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Dating scammer Michael Beverly Smith


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Name: Michael Beverly Smith

Email:, betty, mike00525@tal

J & J plaza, opposite ABdigboluja Police station, Ojoduberger , Lagos, Ikeja, Nigeria, 23401; 4 Unity close, Ketu, Lagos, Nigeria 23401 in TX 2317 Avenue N 1/2, Galveston TX 77550

Other Comments:
Says he's a stsitionary engineer from Galveston TX; worked at Williams Development and Construction INC out of Houston TX for 2 years. Even got his 'son' to IM with me. Son suddenly developed Fever. and had to go to hospital. wanted to borrow $500 ffrom me to pay the doctor. Don had malaria....

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2008-09-10, 23:05:31
HA! I just this very moment talked to this character. His English was terrible and when I said I thought he was sitting in a room in Africa he said if that is what I thought then no problem. Then he disconnected the IM. I goggled his name and what do you know?

2008-09-16, 00:21:09
anonymous from San Antonio, United States  
This guy caught me 'online' yesterday and wanted to chat. He ended up asking for my email instead, said he would email me about his personal info. Sure enough, not only did I wake up to an email from him, but also an e-card! I was like, 'WOW, this guy has got to be too good to be true!' Unfortunately, that is the case and this guy is GOOD! I just had a feeling when he started calling me 'Dearest' and signing his emails, 'Yours only' on the second day. Then he asked me to remove my profile from I 'googled' him, and found this site immediately. Guess what?! He sends the same exact emails to his other victims! He apparently has scammed enough women that he has it down to a tee! His profiles - 'lonelymike7738' and 'txman7738', and no doubt, countless others sound as if he's a dream but if you pay attention when he chats with you (from Nigeria)! His English is poor if you chat with him as well as pay attention in his emails. The good parts have obviously been copied from somebody else, but he has practiced. Anyway - beware! That old saying, 'if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is'! Silly me...
2008-09-22, 00:22:37
Damn, he's good. This is not the first time I've run across someone like this on I've become very skeptical. The story is basically the same........widowed or divorced, raising a child alone, out of the country, blah, blah, blah......... makes it hard for the few good ones out there. I'm off of match forever.
2008-09-23, 22:57:50
anonymous from United States  
I, too, have been fooled by this dating scammer. He first contacted me on, and made several flattering remarks. I thought, this guy sounds fantastic, and is so attracted to me as well. In fact, he mentioned how this was it, he was going to get off, and I should too. His language and mannerisms didn't add up. So, I became suspicious and googled him, finding this website. I felt so let down and violated. He did not get a thing from me, but it still is disappointing and discouraging to have this happen.
The worst of it though, is that even after several complaints to, he still gets through with name change after name change. I have counted over 12 websites of his face on I kept complaining to watch for his photo, do something before he scams anyone else. They responded as if they would look into it, but he continually still pops up as a match for me regularly. I don't think does enough to keep this guy off their web site. And now I noticed, they are even advertising alongside this website! How tacky.
Needless to say, I will no longer use services. I think the best way to meet someone is to get outside around people. Parks, stores, volunteer work, organized singles parties, cruises, etc. The old fashioned way. Computer dating seems to be just an avenue for curious people to chit chat and flirt, with very few truly interested in finding a mate. The rest are scammers waiting to take advantage of you.
Be careful out there, folks.
2008-10-06, 06:04:06
anonymous from Canada  
I met this girl she say was from hamilton, ontario , she say her parents are both dead and she went to nigeria for an model job, she no longer an model and been talking with her for 9 months now, she ask me for money to sent to her to help pay for things like hospital bills, hotels/motels and plane ticket, Within 9 months I sent in fee charges and out of my pocket total of $80,000 and she never show up and she still asking me to sent her $200 , I just do not have money because she wipe everything from me, put me in alot of trouble. please caught her and lock her up and went you do caught her notice me so I can met her say few words to her l am angry and so upset with her. her name she told me Tina Thomas , here email she using

2009-09-05, 02:00:25
anonymous from United States  
he also goes as michael steven cleve and is on match right now as quick2roll...i have reported him to every agency, police, ftc, etc. his photos are different on the site then the photos you have here, but when i googled quick2roll with text from his posting, this showed up and everything you are saying is everything the 'michael' i talked to for 4 months and sent money to is him. i dont believe that these are their photos...i think they use models photos, but in any event, the more people that report, the quicker he is to get caught.

i am about to call chris hanson on dateline about what happened to me...i am sure they will run with it. i am going to send his address and the info you have to the detectives and the ftc. he needs to be stopped. i also allerted about it as 'michael' went into my paypal to get that account and he also hijacked my email. ive been thru identity theft hell. he will be caught. i will testify. i hope other ladies do as well when they get him.

his email was he still has it.

i have attached his photo that he used with me below.

2009-09-12, 21:53:50
Interestinly enough while on MATCH.COM this too wonderful character pictured above Im'd me yesterday and we began to talk. Before getting to involved I wanted to research him abit and I found him here...where the scammers are. Thank You for the heads up and the photo helps too. I only hope some other woman out there is cautious as we should all be on-line OR in person with anyone new we meet. Michael Cleve is a scammer and once again will be reported for what looks to be one of a numerous times. But the best advice I can give is to be aware and alway look into someones background before you plunge into love and NEVER give anyone money. Really we are responsible for our own actions and he will take advantage of whom ever will let him. So, don't. Protect yourself. doesn't do background checks and so be dilligent in making sure you do.
2009-09-29, 04:53:48
anonymous from France  
Hi, I am French and live in France. Just to inform you that this 'Michael Beverly Smith' also may use the name of Donald Smith from Belmont, North Carolina - USA, but with another pic. Got contacted yesterday by him on myspace. I checked excerpts of the description he does of himself. The same as what I found here and on another anti-scam website.
I have become very careful as I was contacted a few days ago by a scam. I told the guy after 2 weeks that the game was over, that he was wasting his time with me as I do not have any money !! He had not asked me anything yet, but I had started making some search about him as I had noticed that too many things did not match with each other, even with the photos. He was always eluding questions when we managed to be on-line. I also found other ladies who were cheated by him.

So, be very careful ladies and gentlemen (as I found out that many men also got cheated with this kind of scammers), and never never give/send any money to someone who tells you you are the 8th wonder in the world !!! Surely, you are, but not in the way you would like them to consider you......
2014-11-29, 14:52:19
This scammer said he was in the Army, 49 and is from San Antonio, Tx and has a 9 yr old son named Steven.
His email is I am sad to say I fell for his love scam and sent money.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Michael Beverly Smith

2014-11-29, 14:58:19
This man said he was in the Army and his name was Ray Mullis 49 who lives in San Antonio , Tx and was serving in Gaza, Afghanistan . His email is He was a very good romance scammer that I am sorry to say I sent money to.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Michael Beverly Smith

2014-12-26, 03:11:25
anonymous from Malaysia  
I think really it is not true, In Uk the saalry is not so high like that and in British pounds so high? And also if the people whom you dont know ask you to send money tru Western Union just forget it, because you will see again your money like bubbles in the water. Many people pay it but I warning you , dont do it, you will lost your money. I Pity to you!!! I know every body want to go outside , espicially want to Europe , Canada , USA and Australia, thats nearly all the dreams of everybody thats why so many bad people take thier advantage to cheat money, They not thinking about your part, they thinking only how much money they can cheat!!! BE CAREFUL! The CHEATER not pity to you!!!
2015-01-14, 02:27:28   (updated: 2015-01-14, 02:30:38)

2015-01-14, 02:32:59   (updated: 2015-01-14, 02:34:03)

2015-01-14, 02:35:29
Claimed wife and baby died during childbirth. Wanted money to get back to see you. Prays on women, claims to live in Seattle, WA and a civil engineer that is working in Thailand. using FB and dating sites(twoo), possible other social media. have used names as Michael Smith, Michael, Chris, Chris Michael and Steve James. Michael 52, phone number# 253-470-8201 email address:

Ladies and Gentlemen that has been scammed for their monetary assets due to love or empathy. Don't give up on love just give up relying on dating sites for the love that God already has in store for you.

His last profession of Dying Love to me after a few weeks

Hi, Dear!Have missed you so much and I love you very much - since the very first day we talked I knew it! I knew it since that day we first chat,that we are meant for each other. It was as if sparkles of lights were dancing between us and we couldn't stop and couldn't contain ourselves by just chatting with one another. Our heartbeats beat as one since our hearts have been already been united by a union that only eternity can sustained. Every detail and movement in our body counts, every breath is significant since we have decided to live as one, to breathe as one. Our hearts met and spoke a language of silence that only the two of us could decipher. And since that day my life has taken its make me feel complete

Your Man

I think this is very sad, This guy is good or at least thought he was good. Never got a dime from me and never would have. Why would a person prey on a person vulnerabilities? Only a COWARD hides behind another person identity and how to's from the internet on being romantic. I say to you go to hell with your eyes wide open you are lower than scum. But the ultimate is the use of a dead woman and child for sympathy now that is an all time low.

2015-01-14, 16:11:31
anonymous from Peru  
names to be watch using james stuart pictures he have a son that have been in the accident in ghana elvis phone 233231608012 send money to victoria medical center james names for western unionBATHELOMI EJIRO ESHAWOMI VICTORY-MEDICAL CENTRE@ OUTLOOK.COM Dr. frederic Kofi
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