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Dating scammer Thomas Mends from Accra, Ghana


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2013-10-12, 10:55:04
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2013-10-12, 10:37:58
anonymous from Lithuania

The photos are taken in UK,one photo is taken in Liverpool outside a museum ,my guess this is a victim in a scam also ,the victim has sent the photos to the scammer and he uses the photos to scam women with .Scammers goes under female profiles as well , this is not uncommon at all.

Please post the email address and mails sent from the scammer as the mails can give a clue where the scams are made from .Scammers do not write personal mails,only when asking for money ,so the mails ,templates ,form letters that are often copied and pasted from websites with poems as and they can also be found often online reported as well. so post mails please and emailaddress.

2013-10-12, 11:26:28
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2013-10-12, 10:50:14
anonymous from Lithuania

Scammers operates in gangs and has accomplices all over the world with the base in Africa,the most reports where scammers has accomplices in is UK,The Netherlands,Malaysia,China and The Philippines and I am talking about scammers that has connection to Nigeria. Scammers on this category do not use their real location to scam under and uses open proxies to hide them selves under with fake IPs .These scammers that falls under this category are also involved in 419 scams are also involved in money laundry and drugs. Thats why I urge anyone to be cautious on these scammers and just block them . Catching scammers like these ones are not easy as the police do not who is really behind the scams either.
2013-10-12, 16:40:13
Thomas Mendes is a scammer,no other word for this scum.He needs to be put in prison and never set free,He should be made to apologize to his victim's who he has stolen from and be made to repay back every cent he has stolen.He is the scum of the earth,why is he still walking around?Prison I say!
2013-10-16, 17:20:10
arrest this evil man,thomas mends he's a theif.God I hope you get what you deserve,you are evil,wicked,a cheat,liar and low life.You get people in africa to scam and steal for you.You never worked for dyncorp international,I phoned they never heard of you!You're friends in the uk should be put in prison with you.
2013-10-16, 19:20:14
Elada from Lithuania  
I still get confused about Thomas Mendes - is he the same piece of shit that claims to be Jerry Irvin or Deniz Miles ??
2013-10-16, 20:12:27
Miss Marple from United States  
2013-10-16, 19:20:14
Elada from Lithuania

Thomas Mends is only scam artist name that has circulated a long time among certain scam gang from Ghana .Scammers scams in cycles with same photos ,names and email addresses and then changes when too many reports adds up. Thomas Mends gang as I call it using stolen photos on threads reported here on this site as: Gen Miller ,James Ramos , Terry Walker James and Stephen Murphy,so it is a big scam gang and the ones you have met I am not sure about as you have never said where the scammers are operating from and how you ended up posting on this thread.But my guess it is Nigerian scammers behind the profile of Jerry Irvin or Denize Milan the scammer has connection UK which are often connected with Malaysia .
2013-10-17, 14:59:10
anonymous from Italy  
Мне пришло письмо, в котором просили помочь получить документы очень секретные, только надо срочно выслать свои персональные данные и 500 евро. не верьте. я не смогла сразу отправить сразу деньги ив ответ получила плохие слова. не верьте,это обман. я поняла сразу. Не возможно так быстро влюбиться, в течении месяца, и сразу просить деньги. Будьте осторожны.
2013-10-17, 19:03:25
Bax from United States  
2013-10-17, 14:59:10
I received a letter in which he asked for help to get the documents are very sensitive, but urgently needs to send their personal data and 500. believe it not. I could not immediately send the money directly answer ive got a bad word. do not believe it is a fraud. I realized at once. It is not possible to fall in love so quickly, within a month, and immediately ask for money. Be careful.
2013-10-18, 17:45:21   (updated: 2013-10-18, 17:47:38)
anonymous from Canada  
Yes thomas mends is a piece of shit,low life,scammer,cheat,liar,evil.He's a piece of crap!Should be put out to work on a chain gang!Read this thomas mends!I hope you come on here daily to read about you're sorry ass!
2013-10-19, 11:34:54
Jerry Irvin (also Deniz Miles) (both versions are available on facebook) - allegedly lives in USA, Texas, Pasadena. But could be in uk, since his request to send him the money included an insruction that the distination country is uk.

In his other scenario he also travels from Pasadena to Ghana - and asks money to be sent to Ghana - so obviously that scam has accomplices everywhere, as I believe he is not travellling anywhere.
2013-10-29, 08:06:02
anonymous from Orleans, Canada  
2013-11-05, 03:19:17   (updated: 2013-11-05, 03:32:09)
анонимный from Russian Federation  

Michael Osborn
Major General
British Army
ISAF - Kabul

2013-11-05, 04:16:00
анонимный from Russian Federation  
Я конечно понимаю , что мошенники используют фото и паспортные данные порядочных людей . Но и мы также посылали этим мошенникам свои фото и данные . Настоящие мошенники никогда не покажут своего истинного лица . И все фото , что здесь находятся на этом сайте , это такие же жертвы как и мы . И не исключено , что на этот сайт и мы можем попасть как мошенники . Надо , что то делать с этим .
2013-11-05, 21:38:43
Miss Marple from United States  
2013-11-05, 04:16:00

Спасибо за Ваше сообщение! Да самозванец ум часто картины, которые люди отправили к мошеннику, таким образом, вы должны быть осторожны выдавая слишком много информации, которую мошенник выиграют от будущих мошенников.
2013-11-26, 19:18:33
Well ,
Christopher Adorante is how he spells his name now and today was when he asked about money for his crew in Ghana uninstalling old railroads to recycle in a new bridge to be built in a contract he secured as a civil engineer. . Previously was in Enfield CT - his phone # 203 800 9213 , his London phone 011447700089356 . He also called from elsewhere in Scotland , but lost that one.
That was a 6 week buildup .Pretty sexy guy but again to good to be true .
Also several times off with the info he thought he had given me or things i had told him .
Claims he lost a wife to cancer , the bastard and a young daughter in a car crash.
New picts of him added . Wish I had the hot one where he is half naked on a sailboat . If that's who he is. He uses a lot of ' LOL'.
A few tidbits of his jive below and the last straw .

'I am very serious about what we are building here and as an engineer i love building things that are strong and will last. This would be wonderful if you are ready to give us the opportunity i promise to never let you down .... ever. '

'My dear, I own my home and it is currently going on Sale in London but here in the states i rent a place and i am moving from where i stay initially so for now i am all over the place but soon to settle down. I just can not wait for all that there is so much to do when i am in my own space. I just can not wait to settle down again with the right woman and just start my life all over i am sure it would be a splendid feeling and experience which i would love to rekindle. I will tell you anything you wish to know about my life because it is required to have total transparency when you want to start something new, strong and worthwhile. My daughter's name was Sunny and she was just an angel. She was 5 years old before she passed and it has been such an excruciating experience without her but i will let that memory go for now... Thank you for asking i just want you to know that i can tell you anything my dear .


'I have spent my life waiting ... not living, nor loving, but waiting. Waiting for the one that would inspire me to be all I can be, to live up to every expectation, to reach every goal, to know that I may fail sometime but I will never be alone or waiting again. You brought to my cold empty heart the reason to live and to love with a passion only you could bring. Your words of acceptance and love have soothed the aching in my empty heart and now I am at peace with myself and the world around me. I know that one day I will come to you never to wait anymore. I look forward to your email sweetheart have a nice day .'

'Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

'Your email was definitely a huge turn on my love and i want you so much more than ever i want to make you feel good touch you in places you have never been touched and make you feel brand new.. The feelings you give me are out of this World .Work took a downward slide yesterday the man power is not enough and i need to employ more people for the uninstallation of the rails here....i have already sent out word so i am hoping for positive results as soon so possible because i need to make sure the project has reached a certain elevation before i can have part of my money transferred to me so i am pretty stressed out now and i wonder what i would have done without you in my life to lift me from all this stress and tension... I have invested most of my finances into this and i just can not wait to start reaping my profits...I love you honey.... There has not been much progree yet this morning but hopefully we will be able to secure more workers because i need to fly out of here this weekend.'
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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