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Dating scammer Alan Armstrong


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Name: Alan Armstrong


PH: UK 44-703-5902-664
NIGERIA PH: 2347034623334

Other Comments:
I know I had submitted my scammer two days ago and wasn't sure but I AM SURE now my scammer is using the name of ALAN ARMSTRONG all the information given to me adds up to the profile of a NIGERIAN SCAMMER.

I met 'Alan' through received a very nice short email with the photos of a handsome warm hearted looking man on June 8 2008. I felt hook and sinker for it. I was innocent and naive about these dating/romance scammers. I am very SAD and heartbroken about it. This is what his profile showed:

'A relationship starts with a step forward, Are you ready to step Forward?'
45 year old man
Greater Manchester, UK
1 daughter (later introduced with photos as KELLY)
Occupation: Petroleum Engineer
Oil and gas Industries

He gave me a telephone number in the UK 44-703-5902-664.

When I called him one day after he said I should feel free to call anytime, weird things happened. got disconnected, somehow the voice on the telephone was not as I Imagined the voice of the sweet face man would be, deep voice with a slight french accent, at first he would not really speak as clearly, his voice sounded even more attractive to me.
We immediately at his request got on YAHOO IM and our romance took off rather quickly between our conversations on IM and a number of emails with beautiful loving words, the greatest romance ever........I FELT completely FOR IT.
For almost two months now, our fervent love was going so well.......with plans of meeting each other in my country......after he returns from a project/job in NIGER-DELTA. AFRICA.
ALL was going great for me...-so I thought -.....until while in Nigeria his daughter had an accident falling off a stair case..........'and the most horrible thing is that I do not have enough money to pay the hospital bill'.
POOR me in love sent him money to pay off the bill.. his undying love for me continues.......... We have continued to be in touch and for the last two weeks at least he encountered a new problem paying the VAT taxes (Value Added Taxes) for his pay check, before he can return to the UK and needs me to help him with US$10,000.00 !!!! for his salary payment of US$500,000 - sent me a 'copy' of the pay out order.

With a name like ALAN ARMSTRONG fron the UK I believed everything he said and because of this I've given him a number of my photos, my real addresses, he knows I am real and my profession is for real.!!!

My suspicions grew to my alarm after I started checking the poetic romantic phrases he wrote me on YIM and in his email messages........and to my dismay I found the majority of them in websites like LOVINGYOU.COM, MERE MORTALS, ROMANCESCAM.COM verbatim almost every word, with the exception of the first two emails, where he shows more spelling mistakes, the rest of the messages are all great copy paste jobs. Almost nothing he has said to me came from him directly!!

His writings are not original the smooth talker is good at copy / pasting.

I am unto him, now........but MY GOD how much it hurts me to realize my KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR IS NOTHING but a smooth operator scammer, in NIGERIA........probably from NIGERIA.

Below i share his last email, after I am stalling on sending him the US$10,000 asking him to send me a recent photo of him and his daugher together as proof of life and confirm his ID so I can go ahead and send him the money.........

My queen ....
Thanks for your mail, i have really miss talking to you this morning,......I know that neither one of us had in mind that we would meet someone on the Internet and fall in love but it has happened. And for that, I have no regrets. In fact, it is one of the best things that has ever happened to me in years. For this, and what has happened to us and between us I have you to thank.

For the past months, you have brought so much joy to me that words can never explain... you have brought so much life back into a lifeless body and we have not even met face to face. I know and realize what it is to LOVE again and to feel loved.

I never thought it would last this long, but it has. This is a clear indication that we have so much in common and we are building on something that is real. I hope we get the chance to see this thing through,....honey as you said in your mail you beleive in me,.. i beleive in you too all we need here is trust and good faith not proves and daught.....honey you mean the world to me i have vowed to God that i want to spend the rest of my life loving you everyday

There have been hard times, bad times and good times, but with that comes lonely times. We have reached new and higher grounds with what we have shared in the past months, and I would do it all over again with you if I had to. I have no regrets.

I am sending you this to let you know that I have been sent an angel to be with me, and you are that angel.

Please understand that we have so much to give to each other and I look forward to that day. I believe it is closer now than ever before. It is just that there may be a few more obstacles that we need to clear up, and I think you know what I am talking about. Besides that, we can and I know we will survive,...please honey if you love me like you said you will help me without daught....i am here to join my faith with your's honey....please dont let me down nobody else in this world know how we truely feel for each other
I do love you

His original first email:
How are you doing today, i hope you are having a nice day.I am Alan Armstrong i am from United Kingdom and i am a petroleum engineer,i just joined the site in search of love then i saw your profile which really captivated my attention, I like to get to understand who you are what you want our of life and a relationship, I believe from what i read in your profile.Your best feature is your heart, I saw so much light in you that I was drawn to mail you. You are so lighthearted and your smile so full of joy, i know that love can not bring understanding but understanding can bring about love, i believe there is a lot we need to learn from each orther, they say a bird at hand is better than thousand in the sky, i will love to know what you want as a person, right from the first time i saw you i knew there is a connection between us you can contact be with my personal email account as i do not come on this site offen alanarms1//AT//yahoo/./com. I hope to hear from you soon

I have more email messages, and saved YIM conversations.........HAS ANYONE SEEN THIS PHOTO BEFORE........DOES ANYONE KNOW THIS GUY?

I suggested to him to seek help at the BRITISH HIGH COMMISSIONER but he says they cannot help because he is there on a consultant basis, the bristish ambassador is on leave..........he also given me a telephone number in NIGERIA where I have spoken to him a couple of times...........HE HAS A SEXY DEEP VOICE WITH A SLIGHT FRENCH ACCENT.
Today we are still in touch through YIM and I still have received more loving messages, but now his main focus of conversation is my supporting him with paying this TAX.

There is no doubt ALAN scammed me of $1,100 plus western union charges. paid in NIGERIA with Francs, approximately 453,000 + francs.

As soon as he arrived in AFRICA he was on YIM and gave me this phone number in NIGERIA 2347034623334

Loosing the money HURTS but what HURST more is the emotional disappointment of falling in love with someone who is NOT REAL and will never be part of my real world. He doesn't know how much I know now about his scam. I need to stop all communication but I need to do it SAFELY as he has my information.

It helps to keep in mind that the photos of this man are in all likelihood stolen with the real owner not even aware of this!! But that the man behind YIM and the sexy voice is a NIGERIAN posing as someone else.

It is difficult for me to share this BUT I want to help someone else AVOID being the victim of this SCUMBAG SCAMMER FROM NIGERIA.

The first 2 photos were in his MATCH.COM PROFILE. He gave me the 3rd PHOTO. The last Photo is the one he is using now on YAHOO IM. I have examined the photo closely and it is the photo of the same person.


Painfully aware of a scammer........but fighting back the SCUMBAGS...

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2012-08-23, 23:41:18
anonymous from United States  
here is another one, if anyone recognizes this photo, he is a scammer, dont believe anything he tells you, he is just like all the others talked about here.....Derek Noll is this one's name
Goddess Athena
This picture was used on Facebook as Kelvin Roys.

2012-09-07, 01:44:30
Many thanks for ths article. Here is another one, if anyone recognizes their photo's, he is a scammer, dont believe anything he tells you, he is just like all the others talked about here.....Charles Lucas Albrighton <>; and his says his daughther is Elizabeth. This is a team working together, because she will also email you or maybe it's Charles that will email you, pretending to be Elizabeth. Her address is Elizabeth Albrighton <>
They claim to be from Denmark and are now living in South Africa.

2012-09-07, 14:04:13
I have received the same email as the one above starting with My Queen - verbatim up to the last paragraph by a name name Michael (Mike Carausu). My understanding is that he also goes my the name of Michael Schwab. Claims to be a pipeline engineer working in Liverpool but lives in the US - claiming to be from North Dakota. Very romantic in emails and phone calls. Relationship went on several weeks before running into money problems around his project in Liverpool. Unfortunately, I sent money the first time - but when the second request came, I did another internet search (I had done one previously on Mike Carausu and found nothing) and this site came up. I was sickened, needless to say. Yes, the money is an issue, but I can eventually recover form that. What I can't recover from right now is my feeling of betrayal and loss of trust (which was very shaky to begin with) in men. Please beware.
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2012-09-10, 04:41:56
I am totally shocked by this realisation and I'm very grateful for this website. I was also scammed out of money and the 2nd time something just told me to look on the internet. What a shock I got when I saw the sweet words written word for word, that I thought was only for my eyes. I was mad with myself, but then realsied that I was ok and I should not be mad with myself at least I escaped the second request for more funds and he become so upset. I want to tell all the ladies out there not to blame themselves. These men are professionals and they will melt you heart. Just be careful and try your best to insist on online webcam chats, so that you can see who you are talking too. He always gave the excuse that his webcam is broken and he doesn't feel comfortable using the internet cafe for these 'romantic'moment.....
But God is great. They will reap what they sow. Maybe not to them, but someone that they dearly love.
2012-09-10, 21:28:02
anonymous from Thailand  

2012-09-10, 21:39:08
anonymous from Thailand  

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2012-09-10, 21:40:27
anonymous from Thailand  

2012-10-22, 12:19:31
anonymous from Sweden  

Full Name: Jason Paul Kitchener A.K.A Jason (jay) kitchener
Age........44 from New Zealand
Born in Napier and moved to Auckland at the age of 3
have 1 brother who is 2 years younger than him and lived in France who married to a Mexican Lady
Phone number +0064 02102647947 OR +0642102647947
This image was also posted here:
Accounts on this web site
Dating scammer rose williams

2012-10-30, 04:15:04
It seems he used many YM or pics

2012-10-30, 04:16:29
anonymous from Australia  

2012-11-10, 19:28:20
anonymous from United States  
Email from - Oliver Johnson addy is

Email was titled in the subject box.... I care about you _ _ _ <~~~(insert name.)
This poem was sent and I googled it....
Though the miles separate us, the bond we have is far stronger. You are the very one I have spent all these years looking for. You make me smile. You make me laugh. You make me whole. I can not describe the giddy feeling I have when you are near or even when you cross my mind. I am so amazingly happy and content and forever I want to spend in your life, in your world, in your family, and in your arms. Our love started at forever and will end at never. Baby, it's our turn ... it's our turn to make each other happy. We have grown older and matured rapidly, let's spend the rest of our lives together. Through trials and tribulations my love will be true, and know that I am here when you say the word. I understand that there are many things to be worked out, many things to change, I just don't want to waste any valuable time we have left together. Baby, I care about you with all that I am. ALWAYS you are me and I am you.
I think of you, Amy. You are so far away, yet so close in my heart. My heart and my body yearns for you. I care for you unconditionally. I accept your children, who will become mine, and any other little ones that come from us. For the first time I have purpose. For the first time I have found someone real.You are perfect for me. You excite me so much, I live for each day I can come there and spend time with you. I have dreams of you and awake aroused. Today I thought of you, I could picture you with me and it was so vivid ... I will always be yours. I am truly lucky indeed to have found such a dear, sweet, loving person as you, an antiquarian, a woman, and not just any woman, but such a beautiful, sensual woman who arouses such unbridled passion in me thoughts of total passion without reserve in giving myself to you completely. I remain yours forever. The time will pass and I will be there with you all the time my love.
Always Love,

My Reply....
The hell you do.... Ya see.... I am not a weak woman!~ You will not get to me and I really do pity the others that will fall for all the shit yall spout!~ I truly wish there was a law against the emotional terrorism yall launch on poor, lonely, unsuspecting people!~ One day there WILL BE!~ I hope when the time comes they fry your sorry asses!~ I will no longer reply to yall under any name!~ I will simply not reply at all instead I will just deny block and move on and I know yall will keep trying as idiots just don't know when to stop and go away!~ I have one more thing for you before I go for good!~ Yall seem to like poems so much!~
Liar, Liar.
You lie through your smile,
you lie through your teeth,
you lie all of the time,
whenever you speak.
You say stupid things,
that don't even make sense,
but They always believe,
that its the truth,
you heartless thief.
You stole Their hearts,
you stole Their love,
you just don't care,
that your tearing Them apart.
You lie,
without shame,
you always find something else,
your the victim,
and Their the ones you always blame.
that's all you will ever do,
Liar, Liar,
They will get revenge on you!~
(That is a poem I found online as these LOSERS are not even worth my creative juices flowing to write one for them!~) *LOL*

I get these add requests for yahoo from other sites and I have been pulled in to accept and chat and then, sometimes, not even a few words in you can pick up the fact that they are deffinately from 'out of town' This particular one comes from They do not type what could even be called typonese!~ They type the way they would speak being foreign and it is really NOT hard to pick up on!~ Oliver Johnson would say stuff like 'oliver.johnson1960: how wish am there to eat with you baby, oliver.johnson1960: I missed your food and i cant wait to eat with you
oliver.johnson1960: I feel that I am bright, love to talk and listen communication is essential to a great relationship, educated, love to laugh and see life as the glass being half full, don't mind challenges, think life is what you make it, and know that having an equal partner in life is a beautiful thing, I like to do several things I like to do mostly anything to do the the outdoors
oliver.johnson1960: okay, how wish am there to do the dishes
oliver.johnson1960: how wish am there to help with the cooking
oliver.johnson1960: wow, im so lucky and excited to be part of your family
oliver.johnson1960: how wish you were here to cook some food for
oliver.johnson1960: how wish am there with you
This particular one I got alot of pages to come up when I googled it and it was the same thing WORD FOR WORD that other scammers were saying to those they had just met because keep in mind all he said to me was within 2 days of chatting and that's it!~

This is also another one I googled and hit many that others had used....
oliver.johnson1960: I love the outdoors and currently walk about 4 miles daily here at a college near my house which has 47 miles of wilderness trails. I am continuing my quest to better health.

I about fell out of my chair when he said this one....
oliver.johnson1960: just be careful with people you talk and share your info with, remember there are alot of scammer online

Just a few things he has said that maybe yours had said to you and then you will know.

I know it gets lonely people but it is really not worth the grief and heartbreak you WILL endure and the financial destruction you COULD encur!~ These people will stop at NOTHING and have talked people into re mortgaging their homes to help them get the medical attention they need for this 'illness' they have just been diagnosed with, that by the way is nonexistant!~ They will wait for a couple of years before asking for money from you as this kind of scam (health diagnoses that could end in death) would make almost anyone that has been brainwashed to think they are head over heels, can not live with out them now, in LOVE with these people do anything to save the 'love of your life' People please do NOT fall for this crap!~ Honestly, if someone can talk to you for 5 minutes and decide you are the love of their life and there just could never be another?~ It just does not happen like that accept in the movies!~ I have engaged in banter back and forth for the last time with these people as I have better things to do with my time!~ I will as I said in the email I just sent to the last scammer lover boy just simply deny the add requests and block and delete!~ Would be nice if there was an idiot button we could click on and never be bothered by these people again, unfortunately there is not and it is up to us to just not fall for it and not reply!~ You say, 'But, what if this is the one, really, truly THE ONE?~' I PROMISE YOU, 'The One' is not going to come to you in this form!~ 'The One' will not be infatuated by you within seconds and be asking you to delete your profile as they want you all to themselves!~ I know there will be those that will say, 'she is just a scorned woman!~' I shake my head at that and to those i say.... Just sayin!~ Please be aware and date safe!~
One Aha Moment Later I come to you to say, YES I thought on the first one that pulled me in that I could have found the love of my life but something just did not feel right after a while nor did things add up. I called him on it and he tried to deny but it just did not fly with me. I personally think this comes from the fact that I was FRIED in my last relationship and I am just not real trusting now but, that has made me stronger and MUCH MORE AWARE of the completely heartless jerks that are out there and people, THEY DO EXIST!~

2012-11-11, 12:32:08
anonymous from United States  
I happen to come across this website by accident also. I'm glad I did. I believe I am also being scammed. I met a man on by the name of Peter Hammond claiming to be Norwegian American living in Arlington Heights, IL. He told me he went to school at Bergen Cathedral School..Norway but I contacted that school and they do not have any record of him attending there. He's claiming to be a Civil, Petrochemical and Construction Engineer working on contract with BP and Zenon Oil in The Republic Du Benin building a pedestrian bridge of some sort there. I gave him the benifit of the doubt but after the second week what he was saying wasn't making sense and adding up. I've tried both the US Embassy and the Cotonou Embassy trying to find out about this bridge but no one will help me. Fom the pics he posted on the dating site he is very good looking. He comes across very polite and really trying to find love. He doesn't have a facebook account nor can I locate him by phone number or through associates. He gave me numbers to call and verify who he is but no one will return my calls. He owns his own business and told me the website I tried calling the United States contact number and a foriener answered. I got the story that his secretary quit on him while he was in Benin and when he left New York he left all contact with friends and ex-girlfriend behind. So he has no one to contact to help him and when I asked him if he wanted me to contact his mother or sister he pretty much yelled at me and told me she has a heart condition and by me contacting her would put her in the hospital. He claims his mother lives in Calumet City, IL and his sister in Canada. I ever tried to find a Mrs. Hammond in Calumet City, IL no luck.

The second or third week is when he started asking me to send him money so he can get a better hotel room. Oh, and he told me his sell phone was stolen and all his information for any contacts is on that phone. He's still contacting me now asking if his clients can send me a check so I can deposit it and transfer the money to him via MoneyGram. I've never even heard of MoneyGram. I have been off and on dating sites and I have never been in this situation before. He just keeps saying he loves me and he wants to be with me for the rest of our lives.

The email his using is

Here are some of his mails and profile from

Good to read from you and thank you for the kind words you said to me,
i was suprised to see women email me for nsa relationships....I have
being alone for too long and want that to change about me, i am
41years now and want someone to love and love me back, i love to meet
you soon, maybe meet halfway, i reside in Arlington heights..
Where am i from; NY
where was i born; Norway,
when was i born; 1971, Lived in the Norway for 9yrs then relocated
with my mom and i moved to to NY where my dad was from and resided
schooled In Bergen Cathedral School..Norway, college and university
was in UK and Canada
I was in the states for another 10yrs...
my dad had to relocate to CANADA for work, so i moved with him, we
lived in Toronto for 8yrs,i relocated back to the states in 1997
my dad died (2years after)1999 ...
to work Locally, my job is quite flexible...
I actually have a dual citizehship, I am Norwegian American......
take care of yourself and Have a productive day ahead

Good Day, I hope you're having a wonderful week, and don't
>>> get stressed like me, I go to sleep a bit late but my day starts
>>> early, but don't work over the weekend.
>>> I work for BP and Zenon oil on contract and I run my own
>>> average scale commercial construction company, as my own Boss, Lol...
>>> My only problem is a partner, I am the only son besides my foster
>>> sister but she is married now and resides with her family in Canada,
>>> my Mom lives close to her family in Calumet city, IL, and my dad is
>>> deceased which I blamed myself for.
>>> I caught my Ex-girlfriend making out with a friend just a few weeks to
>>> us getting married, I cut off the engagement, told my dad about it and
>>> he had a heart attack he never recovered from, that kept me off
>>> relationship and I embraced work not until I realized I needed to move
>>> on.
>>> I want a relationship with no, nagging or cheating, I
>>> have not been in a relationship in a long time and I had
>>> to get on match to seek for Love, honesty and understanding, and every
>>> other thing comes after, most people I met on match only wanted a
>>> discreet/NSA relationship but I want more, and would rather not be in
>>> a relationship to a bad one, so what are you in search of? If I may
>>> ask
>>> I can't wait to be done with job here in about 3weeks, I have been here
>>> for 3.5months, i wish i had started learning French before now
>>> I wish i was around so we can meet and get to talk more,
>>> we just have to use this means till i get back. Take good care of
>>> yourself and I look
>>> forward to reading from you
>>> Regards
>>> Peter

41 year old man
Arlington Heights, Illinois, United States
Seeking: women 35-57Within:50 Miles of Arlington Heights, Illinois, United StatesRelationship: Never MarriedHave kids: NoWant kids: Not sureEthnicity: White / CaucasianBody type: Athletic and tonedHeight: 5'11' (180cms)Faith: Christian / CatholicSmoke: No WayDrink: Social

I am a wonderful man with a good heart and good intentions. I love children,
although I have none of my own... A successful Engineer that's always
on the go.. I am single, independent and love to have fun and also explore new
things!!! I am 40, look great and feel great for my age...I'm told I'm still
good looking (not just by my mother) and look much younger than my years.. I'm a
motivated, driven, intelligent, honest and moral entrepreneur, a rare
combination in light of today business climate. Enjoy the finer things in
life. My philosophy is the best price is not the cheapest but the most expensive
you can afford, it usually lasts longer and you'll enjoy it more. ,
learning to the left of center and like to discuss current
events. I know how to treat a lady and what makes her feel special, sending her
flowers just to say 'I'm thinking of you'. I am looking for that special lady to
be my best friend in life... she should be sensitive and caring, enjoy the
outdoors, somewhat romantic...or comfortable with just a lazy day afternoon
doing nothing... Should I find her, that would make life, just a little bit
sweeter. I am just me , unique and special, with imperfections... just like

Seriously am looking for just one special woman.... who will be my life time
partner and best friend...

New friends and a new lady to treat me right. . Like some men, I have had my heart broken in the past, but no use crying over spilled milk. I
am a very loyal person and expect the same in return.

I love to travel to the beach and mountains. Open to new adventures... enjoy
gardening and flowers...home projects and crafts... theme parks and roller

There are many other things I could write; however, being environmentally
conscious, I don't wish to contribute to global warming by using too many
electrons. So, if anything I have said intrigues you, I would love to hear from
Camping, Coffee and conversation, Business networking, Cooking, Dining out, Fishing/Hunting, Gardening/Landscaping, Hobbies and crafts, Movies/Videos, Museums and art, Music and concerts, Exploring new areas, Nightclubs/Dancing, Performing arts, Playing sports, Shopping/Antiques, Travel/Sightseeing, Video games, Volunteering, Watching sports, Wine tasting

Sports and exercise:
Aerobics, Auto racing / Motorcross, Baseball, Basketball, Billiards / Pool, Bowling, Cycling, Football, Golf, Dancing, Martial arts, Running, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis / Racquet sports, Walking / Hiking, Weights / Machines, Hockey

Exercise habits:
Exercise 3-4 times per week

I like Birds, Cats, Dogs, Exotic pets, Fish, Horses, Other

Political views:
Middle of the Road


I'll tell you later

For Fun:

I love taking cooking classes on occasions just for fun.. I like baseball.... And my latest adventure.. airplanes. I had my first flight on a two passenger aircraft in June... thanks to a dear friend.. And it was awesome..
Favorite Hot Spots:

I love the Serengeti games reserve in Africa & being so close to the wild is really amazing.. Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai.. Pyramids of Giza.. Australia, The Grand Canyon, Paris and western Europe..
Favorite Things:

I Love the Pierce Morgan interviews on CNN.. Two and a half Men.. Cheaters, Secret Millionaires
Last Read:

Newspaper and Magazines

I have been trying to see if you responded to my email. Lol. I had a
good evening and a wonderful night rest, only came checking to see if
you were available to chat.. I find myself looking at your pic a lot.
I wish i had a phone right now, so i can save your picture and carry
it everywhere with me. I will feel so close to you, you got me
daydreaming, Thinking of driving to an exotic place, you in the
passengers seat. Holding my hand, looking at me, leaning to give me a
tender kiss at the stop lights! Lol. All of the tender moments that
may be little in gesture, yet mean so much to me.

I want to experience everything I possibly can with you. I want to
learn from you as well as teach you so many things. I want to hold you
and be held by you. I want to experience total emotional balance in
our relationship. I want to enhance your mood and feel and make you
feel high...Lol.. I want to just look at you and you can't help but
smile. I want to wake up everyday and feel so grateful for having you
in my life and continually think of how to make our life together even
better than the day before. I want to grow, evolve, expand, and excel
at making sure you know you are the most important person in my life.
I just want us to explore our life together and never let go. Our
world, our heart as one, our life as we design. My love, my partner,
my best friend!!

My ideology of life is all of this. LIVE.... LOVE... LAUGH... And I
wholeheartedly desire to have all of this with you babe!! ;-). No
matter where we are, no matter what we do. As long as we DO IT
TOGETHER, you will forever see a smile on my face! And I hope it does
take FOREVER! ;-). Muuuuuah!


Good luck ladies. I was so stupid for falling for this guy.
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Dating scammer Sylvester Gunzelinus
Dating scammer Peter Hammond

2012-12-08, 13:13:22
anonymous from Canada  
I, as so many other women have run into my share of scammers using the following names:

Scott Bradley
Patrick Cole
Daniel Foster
Mike Casey
James Riggs
Hudson Emmaramson

I was contacted by all of these people on dating sites. I believe they target women in their late 40 ties to early 50 ties. They all follow the usual pattern. Very early on say speak of Love and falling in love with you. Nobody has a webcam !!! All are widowers !!! All have children that do not live with them!!

I was scammed by Scott Bradley and he was GOOD at his game. I send him thousands of dollars. Of course never heard from him again after that.
I can recognized the pattern now though. I saw a video clip on the internet about a woman in her 50 ties, who has been scammed and had lost $90000. Her family had to have an intervention because she refused to believe that she had been scammed. Watching it , I knew exactly what she was feeling.

Whatever you do ladies. NEVER NEVER NEVER send money for ANY reason.
2012-12-12, 18:10:37
Beware of this guy Edward Morgan, he is a Scammer. Here is his link from Facebook and it is a fake one, https://www.facebook..oana.lee.1 . Behinde this name and pictures hiding a scammer from Nigeria Here is his real pictures and how he is look like . http://www.facebook..hizkay83.. His real name is EHIZ KYRIAN OGBEIFUN from Benin City, Nigeria. He lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. he start scaming now from this page .He has two friends so far. I tried to contact those woman and warned them about this guy. I sent her this message. http://www.facebook..m/hizkay83 HERE IS YOUR EDWARD mORGAN WHOM YOU SENT YOUR MONEY GREAT !!!! DID U MAKE HIM RICH AND HE MADE YOU VERY POOR WITHOUT NOTHING., YOU GAVE YOUR MONEY AND NOW YOU RY BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE NOTHING TO EAT AND ARE YOU SORRY FOR MONEY YOU THOUGHT DOES HI CARES ABOUT YOU? NOPE!!! ...LOOK AT HIM CAREFULY, HE'S A SCAMMER

That was her answer; thanks a lot...i'm crying because of my money i sent it to him is a big amount and i really want to get it back to me... The woman who said she is a manager and scared me last sunday to pay the balance or else the malaysian government will file a case against the sender and the receiver..and now they wont call me both Edward morgan and the woman..i'll report this to police if i have time within this week..i promise not to tell them about you. I want these syndicate to be arrested..i think they have an idea now that i know that i was scammed by them that's why they don't make any conversation with me.

She sent him $20.000HK so far, So after this exchange of messages she continued sending him money even knows who he is, and ignoring me who told her the truth.
Thank you to all woman this reward, and hope they will be rewarded by these bastarzi exactly the same with ignorance and thrown without money.

2012-12-12, 19:11:42
Miss Marple from United States  
2012-12-12, 18:10:37

Thank you !
Found some interesting things online on this EHIZ KYRIAN OGBEIFUN and he is in Malaysia indeed scamming women ,so i advice you to contact the police in Malaysia fast as possible ,it sounds also it is a accomplice in this woman you mention here...i will post a picture on this scammer as i am positive it is the same guy ,check the necklace he is having ..please post phone numbers,emailaddress so other women can be warned on this scammer too..
the FB links are not active no more ...

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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