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Dating scammer Thomas Mends from Accra, Ghana


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2007-01-17, 13:51:34
anonymous from Canada  
sorry T - it still won't work. Are u sure it's :

If you have call display don't answer when he phones and turn off your ringer so it doesn't drive you nuts...if you do answer when he phones and you don't want to talk to him - get a whistle and blow it hard in his ear everytime he phones - he'll soon get the message :-)
2007-01-18, 04:32:02
anonymous from United States  
Hi, L one of these days i'm going to understand all to the computer. it's and yesterday i was trying to put our conversation on here so that u could read some of wht he was saying. but again it's me and the computer at war.LOL
2007-01-18, 07:31:00
another scammer goes by the name of leslie duke macpod. <> posted picture before .with comment is this man one aswell wearing blue shirt. wanting money, sending parcels to my mother so she has to pay for them, said he lived railway road accra ghana phone number 00233 etc said he loved my mum 2 weeks after they were iming.just wanted what he could get from her beware all ladies. he is a poor nigerian,sittin in a internet cafe using some other poor mans picture.said his wife died seven years ago .and would never show himself on web cam. i hope he gets his one day....................
2007-01-18, 14:59:49
anonymous from Canada  
Hi T

that worked! yippee! I'll let you know if he contacts me and what he says...I wish I had your email address, but I don't want to ask for it to be posted on a public don't want all the crazies contacting you..hehe. I'll keep you posted on what he says to me here..

Stay sane, L
2007-01-18, 20:42:29   (updated: 2007-01-18, 20:45:32)
Hello World! Have you seen Her? Using the name Grettle, just want to know if she is real or not... We always chat everyday cam available in the Internet Cafe in Dansoman, Accra Ghana.. I don't want to post her pic but...everytime I ask something that I could see her on whatever means there is to many excuses..Been chatting with her since August 2006, I have no choice but to seek your help and if no one reply, thats means she is real. I love her..Thank you.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Thomas Mends from Accra, Ghana

Keywords: blonde black jacket white needle stripes
2007-01-19, 06:07:38
anonymous from United States  
Please look at the picture and ask yourself WOULD SHE REALLY need to go on the Internet and find a man??????????????????They all find pictures and Bios of sexy beatiful women when really the are plain Janes hired by professionals who make their living scamming people. Dont fall for it,she wont come on Cam then she isnt whi she says she is .The Internet cafes have web cams ,believe me she is a scammer.
2007-01-19, 12:03:22
anonymous from Canada  
Re Gretta - I'm sorry but this sounds all too familiar and you are being scammed my friend. Has she asked you for money to help her out? has she been injured and needs to pay her medical bills? Has her pc been stolen and she needs a new one? Whatever it is. I'm sure the story is all to familiar,. If she will not come on camera - she's lying. I have a friend who lives there and he has no problem getting a pc at the internet cafe and it doesn't matter at what time he goes he still gets a camera - now my scammer on the other hand always had convenient excuses - power outages, none available, or the one on the pc doesn't seem to work..don't know what's wrong.
Check on the Yahoo Romance Scammers website - membership is free and there are several sites there and they have a wonderful data base that you can access that has pics that scammers have used, plus they're a great support and fountain of information.

Good luck with this,
2007-01-20, 05:38:10   (updated: 2007-01-20, 05:44:46)
anonymous from Canada  
Hi T
Solomon made contact with me. This is what he has told me so far..let's see if the details jive:
1) 47 year old man born in Ohio but moved to Ghana about 25 years ago
2) is divored for about 5 years
3) has a son named Dela whose 12 years old
4) his business is called solomon business ent and he sells bulbs and such (I'm assuming he means light bulbs, etc) and is located in Greater Accra
5) when I told him my boyfriend died recently from a ruptured appendix he said something I didn't understand and when I asked him to clarify what he meant he told me:
Me: I don't know what you mean by:lovesme_real2000: never mind i will
be there to assist him at the permanent place for u
[06:12] lovesme_real2000: why dont let me be there for u
6) he was very eager to know if I had a cam and I told him I did but that I don't share my cam unless the person I'm talking to also shares their cam - he didn't like that and also he said he had no picture to show me.
7) When I told him I wanted to visit Africa one day he said:
[05:35] lovesme_real2000: then u have to come and visit me so that i will let u feel
better for ur welcomeness
[05:35] lovesme_real2000: in Ghana
[05:35] lovesme_real2000: will u come to me
[05:35] lovesme_real2000: tell me
8) 06:04] lovesme_real2000: so tell me i will like to know u bettedo u know that
[06:04] lovesme_real2000: better

I'm sorry T but just from this one conversation I'd say you're dealing with a scammer - he's too eager to have me visit him and to be my friend and he's too sketchy on details. If he really had a business in Accra I should be able to find it in the yellow pages. He had no picture to show me - who doesn't have at least one picture to show people - even a bad one- and he had excuses when I asked him to go to the internet cafe and go on camera there. He told me he was single - if he were for real with you he would have said no - that he had a girlfriend in the US. I'm so very sorry T..I wish it had been different news. I'd break off all conversation with him and I'd block and delete him from your Yahoo messenger. The next time a man approaches you and says he lives in Africa and won't come on camera - I'd say you're dealing with a scammer. The guy I was talking to said he was 37 when in fact he is a 26 year old black man. They lie about everything, and nothing is real...this is so that you don't have any facts that match who they really are in case you do go to the authorities.
You should join the Yahoo Romance Scammer group - there are lots of links there to picture databases and lots of tips on how to find out if you're dealing with a scammer and they're really nice and supportive. They also keep a database of information that they can use to find scammers so you might want to share your story with them.
Good luck T and I hope you find a nice real guy next time :-)
2007-01-20, 13:04:09
anonymous from United States  
To L thank u very much and i'm happy to finally know that this is over. u have done a great thing for me and i will never forget u for that. i felt in my heart that something wasn't right and u just clearified for me. and like i said again thank u.
2007-01-21, 15:01:21
anonymous from Canada  
You're welcome T and remember to always trust your gut and your heart.
Be well and be strong. God bless
2007-01-29, 08:06:00
anonymous from United States  
try this site to see if your guy or gals picture or e mail address is on here mine was
2007-01-31, 15:09:16
anonymous from United States  
This person goes by the name Ellen. She will ask for your money and everything. Please be on the look out for this name.

2007-02-05, 07:50:38
anonymous from United States  
This site appears to be very helpful..... I would like to know if there are any honest detectives in Accra because I am in need of one.
2007-02-06, 06:17:08   (updated: 2007-02-06, 06:19:25)
anonymous from United States  
this is another GEORGE
yep his known e mails are
Nicks: George, Alfred, george_ady200, george500

i saw this man George at another site name
at myforeignbride his imail is

2007-02-07, 10:34:42
anonymous from Ghana  
I think things are getting out of hand and i just cant imagine Ghanains are part of this too. I will like anyone who has a problem with a person in Ghana to contact me so that i can proceed and try to get the police involved in any person who does that.
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