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Dating scammer raymond carter


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Name: raymond carter



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Age 47. States living in Seattle, but had just moved from Australia, where he was born and had lived all his life. Widowed for 5 years with a 10 year old daughter, working as independent film producer. IP address was from Nigeria.


2008-05-22, 17:13:02   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-09-14, 12:39:01
anonymous from United States  
How does his scam work. He is writing to me now.
2008-09-16, 17:35:28
anonymous from United States  
I have been scammed by someone claiming to be 'Raymond Carter.' The email address he used was and Please be aware out there!
2008-09-17, 09:44:41
anonymous from Germany  
You re asking how scam works ???

1. st they fall in love with you very fast and youre the love of their live
2. they re in need, being robbed, had an accident , creditcard does nt work
need to pay hotel bill ,have hospitalcosts etc
3.youre the only one they can turn to no one else around ...

never ever sent money trough WESTERN UNION or MONEY GRAM
once you re money is being sent NO WAY you can get it back

please get informed about romance scamming practises

there are a lot of real good sites ...

and many more ..

Have a scammerfree day all

2008-09-17, 18:53:20
anonymous from United States  
This guys is writing to me
2008-09-17, 20:49:19
anonymous from United States  
It most likely isn't this guy who writes you. This guy's profile is a real person who had his information and his sad circumstances stolen by these scammers to take advantage of others. Also, anyone who has talked to the person they thought was Raymond Carter - pay close attention each time you talk to him, and you will notice that it's not the same person each time. Another helpful hint is - if you write him an email, he never knows about the email until the next day, and he won't check his emails while he's chatting with you, because they evidentally work in shifts at all hours of the night and day, so they don't know and won't check their emails while they are sending instant messages. You can also detect an accent through his writing, but each person has a different accent and personality. And the accents are not similar to an Australian accent. They don't use any of the Australian slangs. He also writes long, romantic emails, and is so patient and understanding. Men DON'T usually write long emails, and they DON'T usually understand women like this person. I personally think it is a woman who is writing the long emails, because women are more detailed, and a woman knows how a woman thinks. Also notice that there are 10 to 15 minute idle lags during chats. This is probably because they ask for others help as they get all their stories straight. Don't give them your opinions on subjects your discussing first, or any personal information, pictures, etc, because they are warped enough to pull you in by saying exactly what they know you want to hear. Also, if they stole Raymond Carter's profile info, pictures, etc., they will steal other people's, too.
2008-09-18, 09:30:49
anonymous from Germany  
these long and romantic mails are just copy & paste from several sites at the www.
and in the messenger they mostly fall apart because of their bad grammar
they claim to be from USA or Uk
but NO ONE would write like that ..
so ladies be aware if youre getting mails from such guys and
do a little research on the www first ...
they take often pics from focus hawai etc
stay safe with online dating

take care

a member of

2008-09-21, 11:08:08
Just thought I'd share that he has been contact me this week also. Thanks so much for noting all of this. I noticed all of what you have listed. This is the 2nd or 3rd guy that I have met online that does this. All have the same story...dead wife, child and from a different country. There is always something iffy with there stories. The first one did take money from me. His name used was David Dillon. Good luck girls!!
2008-11-05, 16:32:06
anonymous from United States  
Just a note here....this guy also sounds like the same one that scammed me for the last 6 months or so....he claimed to be a Director/Producer from Lakewood, CO, was 48 years old, DOB 06-04-1960, has 3 dogs, 2 German Shepherds -(Chewy & Speed), 1 Malamute - (Sam), and a bird, African Timneh Parrot named Lucy. He always talks about his bird Lucy. He states he is 6'3' very muscular and in great shape. Talks about his big house he calls his castle, with 8 bedrooms, a swimming pool and a golf course. He claims he owns a CGI media production company with about 23 employees. He is a very smooth and cunning person whoever he is. He scammed me out of $45000 and more during these last 6 months. He asked me to resign from my job so we could get married and work together in his company. I was stupid enough to believe and trust him after a few months.

He uses tuckerincs on Yahoo IM and his yahoo email is He was back on eHarmony again 10-26-2008 under the same name Carlis and was scamming another lady. She had reported him. He was using different set of pictures from what he had sent to me and his pets name were a little different too.

I have been posting as much about this man or person I possibly can on all of these love scam sites to help others. I do realize this scammer or scammers have more than likely stolen some innocent victim's pictures and is using them for their scams. So that makes even more people being victims of their constant and cruel scams.

I even notified Dr. Phil show to try to be on his show just to get more people aware of this particular scam being used because it was very different from the ones that I have been reading about.

His need for money and equipment seemed very legitimate and was not because of being stuck in a foreign country, sick, or robbed, or anything like that. He also knows all about the software being used in the filming industry as well as computer equipment, etc. Very intelligent person whoever it was communicating with me. I have worked in IT field for 25 years and new how to look at email headers to check where emails were coming from etc. They were all legit until 10-14-2008, after 6 months of communicating with him. Then all of a sudden, it was showing Accra, Ghana again when he was supposed to be in Bristol, UK. That was when I finally realized I was being scammed.

I will state again that I have worked in Network Security and many other areas of Information technology since 1979. He certainly had me fooled from the start as his emails and webcam use originated from Lakewood, Colorado in the very beginning.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Carlis Rowan Tucker
Dating scammer Carlis Rowan Tucker

2008-11-12, 08:01:14
Raymond Carter is also same photo as Daniel Smith/Aylen
2009-01-25, 19:03:23
anonymous from United States  
This person Raymond Carter really knows what he is doing. I have learned so much about dating scammers since the time that i realized he had scammed me. Women beware of the person calling themselves 'Raymond Carter' he also goes by the mail address of
2018-05-04, 04:36:53
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Well I am now kind of chatting to a Mr Raymond Carter (AKA prick).I somehow supposingly gave him my email address NOT if its the same guy he's a precious metal buyer going ff to Australia end of this week coming to buy a few kilos of gold
I'm a UK chic and I don't take crap .
I've had a few run ins with the scammers when they get u off sites until I lost my head now I toy with them find out what I can about them I've had that many account numbers,names which I'm willing to give to owner of site with pics names everything
I think the google reverse email address and reverse pic are godsend when I get enough info after they give u the oh I LOVE U I WANT TO MARRY U I drop them like they do with us when they get what they want and make u feel like crap
By rights I know I should report what info I get but only people that can stop these toss pots are us by not being that sad person they take us for
LOVE doesn't cost don't pay use reverse psychology on them they soon crumble I've warned women on hangout and WhatsApp when they have used copy and paste other info by accident and I've been thanked and il keep doing it
He's using



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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