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Dating scammer Johnson Jack


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Name: Johnson Jack



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This guy found me on I was just scammed on eharmony and now this guy. It is the same exact mode of operation. He has a 15 yo son that lives with him. He lives on Miami Beach but is currently in Africa looking after his fathers store. He immediatly wanted my yahoo id and asked for my address to send me a rose. I'm telling you there must be a school for this type of stuff and then are hired at an office. This is my second one back to back...What the heck is going on? BE CAREFUL LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2008-01-14, 13:12:26   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-01-15, 01:47:46
I was scammed at least 5 times! Thet all for some reason are located in West Africa. Be sire they are all niggers. One of them is extreamly relentless (firsr one, I fell for him for a while). I sent him to hell but he still chases me over the cell phone I gave him being stupid. :-(
Seems like too many scammers on dating sites are looking for victims!
2008-01-15, 14:30:14
anonymous from United States  
I think you are right they must have classes for them as they all say the same thing, I got 2 of them from, one of them did get me for 5000, I was new to the dating sites and he was a real pro been at it for 4 years found him and all his names on another scam site, then a few days ago I got another from Nigeria, so i asked him right away as he IM me on yahoo, how he got me I don't know, but the I think the first scammer I had gave it to him, once I said if your in Nigeria forget it, plus his picture looked like some creep, goes by Eddie Williams, once I said Nigeria off he went, they are getting smarter and their English is getting better I notice
2008-01-17, 18:33:02
anonymous from Marietta, United States  
Same deal for me. He found me on Hot or Not and hit me up for $800. As if!
2008-01-17, 20:10:13
got news for you all it is not just girls he is trying to scam. hit me on hot or not very agressivly looking for info. said i had to go and when i came back to hot or not he removed himself from my double match. he goes after guys and girls
2008-03-03, 11:08:00
anonymous from United States  
Thanks for the tip. He found me on myspace. One of those too good to be true and I am glad I did a search on him. Things just didn't add up. Thanks for posting about this. Hopefully more people will post about scammers like this.
2008-08-20, 14:22:26
Oh could i tell you a long story about this guy (eddie williams). Just beware he keeps coming back if you give him money once. i fell with more money than you. Met on I notified Match about him. Wish I knew about this site before as my scam occured last fall. He is now after me again for more. no way. maybe i could have saved you. I attached the picture he gave me.

2008-08-20, 21:12:53
Beaware that Eddie Williams with a 8 yr old daughter and Michael Silver with a 12 year old son are one in the same person. Pull the fact that daughter and son are dying and need money. Just wanted to let you know
2008-09-09, 19:46:17
anonymous from United States  
This Johnson guy is a smooth talker. DON'T FALL FOR IT LADIES!!
2008-10-04, 18:45:25
anonymous from United States  
On the first comment, that derogartory remark 'nigger' was not necessary. If you are scammed, and this is for the first entry person, you deserve it. You are a dumb person. Especially when you start calling people out of their names racially.
2008-11-14, 22:39:54
anonymous from Barbados  
There seems to be an impression held by some people posting items on this site, that all scammers are black and African. Since I was recently set up to be victimised by a scammer, I have spent a great deal of time researching this matter and asking questions of some of the best minds that deal with financial fraud of all kinds. Please, I would ask all of you to let go of this way of thinking -- not all scammers are black and not all come from Africa.

In the interest of fairness to the millions of people around the world of black/African descent who everyday get up and go to legal jobs, take care of their children and contribute to the social and economic welfare of their countries, could we please have an end to the derogatory terms? I certainly can understand your anger, but this is uncalled for and grossly unfair, especially since black women and men are being scammed too.

Let's just call the pratice what it is -- it's EVIL -- and it comes in many colours and speaks in many different tongues.
2008-11-15, 04:07:47
anonymous from White Plains, United States  
@Barbados: You make a very good point! But the post you and the post above you refer to was made more than 10 months ago. So it is unlikely the person who made the derogatory comment will read your useful comments.
2009-07-10, 06:03:11
anonymous from United States  
this is one more photo that eddie williams has used

2009-08-31, 17:07:15
anonymous from United States  
eddie williams with an 8 year old daughter lives in london liverpool area on business in angola(sp) then went to nigeria where he is at now with his daughter asking for help to get back to the states where he lived in washington. he has a mother in london and father who passed he is an only child. looking for a mom for his daughter her name is linda.. after he sent pics to my MIL i checked the source of where the came from one was a chinese girl that came from google and he sent a pic of himself that i traced back to a russian bride website this is the pic he sent of himself




Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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