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Dating scammer Michael Beverly Smith


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Name: Michael Beverly Smith

Email:, betty, mike00525@tal

J & J plaza, opposite ABdigboluja Police station, Ojoduberger , Lagos, Ikeja, Nigeria, 23401; 4 Unity close, Ketu, Lagos, Nigeria 23401 in TX 2317 Avenue N 1/2, Galveston TX 77550

Other Comments:
Says he's a stsitionary engineer from Galveston TX; worked at Williams Development and Construction INC out of Houston TX for 2 years. Even got his 'son' to IM with me. Son suddenly developed Fever. and had to go to hospital. wanted to borrow $500 ffrom me to pay the doctor. Don had malaria....


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2008-06-09, 11:11:04   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-06-09, 11:11:04   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-06-10, 12:35:54
anonymous from United States  
pic of him son and exwife. also as of this morining he had a 'new 'address in 'Galveston, and Nanette lives with him at the 'old' address

2008-06-22, 07:42:30
anonymous from United States  
Thank you so much for providing this information before i got in too deep with this guy. i was leary from the get go when he professed his love for me on the first day (!), that he just knew..., it was fate...blah, blah, blah, blah, BLAH! he's on and more than likely other sites as well. ladies beware.
2008-06-28, 12:03:17
anonymous from United States  
I put this guys email in here and he is the guy I just meet yesterday I knew he was a scammer when he said he was in Nigeria Ive already been down the road a few months ago with one of them thank god for the internet aboundance of information..

2008-07-05, 07:25:10
anonymous from United States  
WOW stumbled on this site by total accident and am glad I did. He just wrote me and I havent replied and now I won't. He does say all the right things Thanks girls for writing what you did and I'm gald no one got taken by him. There's allot of these guys out there and when they tell you there somewhere in Africa or London now just step away, I dont care how good looking he his. Also I have found most of them like to tell you they are a widow with a small child, this guy stepped up and said he's divorced.
2008-07-05, 15:48:20   (updated: 2008-07-05, 15:50:38)
I was almost taken in by this guy until I googled him. Behold, there he was. Yes, in Nigeria working for a construction company. He claimed to be divorced. Did say the exact things a woman wants to hear. Claims to have a great deal in common with you. Beware. He told me to delete my profile and I almost was convinced, but do background checks on all men with online dating. Glad you women posted the scam or I might have bought into him. He did ask for money. Lucky me, don't have any.
2008-07-25, 18:46:37
This guy sent me a long communication via

Hello Dear..
Woooowowowow U Look so Adorable..Let me start by telling you a Littl about myself..I am Michael Beverly..I am 45yrs ..I am Divorce,I have never met any one on here..i am new to thisstuff.I will like to meet a woman to have a wonderful life, with many activities and much traveling, and I look forward to sharing these times with the most special lady in the world. I am not looking to meet a lady I can live with but I am looking to meet that special lady I cannot live without . Whenever I see her my heart will race and when she touches me I will be overwhelmed with joy. I will never be able to get enough of her. When she leaves home I will miss her so much and wait anixously to once again see the smile on her face. We will be able to finish each others thoughts and be able to speak through our eyes. She will be the only lady my eyes will ever see. I am a strong confident man I will take complete care of her in and out of the bedroom, at the same time she will teach me things about myself I never knew. She will understand a commitment is forever and staying in Love is a greater challenge than falling in Love. By respecting, trusting and cherishing each other our burning desire to be with each other will grow stronger with time. This love I seek is not easy to find but to meet this lady is to find the greatest happiness in the world. She will be my hero:) My friends would describe me as confident and sophisticated yet easy going, humble and compassionate. I am as comfortable in a pair of jeans as I am in a black tie. My home is on the ocean and I enjoy spending every free moment being active outdoors. I throughly enjoy the Texas healthy lifestyle. My hobbies include physical fitness, boating, landscaping and traveling. Fine dining is always nice but evening barbacues while the sunsets on the ocean can be very romantic. I get great pleasure out of the simple things in life, such as watching the sunset in the evenings or dolphins swim in the morning, which has given me a greater appreciation in the finer luxuries of life. My sense of humor is always present and I get greater joy in giving rather than receiving. I enjoy life greatly but dream to share all it's special moments with my future bestfriend and lifetime partner. I will dedicate my heart and soul to her and nothing will be more important than her happiness. Would like to meet a lady who dreams to bring two hearts together as one. She will be able to depend on me more than any other person and I will be able to depend on her. When we are not together I want to feel as though a part of me is missing. ..I will Like to Know More about you ..Here are my Contact if you Want to Reach me.
Via Email
Yahoo ID:bmwtxman
U can also Give me Ur Contact we Can chat with Each Other soonest of time.

2008-07-28, 08:01:27
anonymous from United States  
I too received a similar letter from someone claiming to be Michael Beverly from Galveston , Texas. He contacted me through, and said he was working on a job in Nigeria. The word 'Nigeria' immediately sent a red flag, so I questioned him further. He was elusive in his answers, and some of the answers proved he was lying because my questions were in response to knowledge of the Galveston area since I live and work in this area! For example, he told me he took a flight from Galveston to Los Angeles in regards to one of my questions. Hello!! There is no commercial airport out of Galveston. I don't believe this person is even involved in the direct contacts. It's a dating scam OPERATION.
Ladies, and men also, PLEASE BE CAREFUL. I too was initially led to believe someone genuinely interested in me had contacted me. At the very least, it is very hurtful, and my heart goes out to anyone affected by these people.
However, another issue is the fact that when I became suspicious, I contacted, and gave them the various profiles he had on their website. Yes, he had at least three with some of the SAME PICTURES!! I also told them he had sent the same letter to me twice by mistake. It is the same letter which I have seen online sent to other women. I even had the representative pull up the dating scam website on Michael Beverly while I was on the phone with her. Guess what? Two weeks later, Michael Beverly is listed on a brand new profile, and was sent by to me as one of my matches!! I complained, and they said, their customers should follow their guidelines and only contact their matches through their website. What about at the very least protecting their customers and take the guy off their website!! Needless to say, I have discontinued my service with They should be screening better than that, especially when such a thorough complaint has been made.
2008-07-29, 14:10:21
anonymous from Nigeria  
Hey nebours.......the best way to stop all this. Is for you to date a man in your country, stop online business out of country. Always talk to friends about your self and stop beeing greedy of money you have not see yet....Why must you date with out a webcam.. we are still one brothers..dont ever hide anything and dont be quit to trust..Nigrian still care.
2008-07-29, 21:57:25
anonymous from Peru  
hello michael a taste encontrarte I send a greeting to you and that all it has left to you as you thought luck to it about your life mavia100
2008-07-30, 06:41:35
Hello i dont think this man is a scammer.
2008-07-31, 09:14:21
anonymous from United States  
I wrote the comments regarding's response to Michael Beverly's profiles listed. In regards to the comment made that this man may not be a scammer, my thoughts were the same. I do not know if he is a victim also, or directly involved. I asked this question to a representative of who did not provide any info. I think at the very least, they should have responded with some explanation regarding this matter. And again, as I said in my first letter. This is a not a dating scammer, this is a dating scam operation.
As far as the comment from Nigeria that people should not look at other countries to find dates, Michael Beverly presents himself as being from Texas and temporarily working in Nigeria. An NO ONE should take advantage of a person looking for someone to personally talk to and find love. This type of mentality is wrong, and it is what it is. There are good Nigerian people. I work in a business dealing with several Nigerians. But they are many Nigerian scam artists, more than any other country, who have no problem in acting in a dishonest, uncaring and selfish way. Period. It's a difference in culture, and a difference in morality not based on genetics, but environment. If Nigerians are uncomfortable in how a small minority of their countrymen behave, voice their complaints to their own authorities and government, for there is no excuse for the scam operations in their country to continue. If there were more repercussions and accountability from the Nigerian government, the scam operations would at the very least, decrease. Just because innocent people make a mistake in trusting someone and being victimized by them doesn't mean they deserved it. That's wrong.
And, if Michael Beverly is also a victim of this dating scam, my heart goes out to you.
2008-08-09, 09:53:04
I know you very well ..........................You will be Caught soon. Chima Oluwakemi street Ojodu..Pretending to be Michael..............From DorothyGod Punish You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-09-09, 18:27:12
anonymous from Nigeria  
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