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Dating scammer Thomas Mends from Accra, Ghana


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2011-11-19, 19:25:10
anonymous from United States  
I met this man the online dating website.His name is Johnny Morgan 58 years old from L.A. CA.His e-mail address is morganjohnny 19@ also he use the same for both messenger.We started exchange notes then soon he give me his personal e-mail address & then we contact every day--also of course he love the messengers the Yahoo and Windows Live too.He send me so many romantic love letters fall in love with me want to spend the rest of his life with me--I'm the only one he could not live without etc.sweet talker.After 1 month he told me the big news he going to travel Accra, Ghana soon he is dealing with antiques and found some wonderful deal.2 days later he left.Right away when he got there ask my buy computer for him & send there because he want to communicate with me this 3 weeks period time.I told him I don't have money for this & started having a bad feelings about this.He keep try & try again---than one day he come up the story he last all his credit card everything ..and asking money.I told him again sorry can't help why don't you turn to family business partner good friends.No I'm the only person able to help him out the situation.He last everything business partners phone numbers etc..--but he don't last my number here and there he was calling me...than he come up the another idea he called me & was crying he is starving please send some money just for food.I know he try to trick me and I don't believe this so called starving game....finally told him leave me alone...He still try contact with me few times --also I'm seeing him on the messenger I'm not jet delay him because watching him.He don't give up keep himself busy and try to find the next innocent victim.Thankfully I don't send him any money I smarter then this also has some experience because he is the second guy who try this.But somehow someway we need to stop this kind of con artist ladies!!! Getting sick of this situation!! ( I wish how put his picture here, maybe next time)
2011-11-25, 01:19:54

Many scammers have stolen their pic from this site

2011-12-06, 09:08:39
you want to know were she is she under the name of princess blueyez in porno flic is operated whit ruby asante under the name of meganqt and they are in america u.s and work for phil flash

look and you will find these girl in there
2011-12-07, 10:50:19
We're always very sorry to hear about our members being taken advantage of through our service. is committed to fight fraud and offers its members several avenues for reporting instances of fraud, including 7-day-a-week toll-free phone support(1-888-688-4760, or 514 907-0015 if you are outside North America), round-the-clock email support –, as well as a live chat support feature available during normal business hours. Many similar sites offer only limited support options, some lacking even a phone number to get in touch with their staff. We’re even open for most holidays, and we post specific holiday hours directly on our Contact Us page when we’re not.

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2011-12-14, 05:59:38
This new identity and Steve Murphy, with the name of Frank S. Wilson, email He was found in a German dating side. I want to inform us so that nobody blows fall, assets written email. ect ...
E and engineer, in Lybia military with peacekeeping missions in the country. They are the last data sent by it.

2011-12-14, 06:31:09
anonymous from Kenya  
Here's another one for the ladies to watch out for. Goes by the name of Steven Murphy. Claims to be a veterinarian in Lagos, Nigeria. Father Scottish, mother Turkish. His english is very poor......
I have no doubt that he will use other aliases and photo's. If you know of him, will appreciate feedback.

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2011-12-14, 14:20:14
anonymous from United States  
Why can't I find anything on dating scammer curtis atkins?
2011-12-28, 13:52:00
anonymous from United Kingdom  
can you please tell me if this person is a scammer . he goes under the name of Steven Campbell from seattle . washington and said he was mugged in accra and needs money to get home

2011-12-28, 17:36:18   (updated: 2011-12-28, 17:37:25)
Hello Miss,

If hi get stuck, and asking money is scam.
The pics. are stolen from websites, Mostly are nigerians scammers behind this.
Do us and your a favour don't send any money to them.


2012-01-01, 16:12:35
anonymous from South Africa  
does anyone know this man also from Ghana , he goes by the name of john or yohanes john cole ,his email is , john nutogo ,i am sure he is a scammer also from Ghana and wants to die now angain if i do not want to chat to him he says he is a pysics teacher in acca and he is white ,he has sent me 4 photos all of the same person or brothers ,i would like to post the pic and see if someone know the man in the pic please ,he has asked for money and i said no but he still mails and sends me sms
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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana

2012-01-05, 05:37:15
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Haven't been here for a long time and today I took the opportunity to let you know that it was a long journey but I can say that I lost battle with scammers but I won the war with scammers. They aren't part of my life anymore. I do not wake up and think about my experiences, lost feelings, lost money, pain, betrial and humilation.
They no longer rule my being and my life. I won. I won't give up searches for a partner or someone close but I do it with calm and do not give in to any kind of mysterious talk.
Finding some interesting hobby helped a lot and abled do not dvell with anger on the condition and limitation the posts cammers stroke left me. Lernt to accept my situation and do as much as I possibly can, found new friends and formed few closer friendships, go out as much as I can but choose my outings wisely not to waste my time /and money/ on things not worth it.
The scammers changed my life and left myself slightly limited but wiser, better organised, calmer, not so easy trusting, checking everything twice and very careful with money spending, less generous but giving to real cases and not because someone is asking for. Honestly speaking I prefer myself as I am today then as I was before.
The idea of this post is to let all of you still suffering post scammers experience however bad it was know that scammers free future is possible and it's nice, different and not so bad all around.
Here is enclosed one of my new cakes.

2012-01-05, 22:55:47
2012-01-08, 09:15:19
anonymous from United States  
i have been scam a lot since july 2011 here is a picture of the guy that scam me he told me that he was in ghana and didnt have the money to get a plane ticket all womens watch out for him his name is ron harrington.
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Dating scammer ron harrington

2012-01-11, 19:27:24   (updated: 2012-01-11, 19:45:21)
anonymous from United States  
I met a man through who calls himself Brian Darry. He states he is originally from California and has a son. His wife supposedly died. His email is He states he is 47 years old. DOB: 2/25/64. He will sweep you off your feet with his romantic ways and then scam you out of thousands of dollars. He states he is in Turkey on business and is finishing up there and would like to come visit you, but then there are multiple hold ups from being in a car accident, detained by authorities for trying to take alot of money on plane, visa problems, arrested for drunk driving, needing money for hotel bills, money for food, the list goes on and on. I got scammed out of $20,000.00. This has taken place over a period of 11 months. I was very vunerable and lonely. I believed his lies. Truly, he is so good at lying. I did a few times catch a mistake he made, but I did not want to believe that he was lying and that i was taken. I kept thinking that he loved me like he said and that he really did want to marry me and spend our lives together. But, it was all a lie. You can not question him because he somehow worms his way out of the topic and you dont even notice. He made me fall in love with him and I would have done anything for him. He conned me out of my life savings plus I ended up selling my gold jewlry and silver to get the money he needed to get back to the USA. Even though I tried to find out information about him through different websites, I was unlucky. No mention of him anywhere on the web. I did get lucky and I did find a specific piece of information that Im holding on to in case someone in law enforcement would be willing to help me catch him and see that he is punished. Though internet romance scams do not see to be a high priority. He never did come for me like he promised he would. Please do not fall for his lies and I hope I can stop him before he hits his next victim.
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Accounts on this web site
Accounts on this web site

2012-01-13, 07:01:42
hola, hoy descubro esta pagina, verdaderamente son un manojo de estafadores, si conozco a uno y lee puesto muy nervioso, no hay quien se trague una historiaq semejante, de su hijo. se hace llamar, jfee walker y tiene 13 años, su papa es alias, alex clark y alex willson y alex walker, y supongo que cientos nombres mas, esta loco por que mande dinero, pero ami el dinero me cuesta muchas horas de trabajo para ganarlo, desconfianza no mas bien prevenida, las historias tendrian que ser mas naturales, y cometen muchos fallos, con sus mentiras, actual mente se hace pasar por un medico de ghana, como richard nayarko, casualmente soy de la rama sanitaria y tengo acceso a informacion, pero eseguido el juego. hoy me alegro de haber en contrado esta pagina, y por favor no caer en error de mandar dinero, eso no es el amor que juran es interes economico,
a todas las que, desgraciadamente habeis confiado en ellos, lo siento de corazon, las que como yo no creis felicidades eso nos salva, hay muy mala gente en el mundo. y como buena teosofa que soy y lucho por un mundo mas humano,y menos perverso,
recibir todo mi cariño, shalom......................dean
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