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Dating scammer Carl Hamm


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Name: Carl Hamm


Raeford, North Carolina

Other Comments:
Typical Scammer. IP address is Ghana from staart to finish although went as far as pretending to make a trip to my state, hotel reservation too. Script was to cancel, have to take a trip, disappear for a while, reappear and ask for things to be sent to him. phone is area code in NM, same as american express stolen creditcard

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2010-01-04, 19:38:16
anonymous from United States  
well first off you would have to be his 'friend' and his african friends are already into 'him' since he uses a fictional name and theirs are african, assuming they already know his 'wares'. secondly it is a dangerous game to bait scammers. He links to a rastafarian page and I''m betting it is a gang of sorts. Better to let the raeford police and FBI look into it
2010-01-06, 18:06:04   (updated: 2010-01-06, 18:16:59)
anonymous from United States  
Here is 'our man' be prepared for a shock. The main photo on the page is a rap artist. I had to look back to his comments on his own photo
2010-01-06, 18:20:12   (updated: 2010-01-06, 18:32:44)
anonymous from United States  

2010-01-20, 12:47:04
You know I am reading all this stuff on Carl Hamm. Ladies and gents I got scammed for more then 10K. Agent 86 is so right. Has much as your angry for your sister, you have got to be careful. This man doesn't exsit he is a fraud, like what part of fraud and scammer don't you understand. Read up on the FBI page and you will change your mind about trying to get back at this pigs.

Remember they have all your sisters information. like this Jerk has all of mine. I quickly moved and changed my phone number and blocked this scum bag from my e-mail. I was devestated and hurt when I found out about him. I lost everything. His stories were so good and so true. The whole freeken Gouvernment is invloved. They set them up, they protect these ass holes. Why because there is billion of dollars that come into Africa because of these scammers. The sad part of this is the children in the same country that are dying of starvation and sickness, it appaling. They prey on women on the Christian dating line. They are professionals and no matter how much you threaten them, you really threating air. He is not real he is a fraud and a scammer. He does this for a living and he has the support of the freeken gouvernment.

Good luck sweetie. My advise is to forget and move on, Save yourself alot of heartache and frustration. God Bless you.
2010-01-23, 13:34:02
AverageAmerican from United States  
Today, Jan. 23, 2010.... I was helping a friend I have not known very long with her internet dating stuff. Well, Carl Hamm, contacted her this past week on a Christian website dating service. Thank the Good Lord above that she told me as much as she did about his emails to her and phone conversations. I first started out looking for any public court records on this guy in NC and when I didn't get anywhere with that, I just put his name in Google and low and behold this website came up. I read through the majority of the posts on here and INSTANTLY gave my friend a call and read many of the EXACT same things from others' comments on here to her!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for posting these blogs!!! She would have possibly fallen for this guys tricks too. I told her to also give his name to the FBI and local sheriffs dept of NC. I'm sure there is not much they can do about him but keeping his scam efforts reported are a life saver like it was today!
I am new to this site but will try to post the photos of this guy that were sent to my friend.
God Bless you all and just so you know, don't be discouraged looking for online love because of losers like Carl, because I know plenty of people, including myself, who have found love, marriage, friendships by internet. There are good and honest people out there but sometimes we have to go thru a few of the weeds to find the fruitful relationships! I too have met a few losers online until Mr. Right came along. So don't give up, just keep your head on, listen to your instincts and above all.... keep track of ANY red flags!!!

2010-01-23, 13:34:43
AverageAmerican from United States  
Here's the other photo of Carl Hamm.... beware.

2010-01-26, 20:48:35
anonymous from United States  
GREAT! WONDERFUL! It is working...Just cannot believe he is pulling the same old stuff!
2010-01-28, 10:20:56
What you need to do is when he is on a site you need to report him to the site as a scammer. If you see him on hotmail, Yahoo, or whatever just report him to the site and he will be blocked.

We cannot do much, The authorities are doing nothing about these men & women who prey on innocent people so we have to do something, however if we make it harder and harder to get on any e-mail sites at least were making it harder to scamm women.

One more thing, ladies he is always on the Christian sites. What better women to get then christian women who think everyone is so nice, especially this scum bag who quotes scriptures and tells you he wants to be a Pastor.

2010-03-10, 23:09:53

I wonder what the news is on the authorities doing anything about these blokes?
2010-03-19, 10:20:18   (updated: 2010-03-19, 10:26:08)
Why would the authorities stop these scum bags. They are the ones setting them up in the cafes and giving them all they need to scam innocent people. This is a business. They bring in millions of dollars to the country. What is more discusting is if at least they would feed their own, they don't even do that.They are aniamls.
Beware ladies, read up on the FBI page there are things that are going on that the scammers do and they are backed up by the terriorest and the authorities of the country, Nigera, Ghanna, that would make the hair on your head stand up. The sad and discusting part to all of this, the Real Carl Hamm does not even know what is happening. These pictures are not of the man writting to you, this guy in the picture probably doesn't even know, the picture are taken from a wed site. If ever anyone ever talked to this supposedly Carl Hamm, you will see he can't even speak english, he can't even write the language.
So ladies and especially Christian ladies beware of him and anyone who claims to fall in love with you after the secound e-mail. I got scamed for a lot of money. I wish I had read this sooner.
2010-03-19, 13:51:34
OJAS from United States  
2010-03-19, 18:27:41
anonymous from United States  
Samuel Edwards on facebook (aka Carl Hamm) has a 'real birthday 0ctober 14th. Lets remember to wish him a happy birthday. Here is another useful link, thanks for the one above...It shows how the person like the real Carl Hamm suffer from the identity theft.

2010-04-02, 15:56:21
the caption read 'boyz hard at work for Easter' They call them selves 'yahoozie' for the favorite chat/ mail
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer SAMUEL EDWARDS

2010-04-12, 19:39:26
this is actually good news when seen in relationship to the overall picture.

I realize that civil liberties can be breached but If you aren't a yahoozie or you aren't doing anything wrong, it might showforward progress.
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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