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Dating scammer Thomas Mends from Accra, Ghana


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2008-11-01, 23:14:39
anonymous from Rock Hill, United States  
I want to know if this guy is a scammer please if anyone has seen this picture and has had him tyr to scam you let me know

2008-11-02, 01:20:17
anonymous from United Kingdom  
i think i have been robbed of £20000 by this american soldier
has anyone heard if this is a scam

2008-11-02, 19:10:31
anonymous from United States  
In all likeihood, this is a stolen picture and the person you were stolen from is an African posing as an American soldier. This is becoming more common. The pics are stolen from prior victims. Their identities, names, ranks, EVERYTHING about them are fake.
2008-11-11, 22:37:05
2008-11-12, 15:50:35
anonymous from United States  

I have emails and IM messages this one sent to me I am attaching the first email I received and the pictures. I would love to know who this very good looking gentleman REALLY is.

2008-11-12, 15:50:56
anonymous from United States  

2008-11-12, 15:51:16
anonymous from United States  

2008-11-12, 15:51:34
anonymous from United States  

2008-11-12, 15:53:48
anonymous from United States  
From: danthemgr8 (
To: ************
Date received: October 24, 2008
Subject: Hello beautiful lady

Hello pretty lady,
Thanks for the sweet and wonderful message,its nice to read from you.
My name is Daniel, How are you and how was your day? or should i ask about your night first because i know you must be getting up on bed by now....
Well i know its probably during the day you sent me this message, but i was so busy all through the day and away from the computer for some while.
Well to start telling you about me, am into sales,supply and service of construction tools and machineries, i love it a lot and in most cases i supply international for companies, corporate buddies,private organizations and government personals who want to build branches around there world, i take care of the supply of there construction tools and machineries. I love my job because it makes me explore more about different places and i have been to quite some interesting and sweet countries around the world, Places like Venice in Italy, Cafe De Bordeaux in France,Shaktar in Ukraine, Utrecht in Holland, Veracruz in Mexico,Beijing in China, Johannesburg in South Africa and so many other interesting places around the world.
I was born and raised in U.k, i happen to be the only son of my dad and mom, my dad passed away about 7years ago (May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace). I missed him so much that i really wish i could buy his life back, but even if am as wealthy as Bill Gate wont be able to buy his life back, he has taught me all the ways of life to be good and straight, he has taught me that honesty and faith is a major Key of life, he made me see it that a open heart is more valuable than a heart full of obstacle, he taught me that the best way to enjoy life is to spend it with that special woman sent to you by Heaven himself.
I was once married and i have a handsome baby boy who is just 4yrs old now, i lost her mom about 2yrs ago when he was just 2yrs old, her death came as a result of an auto accident she had when she was on her way to visit her sick aunt in Bolton. It was such a tragic incident which took so much time to get over it, to be honest even if you lost money you know what the feeling would be like, not to talk of when you lost someone so special to you. Since then i haven't had a date but waiting and praying to God to send me thats special angel to accompany me through my journey of life.
Am looking for that special woman for me, looking for that angel of my life to spend the rest of my life with in joy and harmony, in sweetness of heart and in endless love.
Love is the source of life, my dad made me know and understand that, He was a sailor a good merchant who trade on the sea, sometimes it took months that he sail away, the memory of when we he came back from each trip, the fun we use to had and the sweet time we use to had together still linger in my head, how much he loved and still love me and my mom i appreciate so much, such is what i desire. Am in search for love and not one night stand, not someone to jilt nor cheat on me, not someone to make me cry and definitely not someone to ruin my entire lifetime.
someone to share the best of time together as lover and husband and wife.
When exactly are you usually online? can we chat online? my yahoo chatting ID is danthemgr, what is yours?. OR BETTER STILL, write me in my personal email address,
I will be waiting to read back from you, but have a sweet and wonderful day ahead of you.
2008-11-16, 18:04:01 from Australia  
This may be an old scammer using another ID Has given Yahoo ID as Claims to be a business consultant living in USA but is now in Ghana [Obuasi] . Went to Ghana to buy gold. Now needs money to finalise the documents for the shipping of this. Can't find the money for the last document which is going to cost 3k [$3,ooo]. Desperately needs to do this cos the gold needs to be shipped [30 bars at 250k each]. Says he will bring it here [Australia] with him as he always said he was going to come here to see me after his business was completed in Ghana. Then we would go back to the USA where he lives with the gold .I lead him to believe I would do this if he sent me copies of the documents he already has completed with his name on them. He says he is having trouble finding a scanner to do this but would I please send the money as soon as possible and he will email the documents as soon as he can. Today is 17.11.2008 Monday. Says he has a busy day today and cannot get to the nearest Western Union office which is 6hrs drive from where he is [supposedly in Abuasi] so will send his 'driver' to collect the money and use his drivers name as the reciever for the money. His name is Edward Nana Addo and the address is P.O. Box 2260 Accra, Ghana 23321. The contact phone number I have been given is 233271375005. I have informed Scam Net. The police website here in Perth Western Australia about this so any further information regarding this would be appreciated. I believe stolen Identity has been used here so the photo posted may not be genuine - looks to proffessional.

2008-11-19, 01:24:48
[hidden] from Canada  
Tawfiq Umar I also have come clost to being a victim.
Addr:Mb94 ministries This individual is so good..I am still
Ridge central. not 100% sure. I have attempted to
Cape Coast Ghana contact the Ghana Police to no avail.
Tell:0023324420312 and have even tried the High Council
AKA Bequin Fawaz of Canada.

Attached are some pictures. I f anyone knows of this
scam, I would like to put closure to it, after I exauhst
all avenues of prosecution.
Tawfiq Umar
Address: 12 Ind Ave Ridge rd
MB94 Labadi beach.
Accara Ghana

AKA Bequin Fawaz

2008-11-23, 05:06:02
Does anyone know this person or had any dealings with him, I'm suspicious and think he may be a scammer. He goes by the name Bryan Jeffery Reddy, yahoo id is BryanReddy, his aol email is and the id he uses on the dating sites is UKinUS, he claims to live in Houston,57, divorced, then his second wife passed away 3 or 4 yrs ago with ovarian cancer, he has no kids..when he started to communicate with me he was in London for the week working and is still there till the end of this month and said he would be moving to NY in December , he says he is a doctor working in forensic. I have my suspicions, because his stories don't sound real, anyway he insisted that he wanted to hear my voice, gave me a phone number to call, but as soon as I saw the number I realized that it is not a London phone number, the number he gave me was a cell phone number for Ireland, I waited a while before I confronted him, his excuse is that went to London on a private jet and when he stopped in Ireland to refuel he rented a cellphone as his US phone does not always work in London, anyhow I told him to give me the number again, this time he gave me a different phone number to call, out of curiosity I called and the moment I heard his voice I could tell , I felt it that he is not who he says he is, he sounded like Ganian/Nigerian with a European accent. He keeps saying that he is financially secured, and he is always doing research, if you're working at the hospital , why would you be on a dating site during those hours, I bet the research he's doing is on what to tell unsuspecting people, because I have not told him anything about me but I have been drilling him with questions, the hospital he said he's at in London, has been closed many years, but one with the same name does exist in Dublin, the golf course he says he golfs at in London, is actually out in Surrey, I have researched his name as a doctor, etc., but have not come up with anything. I have asked him to send me more pics, but his excuse is that he has more on the computer back in Houston, ok, if he's at the hospital going on dating sites when he should be working, how he was able to send me 2 pics, and the same 2 pics when he instant message me...hmm...fishy..fishy..fishy ...the telephone numbers he uses is 011-353-871-323-232 and 011-353-12-898-514

Anybody recognizes him, i'd love to know...and ladies beware of this individual...

2008-11-23, 05:07:33
Together with my last comment before, this is the other photo of the person, Bryan Reddy
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Thomas Mends from Accra, Ghana
Dating scammer Thomas Mends from Accra, Ghana

2008-11-29, 11:58:40
anonymous from United States  
I came into contact with fred williams this week on the dating site 'love and seek' They are also putting a lot of profiles on this ware....
2008-12-01, 11:34:10
do any one know this girl?

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