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Dating scammer Charles Wright, Richard Cirsalli, Mark Cruise, Green Cowser, Mar


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Name: Charles Wright, Richard Cirsalli, Mark Cruise, Green Cowser, Mar

Email:,, Cruise_looki

CITY:.......................VICTORIA ISLAND
STATE:....................LAGOS STATE
PHONE #:............... 2347039826310

Other Comments:
he is very charming. He says and does everything to make you happy. then he ask for money


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2010-03-13, 05:34:27
Miss Marple from Sweden  

I am a single Dad of one son and a daughter and i am looking forward in meeting a real date that would make my entire life better than ever that I have gotten for the past few years and I hope that I would one day meet the right woman that would occupied that space in my heart, I will tell you more as we talk more and get to know each other and i think we can be a friend in other to think for a dating. I believe that God has a purpose in every aspect of my life, I never knew that one day God will call me to know more about the bible,I really know that he lives in me and want ed to keep saying he is a good God.


Stephen Miller
48 / Man
Seattle, Washington, US

2010-03-24, 05:16:24
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
Hi anonymous from england.
I am the lady that put the picture of Charles Ramos and info on the site in february this year.
I am so glad u came 4ward with ur info, as it has really given me a jump start to life again.
I can now move on with my life and put him behind me as a piece of shit!!!
I am really sorry to hear that u have also suffered the heart ache i hav suffered and feel 4 u, but why didn't u not stop sending him money if u were warned about him?
Anyway he is now on under profile id FAITHWORKS.
I have reported him, so lets see what happens!
another scammer Paul_david_sam, mentioned above is also on that site under various id's, so ladies pls be aware!!!
2010-03-31, 23:36:38
Richard Cirsalli is still at it!! He has been chatting with me and has been so wonderful...until I did a search on the internet for his name! Guess what I found...him as a dating scammer!! I really appreciate that this site is here because I am a sucker for love and romance. He was recently on Yahoo personals and, of course, had to delete his profile for security reasons. He did give me a Nigerian number and sent me a text message from it as well as called me from it...pretty convincing!! the number he is using now is +2348029296511. He is VERY good so if you are reading this...please be careful. I thank God that I was smart enough to search first.

2010-04-01, 00:19:39
hurt_no_more from United States  
He is still around...Richard Cirsalli! Please please please watch out!! I had my head turned by how smooth he is...but, luckily found this cite before anything had happened. He's very good at making you think you are the most important person in the world...but really, he is just a scammer. Too bad, because if a man truly exists like he pretends to be, he would be just perfect! If you are a woman who is older than 35, watch out! He likes to prey on the women who are just starting to doubt themselves.
2010-04-01, 00:21:34
hurt_no_more from United States  
Ps. the pic above is the same person, but he looks younger and has longer spiky hair now. Check the eyes...they are the same!!!
2010-04-03, 03:14:33
anonymous from United States  
WOW! I read all this info about Ritchie (what he wanted me to call him) and sent him messages that I knew who he was, what he was doing, and threw in some 'choice' words to color the message up! They were sent to his messenger account offline, and when he logged in I was watching. He then proceeded to start messaging me wanting to know if I had sent him someone else's messages. When I told him I had found out about him and reamed him a good one, he claimed he was a victim of identity theft!! Can you believe that??? He actually tried defending himself to me for a good 2 hours! I stayed online for that long just to see how far he would actually take it...and it was FAR!! I asked him what scam he planned to use on me for money and, of course, he emphatically stated that he would NEVER have a need for my money. He said he was so hurt that my faith in him was shaken and that I didn't believe in him. I told him that I had seen pictures and messages that were exactly like the ones he sent to me. The man is really good! I can't believe that he tried like hell to convince me that everyone else in the world was lying and he was the only one telling the truth. Beware of this man!@!! He is a very bad person and I let him know that karma is a bitch! She will come after him for all that he has and will do to unsuspecting people!! Thanks to all who have posted for the heads up!!
2010-04-03, 04:42:21
Miss Marple from Sweden  
@2010-04-03, 03:14:33
anonymous from United States

im sorry that you have met an scammer! but believe me you are bespared from lot of future coming problems,please block this scammer and do never contact him again,and do never tell the scammer about this site!! Scammers are big liers even if you have prooves that he is an common thief and an criminal,they never admit this so it is useless to tell then what you know in this case,and of course he tries to make you believe that you feel guilt ,but dont believe any of this crap he is telling you !!just block him!!

I have opened up an thread to all ladys here in Delphi,how you recognize male scammers : here is an link to that page please read that page with the good information and also make postings there if you wonder about anything ore if you have something you want to share to others about your experiences about scammers..


regards Miss Marple
This image was also posted here:
How you recognize male scammers.
How you recognize male scammers.
How you recognize male scammers.

2010-04-03, 15:46:27
anonymous from United States  

2010-04-28, 08:27:42
Please help..I need to know how credible is this email.. I received last night...


Dear Valued Client,

We officially write you this mail as a result of our just concluded findings regarding you and the Fraudsters who victimized you as they in return ripped you off your hard earned money as a result of false promises that you do have some fund with them, however, we have partially and unknowingly been in line to have helped you remit your fund to this Fraudsters without due investigation which at most times are not appreciated by most of our Customers who intend to send money abroad, but yet, we still accept the fault as it is our duty to be interested in the safety of our patronizing Customers which you happen to be one of them.

The Global Crime Fighting Committee along with Money Transfer Companies, which also included Money Gram (MG) had instructed that this process of Reparation be carried out to all Victims, as a medium of showing how much we care about you and feel concerned and pity for your great lost. To this extent, we have been mandated to pay you the sum of $200,000.00 (Two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only), which is intended to be sent to you via Western Union on a daily basis of $5,000 for a whole month till the total fees, is remitted. For further enquiry, you are advised to respond to this mail.

Please to help us issue this payment to you, we urge that you detail us with your Pick-up details such as;

Receiver's Full Names
Receiver's Full Address
Receiver's Direct Phone Number
Receiver's Country
Receiver's Occupation

This data's are needed because we need to have them filed and also to have it presented to the Global Crime Fighting Committee for confirmation of Reparation. Please after this, we'll urge you to be very careful when dealing with people you have never met and be conscious of letting out your hard earned money too., As we hope and pray that you'll learn from your mistakes and seize to fall into such trap with your Reparation Prize, however, kindly contact the below person who is in position to release your payment to you.

MR Richard Bent
Transfer department
Tel: +234-813-346-7080

This Reparation prize valued at $200,000.00 only attracts the sum of $200 to be paid as the dispensation fees, once this is received, there shall be no further demands from you, and that will be all you need do to get you fund along with the required information above. NB: Please be informed that this is no kind of a joke, and that this mail is only and strictly intended to those who are willing to be compensated as we do

not hope to get response if you are not ready to ad held to this processing as been stipulated by the Western Union Board of Directives. So, be advised to response back with the perspective of sending down your details and be prepared to settle the processing cost, for without this, your mail will not be treated.

Dr. Emmanuel Kut.
Western Union Dept.
Washington, U.S.A.
2010-04-28, 10:17:06
Miss Marple from United States  
@2010-04-28, 08:27:42

This is only a fraud !! please do not send money !! Do not reply this mail with your personal data.This is an lottery fraud ,because they demand you to send first 200 dollars and they tell you that you you will recieve that 200 000 dollars after you have sending them money.Western Union do not send mails like this to no one,im very sure of this,and the telephone number in this mail is an Nigerian number,so every contact with Nigeria is an FRAUD!!

The thing you can do now is just to end your email account ,becuase this is an scammer that tries to scam you now,so my question to you is are you scammed reacent by someone?? if you are the risk is that the same scammer just tries to scam you even more this time ,but just under an different alias.So my advice is just not reply ore answer this mail at all.

regards //Miss marple//

2010-04-28, 11:50:14
Thanks miss maple.. i realised it soon after I submitted my query.. I never gave my email address to western union... the only person who knew of my account is this guy called adbul raman.. he conned me back in 2008.... he never gave up i guessed....
2010-05-04, 21:59:55
anonymous from United States  
Has anyone had any contact with this man? Says his name is Richard. Stuck in South Africa and needs money to get back to the States. My friend has been in communication with him for several months. I'm really worried that she is being scammed.

2010-05-23, 18:14:19   (updated: 2010-05-23, 18:16:46)
anonymous from United States  

Here's another one for everyone to watch out for. Looks like Chris Cameron; Cameron Christain Alberto; Chris A. Cameron also goes by Michael Ricardo. I received the below email on May 23, 2010 on I am also including a picture of him.

how are you doing and how was your day?i hope you had a stress free day today?is so nice to communicate with you out side cupid.well let me tell you about my self.i am a Veterinarian by profession; I live at Texas but was born in Peru; my Dad is from Peru, while my mum is from the UK. i am the only child who grew up in a strong home, how about you?, Were you originally from?.i sign on cupid in search of my perfect match and i hope some day i am going to find her,a friend of mine introduce me to this site.i am ready to relocate for love,if i find my perfect match some day.

Well,I am proud of my accomplishments and profession, for taking care of animals is pretty good experiences, pets are like families to my profession and i have always Love animals from the onset.. and had few pets as a child.I moved to the Texas and my first place happens to be Auston in November 2005 from our family home in UK.I am enjoying everything about this place full of loving and nice people with great character.i love my job so much and i have plans of getting my own clinic and practicing on my own very soon.I was always busy traveling for some important contract both near and far.I am the only child of my parents.I was married before i lost my wife and Daughter in a car crash since 2001 and after that i remained single until now that i joined cupid hoping that i find someone that will love me for me alone and I hope that, whether or not it turns out that I am the one for you, that you do find that one person that you need.
Am close to my parents (I consider myself one of those lucky people who was born to loving parents), and family (yours and mine) is very important to me. I am also an animal lover. We grew up with beautiful, big English Mastiffs! Some of the highlights of my life have been swimming with dolphins and manatees, meeting Jane Goodall, catching a surprise sighting of a beautiful black seal just yards from the shore. I support several wildlife causes (such as the Gorilla Foundation). My dream is to one day see the animals in the wild, and to visit Jane Goodall's Sweet water chimpanzee sanctuary.

Well i joined cupid some days back, So bare with me as I try to know you more. I love life and believe everything happens for a reason and how you handle challenges makes you a better person. One word to describe me is 'passionate' about everything I do. I love to do things for other, working in the yard, a walk with my dog having friends over, a soft kiss after not seeing my significant other all day, being appreciated, feeling safe in the arms of the one I love.

I am an individual that has a strong personality and tends to be more high strung than laid back, but is always developing a better balance. Always speaks my opinion but is conscious of other individual's feelings. My family and friends look to me as the passionate, compassionate one as I am the one everyone looks to or goes to to make everything all better. I have the biggest heart in the world and always will believe in forgiveness and generosity and the acceptance that others may not give back what I give but I will always maintain strength and conviction so I will never become cynical or negative.I am both an indoor and outdoor person that loves to appreciate the beauty of nature.I'm looking for someone who knows herself well and who has explored what has and hasn't worked in previous relationships. Someone who is confident, and isn't afraid to say 'no' and isn't afraid to say 'yes'. Someone who is comfortable in the depth of intimacy, and who can be his own person at the same time. Someone of great character who isn't easily swayed by popular opinion.

What is critical for me in a significant other? Someone who truly believes in a partnership, being strong when I may be weak, not afraid to tell me I am full of it when I might be, being my anchor as I am hers when things are tough and challenging and when things are happy. Is willing to do things that he may not want to, if they are important to me and visa versa. Understanding the importance of family. Someone that enjoys public displays of affection and the importance of intimacy and wants to work and play together understanding that you have to work at it to be successful and never being afraid to communicate and never going to bed angry.Are you seeing someone else?I will love to know that and do you have kids? how long have you been on cupid? what do you do for a living? have you been to any dating site before?i don't know how things work over here.if your answers are all in my favor then....Its going to be interesting getting to know each other :-)
I guess i have to stop here and wait for your response soonest :-)
Warmest Regards
2011-09-27, 10:33:19
anonymous from Argentina  
Has anyone been contacted by someone called Mark Henry from london? He is a naval engineer, widower, very attractive.
2011-09-27, 11:30:48
Hi anybody know of a certain james westwood of souththampon uk.well we talk for quite sometimes now and seems his very,,this lately he inform me that his sending me his gift containing of some valuable items and 20000gbp,,after 3days the package will arrived but inteads I received a notice from a certain global shipping company informing me that the package got hold at malaysian custom due to some reason and ask me to pay 300usd for the immediate release of the said package....But Im skeptical about it so I send quiry to custom officer from malaysia ,,hope I would get immediate response ,,,,please do inform me about the said name if you happen to know him or encounter him,thanks
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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