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Dating scammer Nathan


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Name: Nathan



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This guys is already on this site as Johnson from California. I got the same story. He has an art gallery in Paris and is trying to get one started in California. He went to Nigeria to get some things to put into his gallery. But, the poor guy was robbed of all of his money, including his paasport. When I asked him if he went to the Embassy there for help, he quit talking to me.

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2007-03-12, 07:06:35   (updated: )
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2007-04-08, 20:39:49
This same scammer took a lady for $104,000. With her permission I am posting her chats and emails with this scammer. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS GUY!

nathconerstone 42, Man seeking Woman Concord, NH AMERICAN SINGLES AD

12/05/2006 03:37 AM

Subject:     RE: Hi
Message:     Hello Dear How are you doing i hope ok ? Am new to this

dating site and was surfing through the site and i came accross your

profile.You have good sense of intelligence and charisma as your profile

spoke out for you . I sure do want to know more of you . You sound like

an interesting,fun loving and spontaneous lady to know and meet.Am a

single father of a son 4yrs(have full custody of him but stays with my

mother in australia).I love to write poems , swim , movies, travel to

amazing places , play golf ( intermediate ) . am a very romantic ,

humorous , sweet , caring , honest and trustworthy person .. i only

flirt with the woman i am interested in cause am a one man woman ....I

am a very easy going person with a strong but fun-loving personality. I

can light up a room easily when I walk in. I carry myself with pride and

dignity of who I am. I just believe in myself and try to stay on the

positive outlook in life. We all run into those bumps in the road and

would like to find someone that can stay strong and supportive of each

other to get thru those times. I am an artist i draw and paint , sell my

art work for a living which is profitable cause i travel to sell my work

at exhibitions. Am a native of britain and australian .. you can say am

a mixed breed.(lol) . I just moved to the states statesnot very long ago

and i should say its really nice to have a change of enviroment . I want

to settle down in the states and start a refreshing life ... cause now

am a free man after the divorce case was finalised. I understand that

relationships are a serious commitment to each other and that you must

believe not only in yourself but you must believe in each other. I also

believe that each person involved needs the room to grow individually

too. I am looking for someone to build that foundation with and grow

from there. I enjoy quiet times just expressing hopes and dreams with

one another. I am a one man woman , love to make my woman feel special

.. give lots of attentions which i would love to be given back . Tell me

more of you.Umm do you use yahoo messenger to chat i am mostly online

whenever my laptop is on .. It could be a good medium for us to

communicate better and get to know much of each other. My USER ID is . You can add me indicatings its you . I look

forward in hearing from you soon.Tient le premier rôle sont comme des

amis ; il y en a toujours autour, vous le besoin juste de trouver votre

préféré. Stars are like friends; there's always some around, you just

need to find your favorite one. Your's friendly Nathan P.S :- Email me

and tell me more about yourself also.. ciaoooo


nath_conerstone: hello are you there
Lady: yes
nath_conerstone: ok
Lady: you can sleep
nath_conerstone: just finished watching some episodes of grey's anatomy
nath_conerstone: its 1 37am here
Lady: I like Grey's shoes
Lady: show
nath_conerstone: greys shoes
Lady: it has been a long day
Lady: i know
Lady: shoe it si
Lady: shoe it is
nath_conerstone: yea its been a long day
Lady: charlie Brown is on here
nath_conerstone: most of the day was spent with each other
Lady: that was excellent the best part
nath_conerstone: yea
Lady: hi
Lady: let's start over
nath_conerstone: and it would be much better you and i get to meet each

other in person and spend greater time with each other
Lady: idea totally
Lady: I am sorry my friend is on the phone
nath_conerstone: ok hun
Lady: this is why you do not have my full Attention
nath_conerstone: its good you tell me
nath_conerstone: so i would be wondering around the ocean
nath_conerstone: :) smile
Lady: i will be off sound soon, she husband died in March
nath_conerstone: oh my God :( am so sorry to hear that
nath_conerstone: my condolence to her
Lady: i have talk to her to daily seen Mar 26 2006
nath_conerstone: you are a good friend
nath_conerstone: such friends are hard to come by
Lady: she has been good to me
nath_conerstone: just like there way you are also
nath_conerstone: :*:*:*
Lady: we laugh over nothing,
Lady: she has a son that is 9 he was the one that found his dad died in

nath_conerstone: awwww
nath_conerstone: what killed him
Lady: heart attack
nath_conerstone: ouch
nath_conerstone: very bad way ... how old was he ?
Lady: 50, we just had a 50th birthday in Aug 2005
nath_conerstone: young man he is
Lady: i am off the phone
Lady: hey, it really suck, I really don't remember a lot of it, my

concern was Dana, she is my friend
nath_conerstone: ok ...
nath_conerstone: so are you on your way home now?
nath_conerstone: i need to sleep its 2 06am here
Lady: i am home
nath_conerstone: ok
nath_conerstone: great
nath_conerstone: what are your plans for the nite?
Lady: I left work around 6pm and talk to you
nath_conerstone: ok
nath_conerstone: do you like to stay alone?
Lady: you have all of my attention now
nath_conerstone: sweetie i need to sleep .... am tired
Lady: ok
nath_conerstone: ned to have enerygy \
Lady: you are so right
nath_conerstone: care to come cuddle and kiss me :*:*:*
Lady: how do you feel
nath_conerstone: and lets sleep
nath_conerstone: i feel so tired .
Lady: would love to
nath_conerstone: and pain is reducing gradually
nath_conerstone: :*:*:*:*
nath_conerstone: do you chat with other people on the messenger
Lady: no
nath_conerstone: ok
nath_conerstone: what are you doing now?
Lady: a lot of people try to but i don't
Lady: well probably do some work or watch 'House'
nath_conerstone: ok .. i love to be a one woman man ... dont like to

share my woman with other people
Lady: i really did not do anything today
Lady: no worries
nath_conerstone: i am glad i met you
Lady: that was very sweet you won me over the friend arre like stars you

know that oneyou need to take care of
Lady: that was it
nath_conerstone: am very romantic and soft touch .. and i know you are

same also
Lady: yes i am
nath_conerstone: A friend is someone who will walk the long way when you

don't want to hop the fence ... thats you
Lady: thanks
nath_conerstone: No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the

friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth

and thats me and you
Lady: you are a sweetheart
nath_conerstone: If I was blind, you would make me see. If I was deaf,

you would make me hear; and if I was dumb, a word would come out of the

boundaries of my lips ... You are nice sweet and loving
nath_conerstone: Though miles may lie between us, we're never far apart,

for friendship doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart
nath_conerstone: :X:X:X:X
Lady: you need to get some sleep, you probably haven't sleept the whole

time you were there?
nath_conerstone: yea i havent slept much
nath_conerstone: sweetie take care
nath_conerstone: sweet dreams
Lady: ok
Lady: try to sleep
nath_conerstone: good nite baby
nath_conerstone: xoxxoxoo
Lady: good night
Lady: please sleep
nath_conerstone: Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you, sweet dreams that

leave all worries behind you, and in those dreams, whatever they be,

dream a little dream of me.
Lady: that was cool
Lady: you are very good at that
Lady: me not really, my mind is #


spontaneous_funlovingme: hello baby
Lady: how are you
spontaneous_funlovingme: am ok and you ?
Lady: do
Lady: tried
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: do you need some TLC
Lady: absolutely
Lady: why would you give some
spontaneous_funlovingme: am all yours
spontaneous_funlovingme: no one to share me with you
Lady: good
Lady: i do not like to share
Lady: in this case
spontaneous_funlovingme: i also do not like to share at all
Lady: good we are all set
Lady: yes
spontaneous_funlovingme: we are destined to be
Lady: 100%
Lady: i totally agree
Lady: what have you been doing today
spontaneous_funlovingme: my feelings for you dear ...
Lady: love
spontaneous_funlovingme: increases with harmony .. passions and lots of

hope and trust
spontaneous_funlovingme: i been indoors ....
spontaneous_funlovingme: went to the gymn and the pool
Lady: cool
spontaneous_funlovingme: it was hot here today
spontaneous_funlovingme: there?
Lady: rain
Lady: cool
Lady: no snow though
Lady: which is good
Lady: how are the flights
spontaneous_funlovingme: thats cool
spontaneous_funlovingme: the flights here i will know by tommorow
spontaneous_funlovingme: and dont forget i have the contract still at

stake here
Lady: yes
spontaneous_funlovingme: holiday break ..
Lady: holiday break
Lady: for who
spontaneous_funlovingme: no work here during 25th and 26th
spontaneous_funlovingme: everybody is on break
spontaneous_funlovingme: work starts tommorow
Lady: i see
Lady: yes, i have to go to work tomorrow to
Lady: ya me
Lady: ha
Lady: ha
spontaneous_funlovingme: thats cool
spontaneous_funlovingme: how did your holiday go ?
Lady: terrific
spontaneous_funlovingme: wished i did been with you ...
Lady: Dana, Markie, Andy ,Dee and me
Lady: i wish that also next year
spontaneous_funlovingme: Dana sounds like a nice lady
Lady: she is just like me
spontaneous_funlovingme: am so sorry to hear about her husband
Lady: ha me too, but we must move on and 2007 is going to the best year

of all for all
spontaneous_funlovingme: yea sure ....
spontaneous_funlovingme: we hope for the best ..being positive
Lady: always, last year i could have missed all togher expect for the

last couple of weeks,
Lady: is it 8:30 there
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes sweetie it is #
Lady: how did you sleep
spontaneous_funlovingme: i slept well ...
Lady: excellent
Lady: that is very important
spontaneous_funlovingme: just missed you on here with me
spontaneous_funlovingme: wished you were by myside ...
Lady: soon
Lady: so are you flighting into JFK
spontaneous_funlovingme: yea sure soon baby
Lady: is this were you are flighting into
spontaneous_funlovingme: there will be change of flights ..
spontaneous_funlovingme: need an airport thats close bu
spontaneous_funlovingme: by
Lady: close by what
spontaneous_funlovingme: what international airport is close by NH
Lady: i am not sure
Lady: i would have to check that out
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok please do baby and let me know by tommorow

Lady: we only have 1 big airport is NH
Lady: Boston i know does
Lady: i will look into it
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok ...
spontaneous_funlovingme: thats cool
Lady: what international airline are you going on
spontaneous_funlovingme: british airways
Lady: ok
Lady: i am looking
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: sweetie are you still willing to loan me the

Lady: from last week
Lady: i will try again
spontaneous_funlovingme: yea the $12,000
Lady: I need to change my son's car payment to my bank, refinance it
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
Lady: I will try but i thought you were will to $6000.00
Lady: plus i need a different name
spontaneous_funlovingme: well just wanted to get him the whole 12,000
Lady: resend me the name
spontaneous_funlovingme: so that he doesnt sell out the stuffs to others

who give him a good part payment
spontaneous_funlovingme: alright sweetie i will do that
spontaneous_funlovingme: i will get you a different name ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: can you give me 10mins or 15mins let me call Mr

Lady: why can't i sent it to you
spontaneous_funlovingme: to ask him for a different name
spontaneous_funlovingme: baby i just want the money to get to him

spontaneous_funlovingme: to avoid walking up and down ...
Lady: that would make me feel better but ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: you want to send it on my name baby ?
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok hold on .. sweetie
spontaneous_funlovingme: be right back
spontaneous_funlovingme: are you there ?
Lady: yes
Lady: i just went to get some hot chocolate
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok love
spontaneous_funlovingme: am on phone with Mr David Hold on my love
Lady: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: hello you there
Lady: yes, sleeping
spontaneous_funlovingme: awww do you need me to kiss you
Lady: i am so sleepu
Lady: yea
Lady: sure you can come over anytime
Lady: i really haven't got a lot of sleep
Lady: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: smile
spontaneous_funlovingme: why didnt you sleep well
Lady: i don't sleep well at someone else's house
Lady: oh well what are you doing to do
spontaneous_funlovingme: oh yea you just like me
spontaneous_funlovingme: no where like home
Lady: yea
Lady: exactlly
Lady: ok do we have a name
Lady: my son should be home soon and than he will be going
Lady: to work
spontaneous_funlovingme: yea ...
spontaneous_funlovingme: what name is that ?
spontaneous_funlovingme: whats his name again
Lady: so after, what my sone
Lady: son
spontaneous_funlovingme: hey baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: :*
Lady: and i do not think international flights go into Manchester
Lady: kiss to you
Lady: what are you buzzing me
Lady: you are off line
Lady: did you leave me
spontaneous_funlovingme: hey baby you there?
Lady: yes
spontaneous_funlovingme: DSL problems
Lady: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: X-(>:)
Lady: no problem
spontaneous_funlovingme: did you miss me
Lady: don't be mad
Lady: yes
Lady: it is cold here
spontaneous_funlovingme: i wouldnt be mad baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: wished i was there baby
Lady: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: i would make love to you to make you warm
Lady: yea
Lady: really
Lady: how good
Lady: are you still with me
spontaneous_funlovingme: when last did you make love baby
Lady: last Dec
Lady: long time
spontaneous_funlovingme: wow
Lady: and yourself
Lady: i know
Lady: don't remind me
spontaneous_funlovingme: a year now
Lady: you
spontaneous_funlovingme: awww baby dont worry i will break the spell
Lady: some one in the states
spontaneous_funlovingme: i last made love on febuary
spontaneous_funlovingme: 14th
Lady: oh
Lady: states or not
Lady: Feb 14 is a very good time
Lady: are you there
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes sure i am here
spontaneous_funlovingme: didnt sleep ooff babu
Lady: so
spontaneous_funlovingme: it was a good time ...
spontaneous_funlovingme: well she just wanted a one night stand and

nothing serious
Lady: in the states
Lady: didnt sleep ooff babu what
spontaneous_funlovingme: no silly
spontaneous_funlovingme: in britain
Lady: how long have you been in the states
Lady: and didn't sleep ooff mean
Lady: ??
spontaneous_funlovingme: in the states a month few days
Lady: no before
Lady: silly
Lady: Month and few day
Lady: s
Lady: and you started in NH
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes in NH
spontaneous_funlovingme: concord
Lady: so confusing to me, why out of all the states did not pick NH
spontaneous_funlovingme: i wanted somewhere thats is enviromental

friendly .. peaceful and cool
spontaneous_funlovingme: to stay and settle
Lady: how long were you here,
spontaneous_funlovingme: i made a research
spontaneous_funlovingme: 2 weeks
spontaneous_funlovingme: i would love to move back .. because of you

Lady: you know i am so glad you left your address as Concord, NH because

if you would not reply, maybe for but no one else, long distance

relationship don't normally work
spontaneous_funlovingme: well baby ... long distance doesnt worry me
spontaneous_funlovingme: does it affect yuo
Lady: no
Lady: not you
Lady: for some reason
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
Lady: you feel to me that even how far you are you would think of me and

the same way back, but some guys it would not be that way
spontaneous_funlovingme: I just want to hug you, but your are some

miles away, what I wouldn't do for a hug.'
spontaneous_funlovingme: >:D<>:D<>:D< :*
Lady: awwww
Lady: you are adorable
spontaneous_funlovingme: well am different baby
Lady: yes, i am going with what a feel
spontaneous_funlovingme: I wish that you were here or that I were there,

or that we were together anywhere
Lady: so what was it about me that you liked
spontaneous_funlovingme: Before I sleep and after I wake up and all the

hours in between ... you occupy my mind. So, practically every moment of

the day you are in my thoughts. I miss you baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: did you sleep off
spontaneous_funlovingme: :'>
spontaneous_funlovingme: :->
Lady: but what was it the made you feel like that
Lady: no i did not sleep off
spontaneous_funlovingme: well when one meets his right woman .. he feels

deep joy in his heart
spontaneous_funlovingme: We are the perfect couple, we're just not in

the perfect situation.
Lady: didnt sleep ooff babu what does this mean
spontaneous_funlovingme: that was a typoo
spontaneous_funlovingme: i meant that ... hope you didnt sleep off
Lady: ok,
Lady: yes i guess you could say that
spontaneous_funlovingme: i didnt type well
Lady: ok
Lady: no problem
Lady: i didn't the other day
spontaneous_funlovingme: baby you know something ,,,,
Lady: where are you at in the picture you have up
Lady: you look very very good
spontaneous_funlovingme: in my house
Lady: i like that one, the picture you had up on the single website how

long ago was that?
Lady: in where?
spontaneous_funlovingme: i cant really remember
Lady: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: dont put my mind on those things
spontaneous_funlovingme: baby i need to tell you something
Lady: ok
Lady: tell me
Lady: are you there
Lady: talk to me
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes am here
spontaneous_funlovingme: I know that you are not perfect and nor can I

claim to be either, but please believe me, when I say that I want to be

by your side, to hold your hand, to treasure you in the morning and in

the noon-tide, to be next to you, to be held close to your heart now and

for the rest of my living years, to comfort you, dry your tears and calm

your most frightening fears, to fight your battles and show no shame to

scream my love for you out loud all over the land.'
spontaneous_funlovingme: baby you there
Lady: yes
spontaneous_funlovingme: you got what i wrote
Lady: yes
Lady: i am speakless
Lady: for the monute, but not for long
spontaneous_funlovingme: just wanted you to know my feelings for you
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok baby ?
Lady: ok, you truely amaze me, you make me feel special and loved even

though we have had no physical feel, you make me safe and you are not

even near me, this blows my mind in a good way, feels right,
spontaneous_funlovingme: am glad i could make you feel this way baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: its my joy
spontaneous_funlovingme: I guarantee there’ll be tough times; I

guarantee that at some point, one, or both of us is gonna wanna get out

of this thing; But I also guarantee, that if I don’t ask you to be mine,

I’ll regret it for the rest of my life... because I know in my heart,

that you’re the only one for me.
Lady: ok, let's move on, we have a lot of time to speak once we meet
spontaneous_funlovingme: Where heaven meets earth, I find you.
Lady: i love you!!!
spontaneous_funlovingme: I L:xVE Y:xU T:x:x
spontaneous_funlovingme: Life is a journey of experience's, and in this

journey we meet many people each day. Some we forget the next moment,

BUT some we cherish throughout our lives. It is these people who give a

'true meaning' to our lives ... you are a true meaning to my life ..
Lady: Dana has called
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok .. how is she ?\
Lady: good
Lady: very good
Lady: she knew i was talking to you because i really wasn't graspping

her comversation
spontaneous_funlovingme: what did she say ?
spontaneous_funlovingme: :'>
spontaneous_funlovingme: 8-}
Lady: She knew i was talking to you, because i was anwsering her

questions that well, like my mind was not with her
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok .. i got you
spontaneous_funlovingme: baby dont you know that ... Loving you is like

a picture with a thousand words
Lady: i love her to death but you make me feel better
Lady: she can't keep me warm
Lady: well i guess she would give me a blanket
spontaneous_funlovingme: thanks baby :*
spontaneous_funlovingme: i can keep you warm ...
spontaneous_funlovingme: with my warm body
Lady: to keep me warm, but i would not feel the warmt that i would need
Lady: absolutely
Lady: yes
Lady: ok did you get me another name?
spontaneous_funlovingme: yea ... we are couples
Lady: what we are couples
spontaneous_funlovingme: you are my damsel
Lady: I am
Lady: and what are you going to do with me
spontaneous_funlovingme: am going to be yours and you to be mine
Lady: forever
spontaneous_funlovingme: yea forever
spontaneous_funlovingme: if loving you is a sin, then send me to hell.

For life without loving you is my hell, and atleast in hell I can go on

loving you
Lady: that was right to the point
spontaneous_funlovingme: If loving you was a sin, I could have taken a

first class ticket to hell
Lady: no sin
Lady: for me
Lady: you just need to come back to the states
spontaneous_funlovingme: it wouldnt be a sin ...
Lady: loving me is all good
spontaneous_funlovingme: Love is like a violin. The music may stop now

and then, but the strings remain forever ... thats how you and i will be

together forever
Lady: promise
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes baby i promise
spontaneous_funlovingme: Always I'll hold you dear to my heart, and

promise you never shall we part. You will always be the other half of

me, as I continue to love you endlessly
Lady: you are so romantic and make me feel something i have never felt,

that is scary, but also feels right.
spontaneous_funlovingme: there is nothing that isnt good that is easy to

spontaneous_funlovingme: Life is a risk, Love is a compromise, if you

aren't doing either, you're doing neither.
Lady: you are soo right, life isn't easy, and if you want something bad

enough you do not stop until you accomplish it
Lady: which is something i tell my kids
spontaneous_funlovingme: glad you like my ideas and phylosophy of life
Lady: the same as mine
Lady: mind
Lady: soooo
spontaneous_funlovingme: yea baby sure do
spontaneous_funlovingme: we have lots in common
Lady: ok, what did Mr. dave say
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
Lady: are you still there
spontaneous_funlovingme: sorry i am here
spontaneous_funlovingme: pc got frozen
Lady: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: Mr David says that you can send it to his name
spontaneous_funlovingme: do you know his name ..
spontaneous_funlovingme: i gave you .. his name before
spontaneous_funlovingme: David Agasugbo
Lady: when they ask me if i am buying something what do i say, it seems

at night time they seem to be critical
Lady: asking many more questions, it really do not understand so
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
Lady: ok, yea i do have his name
spontaneous_funlovingme: just tell them you are sending funds to your

Lady: ok
Lady: different question
spontaneous_funlovingme: whats the different question
Lady: use the same question
Lady: what for items
spontaneous_funlovingme: no
spontaneous_funlovingme: dont use the same question
spontaneous_funlovingme: use this
spontaneous_funlovingme: who is it for ? Fiancee
spontaneous_funlovingme: thats much better
Lady: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: no baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: dont use that
spontaneous_funlovingme: whats your maiden's name ?
Lady: Hawk
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: so make it this way ...
spontaneous_funlovingme: Maiden's Name ? Hawk
Lady: ok
Lady: let me try
spontaneous_funlovingme: use that ok
Lady: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok baby give me there information ....

information of Mr David Agasugbo
Lady: do you want me to give you the info I am going to give them?
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes
spontaneous_funlovingme: to see if all will be correct
Lady: Name of receiver:- David Agasugbo
Address of receiver:- Boulevard De La Marina,
City:- Cotonou
state:- Cotonou
Zipcode:- BP 1901
Country:- Benin
(this is a hotel address in Benin)
Lady: right
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok baby ...
spontaneous_funlovingme: please baby dont make mistake on the name of

the receiver like before ok
Lady: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: remember you have to make it $6,000 first

spontaneous_funlovingme: and call back to make the next one ..
spontaneous_funlovingme: dont make all at once ok ?
Lady: why
spontaneous_funlovingme: cause western union could be annoying at times
spontaneous_funlovingme: they wouldnt let you wire out that much at once
Lady: well they should not give me a hard time, i talk to my bank and

lifted a code from it. i told him my husband was stuck there, he felt

Lady: so i should be all set
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok baby
Lady: so if something happens it will have to be because of his name,

and they do not want me to send it
spontaneous_funlovingme: what name is that
Lady: so that is why i asked for a different name, this guy i am going

to send it to
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: do you want to send it on my name?
Lady: I would rather
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: Nathan Conerstone
spontaneous_funlovingme: mind the spelling
Lady: do you have id to show that you are you
Lady: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: Conerstone and not Cornerstone
Lady: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: no baby i dont
Lady: no why not
spontaneous_funlovingme: misplaced it
Lady: miss place what
spontaneous_funlovingme: my ID
Lady: you missed placed or id
spontaneous_funlovingme: yea i misplaced my ID
Lady: i don't understand
Lady: how did you do that
Lady: i do not think you can get back into the states without it
spontaneous_funlovingme: i have my passport
spontaneous_funlovingme: i meant Identity Card
Lady: well passport is a Identity card in some respect
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
Lady: i use it on our I9's at work
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: so i can use my passport right
Lady: so you do not want me to use your name, i would feel much
Lady: ok
Lady: for some reason this worries me
Lady: not sure what
Lady: ok i will call
spontaneous_funlovingme: you know what sweetie
spontaneous_funlovingme: dont make it onmy name ... i want Mr David to

receive once and for all ...
spontaneous_funlovingme: understand
spontaneous_funlovingme: i dont have time for stress ,,,, i will still

have other things to do than going on a 1hr drive to western union
Lady: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: where as mr david's office is close by
spontaneous_funlovingme: he told me if you dont want to use the name

david agasugbo
spontaneous_funlovingme: use this :- Agasugbo Jones
spontaneous_funlovingme: Address of receiver:- Boulevard De La Marina,
City:- Cotonou
state:- Cotonou
Zipcode:- BP 1901
Country:- Benin
Lady: same person
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes same person
spontaneous_funlovingme: thats his other name
Lady: we are using the new question
Lady: i am on the phone
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes ... the new maiden test question
Lady: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: :*
Lady: they will not let it go does not meet western union standards
spontaneous_funlovingme: what doesnt ?
Lady: she was not sure exactly,
Lady: i asked it was my credit card and she said no
spontaneous_funlovingme: did you tell her you are wiring 12,000
Lady: not 6000.
spontaneous_funlovingme: i guess its the amount
Lady: not she said no
Lady: i asked
Lady: all of these questions
Lady: i am getting very good at this
spontaneous_funlovingme: baby you know it meets western union standards
spontaneous_funlovingme: there first 3,000 you sent went through
Lady: I believe it is the name, i did not have no trouble with the first
Lady: time
spontaneous_funlovingme: so there shouldnt be any problem if your

creditcard is working
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
Lady: it was a pain
spontaneous_funlovingme: send it to my name
spontaneous_funlovingme: Nathan Conerstone
spontaneous_funlovingme: i will take the trouble to go to western union

myself to pick it up
Lady: now i can't try my credit card for 24-48 hrs. i guess i can try

another on but i will have to transfer it back into my other account
Lady: can't you talk to him,
Lady: it isn't that i am not trying
spontaneous_funlovingme: k ,,,
spontaneous_funlovingme: you want to make a transfer into your account

with CC?
spontaneous_funlovingme: talk to who?
Lady: i not sure what you are saying
spontaneous_funlovingme: what about your bank ?
Lady: i have 2 checking accounts and i just go online and transfer it to

the other one
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
Lady: do this make since
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes sure it makes sense
spontaneous_funlovingme: transfer into your account and withdraw
Lady: call and use my other ccard attach to my account
Lady: but i am sure it has something to do with him and that frightens

spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: who frightens you baby
Lady: that i am trying to send money to someone that obviously not good
spontaneous_funlovingme: David isnt like that sweetie
spontaneous_funlovingme: trust me
spontaneous_funlovingme: take me for my words
Lady: ok, but have you dealt with him before
spontaneous_funlovingme: he supplied me earlier
spontaneous_funlovingme: it was the same procedure
spontaneous_funlovingme: and he says its his policy
Lady: to get the money upfront
Lady: is that what you are saying
spontaneous_funlovingme: part of the money upfront
Lady: the closest Western Union is a hour away
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: can you go there today
Lady: to the western union
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes
Lady: the western union is right down the street but my bank is in Mass,

and i could not get out that much there me atm
Lady: thru
spontaneous_funlovingme: how much can you get at the ATM
spontaneous_funlovingme: I guess your bank is 35mins from your work
Lady: not clue normally it is like a could hunderd which is not goin g

to help
Lady: from work
Lady: i am at home
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok ..
Lady: i am going to call the Shaw's which does western Union and see if

they will use my ccard
spontaneous_funlovingme: that wouldnt help
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
Lady: what would not help
spontaneous_funlovingme: the ATM i mean
spontaneous_funlovingme: wouldnt help
Lady: are we thinking to fast, right i you are so right,
Lady: atm will not work
Lady: i will call
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: are you calling shaws
Lady: no i can't do it
Lady: yes i just called
spontaneous_funlovingme: what did they say
Lady: it blows my mind that they let me do it the first time
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: i guess you just have to cash the funds from

the bank
Lady: what bank does he have, i wonder if my bank can send it to his

bank, we do this on a weeky basis at work, and iis international, or i

give ;o
Lady: i haven't finishe
Lady: i will start all over
Lady: When customers are international i have them wire money right to

our bank using an ACH code, if this is a new customer i make them pay

half up front and the remain time of shipping
Lady: so really i think all i need is some info,
Lady: it works for me at work
spontaneous_funlovingme: and it isnt like western union which take few

minutes to get there
Lady: ya
spontaneous_funlovingme: thats a long process
Lady: i don't want to go and withdrawn that much money, i will get

mugged on the way over
spontaneous_funlovingme: :(
spontaneous_funlovingme: who will mugg you sweetie
spontaneous_funlovingme: try and be positive
spontaneous_funlovingme: no one will mugg you
Lady: ok i will try
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok baby ...
spontaneous_funlovingme: am so sorry for all this stress am giving you
spontaneous_funlovingme: never planned it
Lady: i know
spontaneous_funlovingme: am so sorry baby
Lady: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: hope you not mad at me/
spontaneous_funlovingme: ?
Lady: why would i
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: just try and cash the funds and go to western

union to wire it
spontaneous_funlovingme: or moneygramme which is just like western union
Lady: now i am in the same position i was last week, you can not come

home until i send this to you cause you will lose the business
Lady: what is moneygramme
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes baby ,,, you are right i will loose it and

i dont want to loose it ..
spontaneous_funlovingme: means a lot to me
Lady: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: moneygramme is just like western union
Lady: i will do it for you
spontaneous_funlovingme: another wire tranfer agent
spontaneous_funlovingme: thanks baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: you are sweet
Lady: you must mean a lot to me
spontaneous_funlovingme: You mean more to me baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: >:D<:-*
Lady: i would never even consider this to anyone
spontaneous_funlovingme: i understand baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: like i said you are with the right person ...

and you can trust me
spontaneous_funlovingme: cause am a very trustworthy person
Lady: I do believe you ok, i will look online for this moneygramme
spontaneous_funlovingme: moneygramme wouldnt accept creditcard
spontaneous_funlovingme: just cash
Lady: okif not i have to figure out how i am going to
Lady: I have to figure out how i am going to do this, i have to work
Lady: tomorrow,
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
Lady: production meeting at 10:30
Lady: that last for 2hrs, but i told him that i do not have to stay the

whole time, i get do the financial end who care how the are building as

long as the ship and i get the money
Lady: oh well what are you doing to do ha ha
Lady: yes i am being very sill
Lady: silly
spontaneous_funlovingme: :) ..
spontaneous_funlovingme: am sleeping on the laptop :( lol
Lady: what time is it
spontaneous_funlovingme: its 12 54am here
Lady: almost 1:00, i pretty tired and it is only 7pm here
Lady: exactly right to the minute
Lady: ok go to sleep
Lady: and i will figure out something
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: you need to sleep also
spontaneous_funlovingme: you have work in the morning
Lady: oh yea
Lady: i have 3 days to do 5 days of working ya me!!!!
Lady: oh well what are you going to do
spontaneous_funlovingme: yea i understand
spontaneous_funlovingme: do in what way
Lady: on of my moto
Lady: get some sleep ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: i will wait for you
Lady: you will wait for me when
spontaneous_funlovingme: i hope in the morning things work out well and

you wire the funds
Lady: do want wait to come home
spontaneous_funlovingme: and i get things sorted out and be back to the

spontaneous_funlovingme: i want to spend the new year with you
Lady: ok
Lady: i will do my best
spontaneous_funlovingme: I love you baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: we will chat in the morning when you wake up
Lady: ok
Lady: sleep good, not to many dreams, you need to sleep
Lady: love you
spontaneous_funlovingme: i will dream of you baby
Lady: you need to sleep
Lady: but ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: you also baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: bye hun
spontaneous_funlovingme: :X:X:X:X:X:x
Lady: bye
Lady: you are a love
Lady: we are lucky
Lady: bye
spontaneous_funlovingme: yea we are
spontaneous_funlovingme: bye my love
Lady: :-*:-*


Sent: Monday, January 01, 2007 7:54 PM
Subject: Loving you with all my heart!!!!


I hope this fines you much better. I spoke to your dr. today and he

promises me that you can come home on Thursday.

He said you would recover with no complications, which was the best news

I have heard sense you have been there.

I also made a deal with him, I will send $7000.00 tomorrow and when you

get home whatever the balance is we will pay.

I would like you to get a detail cost analysis. I guess you would say

that is the accounting manager in me.

Let him know that he will get paid with no problem and I really

appreciate this. Thank him for me on giving us the confidence that

obviously he could see we are trustworthy people.

Talk to soon, I cannot wait to see you I love you,



Lady: now
spontaneous_funlovingme: Name of Bank :- Deutsche bank trust company
Address of bank :- new york . N.Y USA
ABA :- 021***033
Account number:- 611****0181
Account Name :- Classic cosmos international
Lady: i am here
Lady: What bank is this
spontaneous_funlovingme: its a Deutsche bank
Lady: right, but what account is this
Lady: and it is for
Lady: why is this a NY bank
spontaneous_funlovingme: its the account i was given
spontaneous_funlovingme: wire the funds into that account .. it wil be

received here
Lady: yes, i understand this, but this is the for?? deposit
spontaneous_funlovingme: thats the information i was given dear
Lady: i knew this is the accounting in me
Lady: explain, this is for continuing with the law suit yes
spontaneous_funlovingme: what dont you understand
spontaneous_funlovingme: ?
spontaneous_funlovingme: i was told to make the wire transfer deposit

payment into the account i gave you
Lady: i am trusting you with all of this ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: you have all my trust also baby
Lady: ok, i just would not do this for anyone, i don't even do it for

myself, so
Lady: i do trust you
spontaneous_funlovingme: am priviledged baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: you have all my trust and i promise never to

dissapoint you baby
Lady: ok,
spontaneous_funlovingme: I love you baby
Lady: sometimes i think i have totally lost my mind
spontaneous_funlovingme: you know in any relationship we have to trust

to love more
Lady: yes, this is very true, only this a little different, do you say
spontaneous_funlovingme: baby you have lost your mind for the right

person and lost in true love
Lady: now once i send this when will you be back in the states
spontaneous_funlovingme: first of all it determines on the day you wire

the funds and its being received here
spontaneous_funlovingme: when will you wire it ?
Lady: ok, lets say it will go in tomorrow, because it is a federal

holiday here, i might be able to do it online, but i don't know
Lady: let's say tomorrow,
Lady: when would you be back
Lady: In the states a law suit could take up to 5yrs or more
spontaneous_funlovingme: oh i see
spontaneous_funlovingme: the bank wouldnt open today ?
Lady: right Federal hoiday in the states
spontaneous_funlovingme: oh i see
Lady: but i might be able to do it online, but i would not count on it
spontaneous_funlovingme: i will be back early nextweek then ...
spontaneous_funlovingme: it takes 7 business days here
spontaneous_funlovingme: africa is different from the states
Lady: to see if you won??
Lady: yea, i thought so that is why i asked
spontaneous_funlovingme: i will win baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: definitely you have to be positive with me baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok ?
Lady: no problem if i did not beleive in you i would not do it, i am a

very positive person, i think you know that, i have had a lot going on

with my mom, Dee and you, i have totally i not been taking care of me
spontaneous_funlovingme: awwww baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: dont worry soon i will be by your side to take

care of you ..
spontaneous_funlovingme: cater you .. pamper you .. spoil you ..
spontaneous_funlovingme: ease off your pain ..
Lady: yes, i am counting on it
spontaneous_funlovingme: show you all my love ...
Lady: this is what i need
Lady: lots of love
spontaneous_funlovingme: and i will shower you with all my love
Lady: this sounds like a deal
Lady: i can't wait
spontaneous_funlovingme: A long lasting deal
Lady: you are amazing guy, which i feel lucky i meant, i really wasn't

sure about this online dating, but i do not go out clubbing anymore plus

even if i did that would be the last place I would want to meet someone
spontaneous_funlovingme: i love you baby
Lady: well i love you very much
spontaneous_funlovingme: well you can determine where you would the love

of your life
spontaneous_funlovingme: If a raindrop was a kiss, I'd send you a

shower. If a hug was a second, I'd send you an hour. If smiles were

water, I'd send you the sea. And if love was a person, I'd send you me.
Lady: you are so sweet,
Lady: you always put a smile on my face,
spontaneous_funlovingme: Shower me with your sweet love, I'll bathe in

every drop; all through the season, let it pour, let it pour
Lady: which is worth a million $ to me
spontaneous_funlovingme: your love is worth more than a million
Lady: yey
Lady: hey
spontaneous_funlovingme: Do not be afraid of love, God showers it

unconditionally onto His children. No, do not be afraid of love, instead

embrace it, cherish it, and complete it by giving it to all
Lady: you are pretty sexy yourself
Lady: I am in love with you, and yea, i can't wait to be inside of you
spontaneous_funlovingme: An enchanting mind showers glowing warmth

throughout our hearts
spontaneous_funlovingme: 'If there's ever a day when the clouds stop

moving , it would be when I'm showered by your love. If there's ever a

day when the world falls apart, it would be when I lost your love
Lady: that will never happen, are you on the same page as i
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes baby we are on the same page
spontaneous_funlovingme: Being in your arms will make me feel as though

I am truly in heaven showered in an endless rain of happiness for

eternity. I love you, Baby. You're my heaven for eternity
Lady: AM
spontaneous_funlovingme: If love is a drop, I'll send you shower; If

love is a petal, I'll send you flower; if love is water, I'll send you

the sea; if love is a person, I'll send you me.
spontaneous_funlovingme: and am sending you me
Lady: well I am taking you
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: baby i got to go now i will be back to chat

with you
spontaneous_funlovingme: :X:X:X:
spontaneous_funlovingme: bye for now sweetie pie
spontaneous_funlovingme: xoxoxoxoxooooo
spontaneous_funlovingme: muah
spontaneous_funlovingme: check your mail the information of the `b


Lady: I am at work, how is your day going?? Mine ok, i am busy this is

what i like, but not to busy, anyway, just thought I would say hi and I

love you
spontaneous_funlovingme: hello baby
Lady: HEY
spontaneous_funlovingme: hey love
Lady: how was your day? please resend your email
Lady: i didn't get it
spontaneous_funlovingme: :( you didnt get my mail
Lady: no:(
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok i will send it to you my love
Lady: thanks
Lady: I did miss you today
Lady: alot
Lady: are you there
spontaneous_funlovingme: i missed you a lot today baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes baby am here trying to resend the mail to

Lady: o
Lady: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: :)
spontaneous_funlovingme: i just sent it to
Lady: OK
spontaneous_funlovingme: :*
Lady: I am waiting
spontaneous_funlovingme: i love you baby and i mean it
spontaneous_funlovingme: i have sent it silly
Lady: i am still waiting
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok you will get it ..
spontaneous_funlovingme: its into you work mail
Lady: i am waiting
Lady: I am restating my email
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes baby
Lady: for some reason i did not get it send it again
Lady: please
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes baby :((
Lady: oh, that is nice
spontaneous_funlovingme: i have resent it
Lady: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: gotit
Lady: got what?
spontaneous_funlovingme: the mail
spontaneous_funlovingme: silly
Lady: oh silly
spontaneous_funlovingme: got it
Lady: I am going online to our server to see what's up
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
Lady: for somereason i get not get it
spontaneous_funlovingme: oh i see
Lady: ok
Lady: what do you see
spontaneous_funlovingme: i see you in my heart
Lady: oh you do.....
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: how about you
Lady: absolutely
Lady: every minute
Lady: send it to yahoo
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok baby
Lady: I am going to workout at 5pm, i must look real good for you
Lady: are you still with me
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes baby sure you need to .. :* i love your

sexy body
spontaneous_funlovingme: so hot to touch
spontaneous_funlovingme: baby i sent the mail there
Lady: ok, i will check
Lady: I am not sure what the issue is but i did not get it there
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok baby
Lady: can you put thru here
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: Dearest Lady
The more I sit and think about you, the more I am convinced how much I

love you and want to be with you.To be perfectly honest with you, I

don't know how much longer I can go on without us being together. I know

things will be different once we are together.Lady, i love you with all

of my heart and soul and will do anything for you when we are together.

I want to give you a richness in life like you have never known before

and I want you to fill my life with love like I have never experienced

before. I want to take you to the ocean and walk along the beach in the

moonlight and be all alone with you. Find a spot and just lay out on the

sand for me to make love to you. I don't even care if anyone would see

us that way they would witness my love for you.
spontaneous_funlovingme: I want to have a romantic candlelit dinner with

you if not in a restaurant but in my.. (our)own house. I want to travel

with you and to see things you have
never seen. I want you to see all the sites that London and Paris has

to offer. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and to love you

until my final breath is taken in this world. I want to spend a vacation

up in the mountains renting a cottage and sit around the fireplace

holding you tight in my arms keeping you warm and secure. I want to

kiss your sweet lips and feel your warm body next to mine.
spontaneous_funlovingme: Oh how I long for the day when GOD will finally

bring us together.Don't really know what else to say except that it is

very hard and difficult on me being here pretending everything is fine

and dandy when my heart and love belongs to someone far far away from

me. It hurts me being here alone everyday knowing that your a thousand

miles away from me. It hurts knowing I dont have the means of coming

over to see you now because of everything that is happening to me here.

Just thinking about you and remembering what you look like from the

pictures of you that i saw is the only thing that keeps me going. I

thank God everyday for not only myself but for you. You are the only

thing that keeps me sane. Well need to go for now. Will be thinking of

you while im waiting for my lawyer to come.
Lady: I want to print it out and i am checking to make sure I have it

spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
Lady: I have printed it out and will read it on my way to the gym, it is

11.00 there
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes its 11 here
spontaneous_funlovingme: are you on your way to the gymn
Lady: yes
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok baby imagine me working you out .. :D:P
Lady: must get back in shape, will I not out of shape, just to tone
Lady: that is what i mean
Lady: I love you much
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: i love you more baby
Lady: I really did missing you today alot
Lady: i should be home by 6:15 will you still be a wake, did you lawyer

come today
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok .. i will be here baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: my lawyer is arriving in the early morning

hours .. 3am
Lady: ok, i do love you very much you have no idea
Lady: :x:):-* and more
spontaneous_funlovingme: baby you and i have swept each other off our

spontaneous_funlovingme: i love you more .. you have no idea
Lady: no you have no idea
Lady: I am going to go bye
Lady: i will im you when i get home ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: take care
Lady: i will


Lady: Hey i am sorry i didn't call you back right away, I had to pick up

my daughter and bring her to work, i am at work but your phone is off. I

sent you a letter this morning on here, not sure if you rec. it. I

totally love you with every part of my body. Please don't be mad about

what Dana said she is only being my friend, :-*:-P:)>:D<
Lady: You are my world
spontaneous_funlovingme: hello :)
Lady: hi
Lady: how are you
spontaneous_funlovingme: am so worn out baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: and you
Lady: did you get my letters
Lady: it sent you this morning
Lady: why are so worn out
spontaneous_funlovingme: no i didnt get the letters where did you send

them toi ..
Lady: i put them on here
spontaneous_funlovingme: we had a hot debate with the hotel ..
spontaneous_funlovingme: you know the lawyer is around
Lady: one last night about my friend Dana and I one about us
Lady: so what is happening
Lady: with the hotel
Lady: I love you:-*
spontaneous_funlovingme: whats about Dana .?
Lady: she is scare you are not real and you are taking me for a ride so

to speak, i told her that she is totally wrong but she is just worried

about all the money i sent you
Lady: are you there
Lady: where is your picture??
spontaneous_funlovingme: am here Lady
spontaneous_funlovingme: my picture is here
spontaneous_funlovingme: well i need to tell you
spontaneous_funlovingme: am not happy by what your friend is saying ....
Lady: I know
Lady: I told her that she doesn't know what she is talking about
spontaneous_funlovingme: you discussing our issues to people .
Lady: no
spontaneous_funlovingme: this happens to be it
Lady: what are you talking about, you knew that Dana knew
Lady: so i am very confused
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes i knew
spontaneous_funlovingme: but you told me you never told her about the

money issue
Lady: right
Lady: she still doesn't know about that
Lady: i told you she would never understand that one, are you mad at me
spontaneous_funlovingme: am kind of mad
spontaneous_funlovingme: need to tell you the truth
Lady: what truth
spontaneous_funlovingme: that am not happy
Lady: about what
Lady: why are no happy?:(
Lady: not happy
Lady: :(
Lady: I do not understand
spontaneous_funlovingme: baby can you let things that go on between you

and i ,..,... be left between you and i
Lady: yes
Lady: she knew about the money for the operation i never said anything

Lady: and what truth i may not getting it
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok .... i didnt get you right then
spontaneous_funlovingme: baby lets not argue .... ok ?
spontaneous_funlovingme: I understand
Lady: I agree
Lady: i am still very confused?
spontaneous_funlovingme: I understand?
Lady: do you not love me
spontaneous_funlovingme: i love you baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: dont you know how much i love you
Lady: yea,
spontaneous_funlovingme: i love you with all my heart
Lady: I don't understand why you were mad at me and you said you needed

to tell the truth about something
Lady: I am not an argueing type, i
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok now you getting me wrong
Lady: I do not like to fight
spontaneous_funlovingme: i said that you need to know -the truth .. and

the truth was that i was mad at you for telling your friend Dana about

the money issues here
spontaneous_funlovingme: thats what the truth is
Lady: did you get the letter i sent you this morning?
Lady: ok, let us just forget the begining of this conversation and tell

what happened with the Lawyer
spontaneous_funlovingme: where did you send the letter
Lady: I copied and pasted it on this this morning i told i sent myself a

copy but i did not
Lady: i thought
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: i got it baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: about how much you love me
Lady: i sent it to myself
Lady: yea
Lady: that was it
Lady: are still with me
Lady: talk to me
spontaneous_funlovingme: be right back
Lady: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: back baby
Lady: ok
Lady: talk to me
spontaneous_funlovingme: did you miss me
Lady: >:D<
spontaneous_funlovingme: baby i sent a surprise to you by UPS
Lady: the question is did you miss me?????
Lady: when
spontaneous_funlovingme: you will get it by thursday
spontaneous_funlovingme: i sent it today
Lady: and what is it
spontaneous_funlovingme: you want to know ?
Lady: yes and no
Lady: do you want to tell me
spontaneous_funlovingme: my love its a surprise ...
spontaneous_funlovingme: are you excited
Lady: yea
Lady: should i be
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes sure
Lady: so what happened today i feel like you are not with me
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes ... calls baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: sorry
spontaneous_funlovingme: its about the case with the hotel
spontaneous_funlovingme: the lawyer is suing them big time
spontaneous_funlovingme: they are pleading
Lady: ok no problem i understand
Lady: i would give an inch for what they did
Lady: go get them!!!!!!!
spontaneous_funlovingme: very goood
spontaneous_funlovingme: they werent honest at all
Lady: well that doesn't surprise me
Lady: give them no mercy
spontaneous_funlovingme: i love you baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: you are the reason i know i have hope and life

to leave for
Lady: leave for where are you going
Lady: yes i love you more each day
Lady: if possible
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes baby i love you more than you
spontaneous_funlovingme: ever can imagine
spontaneous_funlovingme: dont allow friends come between you and i..
Lady: no but she has watch me end the last years go through so much and

she is just looking out for me, knowing if something happen to us i

would be crushed
Lady: so please don't be mad at her
spontaneous_funlovingme: baby i will never break your heart .. or crush

spontaneous_funlovingme: it will be like i crushing your heart .....
spontaneous_funlovingme: and mine also
spontaneous_funlovingme: will never do that
Lady: i know that be she just worries
spontaneous_funlovingme: 'I will never regret loving you, only believing

you loved me too.
Lady: well that will never happen, i do love you very much at times it

scares me
spontaneous_funlovingme: You are my passion, my life, my love. Without

you I would have no reason to live. All the stars in the universe could

not replace what we have together. I thank you for the love we have and

your gentleness. Never forget me, as I will never forget you.....
spontaneous_funlovingme: 'I'm scared... I'm scared that I will never

again, in my whole life, feel the way I feel when I'm with you
Lady: well than we are a match made in heaven:-*
spontaneous_funlovingme: I chose to love you in silence, for in silence

I find no rejection. I chose to love you in your loneliness, for in your

loneliness no one owns you, but me.
Lady: very sweet
spontaneous_funlovingme: there can never be like anyone like you ...
spontaneous_funlovingme: there way you make my heart beat
spontaneous_funlovingme: will you marry me ?
Lady: yes i will
Lady: absolutely
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: i want us to be engaged
spontaneous_funlovingme: :)
Lady: ok
Lady: and when do you want this to happen?
spontaneous_funlovingme: happens by thursday... while am here you will

receive the engagement ring i sent to you
Lady: oh is that my surprise
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: Marry ME
Lady: yes
Lady: are you still with me?
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes baby i am
spontaneous_funlovingme: am so excited
Lady: I will be right back i am to go get a drink and me too
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: get me a drink ok my lovre
spontaneous_funlovingme: love
Lady: ok, i have diet Mountain Dew, would you like some
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes baby ..
spontaneous_funlovingme: i love the taste ..
spontaneous_funlovingme: :P:P
Lady: ok, you will have to come see me what do you think
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes sure baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: there is no one like you i desire to meet
spontaneous_funlovingme: i promise to make you happy
spontaneous_funlovingme: i promise to never break your heart
spontaneous_funlovingme: i promise to marry you
spontaneous_funlovingme: i promise to always give you a cause to

remember me and smile
spontaneous_funlovingme: are you with me
spontaneous_funlovingme: where did my baby go
Lady: i am here, someone was over talking to me
Lady: I am here
spontaneous_funlovingme: oh ok baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: did you get what i just wrote you
Lady: he is gone
Lady: when
Lady: are you there
spontaneous_funlovingme: now
spontaneous_funlovingme: on your messenger
Lady: yes, i agree with all
Lady: you are a love
spontaneous_funlovingme: you are there love of my life......>>>>>
Lady: love of your life yes
spontaneous_funlovingme: If you give me your kiss for breakfast, your

hug for lunch and your love for dinner, I promise you will never catch

me eating elsewhere, because I have no reason to do so.
Lady: oh I like that one more than perfect
spontaneous_funlovingme: In my heart, there is a home where you'll never

feel alone. In my hands, you'll find a shelter; Babe, I promise never to

spontaneous_funlovingme: Love is but a burning fire, the distance

between us only increases our desire
spontaneous_funlovingme: So sweep away the sand an' dry the ocean, an'

just pack the moon an' stars up in a cardboard box. And stop the clouds

from chimin', block the sun from shinin',
an' paint the sky a deeper shade of blue, 'cause my world's over without

Lady: well you will never have to worry about that i am not going no

where with anyone but you
spontaneous_funlovingme: and its me you going with
spontaneous_funlovingme: awesome
Lady: yes, all yours
spontaneous_funlovingme: youhave me baby ... all to yourself
Lady: yes
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok baby i am sure you busy
spontaneous_funlovingme: we will chatr klatrer ok
Lady: what
spontaneous_funlovingme: later ok
Lady: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: love you babty
spontaneous_funlovingme: babty
spontaneous_funlovingme: baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: IM me when you get less busy
Lady: are you going to sleep
Lady: what time is
spontaneous_funlovingme: no baby
Lady: ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: its 8 34pm here
Lady: i guess you are not going to sleep
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: i want to watch a match on the TV
spontaneous_funlovingme: arsenal vs liverpool
spontaneous_funlovingme: am a fan of arsenal
spontaneous_funlovingme: its a british club team
Lady: ok,understand, my team football won last week if the won this

coming week they could be in the Superbowl.
Lady: yea us
spontaneous_funlovingme: oh no baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: its now 4 1
spontaneous_funlovingme: arsenal is 4
spontaneous_funlovingme: woooooo wooooo woooooo woooo woooo
spontaneous_funlovingme: <:-P<:-P<:-P<:-P<:-P
Lady: i know
spontaneous_funlovingme: how do you know baby
Lady: I know there is a difference between what i said and what you

said, I think
spontaneous_funlovingme: oh ok
spontaneous_funlovingme: got you
Lady: you are silly
spontaneous_funlovingme: i was wondering
Lady: I love you soo much, even if you are silly
spontaneous_funlovingme: baby there is no one like you
Lady: Yup, they say I am one of a kind:)
spontaneous_funlovingme: Multiply it by infinity, take it to the depths

of forever and you'll still only have a glimpse of how much I love you
Lady: YES
Lady: may i help you
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes i am missing Lady
spontaneous_funlovingme: is Lady there :D
Lady: Ya, yes I am
Lady: all to you
spontaneous_funlovingme: tell her i love her sooo much
spontaneous_funlovingme: my feelings get stronger minutes by minutes for

spontaneous_funlovingme: she is all i want in my life
Lady: she says you are all she wants
spontaneous_funlovingme: tell her i want her more she can admit
Lady: she says she is all yours, shared by no one else
spontaneous_funlovingme: she doesnt know how i cry in the nite when i

meet her in person
spontaneous_funlovingme: i think a lot
spontaneous_funlovingme: of her
spontaneous_funlovingme: i cry whenever i think of her
spontaneous_funlovingme: cant believe i have met someone like her
Lady: will be no crying just happiness going forward, soon she will you

will be able to meet her
spontaneous_funlovingme: its all tears of joy
spontaneous_funlovingme: tell her that
Lady: she loves you more than she could ever express
spontaneous_funlovingme: tell her ... her feelings are right
spontaneous_funlovingme: and nathan's feelings are awesome also
Lady: hey my body hurts all over, do you think you could me feel better
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes baby i can
spontaneous_funlovingme: with my love for you
spontaneous_funlovingme: it has all the concusions you need
spontaneous_funlovingme: what do you think baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: its all the healthy treatmenbt you need
Lady: yes that will be perfect
spontaneous_funlovingme: baby i have to go now
spontaneous_funlovingme: the lawyer is here
spontaneous_funlovingme: call me when you get off work
spontaneous_funlovingme: need to tackle this hotel
spontaneous_funlovingme: love you my angel
spontaneous_funlovingme: :X:X:X:X::X


spontaneous_funlovingme: hello baby you there
Lady: HI
Lady: good
Lady: and yourself
spontaneous_funlovingme: am ok .. just stressful day
spontaneous_funlovingme: sorry i didnt call you .. :(
Lady: that is ok
Lady: no problem
Lady: i am not going anyway
spontaneous_funlovingme: missed you terribly
Lady: same here
Lady: :x
Lady: what happened today
spontaneous_funlovingme: debating with the hotel attorney also
Lady: what do you think will be the outcome or is it to early to know
spontaneous_funlovingme: well by week ending we shall see things out ..
spontaneous_funlovingme: how is work going?
Lady: ok how you do feeling physically
spontaneous_funlovingme: am getting much better daily
Lady: I just got here, I had to bring my daughter to the dr.
Lady: worked at home for a few hrs also,
Lady: i missed you
Lady: what suv is on for a picture
Lady: are you there
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes baby am here
spontaneous_funlovingme: whats wrong with your daught
Lady: was is pregnant
spontaneous_funlovingme: the SUV here is a 2004 honda element .. its the

present i am wanting to give to the woman of my life
spontaneous_funlovingme: ok good she is pregnant
Lady: yes
Lady: oh that would be me??
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: do you like it?
Lady: all i want is you
Lady: this is all i need, yes i do, but i still would have you
spontaneous_funlovingme: yes baby am all yours
Lady: Ok, you are all i need
spontaneous_funlovingme: i love you
Lady: I love you so much
spontaneous_funlovingme: i dont know what i can be without you
Lady: when you can be with me, is this what you are saying
spontaneous_funlovingme: there is no where else i can be apart from

being in your heart
Lady: you want to be with me but you don't know when is this what you

spontaneous_funlovingme: no baby
spontaneous_funlovingme: i meant its you i want to be with the rest of

my life
Lady: ok, i feel same way, i can't wait to see you, it is killing me i

feel you when you talk to me, so that in itself, is amazing
Lady: but i can wait
Lady: you do your business, and i will be waiting for you ok
2007-04-08, 20:54:40
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Keywords: 2 guys
2007-08-03, 18:52:29 from United States  
I had same kind of relationship with Mr. Nathan Conerstone during the months of October and November of 2006! Fortunately for me, I don't have a bank account, so all of the $15,000 worth of 'American Express' money orders were not cashed and I was NOT able to send him any money! Also, he said he had a place in California! LOL.....what a DORK!

Has anyone found out who the REAL man in the pictures is? He should really know who is using his pictures for fraudulent purposes!

2009-09-01, 05:50:25 from Netherlands Antilles  
Hello. It is a paradoxical but profoundly true and important principle of life that the most likely way to reach a goal is to be aiming not at that goal itself but at some more ambitious goal beyond it.
I am from Syria and also am speaking English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: 'Cook termed that as a toy move he said that clientele was added every rock the game dried, and that it was better to get first chase thousands however than one many one.'

Thanks 8-). Kong.
2009-09-01, 08:18:41
wanwan from Japan  
2017-05-20, 20:52:01
Lida from United States  
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