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Dating scammer Harry McDaniel Ashwood, in Nigeria


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This is a place holder about dating scammer Harry McDaniel Ashwood, in Nigeria.

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2014-06-11, 18:06:23
anonymous from United States  
Looks like he strikes again.......this time calling himself Justin Parker from Canton, Ohio. Says he's a Civil Engineer working on a big contract. Grew up in London, but dad from Africa. Both parents dead. Says his son is 9 yrs old and lost the daughter & wife 5 yrs ago. So he just changed a few words then sent this exact email to me. The email address he is using is:
Here's his most recent! An exact cut & paste from an above email. No $$ requests yet. But gonna block him now. Thanks for putting up this site!!!!!

Date: Wed, Jun 11, 2014 9:41 AM

Well, I am very glad you want to know more about me again and I'm also going to do all my possible best to tell you all i can for now because its a really good step we both took and starting to do this again.

Well i don't know where to start from . we have been willing to do this for a really long time but there as been ups and downs but i also believe they all happened for a reason..its good now that we have put it all in the past and moving on for the good.I live here in  Canton OH, but i grew up in Portsmouth,London. i am a civil enginner in construction as you already know..Umm i work 6days a week but not all the time..i have my personal Job and decide when to work and when not to when i am really tired .But i love my work and that keeps me really busy all the time.I have been to Germany,Spain,more to tell u later.I own my home that I share with my 9 year old son Jack. I lost my wife and daughter almost 5 years ago in a fatal car accident. It has been very tough since, especially for my son. But we are getting along okay financially and well, emotionally I am doing fine now but my son still struggles with the the loss of his mum and sister. I am devoted to helping him work through his grief and anger of the whole situation by taking him to counseling sometimes and being the dad he would want me to be. I pray everyday that soon, he will realize that his mum is in a much better place now, out of pain and suffering and understand that they are our guardian angels now.

I recently started going out again,hoping to meet my soul mate.but i believe destiny brough us together when we met on the site and started communicating with each other.
I can totally relate to the loneliness you feel. It is very hard being a single parent.Am the only child of my parent.They have both passed away and i always pray for them and believe they are in thier Safe Haven and are really happy in Heaven.I also  love cats and wish I had one.they are really wonderful and i also love dogs too...

My favorites: My son. Music-singing really loud in my car, concerts, local bands, shaking my 'groove thing', my iPod. Shopping (c'mon, I'm a chick), White Sox baseball (I'm a life-long fan; I didn't jump on the bandwagon after the Series), chilled tequila shots, antiquing, the nighttime bedtime story shared with my son, roller coasters, hanging with friend s, completing a challenging jigsaw puzzle, balancing my checkbook, PDA, chocolate, Sponge bob, my son's expression on Christmas morning, red wine, liars poker, jeans and t-shirts, Bare naked Ladies (the band), intelligent conversation, cotton candy, a weekly pedicure, ice cold diet Pepsi, Shaw shank Redemption, new friendships, flip flops, my cleaning lady, bargain shopping at flea markets, light beer, playing board games, my son's drawings that hang in my office, mum and friends get-together, shoes, surprising someone with a random act of kindness, new socks, relaxing in front of a fire, Wildfire's filet Mignon, my debit card, weekend getaways, tabloid magazines (I'll admit it), 1000 tc sheets, cocktails at a swim-up bar at a tropical resort, long showers, listening to the rain on a quiet, summer night, physical intimacy in a monogamous relationship, coaching from the sidelines at my son's little league games, doing something completely spontaneous and out of character, the feeling you get w hen you are falling for someone and my son's hair in the morning!

I tend to be on the quiet side... initially anyway. I approach new relationships with caution and tend to be very careful with my heart. I want to take the time necessary to be aware of our similarities as well as our differences. It may be our similarities that bring us together, but it is our ability to be open to & respectful of our differences that help us to grow in a relationship. Our differences cannot be in conflict with my family values, morals or my belief in God.

It’s important for me to be honest, kind & respectful of others. I look for those same qualities in a potential partner. I'm looking for someone who thinks communication is critical, is thoughtful, has a positive attitude & a sense of humor. I am a very strong, honest & straight-forward individual. I like & appreciate that same level of strength in a woman... and please, be honest about what's on your mind… it keeps me from having to make assumptions..I am really a honest and trustworthy man and I hope we have those characteristis in common Nicole

What I am looking for ...well, this may sound cliche' once more  but I am looking for my soul mate - someone who has the locks to fit my keys, and the keys to fit my locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our trust selves will step out and we can be completely and honestly loved for who we are. Each of us will unveil the best part of each other. Our soul mate is someone who shares our deepest longings, our sense of direction. Our soul mate is the one who makes life come to life. Someone to share in life's ups and downs, joys and sorrows with me. Someone whom I can just be myself with & she can be the same with me, as I am a very 'real' person.I am complete, so I'm not looking for someone to complete me. Rather, I'm looking for someone to compliment mine & my son's life and for us to do the same for her. The woman I'd prefer to be with would be nice, yet strong. she accept me for who I am - sometimes nutty, sometimes serious but predominately happy & outgoing. She accept my son into the relationship & be an excellent mother figure or potential step mum. She enjoys being around my friends at functions & would want me to be with him at events as well. We'd have such a wonderful connection/chemistry that we'd sometimes be able to communicate without words and (being bold here) she shares the same heightened level of sexual energy I have. That's what I am looking for...I know somehow, somewhere that person exists. After all, there is someone for everyone. So, that's me in a nutshell...Hope to read more from you soon.Have a wonderful day.

Take care, be safe.
2014-06-11, 18:16:52
anonymous from United States  
To add about 'Justin Parker'. The email he is using is He is communicating with the following phone #330-451-6849. I did some research & it is a landline from Canton, Ohio. He has a LinkedIn acct with one contact, and a Facebook acct too. He sent pics that looked photoshopped and when I called him on it, he adamantly denied it. He follows all the description of the scammer from page 24. He is following the pattern like a script. The letter on love & trust, he copied & pasted to send to me last week. Once again I thought it was real. He really can play up being a romantic.
2014-08-23, 18:04:55
anonymous from United States  
It seems that this Jack Williams is on Tagged as Anderson T, 51, from Dallas, TX.

2014-10-02, 05:33:52
anonymous from United States  
Is he a scammer please help been asking for money since last month Harry Wilson email harrydickson1978@gmail email me at thanks

2014-12-26, 04:44:22
anonymous from Blonay, Switzerland  
+447024026499Ensure to use a greater pootirn of the funds for its purpose infulfillment of my last wish. Furthermore you will never have any problemwith the law as you will only pay some amount to the government as tax anda minor percentage to settle the bill of the bank and the most major partyou will use to bless God's Children all over the world.You are blessedMrs. Anna Kennedy.
2015-02-22, 04:35:34
anonymous from Philippines  
Quote.. Quote
2015-02-24, 05:54:52
tracyjparsinen from United States  
This man is now going as Steve Henry! He has sent me so many emails and phone calls telling me he loves me and we are going to get married.. He has not asked for money yet! But today is the day I am deleting him and saying goodbye to the awful man! He sends me pictures because I force him too! Tells me his children are crying out for me to be their mommy. He is a sick man!

2015-05-05, 14:25:05   (updated: 2015-05-05, 15:17:19)
Mad Woman  
Let's see....always so close to coming to be with me and then BAM....can't leave has to pay taxes on estate, accident on the way to the airport in a super sick with some illness that doesn't exist anymore......he wants to kill himself because he has no money to feed (who talks like that)...finally he gets home. His sister's husband dies with her daughter in a car accident in Lagos, Nigeria (surprise). He has to go help them. They have to pay taxes on estate there. Finally he gets home. He is in another car accident. He flies to India (oh brother) to get a kidney. He needs money of course, to pay the doner. He makes a deal with the doctor (who is keeping his luggage) and flies to Nigera for a job. I wonder who is taking care of his house in Wisconsin? I want to rip his kidney out and stuff it in his mouth~!!!!! Well he has been playing me for a whole year and yes I love him and yes I feel stupid but well that's life Here is his picture. He is the one on the left...Noel Fisher.
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2015-05-05, 14:31:28
Mad Woman  
Here is another picture of my missing kidney scammer....Noel Fisher from Wisconsin...heavy accent and claims he is from Italy but moved to USA 15 yrs ago.
His email is This picture was taken in the Ukraine...yea that should have been my first clue.

2015-05-05, 18:00:57
Bax from United States  
Hi, I think that A Photo taken from this distance could actually be of anyone.
This is not the first time West Africans have stolen and used Soviet pics.
The kidney twist caught my eye and i just wanted you to see this...
Most, maybe all of these articles are from the source in Nigeria.

Pick one that looks right and see what the scammers are doing.
This exerpt and photo are taken from the top entry,
You will also see a well circulated captured photo, of scammers doing their worst.

.the perpetrators have moved on to a more challenging, but lucrative and profitable scamming pattern called Yahoo Plus, and for those who don’t know what the aforementioned phrase means, it is simply the use of diabolical means to enhance their chances of collecting money and other material things from their victims.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer kate boakye

2015-05-27, 02:50:19
Scambaiter D  

John Edward

Thanks for your mail and how was your weekend?sorry we weren't able to Skype on weekend I was in my mom's house for mother's day.I am glad to hear your voice you sounds young.I like your picture and your voice too I guess is early to say I have feeling for you but I do,nobody has ever made me feel the way you make me feel,as we haven't met yet.I want to grab you and be in your arms and let go. I want to kiss
your lips always.

When I think about you,I feel renewed and I know is not just ordinary.I feel happy that we met each other,I want us to be together and I hope that you equally have same feelings as I do,I awaits your reply,fb id John Edward,do have a pleasant week ahead.


How has your day been?I am equally gland we talked,I am really excited hearing your voice and wish we get to meet soon.I have tried to find the words to tell you how I feel the words that will convince you that what I feel is real.I had spent some time avoiding love,but since the moment I met you things seemed to change,I feel I want you so much,If you could only see with your eyes the beauty you behold in my heart you’d really know the love of which I've told.I know you feel the same as I feel when I hear your voice I can feel the love that’s in your heart and I want us to be together soon,awaits your reply do have a pleasant day.

We skyped and I saw a BLACK NIGERIAN man ... speaks volumes for a scammer.

2015-06-14, 10:25:16
anonymous from United States  
I am Laura, I Viewed your profile & you are stunning, gorgeous actually. Your profile caused unusual impact, I am interested in you
2015-06-14, 10:28:52   (updated: 2015-06-14, 10:30:08)
anonymous from United States  
Just simple scam , her profile simply vanished after sending message, she gave a personal e-mail to contact her , very attractive picture in profile
2015-07-10, 10:52:33
anonymous from United States  
As long as I live I will never let no low down scammer hurt me again I came close going to jail because of this Eric Morgan if it was even his name.He did a bank out of $10,000.00 this guy said he lived in Scotland that he had his own business with oil and gas. I hate him for what he did to me. Please all you lady's out there please be careful. I was looken for real love. when a man ask you about your life and if you work right there is a RED FLAG. I ment this guy on Face Book. about two year's ago. Take Care and God Bless.
2015-07-19, 10:47:31
anonymous from United States  

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