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Dating scammer Daniel Berner


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Name: Daniel Berner


japan,tokyo,toshimaku,ochiai minami nagasaki, 3-205,white haimu

Other Comments:
Daniel Berner was deported from Manila as a scammer and sex pervert.


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2015-12-25, 20:59:39   (updated: 2015-12-25, 21:04:14)
Daniel Berner the deported sex pervert. Asks women to marry him and have his baby.
He forgets to tell them that by his own admission he has a Japanese wife and at least two small children and he also has a Filipino wife.
He needs to marry locally so he can get the papers to allow him to stay in that country as he dare not return to Israel, as it seems he ran away instead of being conscripted into the armed forces.
He also lodged some fraudulent DMCA complaints and committed PERJURY doing it.
Ladies if you are contacted by this low life scammer RUN.

2016-01-02, 20:11:41
anonymous from Australia  
Daniel Berner is a low life scammer and pervert. He makes his living by scamming and cheating innocent ladies who are kind to him.

His whole sad life consists of dirty lies.
2016-01-04, 01:41:07
I've heard of this maggot,he's got to be one of the lowest dirtbags in the world.A scammer and convicted sex pervert who now cons innocent ladies in Japan.Ladies,take good note of his picture,if you ever see him report him to the nearest police.
2016-01-05, 16:31:39
Daniel Berner was DEPORTED as a sex pervert and scammer. A search of his name will show many forums who posted about his arrest and deportation.

Now Daniel Berner is in Japan scamming innocent ladies. He is truly scamming scum.

2016-01-05, 16:37:15
This is another photograph of Daniel Berner the deported scammer and pervert.

2016-01-05, 16:59:29
Miss Marple from United States  
Has anyone you posters been scammed by this individual? Provide some evidence of scam as letters with asking for money etc. Provide also information where this scammer operates as what website. Thanks.
2016-01-05, 19:15:14
Links do not seem to work, so here is where Daniel Berner was deported from Manila as a sex pervert.

Israeli 'pervert' preying on Filipino women deported
August 20, 2009 10:19pm
The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has deported an Israeli man accused of tricking Filipino women into having sex with him in exchange for a better life abroad.

Daniel Berner, 37, was deported Wednesday on board a Cathay Pacific flight bound for Hongkong and Tokyo enroute to Tel Aviv, Israel.

Immigration chief Marcelino Libanan said the Israeli, who disguised himself as a Canadian and goes by many aliases, had victimized several Filipinas whom he had duped by sending them e-mails via the Internet.

He would usually promise his victims that he would marry them and bring them with him to Canada if they got pregnant with his child, thus he would entice them to have sex with him,' Libanan said in a statement.

Epifanio Lambino Jr., acting assistant chief of the bureau’s Law Enforcement Division (LED) said they first found out about Berner when one of his victims sought the help of a television station, which in turn referred the case to the BI.

Berner was finally apprehended by the LED during an entrapment operation on July 29 at the Greenbelt Mall in Makati City.

After the arrest, the BI board of commissioners issued the deportation order against him. He has also been included in the bureau’s blacklist.

Sex perverts like him (Berner) who exploit and take advantage of our women should be expelled and banned from re-entering our country,' said Libanan.

The BI chief said the Israeli entered the country as a tourist and was staying in the Philippines on a fraudulent passport.

The BI also found out that Berner is wanted in Japan, Great Britain, and Canada for engaging in similar Internet fraud schemes and that a US$50,000 reward for his arrest has already been put up by authorities in Tokyo. - Kimberly Jane T. Tan, GMANews.TV

2016-01-05, 19:40:24
One where Daniel Berner the scammer and pervert is asking for money.

[17:13] letsmarrybabyhappiness: Give me your mobile phone number with your all email addresses and I will text when I arrive at airport in Manila and we can meet!
Send me your cam and I will send you too and call on headset!

Skype(skype is best quality video and sound) messenger: marriagebaby
Yahoo messenger: letsmarrybabyhappiness
Msn messenger: ourmarriagetruelove
Chikka: 639084761518
Money is important for life, future, our marriage, baby!
Love is more important than money!
Call at: +819060549457 I want to talk, get to know you more!
Please dont understand me wrong,can you send me money to prove that you are serious with me?
It will be guarantee that you are with me forever from now and dont go away:
and we will get to know each other now via i
[17:15]: what ur name please
[17:15] letsmarrybabyhappiness: Call at: +819060549457 I want to talk, get to know you more!
Please dont understand me wrong,can you send me money to prove that you are serious with me?
It will be guarantee that you are with me forever from now and dont go away:
and we will get to know each other now via internet, meet in 1 month, marry soon,true love, make baby?
If you dont have much money, 1 dollar or so ok!Any amount for our future!
I am serious about you 100%!!!
I want to make baby because its cute, purpose of life is to make baby!
I have my own business here in Tokyo,if you like I can make you working visa and you can come here,work as well!
I saved money for your and my future, I hope you saved too, we need money for future, you please try to work, but love is most important so we can live on my money

2016-01-05, 19:42:35
And another one asking for money.

17:28]: how r u
[17:28] hi
[17:28] u?
[17:29] u will send me20000?
[17:29]: yeah,,, bcoz i love u?
[17:30]: how r u?
[17:30]: im worried
[17:30] ok when can you send?
[17:30]: when u need it..

[17:30] send now by paypal
[17:31]: tomorrow morning...please i dont have it now,, its in my bank

[17:41] ok send me now money
[17:42]: ok, thru paypal... in what name & address shud i send
[17:42] go to paypal site and send by my email address
17:41] ok send me now money
[17:42]: ok, thru paypal... in what name & address shud i send
[17:42] go to paypal site and send by my email address

[17:45] 4: site.. okay what email address, this one?
[17:45] same as at this messenger

11:00] letsmarrybabyhappiness: I heard also globe has free plan for yahoo messenger chatting,its free, for smart i think its 1 peso 1 message,please check with phone companies about it and settings!

he is sweet!

[13:13] letsmarrybabyhappiness: Hi,If you want me to come back to manila soon, send me money soon!
[11:52] letsmarrybabyhappiness: i am coming back to manila soon,can you send me any money?love
[10:37] letsmarrybabyhappiness: how are you?did you get my message yesturday?if you like I can come back to manila,if you love me?send me some money for ticket bye kisses hugs
2016-01-05, 20:28:36
Miss Marple from United States  
2016-01-05, 19:47:40
Thanks, adding couple of links here below:


2016-01-05, 20:41:49
Miss Marple from United States  
2016-01-05, 21:08:40
Thank you Miss Marple. Low life scamming parasites like Daniel Berner need to be exposed.

Here is one of this scumbags sicker attempts to scam.


I was teaching English and lost my work in Tokyo
Can you help me?
I dont want to live as homeless in Yoyogi park
I am hungry now
Can you come help me now?
Buy me dinner!
Maybe I can live with you in your apartment?
Save me OK?
Can you come now?
Im at Harajuku JR station-same as Meiji Jingu Mae subway station,Chiyoda line

hope you dont ask typical japanese questions as who are you????where did you get my address???
but you actually come and help!ok?
2016-01-06, 02:10:19

A video of Daniel Berner being arrested as a sex pervert and scammer.
2016-01-09, 20:46:18
A new years photograph of Daniel Berner the deported pervert and low life scammer.

2016-01-09, 20:55:11
Daniel Berners latest lie it to send in fraudulent and INVALID DMCA take down requests where he lies and commits PERJURY, in the hope that the recipients think it is valid and act on it.

Any responsible site would do a little due diligence and soon find out they are INVALID requests.

He gives a fake address and this is PERJURY.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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