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Dating scammer Henry Mills


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Name: Henry Mills



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I met 'Henry' on e-harmony, he fell in love the 2nd week we talked, says he has and eight year old son with him in Accra Ghana, asked for PSP fpr sons birthday, a laptop cause he forgot his at home, money to 'enhance business, more money for release of 'consignment'. More money because his son is in hospital with serious head injuries. Asked me to write invitation to states to his 'agent' at the port. Had business contact send fake check to me to cash and WU to him.All ISP addresses from Ghana including the first which was supposed to come from KY

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2009-01-28, 19:48:53
anonymous from Ireland  
Update on daniel carlos His real seems to be daniel osei smith supposed to be hotel owner and a new friend of daniel carlos smith. Osei is the person he asks you to send the money to (yeah right) its daniels duel personality. I am in nagociations with him to send him money to bring him 'home' so he can meet my family and we are supposed to be getting married and moving to London where he is supposed to come from hahahaha. He is sending me details of A Driver that I have to send money too.
I don't believe a word out of him because
1 he asked me how my son Benji was( unfortunataly that was supposed to be his sons name.
2 he signed the wrong name 'Evens' on several e-mails
3 the best for last-- He had to ask me how much he had requested from me to send him lol lol lol
It was little slip ups in conversation that made me suspious and the fact he was looking for money and marrige after only a week

My answer to him is to do unto him as he done to me. As soon as I get more on them creaps I will let you all know.

2009-01-29, 00:49:02
anonymous from Germany  
Hello from Germany I read all comments here ....oh God....My tory is the same I´ve the same photo my story is posted here - alan Armstrong page 6. Same is happen but other name Dave Moreh And son Sam Moreh . I´ve sent an package to Sam´s birthday (PS 3 Game ) Dave´s driver = Stockert Nyame Daves mail add.= ...Please read my story . Greetings by S.K.
2009-01-29, 02:53:22
anonymous from United Kingdom  
2009-01-29, 19:44:57
Do any of you know Who this man in this photo is? Because he say's name danielcarlossmith but I have talked to him and he is Africian. I think daniel is using someone elses picture! Is there anyway to find this out??????
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2009-01-29, 19:48:37
Who is this man in the picture REALLY???? iS THERE ANYWAY TO FIND OUT THESE PEOPLE that the scammers USE as their identity?????????
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Henry Mills

2009-02-02, 11:30:21  
Message to-- tmam343@. or anyone with news on this man. I too have fallen for the charms of ( daniel carlos smith.) He is still annoying me for money, even though he finished with me when i told him i would not give him money. He is still trying to be prince charming. I would love to chat to you about him, and compare notes. You can contact me on Or anyone with an update on this man Please get in touch with me on this or my e-mail.
2009-02-07, 19:07:25
s.k.Germany from Germany  
Dave Moreh`s son In hospital 03.01.09
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2009-02-07, 19:53:30
Small update on daniel carlos smith- It seems he has found new victims. I can not find out which dating web-site he is on, last site I heard about was He is going under the name Evans If anyone has any New information on him please leave a message. As I have been able to suspend his profile on two sites so far. Hopefully this will slow him down from causing pain and distress to other people.

2009-02-17, 01:24:47   (updated: 2009-02-17, 01:42:12)
anonymous from Benicia, United States  
Actually, I am from California, and to help all of you out, the parents of the boy, are working with the Police in Accra-Ghana to locate and arrest these people using our sons photo's. To Set the records, he was injured in an accident on the stars at a hotel in Accra. The couple in the photo are not doctor's they are the owners of the small hotel which my step son was injuried at. I can not give out to much information on this subject, but I am very hurt and scared for my son's safety in all this. My Husband and I appreciate this site, for everything that it is doing to let all you know about these scammers. Because of them and all of you, I found out that my step son was being used to manipulate women for money. I am sorry and my husband and I are working hard to locate these people and the person that sold the photos of our sons injuries..

I will try to keep all of you updated on this, but if anyone sees these photos added to here again, thank you but please remember to let us all know where there IP is located what country. That will help us in catching these jack assas.

Also, for all those that are very interested, the 12 years old boy is home here with his family, and has gone back to school. So Please, do not believe these scammers, remember this, any time that someone askes for Money right away, turn your back to them and run like crazy the other directions.
2009-02-17, 07:05:31
anonymous from Australia  
About 'daniel carlos smith'

Sounds like a typical scammer from a West African country.

Most are young black men, and not the one in the photo!

Scammers rarely use their own photo's. In case you or someone you know comes across them in real life.

The one in the photo's you have is probably also a victim of the scam!

For more information, look here: http://www.delphifa...412.shtml
2009-03-31, 15:30:13
anonymous from United States  
Bellow is an e-mail note with photos of my scammer 'Henry' . Would anyone know why the photos are encryted and I lift them?????

Hello Sweetie
How are you doing? am soo sorry i missed you online last night honey..i fell asleep by john when i was tucking him to bed hoping you forgive me as well sending you just a morning mail to let you know that i am thinking soo much about and i really like thoughts of you.i went to bed last night with thoughts of you and woke up smiling. also just dropping in to say, I hope you have a wonderful day
May your morning be sunny side up, your afternoon bright too. May the whole day bring good news to you
am hoping to hear from you soon..bye for now|


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2009-08-03, 16:15:26
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Hi all, I beleive this guy Daniel Carlos Smith is now using the Lavalife dating site, BEWARE! Wife died in a car accident and has been a widow for 5 years, son Benjamin who is 9. HA, yeah right!
2009-08-18, 16:25:55
Not long after I joined the dating service e-Harmony, this man by the name Seth Lumor contacted me. we began sending e-mails back and forth, he told me that we wanted me to leave e-Harmony and close my account. besides we met each other there and no need to stay on that site any longer. he sent me some of the most beautiful poems, and text message me several times during the day, left several messages on my phone. cries alot, gave me his phone number 609-360-0606 from New Jersey area. and a number from Accra- Ghana 23324960015. sent me pictures of his son Daniel who is 8. Seth told me that he is a Real Estate Developer, I have the same photo of Daniel with the head injury. he always asked me to send money, lost passport, boy in hospital, needed money to come back to the states etc; he wanted to get married, loved me so much that he would die for me etc; uses under I contacted e-Harmony and told them about Seth Lumor. Ladies, please do not send this man money. he's a scammer !!!
2009-09-03, 06:06:43
Oufti,Queen from Belgium  
West Africa play with your feelings. Youth men sit in cyber are scammers !
No white man, need your help ! ask money by Western Union or MoneyGram.
Just use false identity, photos.... often fake american !
Please don't believe them : they are black, no white. they are man, no woman !
Girls comes only for hang up the phone or by cam !

And put complaint to locale Police and to

It's a shame ! The Reverend Henry Mills exist. He's ghanaian read this article and go on the website :, read home page and Director's profile.

Accra, May 16, GNA - Land life Ghana, an Accra-based environmental group on Saturday undertook a four-hour clean up exercise at the frontage of the Kaneshie market complex to improve sanitation in the area.

Mr Anthony Mensah, Executive chairman of the group, said the motive behind the clean up was to check the indiscriminate dumping of waste in the locality, as part of a general campaign to keep the market clean. He said the exercise would be extended to other marketplaces, particularly at Agbogbloshie, Makola, Abeka, Mallam Atta.

Mr Mensah advised the traders to cease indiscriminate dumping of refuse on the ground. Mr Henry Mills, Executive Director and Administrator of Safe Haven Rehabilitation Centre, said a refuse collecting company had been contracted to collect refuse from the market frequently.
2009-09-05, 23:58:44
anonymous from Getafe, Spain  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Henry Mills

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