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Dating scammer John Bassit


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Name: John Bassit



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was wondering if anyone has ever been contacted by this man who says he is American born, but his mother moved him to Germany when he was 6 years old because his father died. Now he is working as an Engineer in Ogun State and trying to move to the US but needs funds for freeing up a shipment of bldg goods he bought to sell to another company in order to have more money to come to the US with.... PLEASE HELP me figure out if he is for real or not! THANKS ALL!!

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2008-08-08, 05:47:01
anonymous from United States  
somebody forgot to include another picture of him john bassit - let 's get rid of him! SCAMMER SCAMMER SCAMMER! if he contact you from myspace - report him! run away from him!

2008-08-08, 12:38:29
anonymous from United States  
wait a minute, he told me his sons name was mikey and then mickey does he even know the correct spelling of his sons real name - if there is a son even involved? i just looked at the pic that was sent in and it doesn't look like that boy has cancer becuase with cancer one loses hair this kid looks like he has a full head of hair and looks very healthly. GIRLS do not correspond with this man he is a SCAMMER! I know I met him once while he lived in GeRmany. he ONLY wants money nothing more. a real man does not do things liek this so he is not a real man and a real scammer does do things like this. RUN AWAY
2008-08-20, 20:16:55
anonymous from United States  
seems John Bassit is totally a fraud. please women DO NOT SEND THIS MAN MONEY. He has no sick son but is a SICK MAN himself.. sick for contacting women to get money for his own self. he does live in NIgeria as another person emailed me and told me he knows him from a internet web ring.
2008-08-21, 20:03:30
anonymous from United States  
2008-08-26, 12:51:02

Caution, is not advisable to send pictures or details to people you meet online especially those claiming that they were born elsewhere and are living or working in africa. nowadays, they use these pictures for rituals (witch craft) believe it or will do anything they tell you to do.

some might even send you gifts like necklaces rings etc,. you will start to do what they say as soon as you start to using those items.

They are instances whereby western union warns or ask for more details if the amount to be sent is too much..the sender happens to protect the receiver saying DON'T WORRY, HE'S MY BUSINESS PARTNER. meanwhile the sender doesn't know the receiver from anywhere.

For those who watched episode (ONLINE DATING SCAMS) on the DR PHIL show, will recall that there was a woman who even sold her furniture just to send the money to this nigerian man claiming to be from the US and working in nigeria and needs funds to go back home.

There was another woman who ignored warnings from relatives....she couldn't stop sending money to the scammer boyfriend in nigeria..and said she couldn't stop loving him thou she realised he wasn't real.

we must all be cautious in dealing with people we don't know.

2008-08-27, 17:14:12
anonymous from United States  
I'm still so very upset at this person who calls himself a man named john bassit. how do you sleep at night doing what you do to innocent women? didnt' your mother teach you better than that? evidently not.
tisk tisk
2008-08-27, 20:45:45
The Guy in the photo is most likely not your Scammer. The photo is probably stolen and he and the kid are also victims of this scam.
Has any one of you ladies had chat on CAM with this person?
Many of these scams are done by young Black Nigerians!!
2008-09-07, 19:48:43
anonymous from United States  
NOTHING that this scammer says is true. His picture is stolen, his profile is fake. He does not do for a living what he claims to do, he does not look like his picture says he looks, he does not have a 7 yr old son or a wife who is a drug addict. He is an African, born and raised and will not be coming to see either of you. In all liklihood, he is sitting in an internet cafe in Nigeria or Ghana and has a boss looking over his shoulder, teaching him what to say and how to pick up on every clue you send him. he is inventing his personality as he goes, based on what you are telling him. Go to romancescams,org and learn all you can about these crimes!
2008-10-03, 07:39:25
anonymous from Germany  
No you are for sure not a loser woman, as you made your judgment not sending him the money. Matter of fact it was a blessed day! If he was a German citizen who left to work in a foreign country, with his child, who got seriously ill there....the German Embassy takes over immediatly by request of help.
He said he is a Engineer by profession, they are very much needed here too, earn monthly over $6,000 to 10,000 easily... to that they are owner's of the Gold-Card-Medical-Care, they need no help from anybody! Even by devorce or a sad advent in their lives happening in a foreign country, they get help from the Embassy instantly. One has to return the costs later, that's true, but nobody is left to beg. Oh by the way, begging is forbidden in my country. We are a social country and everyone gets help, there is no need to beg except; thieves fraudly minds!
2008-10-06, 19:30:17
THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR WORDS ON HERE. I was just sent an email from a man who called himself John Bassit and this is the same man and I felt he was too good to be true and so I decided to do a search on him and i find all this negative information. THANK GOD i'm smart and didn't send him any thing. I find it disgusting that he and so many other Nigerian men are like this. what has become of this world!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-10-07, 12:10:34
anonymous from Germany  
Romance Scammers ? check out :

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take care and stay scammerfree ... !!!
2008-11-22, 06:06:13
anonymous from Schmallenberg, Germany  
Hello ladies, i met him too for month. I know him, yes Fredrick is a scammer. I live in Germany. I can tell you a lot.
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