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Dating scammer Henry Mills


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Name: Henry Mills



Other Comments:
I met 'Henry' on e-harmony, he fell in love the 2nd week we talked, says he has and eight year old son with him in Accra Ghana, asked for PSP fpr sons birthday, a laptop cause he forgot his at home, money to 'enhance business, more money for release of 'consignment'. More money because his son is in hospital with serious head injuries. Asked me to write invitation to states to his 'agent' at the port. Had business contact send fake check to me to cash and WU to him.All ISP addresses from Ghana including the first which was supposed to come from KY

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2012-12-05, 09:26:39
anonymous from Germany  
...and another one
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Henry Mills

2012-12-05, 09:32:25
anonymous from Germany  
2012-12-05, 14:53:20
anonymous from Austria  
thats the man who said his name is Tom Incardella, and he has a son Eddy an he wants to go to Ghana for buisness, thanks for the post, it prevented me to get more deeper involved with him.
its now the 3rd case i have encountered. But the other guyes were from Nigerians posting pictures from white American men.
They are sad people, and they will reap their fruits of weakedness.
2012-12-06, 22:10:54   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  

These pictures were also reported as the following identity:

Name: Romney Woods



Other Comments:
pseudo US Army Scammer:
Beware of Romney Woods alias:
-Lawrence Brown
- Kenneth Barton
- Edward James Arsenault
- Frank Roy from Florida
- Frank Roy from London
- Antonio Sandro
- David Wayne (US Army General)
- David Carter (US Army Soldier in Iraq)
- Jeffrey Carvan (US Army Soldier in Iraq)
- Robinson Elwood Clark
- Antonio Leonardo
- Frank Mills
- Henry Mills (see under this name too)
- Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana
- Curtis Wood
- Daniel Carlos Smith
- Michael Darku
- Henry S.Wilson
- Nicholas R.Brown from Aberdeen in Northern Scotland
- Basten Boadu from Accra, Ghana
- Jon Wilson

The FBI is responsible for investigating these types of scams. Their link is

Let us burn him... asikadu
2012-12-06, 22:10:54   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  
Romney Woods

2012-12-15, 04:00:48
cadoush from France  
Hello, Same strategy, 2 weeks of chatting on Skype, he is presently serving 2 years in Afghanistan and he asked for a 'kindness', help him to forward his 2 suitcases from Afghanistan to me, but as he could not access to electronic banking, could I make the initial payment?
Swore his undying love, I was the woman of his life etc...
Has a son of 16yrs old, Mark

This guy is dangerous

2012-12-15, 04:13:44
anonymous from Germany  
Hello, for me he was Romney Woods , widowed with son Marc Woods 8 years old. The same story. Shipping firm: ( ) Senders name Romney Woods Senders address: Mahara 712 Zukak 25 Zayona Awuul P.O.Box 23451 Awuul Awuul Afganistan Postal code 12631 Building 11/2 Al-Muquana District AFGHANISTAN Extension: SAH13-87. Do you'r adress match it?
2012-12-15, 07:04:40
cadoush from France  
yes that is how he named himself and yes, same shipping firm but different address:

Abou rouquaneh ,2 al Maour street 736
Al-Muquanna District

Extension#: SH - SA7065

He is also on FB, just found 2 profiles under the names: John harrison and also John Mageau, unreal stuff

2012-12-15, 07:05:44
cadoush from France  
But I did see him on Skype, we had a webcam chat
2012-12-15, 08:40:22
asikadu from Germany  
I saw him on Skype to (as on that photo)- but we didn't talk only wrote. His new adress on Facebook: http://www.facebook..ts&fref=ts . Did he spoke with you per Skype?
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Henry Mills

2012-12-15, 09:11:16
cadoush from France  
I do not know you but this whole thing is so unreal, yesterday I was laughing at his audacity!
Same as you, we just typed , he muted his sound but could hear me although I did not know that, he saw my dog and smiled, we dtayed on the webcam for 10 mins or so.
This is what he wrote to me by email after I told him that I discovered his scam:

I can't believe what you are sending to me.. We are really aware that there are people out there doing such acts with our images. That's why there are strict protocols here. But with you sending me such things has made me realize that you can lead me into trouble . Why will i let you see me if am not real? anyway i believe by now you laughing, but you don't know what you are missing and what you are lossing right now.

Bye for now

Well, that was that
2012-12-16, 08:17:52
asikadu from Germany  
Hello Cadoush, It was realy smart of you to ask him if he is a scammer. Did you expect him to say -'YES you've got me!!!' I don't like what he've written to you:'But with you sending me such things has made me realize that you can lead me into trouble'. YOU will lead him into trouble? YOU? - Anyway you can try - but don't sent him any money!! don't lent him any money! don't organize any suitcases transport! DON'T FALL IN LOVE BEFORE YOU'RE NOT SURE! It hurts a lot, and it's waste of time. I know it, belive me. As we 'talk' through Skype (about 15 minutes- we only tipped) he asked me if I want to see his whole posture. After I sad yes- he stood up and walked towards that door behind him. So he did what I've asked him. How - I don't know. There are two kinds of scammers: one-they steal sombody elses identity, the other one-they are scammers themself. Our 'eternity love' ended after I've refused to take his suitcases from Afghanistan to me
Here our letters:
•     Oct 07 7:46 PMromney: Hello Honey
•     Oct 07 7:46 PMromney: Are you there for me ?
•     Oct 07 7:46 PMMe: Hello my Precious, I didn't notice you're there
•     Oct 07 7:47 PMromney: Yes .. I had to get here because i have some very good news that i want to share with you
•     Oct 07 7:47 PMMe: so, what's the very good news?
•     Oct 07 7:48 PMromney: We have been sent on another mission at a Different station, which is going to be my last mission here so that i can come home to you honey .
•     Oct 07 7:48 PMromney: This means that i will be able to come home earlier than i thought
•     Oct 07 7:49 PMromney: Do you understand me /
•     Oct 07 7:49 PMromney: ?
•     Oct 07 7:49 PMMe: Wow, It's great!
•     Oct 07 7:49 PMromney: Yes Honey, i have been so happy since i got the news
•     Oct 07 7:50 PMromney: I can not wait to come home to you honey , I want to hold you , Kiss you , I want to tell you how much I love and care about you
•     Oct 07 7:50 PMMe: And when will it be?
•     Oct 07 7:50 PMromney: I will be able to know as soon as we have got to our new station .
•     Oct 07 7:51 PMromney: We are suppose to leave by Saturday
•     Oct 07 7:52 PMromney: I am so happy honey ...
•     Oct 07 7:52 PMMe: Is the mission at the different station more dangerous than usually? I'm happy for you too.
•     Oct 07 7:53 PMromney: Honey, I can not talk much about the mission on here because doing that i will be breaching protocol
•     Oct 07 7:53 PMJMe: ok.
•     Oct 07 7:54 PMromney: Honey am so happy and can not wait to come home . to hold you in my arms , is all that i have been longing for honey
•     Oct 07 7:55 PMMe: It'll be great, I miss you so much.
•     Oct 07 7:55 PMromney: Honey can i ask you for a favor?
•     Oct 07 7:56 PMMe: go on. I'll see what I can do
•     Oct 07 7:57 PMromney: Will it be alright with you for me to send my things to you for safe keeping till i come i come home to you?
•     Oct 07 7:58 PMMe: yes.
•     Oct 07 7:59 PMromney: Thank you so much honey ..
•     Oct 07 7:59 PMromney: I can not wait for that moment, when i can finally hold you tightly in my arms and tell you how much i love you
•     Oct 07 8:00 PMromney: You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and i want to be with you for the rest of my life
•     Oct 07 8:00 PMromney: Love you so much with all my heart body and soul .
•     Oct 07 8:01 PMromney: :x:x:x:x
•     Oct 07 8:02 PMMe: I'm so happy to see you soon!!
•     Oct 07 8:02 PMromney: You don't know how much Joy that brings me .
•     Oct 07 8:03 PMromney: you have not just brought Love into my life, but you have made me the happiest i can ever be and am so thankful to that
•     Oct 07 8:03 PMMe: You are my Precious..
•     Oct 07 8:05 PMromney: I want you to send an email to this company ( ) and ask thm if they can provide us with their services by coming over to Afghanistan to pick up your Husband's things and have them delivered safely to you ?
•     Oct 07 8:05 PMromney: Can you do that for me ?
•     Oct 07 8:08 PMMe: And it'll be enough? Will you send a mail there too?
•     Oct 07 8:09 PMromney: You just have to make an email contact with the company and ask them if they can provide us with their services, once they have agreed to provide us with their services, We will give them all the necessary informaton needed to come and pick up and also to make the delivery safely to you
•     Oct 07 8:09 PMromney: o k
•     Oct 07 8:12 PMMe: Do you have much stuff to send?
•     Oct 07 8:12 PMromney: no just 2 suit cases
•     Oct 07 8:14 PMMe: And why is it so important that I have to send a mail to this company in your name?
•     Oct 07 8:16 PMromney: Hello are you there for me ?
•     Oct 07 8:17 PMMe: yes, I'm here. You didn't answer
•     Oct 07 8:18 PMromney: I did not get your message
•     Oct 07 8:18 PMromney: I Lost connection with the internet .
•     Oct 07 8:19 PMromney: what was your last message .
•     Oct 07 8:19 PMMe: And why is it so important that I have to send a mail to this company in your name?
•     Oct 07 8:21 PMromney: Not in my name..i want you to make contact with the company on my behalf
•     Oct 07 8:21 PMromney: Protocol here does not allow me to do that , thats why i want you to send an email to them and ask them if they can provide us with their services
•     Oct 07 8:22 PMromney: do you understand?
•     Oct 07 8:25 PMMe: Not really...
•     Oct 07 8:26 PMromney: i am asking you to make contact with the company on my behalf so that we know weather or not if they can provide us with their services
•     Oct 07 8:26 PMMe: why can't you take this 2 suit cases with you?
•     Oct 07 8:28 PMromney: We are not been allowed to take anything along to the new station. I have some very important documents , that i can not afford to leave behind. i might lose them
•     Oct 07 8:28 PMromney: they are very important to me and i don't want to lose them , thats why am asking you if you can keep them safely for me till i come home ?
•     Oct 07 8:32 PMMe: Do you think that this shipping service come to Afghanistan to take your cases? Is it for them not too dangerous?
•     Oct 07 8:32 PMromney: Thats why i want you to send them a request and ask them if they can provide us with their services.
•     Oct 07 8:33 PMromney: There are only few and recommended Diplomatic companies that are allowed to come in and out of here
•     Oct 07 8:34 PMMe: ok. I can ask them.
•     Oct 07 8:35 PMromney: Alright Honey
•     Oct 07 8:35 PMromney: Do that right now so that we know weather or not if they can provide us with their services
•     Oct 07 8:38 PMMe: What do you want me to write them?
•     Oct 07 8:39 PMromney: Ask them ; if they can provide us with their services by coming over to Afghanistan to pick up your husband's things and have the m delivered safely to you
•     Oct 07 8:40 PMMe: I have to write them how heavy this cases are, or how big they are.
•     Oct 07 8:41 PMromney: We will give them all the information they will require once they have agreed to provide us with their services
•     Oct 07 8:42 PMMe: ok, wait a minute
•     Oct 07 8:44 PMromney: I will go get a glass of water. Tell me you are done ok
•     Oct 07 8:54 PMMe: ok, I've already mail it.
•     Oct 07 8:55 PMromney: Thats Goos
•     Oct 07 8:55 PMromney: Good
•     Oct 07 8:56 PMromney: I will be very happy if they can respond back to us as soon as possible
•     Oct 07 8:56 PMromney: Honey am so happy that very soon we will be together so that i show you how much i Love and care about you
•     Oct 07 8:56 PMMe: I don/t know when they repl?y
•     Oct 07 8:57 PMromney: I Know honey
•     Oct 07 8:57 PMromney: But am hoping that they can respond as soon as they can
•     Oct 07 8:57 PMromney: How has your day been anyway ?
•     Oct 07 8:59 PMJoanna Dorfler: I've written that I would appreciate an early reply.
•     Oct 07 9:00 PMromney: Are you there for me honey
•     Oct 07 9:02 PMMe: My duty was heavy as it always used to be, and catch a cold.
•     Oct 07 9:02 PMromney: Are you a bit busy honey ?
•     Oct 07 9:02 PMromney: You take some time to respond back to me
•     Oct 07 9:05 PMMe: I think the connection is poor today. I've written: My duty was heavy as it always used to be, and catch a cold.
•     Oct 07 9:05 PMromney: yes i got that one
•     Oct 07 9:07 PMromney: Is the Network better now ?
•     Oct 07 9:07 PMromney: I think am having some problems with my internet connection today
•     Oct 07 9:09 PMMe: I've recived reply now: Attn: Joanna XXX, ShipIt Freight Company acknowledges the receipt of your email. Further preceding on our service will commence with full information of; Senders Name,Pick Up address at Afghanistan, Extension number, Receiver's Name and Delivery address and phone number at Germany. After recipient of all the necessary information a diplomat would be assign with immediate effect to Pick up the Stuff from the Pick up address of which delivery would be made in approximation of 72 hours to destination.We are obliged to serve you. Thank you Abraham Fasher Executive Manager ShipIt Freight Company 2520 Pegasus Drive Bakersfield, CA 93308 Tel- (937) 916 - 6707 BEZPŁATNIE (937) 916 - 6707 [] Fax-614 - 340 - 4677 F46532H5 7635372
•     Oct 07 9:09 PMromney: Wow…
•     Oct 07 9:09 PMromney: Have you read and understood it ?
•     Oct 07 9:11 PMromney: honey are you there for me ?>?
•     Oct 07 9:14 PMMe: I'm here. I've thought they'll have more information.
•     Oct 07 9:15 PMromney: I believe the information they will need is based on the location where the services must be provided
•     Oct 07 9:16 PMromney: give me a second so that i can give you the information they require ok
•     Oct 07 9:19 PMMe: ok
•     Oct 07 9:20 PMromney: Senders name Romney Woods Senders address: Mahara 712 Zukak 25 Zayona Awuul P.O.Box 23451 Awuul Awuul Afganistan Postal code 12631 Building 11/2 Al-Muquana District AFGHANISTAN Extension: SAH13-87
•     Oct 07 9:20 PMromney: Have you got it ?
•     Oct 07 9:21 PMMe: Ye . got it
•     Oct 07 9:21 PMromney: Don't forget to include the information they will need to make the delivery after they have picked up
•     Oct 07 9:21 PMromney: o k
•     Oct 07 9:22 PMMe: What is extension number?
•     Oct 07 9:23 PMMe: ZIP code?
•     Oct 07 9:23 PMromney: they will need that number to get me directly on arrival here
•     Oct 07 9:23 PMMe: It's your number there?
•     Oct 07 9:24 PMromney: Not my number, but some kind of identification here
•     Oct 07 9:34 PMromney: Are nyou there for me honey
•     Oct 07 9:35 PMMe: I hate this connection...
•     Oct 07 9:36 PMromney: Why , Is it running slow?
•     Oct 07 9:38 PMMe: very... Did you get my last message?
•     Oct 07 9:38 PMromney: The last message i got from you , was ' I hate this connection'.
•     Oct 07 9:39 PMMe: and the one before?
•     Oct 07 9:39 PMromney: You wrote ' It's your number there ? '
•     Oct 07 9:41 PMromney: Are you there ?
•     Oct 07 9:43 PMMe: I've written, that I've catch a cold so I want to go early to bed today. I want you to rest for me too.
•     Oct 07 9:44 PMromney: Alright honey
•     Oct 07 9:45 PMromney: But i will very happy if we could get a schedule for the pick up from the company before you go to ned ok
•     Oct 07 9:45 PMromney: I will really appreciate that
•     Oct 07 9:45 PMMe: bye,bye my Precious!
•     Oct 07 9:46 PMromney: Did you understand my last message to yo u?
•     Oct 07 9:46 PMMe: U there?
•     Oct 07 9:46 PMromney: Yes I am here
•     Oct 07 9:47 PMromney: Have you sent the information the compnay will need to make the pick up as well as make the delivery to them ?
•     Oct 07 9:51 PMromney: Hello
•     Oct 07 9:53 PMromney: Talk to me if you are here
•     Oct 07 9:55 PMMe: I'll do it. I'll write you when they reply.
•     Oct 07 9:56 PMromney: Alright
•     Oct 07 9:56 PMromney: Then i guess you have to rest now ..
•     Oct 07 9:56 PMromney: Bye for now and take good care for me
My letter: Hello my Precious,
I was thinking about what we’ve talked yesterday.
And I have to disappoint you. I can not take your things to keep it till you come. Perhaps I’m too suspicious or have seen too many films about receiving unknowing suitcases and following consequences. I don’t wanna end up in prison.
I have to think about my family. I’m the only person who look after and provide them. Without me their lost. That’s what I don’t want for them . They are still number one in my heart.
I really like you, but I don’t really know you. Everything happens too fast. I have a few information you’ve gave me but it’s not enough. I have only shallow knowledge of you. I know, I know there is an protocol, etc.. I don’t know where are you exactly living in Atlanta ( There is no Romney Woods in Atlanta, GA). You don’t figure neither in American Medical Registration nor in AMA (American Medical Association) or even in American Board of Medical Specialties– so I couldn’t be sure you’re the one you’ve said.
Your last photo you’ve sent me is a fake (The shirt you’re having on is too sharp cut off from your throat and the light reflections on your shirt and throat don’t match). I’m very patient but not stupid. You didn’t give me even the exact date of your birth(I’m 45 years old…, the 5th of May).
So I don’t know NOTHING about you.
Now you understand why I can’t take your suitcases. When there’re some drugs in it – it will be only me, who will end up in prison – they will have all information about me, but nothing except P.O. box in Afghanistan about you.
I’m so sorry Romney.
With love Joanna

His reply:
Baby you have disappointed me and I do not want to hurt you..I believe keeping away from each will be the best but I want you to know that if you are mine I will always love you.

My reply: (I didn't belive that his great love ended this way):
My precious Romney,
This will be my last note. And it’s up to you what will you do next. I won’t pick on you anymore or stalk you anyway.
I didn’t want to hurt you. But I’ve already hurt myself. I’ve trusted internet to much.
I know I can be wrong about you. You are my hero and I hoped you make me understand. But it doesn’t happen.
Please imagine you had a daughter. She tells you to fall in love per internet with somebody from far, far away. On the one hand this somebody seems to be too good to be true but from the other you notice some inaccuracies . How would you act? Would you allowed her to love blind and wish her luck? Or as beloved Father (which I know you are to Mark Woods) would you check if she’s secure?
You don’t need to answer if you don’t want too, or if it’s done for you. No answer is also an answer. I will understand.
Anyway I want to thank you for all this sweet and lovely words you’ve been written to me. For the moments I’ve spent with you , when I felt extremely happy. Thank you for hope you gave me, for the vision of our family, our future… Thank you for the moments, when I’ve imagined how you face, body and even your touch would feel like. Thank you for all internet hugs, cuddles and kisses. I miss it already...
I believe you are a good person - please take very good care of yourself!!!
With love Joanna

His reply:
Hello Joanna,
Your mail did touch my heart..Joanna,how will you feel if the one you love turns down on you when you need them the most..This is what am going through now...My stuffs are very important to me and I need to get them out of here..You are the woman I love so I asked you to help me get the stuffs out of here but you refused to help me...I do care about you Joanna and you will always be in my heart because you have painted a smile in my heart that will last for a lifetime...My mission ends pretty soon and my days are numbered here in Afghanistan,I am still working on how to get my stuffs out of here Joanna and it needs to be delivered to someone I trust..
Have a lovely night. Love always,

On facebook you can read lots about him ( look under 7th December):

Facts from US Army:
I am inundated daily with emails and comments from people around the world thinking they are being scammed online by people professing to be Soldiers or Marines in a combat zone. I want to reiterate a few points about how to easily determine if the person you are speaking with is a real service member or not.

1) They ask for money, especially through a money service like MoneyGram or Western Union. These are easy, immediate tip-offs.

2) They send you pictures that don’t match the rank and service they tell you they are. I can’t tell you how many times I get emails and comments asking me to look into someone saying they are a Staff Sergeant and wearing Major rank or a supposed Colonel wearing Sergeant Major rank. Educate yourself on military ranks and uniforms and do due diligence before wasting my time with these obvious indicators. You can find US Military ranks here.

3) They tell you that they are assigned to a secret intelligence unit. People really assigned to secret intelligence units won’t say they are assigned to secret intelligence units.

4) Ask them to send you an email from their military email as confirmation. If they send you one, respond to it and ensure they didn’t make it up. You’ll find that most – if not, all – of these emails will come back undeliverable. If they say they can’t give it to you for security reasons, it’s a scam.

5) They need your help with “special leave.” This leave will usually need to be signed by a general officer and will come with additional fees. Military personnel do not need a civilian’s help with processing leave. I’m married and I don’t even need my wife’s help if I want to take leave. It doesn’t cost military personnel a single penny to take leave – EVER!

6) Check the photos. Often time, these scammers are such complete morons, they’ll send multiple pictures of different people and claim to be the same person. If it doesn’t look right, it isn’t.

7) Uses a sob story about being a widower (usually say widow). Most of the photos these guys steal are from married troops and will contain photos with kids or a woman. To explain these images away, they “kill off” the spouse somehow and pull on the heartstrings with sob stories of having to raise children alone. Most obituaries are published online and a simple Google of obituaries will prove this scam. Hearing all these stories, one would think that the most dangerous place in the world isn’t Afghanistan, but it sounds like the truth is America’s roads.

A frend of mine wrote this 'TK Mailias, (, this is a web site where the user can get an alias to mask their email address and one that Romance scammers and criminals use to hide their true Identity and email address. Review this website as it will help you get an understanding of one of the tricks that these criminals use to entrap us in their schemes and hide their tracks so it is very hard to track them or check up on them.
Real people do not need to hide their email address or use an alias. If you are in a friendship with some on the internet, you should be able to see who they are from many sources on the internet, many times by just “Google(ing)” their name and seeing if they are a real person havi
ng a past and multiple sources of information about them. No, I am not advocating that you do a deep background check on every friend you have, but a simple name search will for the most part let you know that this is a real person, where they live and other public information and will also tell you if this person is real or made up.
By “Googleing” My own name I found over 50 references to places I have lives, Articles I have Written, posted or published, Companies I have worked with, Organizations that I have belonged to and yes, family members of mine past and present. Thus anyone could verify that I am real, and have an active profile and I do not need to hide by masking my email as I am a real person. Only criminals or scammers seam to use email masking extensively, that is so we cannot verify who they are and also so it is harder for law enforcement to trace them. Along with using Avatars, and victims of their scams as middlemen, these criminals also use sites like this to cover their tracks not only to deceive but to insulate themselves from being caught. B.V.'

I didn't find nothing about Romney Woods as I was googleing... Try to find your version of him.

Wish you real love with real man, which you could meet face to face and not only via internet. Joanna

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Smith Williams
Dating scammer Henry Mills
Dating scammer Smith Williams
Dating scammer Smith Williams

2012-12-16, 11:05:07
anonymous from France  
Hello Joanna,

I have found a lot of information about him, he seems to be everywhere, always the same pictures, I have quite a few now. The Skype chat that you copied is almost the same as mine when he mentioned the suitcases even went for a glass of water, I am really laughing now.
But what I did find out is that is IP adress (from his emails) is in California, so I guess that he has some kind of network, he joins singles websites, targets women and after 2 weeks, he does his suitcase thing, it seems that he has been doing that for a while, he probably lives of that.
Funny enough, he skyped me again last night although I did not expect him to and yes with the cam but no microphone and yes, he moved, the connection was very bad.
He again insisted about the money but I think that by now, he must know that I have no intention whatsoever to send him anything.
He might have been in the army before or still is but not in AF, anyway, we shall see if he calls tonight, I shall let you know for sure. It is rather sad to believe in a person and then find out that he, in fact is not who he says he is!!!!
If you wish I can give you my email address and we can communicate that way?
Stay well and will keep you posted
2012-12-16, 15:58:00   (updated: 2012-12-16, 16:11:22)
Miss Marple from United States  
Confronting a scammer is useless ! Informing criminals is not doing any good ,scammers never admit their crimes instead you can end up been threaten ...
Scammers uses prerecorded webcam sessions you are NOT talking with the man on the photo,this scam origins from Ghana and these scammers are black men pretending to be white man looking for love online....stolen photos from John Mageu abused in scams.
RE:2012-12-16, 11:05:07
anonymous from France

But what I did find out is that is IP adress (from his emails) is in California, so I guess that he has some kind of network, he joins singles websites, targets women and after 2 weeks, he does his suitcase thing, it seems that he has been doing that for a while, he probably lives of that

Scammers are using software to hide their real location with ,they can be wherever in this world when you search for a IP on a header,,real location is Ghana ..scammers do operate in gangs that is why it is possible to have so many profiles every where online so this is not only 1 persons work,i advice you all who has contact to stop communicating with this scammer and block him from your email.
The posted photo here by:

2012-12-16, 08:17:52
asikadu from Germany
the photo is photo shopped the body belongs to real military personnel Kenneth Preston and the head is John Mageus ...i will post the photos here you will understand ...

2012-12-16, 15:59:23
Miss Marple from United States  
Another picture that scammers has photoshopped...and abusing Kenneth Prestons body in...


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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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