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Dating scammer Stan Decker


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Name: Stan Decker


operated first from NC/USA, originally from Chicago
then from Ghana (as business trip),
then from UK

his used phone numbers:
001-7165246573 (from USA)
002332-76876884 (from Ghana)
0044-7031848083 and finally 0044-7031949402 (from UK)
interesting that, when I call right now this second UK phone, I am transferred to many phone lines (with many different ring tones) and finally I end up with an answering machine in SPANISH !!! lol

Other Comments:
posted age: 48 years
loneeducational widower of 6 years old boy (name: Kelvin, sometimes Kevin..?), his wife died view years ago due to cancer,
from dating site: (but deleted his profile after 2 weeks chatting with him, unfortunately I don't have the nick anymore)
self-employeed, business: import/export of used cars

A bit of his unbelievable story: handsome guy, widower, with a 6 years old boy want to get his happiness back in life, very nice person, loving, caring, like the dream of man you have looked for. Very good english language skills, no african slang at all !! even some mistakes in writing which made me suspicious already.
After get in touch with him by chat, e-mail, phone, I felt in love very soon. Then, beginning of this year, he had to go on a business trip to Ghana. After arrival the shit started already, all his luggage + computer was stolen at the airport (first time he asked for money to support him getting up his business there and I trusted him). Then he was observed from the police there and finally arrested; was treated bad in the arrest and had some health problems. Barrister called and asked for money to guarantee his release, possible within 48 hours only, which put me much under pressure to send again money. Finally it went nevertheless to the court, again costs to pay. AFter his release, the police still hidden all his belongings... Then he was infected by food-poisoning, medical treatments in hospital, he staid 2 weeks in hospital. After this, he asked for the money to finally finaciate his returnal ticket to UK to get back to his son and family there (he said he has an uncle in UK, living there with him now). He want to make me believe that he has huge money (around 2,5 Mill USD) on foreign bank accounts, cos he was able to finalize his business in Ghana. So he is and was always a rich person, but he can not access to his money now, esp. in Ghana. I should contact a bank manager, to shift the money to my account. He would trust me and it will be for our future... of course, I refused to do so, cos I knew that all this is wrong, something is wrong with the guy (thanks GOD).
Each time I send him money, it was always to do for his sake and our future, to build up a family. and it would be the last time, then he would be able to deal with his problems his own. He even played the very very sad game with me to tell me that he will kill hisself, when nobody is willing to help him out of this mess. He is real and only all the circumstances has screwed up his life now, just in that moment, where we get to know each other..... lol. Back to UK he tried to get a loan to UK and I should pay again a deposit to get this loan. Now this loan he told me is on his bank account in UK but frozen there cos he has to pay another fee + anti terror documents to be deliver.......
After all this shit, I lost the trust to him, I stoped with all financial support now, but... i lost a huge amount of money, beeing soo stupid to believe in him, in his words. I really fall on him, it was all so nice and trustworthy and probably that what I wanted to get in a man... a dream catcher.
But, unfortunately, at that time (early 2008) I was not at all aware of such scammer stories and methods to cheat on women. STep by step I get behind all this now also due to this very useful site here. I always considered a fraud in this guy, but on the other side it was so well organised, step by step, and I really thought it could be real as well. he organised it slowly, with much time to always convince me in between and get my trust back. But when I read all similar stories here, it's like confirmation of beeing a victim.
What made me so hard to believe, that neither his family, nor his business partner nor friends will be ready to help him out of his mess, it's always only me, he can count on.... his so called sister is not willing, nor his uncle where his son is living now with him, was not willing to help.... for me unbelievable and at that time I got suspecious.
But on the other side, this so called barrister called me a lot of time, this doc in Ghana too, and even his uncle and nephew I have spoken with. And they called me too a lot of times (so not only me I had to call), and I thought if they call me so often, it can not be a fraud... but I guess they are all unreal people. I don't trust anybody anymore.

Has anybody made his own, simlar, other 'experience's as well with this guy here ?? Each comment on this guy I highly appreciate.

To all other women out there reading this: pl.s do not sent this guy money, not even a single cent to this guy, even I am not sure that he is a scammer, but it looks damn like a SCAM !!!

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2008-10-12, 15:39:05
anonymous from Germany  
Hello to all here !

I have a question to this guy ' Stan Decker'. The name
Maxwell Farell AAron that the name of the black or the white male? I know this guy too......but i know also...that other guys are using the same pic.
2008-10-12, 16:31:30
anonymous from Germany  
yes, that's exactly what I mean with my previous posting...
How can I be sure that this black guy who has shown his face now by webcaming is my scammer.
I have been contacted by STan Decker with the personality of this white guy, I have posted here. Of course, I know now that this is not his real identity.
Stan Decker, this name belongs to the white guy here, not to the black one.
Have you been contacted by him too ?? if so, would be nice to exchange each other.
2008-10-12, 18:14:43   (updated: 2008-10-12, 18:20:54)
anonymous from Germany  

Yes....i have contact with this guy since nearly 2 years now. I know the hotmail of stan4you_105....and so on too.....but he has given me another mail address i was using all this time. i was so stupid to send him money....and i lost a lot!
He called me on friday....and now he is waiting of a response of me.

Ok....i was stupid....but what is really bothering me is....he has had a very good contact to my daughter....promised her a lot...of course.

I haven´t any let me ask you.
what are the name of the attorney and the doc who was calling you...or the uncle in the uk?? That are things i want to know...if it is possible...of course.

What i cannot understand all the time....i was searching in the net....per e-mail address...and his name. Per e-mail i found him by a side called reunion. This is a page you can search class mates.
With the name Stan Decker i found a lot of pages. But this guy has an official side...and it wasn´t he...

2 days ago.....after chatting and calling with internet was having problems.-...i couldn´t get a connection with the firefox, and so i got the message to load the side again.
and a ghost were in my pc....this side scammer...Stan Decker....and i thought.....oh no.....shit !!! But i have had it always in my mind.....but i could not find anything....and so i thought....ok.....perhaps he is really in trouble.

But in all the time....he refused to show me the reasons of course. I have to understand that...because his lap got robbed...and i haven´t to answer strange calls from Ghana...because there are a lot of scammers...and so on
That has given me the feeling....that it is true what he was telling me.n trouble.

Ok...i think i have a lot to tell....but at the moment im a little confused...i can understand it
So i will post it tomorrow

By the way...another guy is using the pic of him by meetic.....with the nickname...ronwool....but it he has another phonenumber....and another voice

2008-10-13, 08:29:28
anonymous from Germany  
Hmm....i saw on another scammer side now......that this guy is listed there too....with this e-mail, But there is another foto of him....he send it to me too.

So i don´t think....that the other Lady is having his real pic or name. It seems....he loves the name farell.....whether it is a maxwell farrell aaron or a jacob.
But one thing is sure.....i know about of 3 guys who are using the same pic like he
2008-10-13, 14:20:20   (updated: 2008-10-13, 14:46:26)
anonymous from Germany  
oooh my God, this bastard !!!! I really feel for you, from woman to woman, from victim to victim. I have lost 8.000 EUR !!!! and we had contact since Dec. 2007 up to now. In April I have sent him the last money, but he is not giving up to convince me now, that he is not a scammer, that he is real. He is so damn good in setting you up.
Be careful with this person. Don't believe him anything anymore, pls. It's just hurting you. I know what I am talking about, I am also still soooo deeply hurtet. Not only the loss of money, it's also the emotional aspect. And the fact that he knows everything on me, this really scares me. He has received pictures from me, my son !, my private phone numbers and my private address. This really scares me.

I am posting all that here, just to help to avoid more losses for other women, like you (and it seems that you lost as well a lot, as you posted). Or just open up the women eyes on this bastard. He is damn good, has not at all an african accent, and even his english is pretty good. So, I really don't know, if he is a black african, or probably another nationality, doing the same scam, who knows.

He contacted me on Thursday last week. Here is the text:

stan sendete 09.10.2008 14:36:
honey we shouldn't always be getting another upset
stan sendete 09.10.2008 14:36:
it's not fair
stan sendete 09.10.2008 14:36:
i love you and will do nothing to hurt your feelings
stan sendete 09.10.2008 14:36:
am always loving you in my heart till all is over then you see me
stan sendete 09.10.2008 14:36:
so keep calm and learn how to treat me in this my presence situation
stan sendete 09.10.2008 14:37:
i don't want anything to make me sad or spoil my day
stan sendete 09.10.2008 14:37:
i love you and you can call me if you want to hear from me
stan sendete 09.10.2008 14:37:
your 2 numbers doesn't work anymore.. i know you've changed it because of me
stan sendete 09.10.2008 14:37:
hugs and kisses, I love you.

and again on Friday last week:

Sie haben gerade einen 'Rrring!' von Stan erhalten!

Stan sagt:
sweetheart hi
Stan sagt:
i hope you are ok
Stan sagt:
am thinking about you always

Stan lädt Sie ein, 'Webcam-Übertragung senden' zu starten. Möchten Sie die Einladung Annehmen (Alt+X) oder Ablehnen (Alt+Y)?
(I had the webcam connected, and he has invited me to show my cam, but I refused).

me sagt:
Stan sagt:
Stan sagt:
how are you doing
me sagt:
I am ok
Stan sagt:
and my boy? (he means my son)
me sagt:
Stan sagt:
Stan sagt:
thus all i wanna know
Stan sagt:
take care of yourself
me sagt:
that's all what you wanna know and tell me ? I always and only take care of myself now.
me sagt:
Stan sagt:
babe do that
Stan sagt:
Stan sagt:
i love you
Stan sagt:
you should call me and stop all this complain.. i need to hear your voice sometimes babe
Stan sagt:
call me now honey
me sagt:
then you have to call me
Stan sagt:
show yourself, your true love once again...
me sagt:
I don't call anymore and waste even 1 single cent on you...

then he went off (yes of course, as always when it's getting to unpleasant for him)

I had some contacts in his regards, like:
the barrister in Ghana: Osman Dudu (I don't know, if it's correctly written)
I was in contact with him many many times. Even he called me all the time, therefore, I really believed all this story in Ghana. I even called a police station in Ghana where he was arrested, talked with a so called police officer and he granted me for 3 min. to speak to Stan..... (my God, all this bullshit)
The doc's name was: Dr. Williams (with a real strong african accent !)
I had also another name where I transferred money to Ghana the first time, to: Kennedy Flint. his uncle's name in UK , I just have: Mr. Alex (this I found strange); I had phone contact also once with his nephew: Raul (I guess it was this).
And Stan told me that he has a sister, but I don't know her name (hahahaha, if she is ever existing, lol). and his business partner... but for both (sister and partner), he refused to give me a contact number. He always mentioned that nobody is readdy to help him, except me.....

So, I know how you feel, I guess, all what I am writing here, it sounds very similar to you. He had put the same shit story on you too. I can totally understand you in all your fears in all your hurtings. For me it's absolutely the same, still.
I really felt in love with this guy. I have seen very early some signs that all his story can not be true, but I found always excuses why this is the case and found anyhow my trust back. That was my mistake and my destiny. But for me it was always sooo strange that even his family is not willing to help him, not even with 600 EUR, which is not that high amount. I have spoken 3 times with his 'uncle'.
And in April, Stan drove it to the absolute: he told me that he want to kill himself. He is not able to live with all what he put on me, he can not live with his situation anymore.
He gave me a deadline, the exact day, where he is planning to kill himself and he asked me to take his son after his death. And then also his family would see, what they lost, then the family had to take care of his son.... I was fully shocked.... and that was the last time he received money from me. the really last time.
You see, what this guy is able to tell you, just to get your money. he is only interesting in your money, nothing more. He even would not care of his son, not of you, nothing.
He cares only of receiving money !!!!
Be careful, pls.!! don't trust him nomore. And don't tell him here this side (but I am not sure, if he get's this side already). Du bist 2 Jahre betrogen worden von ihm, ich 'erst' 11 Monate.... ich glaube es reicht, oder ?? Kannst du nochmal hier posten, welche Kontaktdaten du hattest (Tel.nummern, und diese andere E-mail Adresse).

I really would speak to you privately on the phone, but of course, I will not post any phone number here (and you should neither)... I don't know if the admin can help in this case ?? (Peter, wenn wir Frauen aus Deutschland beide dir unsere e-mail adressen geben. Kannst du vielleicht einen Kontakt herstellen ??? wäre super und glaub ich sehr hilfreich für beide - wäre so eine Idee).
2008-10-13, 14:27:58
anonymous from Germany  
I have another remark:
I am pretty sure, if you have since 2 years contact with this guy, he has sent you a lot of love letters, loving e-mails.
Check out:
There you will find some phrases he just copy & paste and use it in his own e-mails.
His e-mails are clever: first the first paragraphs he is referring to your own situation, is asking you about yourself and your feelings. If you carefully read it once more, then you will see that it's a bit different written in the style, as when he is changing to the used phrases from .
I have checked this out and you can see, when you know about it.
Check it out.

Nevertheless, I know it's hard for you, but have a nice evening !!!
2008-10-13, 14:41:48
anonymous from Germany  
I also checked his name and contact address all the time in the internet. I was not able to find anything within these month. That's also the reason why I trusted him.
And I was not at all aware of such scam methods in that intense.
He sended me pralines and flowers through a company '' through the internet. I even tried to contact this company... no result.

I really trusted him, till I found this page, but he was not posted here, neither with name, nor with photos.
So again, I felt like a confirmation, that he is a true guy, that all his story is correct.
But then I found here a foto, which was very similar to his son Kelvin. And another posting that on the page: many scammers getting and steeling their fotos. And their I found all the fotos he hisself sent me from his son Kelvin.... it was like a bang in my face and my heart. I felt, like my heart not beating anymore. I was soooo deeply shocked. But even on this model agency side, he is not posted with this pics (the white guy, I posted here)... I tried all my best to find out, where he catched these fotos, because they are not fotos really from a model.
So far, I have not found his pictures in the net.
But then I found another scammer side: www. And ... there he is posted with another picture, an older one, where this person is much younger, posted already in 2006. That was enough confirmation for me, to be sure, that he is really a scammer. Then I posted my story here.

From which dating site you was getting in touch with STan Decker ? Also meetic ?
which nick name he had there ? (I forgot it, and he was soo quick to delete his profile there. At that time it was amazing for me, for me it was like a sign that he is serious with me.... lol.... what a joke).

I really would love to exchange more with you... if you like too.

2008-10-14, 12:43:17
anonymous from Germany  
Hello again,

of course....i would love it to exchange more with you too ! Maybe we can find a way to do that.

Well....i met him him on meetic....his nickname was.....slydomda. I haven´t any clue with what nick he wrote to you. Maybe it was another one.
The phone number from Ghana is the same what is listed here. His e-mail and

Oh.....our good old Kennedy Flint....yes...that was the address to send the money.
The attorney who called me was a Mr. Williams! Then a lot of doc´s....a Dr. Smith, Dr. Williams, Dr. Mensah, and so on
Mr Williams called me a lot. And the best is....Mr Williams told me ....that he is annoyed about Stan, because....all the time he would call him....he were in his hotel...sitting with his ass on the pool and waiting that otheres are helping him out of his mess....instead to do something to come out himself! ( sorry...i must laugh now.....that is all so carzy!!)

He want to finish his job with Stan....because he is fed up with him... it were always the same with him...and he has other things to do than such a shit!

And then he said a sentence....maybe it has been better for listen the right way. He said....and mentioned my name...i don´t think....that he is the right man for you. I do you mean that now? He answered: ' I think he pretend to be someone to you ...but he is not the man you think he is!' I confused now...why you are telling me that now? He said:' Something is wrong with this man...but i cannot tell you what it is...but for me he is strange...
As he were behind iron bars....he gave me the number of his sister in New Jersy.....i tried to get a line to her...but it wasn´t possible. I tried several times....but no chance. Then i have misplaced the number and asked him again for the number....but he is refusing all the time to give me her number again....why he is doing that? I answered: 'I don´t know...i will talk to him...maybe he will give it to me!

That all made the story more true for me.

So i asked Stan for this number and he refused again! He told me....his sister is self-employed....with Gold and jewelleries...and she travelled a lot....maybe she is making a trip now.....and he could reach her in a few days. But his sister were in all the time not reachable.
So i said:' Hey....what is that told me...your sister has kids...and they have to go to school....and so you cannot tell me....she is away for a lot of month.....who are keeping her kids while she is away? He answered:' Good question...i will not hope that something is happened to her...i think i have to search her...when im back in the states. Hmm...maybe she relocated in another apartment...i have to search her if im back.

Then he asked me to do him a favour. I should call a friend of him in the states. He couldn´t get a line to him. He gave me the number...but...the phone was ringing....but no one picked up the call.

A few days later he told me....he reached the sister of his friend and he learned that he is in the UK for a business trip. I should call him and asked him...if it is possible to help him out with 5000$ to get out of this mess.
The name of this guy was....Henry Peterson. So i called him and asked him for that money. He said....he cannot give 5000$...because he haven´t that money at hand now. A few days later Mr. Peterson called me....said....he could be able to send 3000$ and asked me for the details how to send the money to Stan.
So i gave him the details, that he have to send it to Kennedy Flint!

And Stan was soooo happy with me...that i have done him this favour ( funny!) Well...this was a thing too what made it true for call a friend of him and asked to help him.

He told me too that he will kill hisself. I said….hmm….if you think that will help you….i don´t think so!
By another chat he mentioned that again….that he will poisen hisself, because all is too difficult…and he cannot putt all on me ….and so on…. and as we ended the chat....and he said....have a nice weekend....i answered.....have a nice weekend too....and a happy death! But don´t forget to tell Mr. Williams before....because he has to pay your funeral !!
( I don´t know why….but Stan wasn´t happy with me in this moment !! hahahahahaaaaa)

I am sorry when all sounds a little confused what am writing here.....but it is too much what happened in all this time and i have to put myself together. I think it is better....when am writing step by step.
I hope you can understand it…..because you´re in the same situation than me

Have a nice evening !!
2008-10-14, 13:17:38
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Hi.. So much of this story is similar to Michael Brown from the uk gone over to ghana on business. See the Michael Brown story on here. Michael also threatened to kill himself cos i wudnt send more money etc. The laptop i DID send like an idiot i tell myself now went to Elliot Hammond (his driver lol) who picked it up for him from Accra Ghana post code 00233 tel 00233285213709. He knew all about how to send stuff through DHL etc. His story is very plausible. He is obviously very experienced at it. He uses with me and he is online all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when i go to speak to him he always says 'baby can i spk in about n hr pls im just eating' or on the phone to 'the agents' He is just a dirty money grabbing scum bag preying on professional women. I met him on Dating Direct and yes he took his profile off very quickly 'i did that for u baby cos u r gonna be my wife!!!!!!!! and you know im not still looking' etc etc I feel sick just thinking about him now. Keep away from him all he wants is money, money money and lots of it! ps watch out for Claudia his daughter in the states doing Business Administration too. She comes online too and has a photo! worshipping the ground he walks on and tries to pursuade you to help her dad out cos she is v worried and cant even think or conentrate on her books at the moment with all the worry!!!!!! Bless her hey!
2008-10-14, 14:39:20   (updated: 2008-10-14, 14:40:34)
anonymous from Germany  
wow... unbelievable.... exactly more or less the same shit story he put on me.
this attorney, in my case Osmana Dudu, he also told me that he is fed up with Stan.
I have spoken many many times with him and he told me that he will help Stan to get out of the jail only for me. He has the feeling that I am a nice lady and my willingness to help him is really exceptional. And when all is over we will be together and all is good.... (hahahahahaha)....

Where is 'your' Stan right now ? in Ghana or UK ?

For me, he would like me to believe that he back to UK and living with his uncle and family and it's such an unpleasant situation there. I asked him many times, when he has no money at all, how is surviving there with his son Kelvin. Right now, he told me that he has started to work in a garage of a friend there and he is trying himself to get out of his mess. Then he want to pay me back and then he will be there for me, he want to be with me forever in his life (what a joke). I know that this will never happen.

He tried also to put or send several times his 3,2 Million USD to me, which of course I always refused to take to my account (hahahaha, no way. I was too stupid to send him my good money, but for this, no way, I don't give him any bank details from me). He alway mentioned it's for us, for our future and we need it when he is out of Ghana, out of the shit. Then the bank (swiss bank) refused to send him over the money to UK and he had to pay some antiterror fees and blablabla... he asked me again for money... I have not sent him. AFter this shit of his 'killing story', of which I have 'protected' him with my last money transfer..... lol. Then he organised a loan of a huge amount of a spanish bank, but then he told me that the International Money Fund has put a stop order on the money, which is now on his account in UK, and he had to bring anti-terror documents and again USD 9.600, of what he asked me for again...
Of course, I have not sent anthing anymore. I beged me many many times to stop beeing stubborn and annoying of him, he would need this money and bla bla bla.
The last development was that he had met a consul in UK who is travelling to UK and he wants to help him bringing 10.000 USD to my house.... hahahahaha.... what a joke.
a Consul, as money transfer person, for Mr. STan Decker.... hahahahahaha... that was really great. At the last days in August he told me that a friend in France is trying to help him out. But he needs me to send the money in his regard.... no no no. Not with me anymore. I refused all. I will not get anymore in contact with people I don't know, for at least a person, I know that his identity is wrong !!! for what ? ! NO WAY.

Stan was really upset with me... he asked my why I have changed my attitude towards him in that way.... lol.... and I told him that I am not dealing with a scammer, who is just out for my money and want to cheat on me. I knew that all is a fraud.
BUT Still he is trying to convince me that is not a scammer. He is trying to calming me down, I should stay quite and when all is over, he will come back to me and then I will see him and I would really regret what I told him.... (but we all know that this would never be the case...)

Can you tell me when he told me to kill himself ? when was this ?
Are you calling him still on the Ghana number ? or in UK ?
he also refused to give me the phone number of his sister.. he told me, she is married and that her husband don't want that contact with him and he would refuse to help him.
ONce I forced him so much that he has given me a number in the US... but I have checked this and it was his own phone number, I have contacted him the first weeks of our contact, before he left to visit his uncle in UK for christmas 2007.

what I will do, I will send the administrator here my e-mail address and ask him to organise a contact between us. This could be an option to get in private contact.

Have a good evening
2008-10-14, 15:30:11
Peter (Admin) from United States  
Eine der betrogenen Frauen hat mir eine Email geschrieben, mit der Bitte, den Kontakt mit den anderen Opfern herzustellen. Also schreibt mir an ptiemann_2000 AT
und ich werde das weiterleiten.

2008-10-15, 23:05:07
anonymous from Australia  
maybe someone can help me:
How do I get my scammers IP number ?? Everybody is posting and speaking about these IP's... But how do I get them.
I just have his e-mail address, which is a (so no yahoo address, where I have learnt are headers shown). Do this guy has to be online when to get this IP ?
Or can I also find it out differently.
Thanks a lot for you help.

Oh my dear girls! I feel so sorry for you all ;.; I never had to put up with all this, most of the time I can pick up which ones are scammers and play with their mind :D (You should try it one day. Its good fun. Once they start asking for money, refuse, and make up a sadder story then theirs. :D Last guy thought I was a drug dealer. )

I'm not a hacker. Far from it, and can't tell you how to get IP addresses from YIM or MSN. However, if you want to get it badly, create a site though the host Proboards. They are completely free and you don't have to maintain them at all. Just say you would like to use the site for contact rather then your email for work purposes. When he sends you a post, you can view his IP address at the bottom of the post section. (you'll see it)

Other then that, you really need to be a good hacker to get any sort of information about it. A friend of mine is capable of doing it, and has done so. When one of his friends was being stalked, he got the IP address from the messages, and tracked him down to his house and took a photo of it. :D
2008-10-16, 00:17:18
How to Find IP address
2008-10-16, 06:54:24
anonymous from Netherlands  
2008-10-17, 09:14:26
anonymous from Germany  
Hi I can asure you we have the real pic of the scammer
its a black guy ( what else )

Im sorry to hear you fell for his charmes too
its soo sick and when i see this new Friend ( ?? ) site perfspot
its aalmost behind imagination how much the re are listed there

we ve listed quite a few at our forum yet

Register is free and you get a bunch of Info on this scumbags ( sorry )

take care and stay scammerfree

a member of
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You have received photos and wonder if these photos has been posted here before? Because you suspect this could be a dating scammer, but you do not want to post this picture? Try the Picture Search