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Dating scammer David Smith


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Name: David Smith


Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Other Comments:
Very active scammer on many dating-stes, goes also as woman. Other names are ''James Collins'' or ''Derickson''. Headlines like ''Luvheart'', ''Love and affection'', ''Seeking formy soulmate''. Writes long emails and poems like this:
''There's a sea between us, love,
and I wish that it weren't true,
for every day when I awake,
I yearn to be with you.
There are many miles between us, love,
though you're always here in my heart,
and every night,
beneath the silver starlight,
I pray for the day we'll never part.''
Discribes himself in long sentences with many commas and bad grammar.

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2012-08-01, 20:55:11
anonymous from United States  
I too have been approached by Brendan Darrell who said he has a 15 yr old son is an engineer and now in nigeria with major problems. he has used every excuse to get money from me. First his sick granny in texas needed med aid and she needed some cash before the dr. would see her and since he is building a ped. bridge in lagos nigeria
and could not help her. He said he didn't want her to die. He also is attempting to do real estate. About a week ago he asked to BARROW $30,000. saying that his tool rental business he was dealing with took back the tools before he could finish his job and get paid and come home. Then he said he wanted a friend to send money from one chase bank to the one he wanted me to open and then send him the money from my account!
He even went afar as to say he was crying as he wrote! Then when I said why couldn't the friend western union it he said they don't have western union there!?
This has to be the same guy, georgous pixs of him and his son!!
Also he says he was adopted and a widower. And he seemed to have feelings for me really quickly which set off all sorts of bells. When I read the story above and saw his name I knew what I guess I already knew but didn't want to believe it.
Please be careful. This is a pro. He sends alot of religous quotes aswell as peoms. Really smooth.
thank god I never sent him money or any banking info as he requested.

2012-08-01, 21:58:46
Miss Marple from United States  
RE: Brendan Darrell
Please post the picture this scammer is using and also emailaddress.Please post the letter where the scammer is asking for money with an full header as i want to check the IP address from where the scammer is operating from .Do you know how to find an header in a mail?if not links here below for you ...when you post material to this site,edit out your emailaddress from the header ..

How to find header in mails:


Email tracer:

2012-08-04, 19:58:51
anonymous from United States  
i have been talking to this Brenden darrell or brendan darrell he is a nigerian scammer
Claiming to be in nigeria working with his son to, he spouts bible versus and alot of peoms. H e claims to be an engineer and a real estate agent. But after falling quickly in love then he asked for money for a dying granny who needed money for the hospital. then he said the tool co. he was renting his tools from took them back he then said he needed $30,000. to get the job done! Claims to be a widower with a 15yr old son and adopted. When I questioned him he got very definsive. He also called me his Queen alot which i found odd since you don't her american men use that word alot. Then he said I was leading him on to get his money, even tho he claimed to have lost $90,000. in a crude deal/scam, he said he owns no furnitue, nothing and that all they have is in their suit cases! I found that odd since I have grandsons and they have alot of stuff.
I did some research and he could be the poster child for the nigerian scammers. If that were his real pix of cource! I also thought right away that his and his sons pix looked like JCpenny ads!
Beware this one is determined, don't be fooled by his sweet talk!
2012-08-06, 11:28:25
anonymous from United States  
this person is unbelieveable! His has been talking with me until last week, when he got very pushy about me not giving him $30,000 for his tools because otherwise he was stranded in Nigeria after going down there for a contract. he says he has a 15yr old son and is a widower, he is also an engineer and is selling real estate! he had already asked for money and I declined to help, he then said I was an arrogant rude woman.
And that he would prove to me he is not a fraud when he comes back to the states. I forwarded all the info to the consolate in nigeria as well as the american embassy in nigeria,, facebook and yahoo.
He does write alot of poems and long romantic letters. He says he is a widower and will relocate for true love!!
His got unset when I confronted him, and he lost his ability to type in american lanquage style. His true self came out and he miss used alot of terms.
He's good but having an interest in P.I. work did him in.
Oh yeah, he is adopted, with no family except a sick Granny in houston, who by the way was the reason he asked for ,money the first time, because she needed the money for hospital bills in order to be treated! So he really doesn't know how america works!
He said he didn't want her to die! Give me a break! I can't wait to see if he gets caught.
He is arrogant and thinks himself very smart. Not quite as smart as he thinks!
2012-08-07, 13:46:28
Miss Marple from United States  
2012-08-06, 11:28:25

yes this is how scammers operates and people has to be on the guard with whom they are talking to online,when it comes to asking for money to hospital bills that is how you discover if you are dealing with an Nigerian scammer,Nigeria is an cash advanced country basically you have to pay in advance when you go to the doctor in Nigeria otherwise no care..

All kind regards //Miss Marple//
2013-06-01, 00:09:28
anonymous from Australia  
I first received a hit on Skype by a David smith. I deleted than received one by lt col Michael rostek. after a couple od chats I become suspicious. he sent the following poem
''There's a sea between us, love,
and I wish that it weren't true,
for every day when I awake,
I yearn to be with you.
There are many miles between us, love,
though you're always here in my heart,
and every night,
beneath the silver starlight,
I pray for the day we'll never part.''

Describes himself in long sentences with many commas and bad grammar. than goes from being well literate to less structured writing. the more he said the more I investigated and finally found this poem. he was telling me I was acting like a adolescent child and he will forgive me. I confronted him and the more he tried to cover his lies the more he unravelled. he stole the identity of Lt Col Michael Rostek. he used to excuse his wife died six years ago and he has 15 year old boy who he not see for 2 years. he boy was hungry in a military camp in Accra Ghana. address he wanted money sent to was no5 c5 road Accra Ghana. only wants questions and answer not id. he said he on navy ship in Syria. needed someone ect
2013-06-22, 14:31:37
i have been scammed by name of Gen John R. Allen as the story about he wants me to help him to provide a good food this girl alima an afghanistan child which has been takenby the UN medical workers and this girl need to be hide and wants him to adopt this girl after he will retired from Kabul Afhanistan as he said the parents was died by a wrong attacked by his command ,so he asked me to contact one of the refugee camp manager in Accrah Ghana the name of this guy Mr. Vhalan Christy ,so i contacted him initially said he need 300 US dollars for the registration and safety of this girl named alima so i have told to gen John allen he replied if i can send the money to Mr. valan christy but i have only send 50 us dollars via western union ,by 2 months after ,they said the 10 year old girl died with severe dehydrations so Gen john Allen told to me that he will go to Accrah Ghana for the burial of this muslim girl from Kabul Afghanistan after 3 days he contacted me by Gen john Allen that he needs a 100 US dollars as he was short of money to pay the airline ticket as a direct flight for malaysia ,so i have sent a 100US dollars thru western Union with the involvement of Mr. Vhalan Christy the refugee camp manager from Accrah Ghana West Africa then after they contacted me again that they get problem as there is no direct flight so need another amount 0f 100 US dollars so same i send thru western union,it is really bad that this man is a fake Gen John Allen using the accounts of this General i have found out after i send all this money a total of 250 dollars in Accrah ghana are all scammer they use change to ,i know i cannot get back my money anymore ,relaying htis story to be aware others as until now they are active in facebook and yahoo making victims andtakng money to asian womens like me
2013-10-30, 12:28:15
anonymous from Malaysia  

2013-11-18, 05:56:15
Kelly Lee Keh Li  
2013-11-18, 05:56:19
Kelly Lee Keh Li  
2013-11-18, 05:56:21
Kelly Lee Keh Li  
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