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Dating scammer Harry McDaniel Ashwood, in Nigeria


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This is a place holder about dating scammer Harry McDaniel Ashwood, in Nigeria.

He has profiles on
- ..


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2010-02-22, 06:24:48
anonymous from United Kingdom  
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2010-02-28, 21:57:08
anonymous from United States  
Matt Miller tried and failed...I finally found this site exposing him.
2010-03-01, 10:51:56
OMG!!!! All fakes!!
Tis 2 comments about Teddy Bolaji...he has written himself!!!!! He knows about this page!!!!
I know the real man from this pics!!! hes name isnt teddy bolaji!!!! u can look at:
this is the real man from this pics!!!
This image was also posted here:
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection

2010-03-07, 19:30:16
he is a another man going by the name of Daniel Bill and sends these to you what out ladies he will even throw in an engagement ring telling you he ordered it online and he will give it to you when he comes from nigieria and get down on one knee and ask you to marry him..

2010-03-07, 19:31:13
here hs is again Daniel Bill

2010-03-07, 19:32:25   (updated: 2010-03-07, 19:33:55)
this is Daniel Bill in his sports car he says is a BMw

2010-03-07, 19:36:05
last but not least.. theres more he is on vacation and he loves the beach. CA and
Florida he wil lask you where you want to leave when you get married.. honeymoon is in hawaii

2010-03-09, 03:57:36
anonymous from France  
Hello everybody,
Someone knows about this man wha already send me loving letters and after, request me money from western Union.
He is living in Nigeria and i talk to him thru this phone :002347093438726. I guess that this picture is not the real person that i have talked. I already send money to him many times in Nigeria. He proposes me to marry me and to stay with me for the rest of my life.

2010-03-09, 13:48:53
anonymous from United States  
This is another one regarding Jack Williams. He found me on a few days ago and the language in his e-mail just didn't seem right, so I did a google search and found this site. Imagine my surprise when I found a note about this person, from York, SC and the screenname he used on Match (mendedheart865). He has not yet gotten to the point of asking me for money, but I thought I would include the initial e-mails to illustrate the language he uses (the grammar is horrible, for someone who claims to be raised in the US and holds a degree from Oxford University!) I am attaching the picture he sent to me as well, because it is different than the others which are included in previous posts. I should note that this guy has a profile on MySpace as well, with this picture on it. Notice that this guy never uses my first name when addressing the e-mail, just 'dear' or 'babes'- easier than trying to keep track of who he is writing to! The big mistake is that today he sent me another e-mail that actually sounded like a first message, telling me that he will try and send a picture if I'd like one (he already sent two a couple days ago in his first e-mail).

Hope this helps someone!!

Following are the first e-mails Jack Williams sent to me:

Hello dear,

thanks for the chat.. I really appreciate your chat and I would like to get to know you more.... i hope this result to what our heart both seek... I always think about having a having a good family life, friends and relatives someday, but I am ready to share all of that with someone special. I keep hoping that the fairy tale of happily ever after is still possible, but it takes two people to make that happen, as well as a lot of work on both person's part. Well i used to love my dad and mum. I need someone to fill that path. I enjoy traveling and would like to see more of the world with someone special.. I want that exclusive queen that will knock me off my feet! Too much to ask for? I keep hoping not....
I am looking for someone that I am compatible with . I would like to find someone that is looking for someone like me and is willing to have a good life together.. I want someone who is not afraid to be herself. I want someone who is loving, non-demanding, non-controlling, caring, sweet, honest, faithful, reliable, trustworthy, kind, sharing, yet a woman enough to contribute to our success in life and love. I am looking for someone that is ready to have a life and home together... I want someone who I don't have to look over my shoulder and wonder if she is being faithful to me or not. I want a woman that is willing to work with me to establish a good life......... Most of all, I want a woman with a big heart of gold and want to be loved as much as I want to be loved. Hope to read back from you soon...


Thank you so much for the message, it means a lot...., well, and i am so sorry i couldn't email you as fast as i so much desired.please pardon me.. Let me tell you more about myself. I am Jack Williams from USA , Dad from USA mom from USA , i lived and grew up in York, South Carolina but spent a lot of time in Uk because I school there at Oxford University . I had a diploma in business studies. I am the only child of my parents, . I lost my mom and dad. So presently, am all alone with no family. I do have cousins and paternal uncle, but i do not correspond anymore with them because of the life they chose to live. I see myself all alone with no family but i am ok and doing wonderfully well now, except for old memories and the emotions that comes along with losing my loved ones. I am however certain that i will soon find the love of my life and raise my own family and live a good life with that special someone growing old and gray with each other.
I was in a relationship earlier before now but i had to quit the relationship about 2 years now, my ex-lover was unfaithful. I caught her having sex with my best friend, i guess you know how devastating the feeling was since then i decided to be alone. Since life has to move on, i just decided to find a woman who will truly love me for who i am. I came across your profile on site, i quite like what i saw then i decided to contact you.
As a man, i do not mean to be too forward by emailing you and telling you a lot of things first. But i am a kind of man that goes for what he wants. I got this dating site through searching engine and i wish to use it in meeting an honest, caring woman and start a relationship with her. Maybe friendship first and one can never tell where that will lead to. The distance between us is quite much, and that makes me feel a bit discouraged in a way, but i had a second thought that love conquers all and it transcend space, distance and time.
We only need to get to know each other better through continuous communication and if we are truly destined and truly meant for each other, then everything will fall in place in a short period of time. But one thing that is certain is that ' Time will tell' That is all about that, what i do? I am into supply and sales of factory equipment such as generators plant,tractors etc.. I own and manage my business myself (i am the boss of myself) and i do hope to establish bigger in few years to come. I travel some times because of the nature of my job but i hope to quit traveling as soon as i settle down with that special someone.
I love cooking , reading , watching movies. i love swimming , staying in door with that special someone.i also love kids.. I am looking for an honest , caring woman to date and have as my wife.i have not found her yet but i am not giving up in my search. She must be self confident and presentable, all i want is true love, not a game player.some one who will love and adore me..well this is all i want, maybe i am helplessly romantic but this is just naturally me.

I cant wait to hear back from you


Hi babes,

thanks for the message.. I really appreciate it.. I am sorry for the late response... It is due to my project and lack of internet facility.... Well hon... Please do consider me and pleasure to be more than a friend to you, I am a very considerate person , cheerful, honest and i always like to be myself at all times ...I like reading good books , chatting and making new friends and i dont allow the issue of race difference stop me from making friends ..Marriage is a issue that needs time to be understood because people just jump into it without checking their compatibility with the other partner at all thereby causing problems along the way , The issue of divorce is one which i dont want to come across in my life thats why i am taking time to make sure i make the right decision that will last the rest of my life and try to keep my head up at all times and be determined to be someone in life not minding what may come my way .The kind of woman i will love to marry must be honest,open,sincere because all these matters in a relationship,she must be a woman who will love me for who i am, and believe in me,a woman that will be there for me and lend me a caring shoulder and smile to comfort me when the whole world is against me.dont let me bore you with myself tell more about yourself and what you like your ideal man to have.


2010-03-09, 13:49:48
anonymous from United States  
here is one the other picture sent by Jack Williams in York, SC.

2010-04-03, 23:32:00
anonymous from United States  
I have found the Jack Williams of York, S.C. on this page!! All the same E-mails & pics to. I also met him at He has an E-mail that goes by He has a yahoo chat profile too with a different picture on it.
2010-04-06, 04:27:02
anonymous from United States  
This is the newest picture of 'Jack Williams'

2010-04-09, 21:05:56
anonymous from United States  
Jack Williams <> [Chat now]
View Contact
To:     Marti Peppers <>    
How was your day, hope you had a wonderful time over there, well i have a confession to make. I am really fascinated by all your emails, patience and the time you took to write all the letters and all you have to say about yourself. Bravo....... I am very sorry about your past relationships and i know how much it means to be hurt and that is the reason i can never do it to someone and i hope i get into the right relationship now... I like you definition of love and how you express it.. It really shows who you are and how much things means to you..
well i am really sorry i couldn't email you as fast as i so much desired, but i am glad to be in correspondence with you.. more about me.........well my birthday is October 23rd... I like all foods generally but i enjoy sea foods most. i do like eating out in restaurant.but i love home made foods.. i need you to know that i am a very good cook. what kind of food do you like. are you a vegan? vegetarian? or you eat everything?
I had to embark on an imprompt journey soon, it was so sudden but i have to get there before things get out of hands. I would be traveling out of town tomorrow.. i have to get the long awaited machines (Transformers) meant for a textile company in Lagos delivered. I received a notification last night from the company i must supply the equipment to and i have to act fast because first impression matters in everything. The ship ought to have arrived but there was delays and i have to be there myself and see about it before i would be given deadlines. the local agent hired on my behalf is not doing his job right. i have never been to this country before but i hope it is a nice place to be. have you been out of the country before?
I really hate to travel this time but i need to get the freight and shipment papers registered and signed right there so that the machines can be moved out of the local seaport over there as soon as it arrives.. I am considering taking a vacation to to see you soon, maybe if i get through with the delivery earlier. I am really nervous about this but it is one a place i have so much desired to be someday and it will also afford me the opportunity to see the face of the woman that makes my heart beat so faster.

I cant wait to read from you soon
2010-04-09, 21:07:45
anonymous from United States  
Jack Williams <> [Chat now]
View Contact
To:     Marti Peppers <>    
Hello My Dear,
How are you doing? hope fine, i feel really happy and excited to read from you again. well, i can observe that you are a very sincere woman unlike other women that mailed me on the dating site. I am not out for anything but to find the love of my life, and i am willing to date some one based on love and trust. I have been hurt by women in the past and i don't want such to happen again. I don't wanna rush though but i must confess i am interested in you. Your profile is quite attractive to me and i like what i see. There is this magnetic aura about you that seem irresistible to me. I sincerely get nervous with this feelings but i am not scared to move along and savor the passion and fantasies. But i need to know what you really want in life.
I have watched dad treated mum bad when they were both alive, and i don't want to live a life with such history ,she met my dad in Belgium, but dad treated her so bad, i was so young then but i know what was going on between them. I need a woman i can live and grow old with. The high rate of divorce in the world is pissing me off. I want a lover that will love me with all that i am, someone that will understand and accept me, just the way i am. And i will be loyal to her till my dying days.
I like taking a vacation outside London, UK sounds fun and interesting to me, also an opportunity to locate my late moms family.
Have you ever had any heart breaks with any man in the past? what is your experience like? Do you have a yahoo messenger? I would like to chat with you.. You are so beautiful and you've got an astonishing look
Hope to hear from you soon.
Your new friend
2010-04-09, 21:08:55
anonymous from United States  
rom: Jack Williams <>
To: Marti Peppers <>
Sent: Thu, April 1, 2010 6:37:51 PM
Subject: Re: hi

Hello dear,
thanks for the connection, it means a lot to me and it makes me feel i will be getting my life together back.
I really appreciate what you said and you sound very much like what have been searching for and i will just say that you are my type of woman..


I was taken by your profile...We have so much in common.First off let me say ,without hesitant.That you are a very good woman...I'm serious!But your looks i do not believe are your best features. I believe from what i read in your profile.Your best feature is your heart.This is hard for me to say.But!I need someone with the type of integrity that you possess.I have not dated around ever since i lost my relationship,its hard to find someone with moral attributes from women out there but i think you possess what i need in a woman if i must say the truth. Don't take me wrong I'm no saint.But I do have moral guidelines.To be honest..I have looked at other women's profile.But you are the only one that I cared to email..I'm not a player.I know what it feels like to be played on. It's of no good.So that's about it for now;hopefully; You can check out my profile and judge for yourself.If your interested we will have to talk more and i can try and send you a photo of myself.You won't be disappointed I can assure you.And also if you have any questions.Feel free to ask! For I have nothing to hide.So I'm hoping to here from you soon...
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