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Dating scammer Thomas Mends from Accra, Ghana


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2008-12-06, 17:27:40
anonymous from United States  
This is in regards to has offered me an engagement ring! He says he has many plans for me.
2008-12-06, 19:20:04
anonymous from United States  
funny he looks like Thomas Mends in the posting on 10/18/2008. If so he is telling ladies he has an engagement ring for them, and is ready to marry and settle down,with a family. He is into contracting minning diamonds, and other stones. At the present time he says he is in Africa. He now has Typhoid, and is sick he says. One can only hope!

2008-12-10, 18:51:13
anonymous from Hong Kong  
I met a guy in similiar case. And seeking your advises:

1) Is that possible for them to spend 2-3 hours a day to chat with me?

2) When I claimed I wouldn't send him money and questioned he might a scammer, what should they react?

3) I already claimed I were a poor person, will they continue their business?

3) when I decided the date to come to visit him, what will they react?

4) if I really go to Nigeria and get marry with him, what probably will happen then?

Look forwards to your advises.

asia alice
2008-12-10, 21:55:49
This man has scammed me too! he is nicholas brown. his ID is please beware of him. He ia a professional scammer!

2008-12-10, 21:57:30
this is his another pics sent to me resently

2008-12-11, 19:30:05
anonymous from United States  
I go smart before I got scammed thanks to this site. My scammer went by and he was supposed to be from New York. He even called me several times from a new jersy telephone number! His real name is Michael Komla Nfodzo which I was able to obtain through the header search that one of your readers had most graciously posted. Attached are the pictures he sent me. I wish the poor guy and his son in the photos never have to have their pictures slandered again!
2008-12-11, 19:30:54
anonymous from United States  
Here is another photo of the scammer using

2008-12-11, 19:31:40
anonymous from United States  
Here is another one of the infamous otherwise known as a low life from Ghana!

2008-12-11, 19:32:34
anonymous from United States  
Here's another one of the supposed

2008-12-11, 19:34:42
anonymous from United States  
this is the photo the scammer uses as his main picture for I you feel you are being scammed just look at the headers and get the originating ip address. If I had known it was that simple I wouldn't have wasted my time. Good thing I didn't lose any money over this scam!

2008-12-12, 18:38:57   (updated: 2008-12-12, 19:11:45)
anonymous from United States  
Has anyone see this person working in Accra Ghana. He starts out very romantic with ecards and poetry. He is a civil engineer there working for the government but almost every day there is an issue that he needs you to send him cash through Western Union, lost luggage, credit card doesn't work, hospital injury, needs cash for flight home (doesn't want you to pay for it by credit card) only cash sent to him. Just so everyone knows if you do buy the ticket by credit card sometimes if they don't take the flight you get your money back. But this way they don't get their money, so they don't want you to do that. Good tip you have a scammer then and a good test if they are not for real. Tell them you're going to buy the ticket with your credit card, if they bulk you know there is a problem. If they really just want to come home then why should they care how you pay for it. Anyone seen this person floating around on the sites? I met him on Match. He says he's from Germany (he does speak German) but lives in the US. Who knows where because what he claims there is no record of it. He asked me to get off the Match site right away and start using our personal email addresses. He did get me for some money and articles but the week he was suppose to pay me he got injured. In total he asked me for approximately $5,000 in mostly money and some personal articles and extracted about $1,600 before I said no more. He still writes as of today but I know that will stop soon because I'm avoiding his attempts to contact me. When I wouldn't do things his way or questioned him he called me selfish and constantly asks why you don't trust him...go figure.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Thomas Mends from Accra, Ghana

2008-12-12, 22:24:48
anonymous from United States  
Hello Love,
I guess you are doing well this morning....Honey this is the flight info to Miami love,Please do your best to trust me this time and get liquid money to send so that i will be home soon..I love you so much and i am going to do anything to hurt you....

Accra Civil Engineer:

After many attempts, this is the last comment I got today asking for 'cash' only to book a flight. Buyer Beware.

Yeah it won't hurt when he takes my money and stands me up at the airport? These people break our hearts. They are actors playing a part waiting to get paid for their performance.
2008-12-15, 03:12:44
I recently got a new myspace and this guy claimed to be Alvin Slaughter. He started to ask me more money that hes hungery. and so i talked to my family and they told me he is a scammer. so im new on the computer if ANYONE can help me with websites to find out about him that would be great.

2008-12-16, 21:07:58
anonymous from United States  
am i being scammed

2008-12-20, 09:13:16
anonymous from United States  
Michael Komla Nfodzo is a well known scammer from Accra, Ghana. He, and the ring of men he works with are very sophisticated and convincing. Please do not trust anyone !!!! Check out the IP address of any new romantic internet 'friend'. These guys with build virtual 'worlds' to convince you on the tragic situations they need money for. They will have you talk to 'doctors', 'goverment officials' and so on and for forth. I met my scammer via eHarmony and got scammed out of a lot of money. My scammer was supposed to have a business trip in Ghana, which as soon as he arriver turned into a dissater with stolen luggage, later his 'little boy' fell down the stairs in the hotel, then, the hotel bills needed to be paid, and them of course, he needed money to pay the goverment officials to finish his business and 'come home.' Oh yeah...there was also a robbery somewhere in there as well. The IP address from the first e-mails came from Accra, Ghana when they were supposed to come from the UK. At that point in time, I did not know how to check for IP addresses nor what a great source of information they were! This scammer is very charming, very polite and uses a multitud of phone numbers to make you believe that he is anywhere. I've read that he and his bandits also try to scam business out ouf electronics and have addresses here in the US and stolen credit cards, etc. Long story short, these are very experienced bandidts and should be prosecuted!!! I have reported my case to different authorities. This types of crimes have got to stop!!!! In my case, Michael Komla Nfodzo used the name of HENRY S. WILSON (also known as Henry Mills, and God only knows how many other names). The phographs I received were not of an attractive man which at the begining made his presentation all the more 'real.' He was supposed to be a widower with a 10 year old son named 'John'. I received the attached photos of John's accident shortly after he fell down the stairs at the hotel they were supposed to be staying in Accra. Later, I found the exact same photographs being used by other scammers in oder sites!!!!! Please be carefull!!!! These guys are the DEVIL on this earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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