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Dating scammer Stan Decker


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Name: Stan Decker


operated first from NC/USA, originally from Chicago
then from Ghana (as business trip),
then from UK

his used phone numbers:
001-7165246573 (from USA)
002332-76876884 (from Ghana)
0044-7031848083 and finally 0044-7031949402 (from UK)
interesting that, when I call right now this second UK phone, I am transferred to many phone lines (with many different ring tones) and finally I end up with an answering machine in SPANISH !!! lol

Other Comments:
posted age: 48 years
loneeducational widower of 6 years old boy (name: Kelvin, sometimes Kevin..?), his wife died view years ago due to cancer,
from dating site: (but deleted his profile after 2 weeks chatting with him, unfortunately I don't have the nick anymore)
self-employeed, business: import/export of used cars

A bit of his unbelievable story: handsome guy, widower, with a 6 years old boy want to get his happiness back in life, very nice person, loving, caring, like the dream of man you have looked for. Very good english language skills, no african slang at all !! even some mistakes in writing which made me suspicious already.
After get in touch with him by chat, e-mail, phone, I felt in love very soon. Then, beginning of this year, he had to go on a business trip to Ghana. After arrival the shit started already, all his luggage + computer was stolen at the airport (first time he asked for money to support him getting up his business there and I trusted him). Then he was observed from the police there and finally arrested; was treated bad in the arrest and had some health problems. Barrister called and asked for money to guarantee his release, possible within 48 hours only, which put me much under pressure to send again money. Finally it went nevertheless to the court, again costs to pay. AFter his release, the police still hidden all his belongings... Then he was infected by food-poisoning, medical treatments in hospital, he staid 2 weeks in hospital. After this, he asked for the money to finally finaciate his returnal ticket to UK to get back to his son and family there (he said he has an uncle in UK, living there with him now). He want to make me believe that he has huge money (around 2,5 Mill USD) on foreign bank accounts, cos he was able to finalize his business in Ghana. So he is and was always a rich person, but he can not access to his money now, esp. in Ghana. I should contact a bank manager, to shift the money to my account. He would trust me and it will be for our future... of course, I refused to do so, cos I knew that all this is wrong, something is wrong with the guy (thanks GOD).
Each time I send him money, it was always to do for his sake and our future, to build up a family. and it would be the last time, then he would be able to deal with his problems his own. He even played the very very sad game with me to tell me that he will kill hisself, when nobody is willing to help him out of this mess. He is real and only all the circumstances has screwed up his life now, just in that moment, where we get to know each other..... lol. Back to UK he tried to get a loan to UK and I should pay again a deposit to get this loan. Now this loan he told me is on his bank account in UK but frozen there cos he has to pay another fee + anti terror documents to be deliver.......
After all this shit, I lost the trust to him, I stoped with all financial support now, but... i lost a huge amount of money, beeing soo stupid to believe in him, in his words. I really fall on him, it was all so nice and trustworthy and probably that what I wanted to get in a man... a dream catcher.
But, unfortunately, at that time (early 2008) I was not at all aware of such scammer stories and methods to cheat on women. STep by step I get behind all this now also due to this very useful site here. I always considered a fraud in this guy, but on the other side it was so well organised, step by step, and I really thought it could be real as well. he organised it slowly, with much time to always convince me in between and get my trust back. But when I read all similar stories here, it's like confirmation of beeing a victim.
What made me so hard to believe, that neither his family, nor his business partner nor friends will be ready to help him out of his mess, it's always only me, he can count on.... his so called sister is not willing, nor his uncle where his son is living now with him, was not willing to help.... for me unbelievable and at that time I got suspecious.
But on the other side, this so called barrister called me a lot of time, this doc in Ghana too, and even his uncle and nephew I have spoken with. And they called me too a lot of times (so not only me I had to call), and I thought if they call me so often, it can not be a fraud... but I guess they are all unreal people. I don't trust anybody anymore.

Has anybody made his own, simlar, other 'experience's as well with this guy here ?? Each comment on this guy I highly appreciate.

To all other women out there reading this: pl.s do not sent this guy money, not even a single cent to this guy, even I am not sure that he is a scammer, but it looks damn like a SCAM !!!

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2008-10-17, 17:36:17
anonymous from Germany  
What is making you so sure, that this guy is Stan Decker you were webcammuing with? ( or better this Maxwell Farell Aaron ) On the mention here....they can see how they use tricks to hide their true identificaton. They say.....they are fixing fotos on the cam. And whence you want know that his real name is Maxwell Farrell Aaron?? Was he telling you that?

And when it really is the true identification of this guy....have you send all informations you got of him to the EFCC that they can catch him. To stop this guy... cheating and scamming on women to get their money??

That is what I want to know now

2008-10-17, 18:06:20
anonymous from United States  
Your story seems eerily like mine. My scammer claimed to be extremely wealthy too. Told me to begin looking at 5 million dollar homes here so we could live there after he came home from his work in Ghana. Asked me to send computers and phones and workboots to him for his sattelite office there. Began getting sick, mine claimed Malaria and said the Embassy told him he had to complete the medication with the doctor he had started with, which, of course, required that I send him money.
He claimed to be in diamond and gold mining (look up Claude Eichmann here on this site to see the pics of gold bars and diamonds he sent me), and had one of his workers steal one of the big diamonds. Suddenly, after getting more plots to mine, he ran out of money and needed BIG money from me to ship his gold home.
All lies, of course, but I had no idea until about the time he came down with Malaria. Off I went on a wild goose chase to find help for him, which led me to the Ghanian Embassy website which in turn led me to the romance scam alert posted there.
Of course, he had no one but me to help him. lol.
Anyway, I am wiser and poorer for having met this thief.
2008-10-18, 07:03:42
anonymous from Germany  
HI yes we re in contact with the EFCC too !!!

we re doing what we can to catch and fight back the criminals
its soooooooooooooooo sick realy

also beware of of
there a lot of romance scammers registerd too there !!

ladies beware ...

a member of

stay scammerfree ALWAYS
2008-10-20, 14:13:01
2008-11-11, 15:56:29
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Well i am still being emailed by 'Michael Brown' who has very similar stories to Stan Decker. He claimed to have lost my phone numbers so i was delighted! Then about a week later he must have found them again cos he started to call me telling me he needs to give his investors my number so they can make arrangements to transfer his money to me. I told him to stop calling me i wasnt interested anymore and hung up etc. He wouldnt give up so in the end i said just do what u want im not bothered.. and guess what? H e hasnt called again. Maybe the idiot realises he isnt going to get anything else from me anymore and will just move on.. sadly to the next poor unsuspecting female. He is nothing but a sick bastard who is online all day long. I'm just hoping this is the end of his story from me. If he threatends to kill himself again to me i wont be shocked and am going to say wellBye, just do it as at least i will have some peace! Be careful everone as all he will do is change his email and name. Sick weirdo.
2008-12-20, 11:03:42
anonymous from United States  
So sorry to hear of your experiences. I was a victim too and lost a lot of money. My story is very similar. I met him on e Harmony, and he slowly won my trust before he asked me for money. My scammer too had NO ONE on this earth that could help him except me...which was very strange, but, I fell for it. I accidentally tripped upon this site once I started getting suspecious, and I realized that for over 8 months my gentleman lover was only a criminal scammer in Accra, Ghana. Naturally, he has a large network of people working for him as I too spoke with many doctors, and goverment officials, and others during this time. They all supported his traggic stories and even though at times I grew suspecious, he always had a way to win my trust again.

My scammer had a little boy, age 10, whom he travel with to different countries doing his CAR PARTS business. My scammer was a widower for over five years and came across so lonely and dedicated to his work, etc. Once he supossedly arrived in Ghana, he started experiencing all these tragic experiences! As soon as he landed he got his luggage and lap top stolen. Then his son fell down the stairs at the hotel, then, the hotel needed to be paid, then the goverment officials needed money for him to finish his business with them. Of course, he needed money for all these things as his credit cards did not work in Accra, Ghana and supposedly evrything works if you have cash in Accra. His English had a light British accent, but, when he got mad, he lost it rather quickly.

I honestly had no idea about checking IP addresses or 'follow me' phone numbers prior to this experience!! I now feel like I came across the Devil himself and will never quite be the same. Something really has to be done about these scammers. We have truly come too far and made much progress as a society in order to allow for this abuse to go on!

In the meantime, be very careful and 'yes' do not trust anyone. Being alone is not that bad a thing. I'd much rather be alone, than in the company of these heart-less criminals!

Thank you to this site for opening my eyes!
2008-12-20, 17:55:24
Good evening to you and how are you doing today ,hope much grater and cool .am jacob by name 45 years of age from us kennadeal single and on hear for a search but since i have gone truth your profile its seems we should be friends for now you can maim me if you are interested in me ,you can mail me or have chat if not mind
IP address
Country     Ghana
2008-12-21, 05:00:32
anonymous from Germany  
Hi to everybody... it's always interesting to get to know your stories. I wished I would have been able to find this site much earlier. But even at that stage, my scammer, Stan Decker, was not posted here, nor on other scammer sites. I have searched and googled him like hell... with no result. Even I was getting suspecious from time to time, I was not beeing able to find something bad... and then, I thought, it might be true what he is telling me. That was the biggest mistake.

To the lady posted on Dec 20, 11:03 :
which name your scammer used ? All the detailes you have mentioned is very very similar to Stan. He is playing this story to the absolut and is so perfect in his explanations or excuses, I know that someone really can fall for all this. Me too.

That's why I decided to post the story here that at least I can protect some women for the future or open up some eyes, even it's painfull.
I was also not aware of such scammer practices before, I never heard about it, and esp. in Germany such kinds of scams are not very much known... and exactly on this these criminals are counting.

To the lady posted on Dec 20, 17:55 reg. Jacob Farrelll:
when he was in contact to you ? Long time ago or just recently ?
Does he used the same pictures I posted here as STan Decker ??

My so called, STAN, is still working on me.... hahahahaha. I really must have laughed the last time, I guess it was 2 or 3 weeks ago. As I asked him since almost 1 year already to show his face on a webcam (which never became true all these while - of course not... lol) he wanted to proof it to me and want to give me a webcam session with him. I said 'wow', I really was looking forward to it. And then when he was online he put a cam on (I was first very much surprised) and then... I have laughed really loudly.... it was like a frozen picture, he showed me either a picture or a kind of video-sequence. This guy on the picture, a white guy which is very simlar to the fotos he sent me, sometimes opened the mouth. my goodness. I asked him if he thinks that I am fully an idiot... I told him that this is a picture or a video and not a live cam with a real life person... lol. He was getting totally upset and shouted on me, switched the cam off immediately and was very rude afterwards.... hahahahaha.
yeah, it was a good try, but hey, now, as I know all the shit, it was really good for a laughter but nothing more. Even this guy is not asking me anymore for money since probably May/June, he is still working on me to convince me, that he is real.

Damn he should drive to hell....

2008-12-29, 09:29:39
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I have now insisted on WEBCAMS . I wont talk to anyone without one now. That is the only way you will know who you are talking to. Another thing is, if someone is going to Africa, Nigeria and Ghana being the favourite ones. Then they are scammers. Nobody in their right mind would go there unless they were doing scams. I have come across 9 in 9 months of joining Tangowire. The minute someone says they are going to Nigeria for whatever reason, then I know they are scammers. Dont give them any money no matter how much in love you are. They normaly have an accident or child gets sick or a robbery. Have you also notice they only ever have one child around 6 or 7 years old. Im getting so good atcatching the scammers now.
2008-12-30, 11:55:36
Boy what an eye opener, I was conned once and not again,same stories that i am reading , finally after sending money and laptop to a don decker he had similar story of getting his luggage stolen and laptop . also recently a Caleb Staten similar problems ,daughter got mugged needed 4000.00 before a Dr would operate on her. needless to say your heart aches, but i knew it was a scam this time.and was not taken in.
Now a robin james

2009-02-01, 05:55:17
anonymous from United States  
Ok ladies can I ask one question? Why do all their stories sound the same? And would you give a man you just met a large amount of money if you didn't know for sure he had a job and signed a promissary note? So why do we allow our selfes to be taken in by these men? We don't even know if the picture they send us is them.
Let's be smarter then them ladies, none of us need a man that bad!
2009-02-01, 09:08:50
anonymous from Germany  
hallo...meine Geschichte ist ein Spiegelbild Eurer...
Ich habe meinen Text und die Bilder sowie eine mail von der Deutschen Botschaft unter: scammer Alan Armstrong und scammer Henry Mill gepostet.
bei mir hat er sich als : Dave Moreh und Sohn Sam vorgestellt.
Den Kontakt habe ich am 29.01.09 abgebrochen !!!!
Gruß S.K.
2009-06-02, 16:34:47
anonymous from Germany  
hi to everybody, just give an update here on the situation:
surprise, surprise.... after more than half a year silence with my scammer, Mr. Stan Decker is back.... lol. He has contacted me via chat (what he did not since probably October 08 !) . First the typical blabla... how re you doing, honey... nice to see you dear... blablabla.. I was just short in words, just to answer something because I was only keen on it what he would focus on it again... lol.
Then after a while he said 'let's forget about the past and think on the future...' hahahahaha, yes of course. And I returned: 'well the hugh amount of money, I lost in you, will always keep me going to think about the past, no way out'.
And then he started to get me in saying he has good news for me, he want to give the money back now... I should give him my bank details and he will send me a check that I can clear it with my bank directly.......hahahahahaha... He really thinks I am a complete idiot. my goodness. I told him: 'yes, send me the money, pls... via Western Union.. the same way, I did with you, what's the problem'. He: 'no this is not possible, he has no cash, he can just send me the cheque (suddenly it was cheque and not check - interesting). then he started by saying: send me your home address, that I can send the check by mail and you will go yourself to the bank.
I just told him, that I am clever enough not to fall again for him and I will never ever send him neither my bank details, nor again my home address.
He was getting angry and already pissed off with my answers (lol) and said: 'then never ask me again of your money'... and ... 'hey... send me your address, I send the fuckin dem money'...... oooohooo Mr. Scammer.... beeing rude just because it's not working out the new plan. I just returned 1 sentence: 'the correct wording is fucking damn, my dear, just to help you out with your english skills'..... he said 'bye' and went off immediately.

Is'nt that funny... I really had a laughter on this bullshit. This guy is really thinking he can come back and start again working on me. I even told him that I know everything about his new plan and that whatever check he will send over, is not a real one and I will get the problem with it. But noooo... he is sooo serious... lol.

Just be aware as well, if somebody wants to return money... because, I know this will never work out and at the end of the day, it will not be the case that you will get any cent back... you just get the trouble on top of it.

Scammer-free time to everybody here... :-)
2009-06-03, 06:19:49
anonymous from United States  
To answer your question about why they all sound the same:
They are trained by bosses in what to say. They read from scripts and the majority of them work in teams, so you may have been talking to more than one person. If one needs a break, a partner simply slides into the chair and continues the conversation.
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