was in the middle of the ocean and couldn't get her one, he wanted me to get an Ipohone and put in my name, next she gets hurt and he needs money for meidical expenses I even get calls from people pretending to be the doctor...foolish me I believe it..then he says he left the rig in secrecy so to be with Lisa but now needs money to fly back home to New Jersey..I have done my homework there is no 39 year old Robert Hesse from NJ..don't be scammed by him too!

Lets get the scammers of the net so that all of us can have a peace.

I'm a posting the pic he uses on his profile:
2008-01-15, 12:52:46
He tried to bait me too, but he was too perfect!! I'm a recruiter so I had red flags right off the jump, a African mom and a Mexican dad with the last name of Smith. Do you know any African's or Mexicans with the sir name of smith!!!!!, also he lived with his dad in texas since 10, but he has a heavy, I mean heavy accent. I've interviewed 1000's of people and all that have lived in the states are easily understood, this guy wasn't. never seen a guy this light with a heavy accent either!!!. his tatoos gave him away too, he said it was a butterfly, butterfly my ass. I enlarged the pic!! Didn't send any money, kept trying to catch him in a lie. The more he talked the more of an ass he made himself, just wish I had research his name sooner so I didn't feel like such a looser for letting him play my emotions. Won't let that happen again. Its assholes like him that make it hard for the truely nice guys!!! He is still using the same pic and the number: 011-234-8022703255. After I busted his ass, he had the nerve to call me back and ask me to get online!!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer nabissara diaby
Scam artist Joel David Collins from Lansing, Michigan

Keywords: black girl red top blue jeans skirt on bed
2008-02-05, 22:23:23
there are tree guys that are scam artist, one goes by the name mark callister from new york adenex20 said was in africa for his church asking for money, money my ass, thats when i quit talking to him he was on he only had one picture on and it looked like a scam picture from a modeling agency.
the other one goes by david larry fununiquedavid 41 from grand rapids michigan was an engineer went to africa asking for money for his birthday gift for me to send it to the orphans in africa instead, orphans my ass, when i did not send it he got mad i quit talking to him he even gave me a number to contact africa 0112347028090322 wanted me to send it on western union, western union my ass i dont send money to strange places only to my church were i go. the address he gave me was olutayo oluwole 2 atunwanse avenue ketu lagos lagos nigeria 23401 west africa he had an account on and his pic. looked fake, usually when they take fake pictures from model agencies they dont have more than one picture on the site that is one way to tell that it is a scam. the other guy goes by collins williams was on an instructional engineer, when i researched him i foung him also on myspace as collins with the same pic. as on faithbase and the girls he talked to on myspace found out he was a scam one turned him into the law, but how can you turn a modeling agency picture into the law that is impossible. he is very good, said was going to africa to work on a road there, all of a sudden he had an accident ran into a petroleum truck driver lost his life he found himself in the hospital with some burns on his chest and a fractured knee which needed urgent surgery asking for money, money my ass, i ask him how he could email me in the hospital he said he was using the doctors computer, how convenient we should have that here in america too, all my red flags went up, when i told him that i would not send me money he cut me off, thats when i stopped talking to him. he is using a picture from the modeling agency focus international hawaii model and talent agency the guy on there named josh 34 from hawaii he is also using the same pic on myspace i bet you this innocent guy named josh does not even know that his pic is being used and ladies fall in love with it not knowing what really is behind that pic. all these tree guys first thing they have a very gorgeous picture from a modeling agency on their site to lure innocent ladies the second thing they fall in love with you the next thing guess what asking for money, money my ass, i was stunned that after tree guys the all match up maybe there is only one guy behind this, and how i fell into their scam but luckely i got out on time whenever the money question came and africa all my red flags went up, money and africa and modeling pictures that is for sure a scam how stupid it makes you feel that you acctually tell them that you love them a modeling agency picture. another huge thing is their heavy accent, i bet you they dont even know how to spell engineer less do that job, sitting in a cybernet cafe instead trying to beg for money. the accent of their writing is very poor, that gives them away right away.
their is also a guy on that modeling agency focus international hawaii model agency named james bill that someone is using on faithbase and on myspace there are a lot of scams going on. so ladies be careful who you are talking to, it is sad that so many innocent people fall to these scams and money scams, good people need to stand together so lets all make a difference
2008-03-13, 01:42:34
anonymous from Germany  
he is now with the same picture with this name alvin mcfarland on myspace. he contacted a lady from alabama , that he needed money for an operation for his mom. I thought that she would throw him out . but since he is still there . She didnĀ“t.
2008-03-29, 22:22:48   (updated: 2008-03-29, 22:40:23)
I MET THIS BASTARD ON MYSPACE. HE IS USING THE NAME KEL_SMITY AND HIS YAHOO ADDRESS IS KEL_SMITH190@YAHOO.COM. HIS MOM IS SICK AND HE IS STUCK IN AFRICA WITH HIS DAUGTHER. WHICH HE STATES HIS DAUGTHER IS IN THE FIRST GRADE. HE WENT TO COLUMIBA UNIVERSITY IN NEW YORK. He's from Rochester New York. He had the nerve to send me a picture of a fake child.HE CLAIMS HIS FRIEND JEFF SENT THE MONEY TO THE WRONG PERSON. JEFF IS GOING TO SEND ME A CHECK SO I CAN WESTERN UNION THE MONEY TO HIM. Still Waiting. (LOL). HE CALLED ME FROM SEVERAL NUMBERS. when i call the numbers back i would never get a answer. i couldnt understand his accent. i couldnt figure out how he had Smith for a last name. He told me he was in the army. I saw the picture on a previous page with the green army shirt on. I just talked to him today and he wanted 80 dollars for paiting supplies. He said he did construction.

2008-03-30, 08:16:39
anonymous from United States  
This is Kelvin Smith's Myspace page:

About me:
i studied in Columbia university newyork city where i obtained my BA in artistic but i am into building construction. I am 5.9 height and 180 pounds, brown eyes and black hair, cool,lovely,caring,playful and honest person looking for a serious relationship I am that easy going type,open minded and a good listener .I laugh a lot and try to make people around me all the time happy.My hobbies are too many but to mentioned a few; sports,watching movies, going for walks, playing with kids, listening to all types of music), making love at the beach, dancing in the dark etc. My favorite movies are romantic movies, eating habits: just about anything.My hair is black which is one of my most attractive features, I don't smoke and i don't drink.I always make sure to share the little that I have with someone and I'm also satisfied with whatever I 've
Who I'd like to meet:
i'm looking for a woman who is ready to set a serious relationship and she will be a nice and caring woman,honesty and kindness i seek for in this relationship.......

kelvin smity

'i want a nice and loving woman...............'

34 years old
NEW YORK, New York
United States

Last Login: 3/29/2008
2008-03-31, 12:41:33 from Canada  
Here's one for you ladies.
I met this guy on WAYN he's name is Donald Smith and on yahoo he also goes by the name square_smith this guy does the same things, he falls in love right away calls you babe and says that he's an engeneer and he comes to Canada to work but lives in the UK. He told me he's mom has cancer and she needs surgery but doesn't quite have enough money for it, need I say more. Watch out for him he's a scammer. He also uses pictures from (model Joby). Just so you know as soon that he wanted to borrow some money I said goodbye.
Please beware.

I came to check this site because I think I have another one and if I do I will be back to post he's profile.
Good luck to all and keep sending the red flags so we can tell them where to go before it's to late.
2008-04-15, 08:08:02

Hi my dear!
I so long waited when you to me will arrive!
I have sent you money for that that you would arrive to me!
If you awake to require still money that to you it is necessary to tell only to me about it!
Today since the morning I descended and have sent to you 1470$ on your arrival!
I have prepared houses already all for your arrival!
My parents too are going to arrive!
We will suit a small holiday in honour of your arrival!
As to western union I have sent that on your name,
Necessarily check up data on which I has sent you money!
If that that write me and I will change data for your girlfriend! It will not make problems!
In a file which I have attached is mtcn with my data, check up them that if
Happens so I was mistaken in a writing of your data I descended and have changed
Them on your girlfriend or on you.
I wait for your arrival with such force of love that to me will be not important to cost how many your arrival
The main thing that you were a number!!!!
Your favourite John

2008-04-15, 08:08:59
Greetings my dear.
I last time change my translation.!!! On given your girlfriend.!!!
I have made translation without a name of the addressee. You or your girlfriend can
To come in bank to specify my data. Number mtcn. a confidential question and
The answer to him.
Question: what is the love.
Answer: my name Julius Smitt.
After that to you will give out a remittance. I learned you can
To receive money.
But remember that it is last money which I to you has sent.
sum 2600 euro. it is sure using this money you can arrive to
To me. All other data in the enclosed file as usually.
I have sent you a copy of the form western union.
I ask you use correctly this money as more I have no.
Julius Smitt.
2008-04-18, 11:13:23 from Englewood, United States  
I am trying to test a jpeg picture and it keeps telling me it's not. Everything in my system tells me it is. I'd love to check it as I know he is a scammer. Is there another way I can send the picture to you?
My scammer calls himself Raul Gacial, purportedly from Spain, a soccer agent who later goes on a scouting trip to West Africa, I ask him where exactly and he says Nigeria. All the signs are there, too quick to be romantic, evading questions, wife killed in accident, a son out of the country. Hasn't asked for money but I've gotten a home address from him that doesn't exist in New York. He contacted me on, email address is and his user name was bemineguest WHICH i did find in a yahoo search belonging to another guy names Richard Brooks, supposedly from Bronx, NY.

Please tell me now to get his picture to you.

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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