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Dating scammer Claude Eichmann


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Name: Claude Eichmann


pmb 38 osu
Accra, Ghana. 00233
phone 233234870000

Other Comments:
This is a prolific and successful scammer. He claimed to have an 18 yr old son named John, was born and raised in Germany and England, but living in the east coast (Maryland). Claims to be in gold and diamond mining. He is very smooth and will take his time before asking for anything. Wife has died of cancer, both parents are deceased, father was German born but in the American Army. Will send many pictures of himself, home, gold bars, diamonds, cash, sports cars, etc. He never broke stride once or let up on his scam and will continue to contact victims months after begin discovered.

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2008-12-22, 08:29:38
anonymous from United States  
2 quick things. Thanks so much for the Vietnamese link. I suspected as much but it's nice to see the proof. Anyone know a link that could transfer it into English?
The cash in the trunk, I am beginning to see that pic show up with many scammers. I always knew this scammer was a real pro and I know one pic showing up with many scams doesn't mean that it's the same scammer. They are notorious for sharing, but again, it's nice to get confirmation.
Thanks so much for all you are doing!
2009-01-02, 10:21:03
anonymous from Canada  
This address is some how related to Claude Eichmann and Samuel Yankah scam..
Is there anybody that can follow up on the address..
2009-01-11, 19:55:56
anonymous from United States  
The phone number 'Claude Eichmann' used with me was 233-345-870000. His runner's name was Joseph Kwabina. Sounds like he's a real ass, with a full team of scammers working with him. I suspected as much, as he told me he had a supposed son whom I spoke to as well.
2009-01-11, 19:56:38
anonymous from United States  
Woops/ Typo. Phone was 233-245-870000
2009-01-20, 00:06:02
Yes, I agree, this sounds very similar to the Alfredo Martino Brown story. Check it out. It is on this site also. He also was in the gold and diamonds.
2009-02-01, 22:11:17
anonymous from United States  
how you can get some one IP address?
2009-02-03, 06:07:37
anonymous from United States  
Assuming you are in yahoo, here's what you do.
First, open the email you want to search. Then click on 'headers' or 'standard headers'. Next, click on 'full headers'. you will see a bunch of computer gibberish. Copy and paste the entire thing to this website:
Then click on 'check headers'. The last location listed will be where the computer was when the email was originally written. You may see other locations, but think of them like the mailboxes your email was routed thru to get to you. The last one is the original location. If you are using anything other than yahoo, you may have to do some searching on your email help options to find the full header. Good luck!
2009-02-03, 07:38:20
anonymous from Canada  
This address was givin to me by mistake..It was originally on the waybill from Fed Ex when a piece of gold was smuggled to me from Ghana..
I told Gloria Larbi i needed her address to send a Valentine card and it showed up again.
As these scams seemed to be linked together watch out for this address..
The phone number appears to be a land phone and he wrote different numbers on the two pages..One number is 6-275 074821 the other 233-275 774821
PO BOX GP 1334

This guy i believe he is still operating,,ussually as a travel agent but use anything to scam,,i just havent found him lately..
2009-02-03, 09:32:35
anonymous from United States  
Oh, I have no doubt that he is still scamming. In fact, I am sure it is a team of scammers. I believe there are at least 2 women, one child (a teen?) and at least 2 or 3 men in this ring. He never got as far as the fake travel agency with me, as I figured this out when he was still claiming to be in Accra, but became 'sick' with malaria. In my frantic research to find help for him, I went to the US Ghana Embassy website and that ended it. Not to worry, they will not get to me again. I am a thousand times wiser now than last summer. I thank you for the information and will keep it handy and be aware. I now have turned to assisting many other victims and am actively doing so, so these connections are well noted. Thanks so much!
It makes me wonder if Samuel Yankah is a real or fake name. Watch for a Joseph Kwabina as well. The name may be fabricated, but this appears to be the runner...
2009-02-04, 08:54:31
anonymous from Canada  
This scammer appears to be connected to the name Francis Hayford. I will be posting my information on Francis soon to ehlp others. Many pieces of information and some pictures are identical what is different is the scammer's name and scammers picture.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Francis Hayford

2009-02-04, 12:12:02
anonymous from Canada  
2009-02-04, 12:15:02
anonymous from United States  
A little bit more info on these two. Claude Eichmann and Francis Hayford are the same scammer, as too many details are identical. Both MO's are exactly the same. Born and raised in Germany and England, same pic used with the son, same name for son (John), son is 18 yrs old, going to college in Germany, getting a business degree. Both profiles use a Joesph Kwabina, although the roles they play are switched up. Both ask for Timberland boots, size 9 1/2 to be sent. Both claim to be in gold and diamond mining, both have guards, both meet with the typicl misfortunes. Theft, robbery, malaria, etc, etc etc. The Franics Hayford name is listed as the person that the Claude Eichmann name bought his home from. This scammer is simply switching up photos and identities, but uses the same names in the scams for the most part. Pics of diamonds and gold bars are used freuquently. He has been scamming for at LEAST 2 years and I'm positive much longer than that. Be careful with this one, ladies. He is smooth as silk and can wait a very long time to build trust before hitting you up. Is famous for middle of the night phone calls, leaving his victims sleep deprived and anxious, as the calls progressively get more and more desperate in their plea for money.
2009-02-04, 12:24:08
anonymous from United States  
Here is a picture of the supposed son of both of these fake profiles. He uses the name John, whether he is claiming to be Claude or Francis. Says this son is a college student in Germany, studying for a degree in business. This is another part of the lies.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Francis Hayford

2009-02-07, 08:36:21
anonymous from Canada  
Is there trouble in scammer paradice..Im still talking with Gloria..As it goes she has admitted to the scamming of this Samuel Yankah but he is now on the run to Belgium..
He took the money gold and ran..His friends have turned on him ..
She said she is inocent,,didnt know what she was getting into..
Gloria said she has gone to the Canadian embassy in Accra to apply for a passport to come to me ,,if i pay for it..There is a guy that phoned me claiming he worked at our embassy..Ill reroute a return call on Monday to verify this..
Hey maybe she is ready to talk..Or just the start of another scam..
Good work guys thanks for your help..Ill keep you informed..
2009-02-08, 21:39:53
anonymous from United States  
I can guarentee you that it is a continuation of the same old scam. You need to stop communicating with her immediately. You will never find her or bust her. She is actually a he and he is out to steal you blind. No good can come from you continueing to talk to 'her'. For the safety of your computer and your identity, you need to stop trying to figure this all out. Put the email on your blocked list and delete it from your address book. Then go to your IM and remove the nickname from your friends list and last, put it on your ignore list. Many of these criminals are computer experts and can hack into yours faster than you can shut it down. If you doubt this is true, then realize they hacked into NASA's computer system and they can hack into yours too. The FBI does NOT condone scambaiting and you should cease all communication with this criminal immediately. Stay safe!!
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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