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Dating scammer Claude Eichmann


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Name: Claude Eichmann


pmb 38 osu
Accra, Ghana. 00233
phone 233234870000

Other Comments:
This is a prolific and successful scammer. He claimed to have an 18 yr old son named John, was born and raised in Germany and England, but living in the east coast (Maryland). Claims to be in gold and diamond mining. He is very smooth and will take his time before asking for anything. Wife has died of cancer, both parents are deceased, father was German born but in the American Army. Will send many pictures of himself, home, gold bars, diamonds, cash, sports cars, etc. He never broke stride once or let up on his scam and will continue to contact victims months after begin discovered.

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2008-09-19, 06:24:34
anonymous from United States  
Can you please help me navigate your website? I don't speak German and couldn't find the pictures you said are posted that are the same as the ones I got. Please help!!
2008-09-20, 08:27:45   (updated: 2008-09-20, 08:28:23)
anonymous from Germany  
HI again

I m sorry i forgot to mention the pics are for members only
you can register its free ..

take care
2008-09-20, 21:30:50
anonymous from United States  
Ok, thanks! Is there any other info on this picture and do you know if it relates back to the scammer/stolen pictures used on me?
2008-09-20, 21:30:58
anonymous from United States  
Ok, thanks! Is there any other info on this picture and do you know if it relates back to the scammer/stolen pictures used on me?
2008-09-20, 21:33:53
anonymous from United States  
Ok, I'm having a really tough time registering on your site because I don't speak German. Any suggestions??
2008-09-25, 10:41:37
anonymous from Germany  
hi from Germany

I m happy to inform you we re gonna have a english section at our site in october
you can register at our site by sending a short mail with your experience

you can put a note in our guestbook at the public section of our site ..
we re gonna help you out then...

für Deutsche Opfer von Romance scammer : einfach registrieren..

take care and have a scammerfree day you all

a member of

2008-09-26, 11:21:26
anonymous from United States  
Cool! Let me know when that's up and running, ok? I appreciate your effort in eradicating these criminals!
2008-09-27, 11:00:07
anonymous from Germany  
Hi , thanks I v e being a victim myself once, I fell for Hans Melgymoy
and I never ever heard of these scamming business either
these guy s popping up at dating sites esp.during the weekend because the staff
is reduced there then, and they can do their evil work
yesterday i checked out Friendscout24,found more then 50 scammer there
today they popped up as always again, the Problem is also in Germany the re too less
people aware of this practises, so they fall easily for them, they re working from a script
and play with your heart and emotions , Meetic and are famous sites too
crowded with the SCAMMERS. the worst site ever is
overcrowded with scammer all ages and nations,they claim to be from USA or Uk
and write a grammar ..........unbelieveable , no one would write that way never ever
instead of because they write cos, please = pls , brb = be right back and more such stuff
have a safe weekend all scammerfree if possible LOL
take care

a member of

PS yes i ll keep you posted when our Site is running in Oct.
2008-09-29, 17:38:03
anonymous from United States  
I agree with you 100%. A great site for info on scammers is
They have been helping victims worldwide through the trauma and shock for over 3 yrs and have had over 30,000 members come through their doors. They helped me understand what to look for and how to protect myself. You're right, these bottom feeders are on every site out there., eharmony, yahoo personals, etc etc are loaded with them as is myspace, facebook and every other site out there. They all claim to be raised internationally, and somehow end up in Africa for business. They have dead spouses (accidents, cancer), deceased parents, are usually single parents, and want you off the dating site and onto IM as fast as possible. Then they tell you they are planning on coming to see you after a short business trip, which is wraught with problems. They get robbed at gunpoint, held hostage for hotel or hospital bills, come down with malaria, run out of money, need your help (no one else can do it), want you to cash checks (that are fraudulent) or ship them computers or phones (purchased with stolen credit cards, of course), can't spell worth a darn, use lots of IM speak like brn, cos, i, lol, etc. They are notorious for using buzz. Their MO is easy to spot if you know what to look for.
Let me know when the English version of your site is up. I'm eager to see those gold bar pictures you have posted there. And check out
It's a great, great site for information and healing. There are members there from all over the globe.
2008-09-30, 08:24:50
anonymous from Germany  
Hi thanks for your post , yes I know I m a member of also
Im posting these guys all ober the world in the WWW
so might preventing any other woman falls for these ( sorry ) scumbags ..

take care and stay scammerfree ....

2008-09-30, 21:14:06
anonymous from United States  
Well, How cool is that? You'll see me there! Say hi sometime! lol
2008-09-30, 21:14:15
anonymous from United States  
Well, How cool is that? You'll see me there! Say hi sometime! lol
2008-10-02, 12:03:22
anonymous from Germany  
Hi Thats pretty cool because I dont wont any more woman to fall for these scumbags
a real worse site is
its CROWDED with romance scammer

so just wanna say HI to you now then

a member of

take care and see you

2008-12-19, 18:56:41
Here is the Vietnamese link for THAT diamond Photo on Page 1
2008-12-20, 10:48:19
anonymous from Canada  
that picture of the gold in the case is the picture used in the Samuel Yankah
Safeway Travel,,Gloria Larbi,, Veronica Amponsah,,and James Walker scam..

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