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Dating scammer Collins Rack


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Name: Collins Rack



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He has a profile on , he is a engineer working at a rig in UK. first he told me that he was from USA then he change the story. Tha he lives in London. Just becareful.

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2008-11-03, 20:38:12
I got in touch with the man of this picture under the name of Henry Brian from Ohio,
2008-11-04, 01:55:42   (updated: 2008-11-04, 01:57:16) from United Kingdom  
Alan Walton 18/01/1955 aka- nala(alannala1,alan1)from England South Normanton love russian ladys and he have so many profiles at any diting sites. He is married with some kazakh nice lady...
You can see his face or
2008-11-20, 02:50:09
anonymous from White Plains, United States  
About Ben Moray on Matchdoctor.

pictures are stolen from Sergio C:
2009-02-02, 20:58:02
I am interested in any one else out there that may have know Collins Rack? The picture looks so very familiar. But, the name is different as I know it. Who is the lady scammed from Atlanta? I would love to talk with her.
2009-06-16, 16:23:34
I was also scammed by a man who stole the pictures at the begining of this post. I have also found pictures of this man on a number of other websites. Does anyone know who the 'real' man is? I have some other pictures that I need to post but I believe him to be a teacher. I may never solve the mystery or do anything with the info since I know he is a victim also, but I would just like to know to put some closure to this horrible incident.

I will check back here from time to time, but any response would be appreciated.

Thank you.
2009-06-16, 22:48:31
[hidden] from Salem, United States  
Anonymous 2009 - 06 - 16 16:23:34

I am sorry, You were scammed.
I also understand wanting to protect the victim who's photo's
were stolen.
But the sad truth in this case that by your not posting what, You
The scammer gets to keep using them over and over again with
new victim's.
By posting them a lot of good is accomplished by that.
First of all it helps other victims to see that they are being scammed.
If they are posted then the scammer may be forced to stop using them
in scams all together because they can be found.
By not posting them the victim may never know that His pictures have been
stolen in the first place.
The more the pictures are used by the scammer the greater the chance
of more harm being done to the victim.
Nearly all of the many thousands of photo's posted on this site are stolen.
It in no way implies the person in the photo is part of the scam.
By not posting them it ends up that someone has a photo but it does
not match any that have been posted.
That means in some cases the victim continues to be scammed.
So not posting pictures that have been used in a scam does much
more harm than thinking, Your doing good.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
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2010-05-18, 17:45:44   (updated: 2010-05-18, 17:50:29)
This man now uses the name Terry Johnson and was on Millionaire Match. We communicated for over three months in which he sucked me back in so many times. He first was going to send me funds to save my home . The contact info was to give them his name , DOB and size shoe. The link came and they wanted over $90,000 to pay the taxes. He screamed at me and was going to sue me if he lost his 20 million. I could not and did not believe him then. He in a few days then said it was reduced to $20000 then to $12000 then to $2000 he just kept it up till I had a major heart attack.
When I returned home he called and cried like a baby over the phone because he felt so bad causing the woman he loved HIS WIFE to become ill. He said he also was in the hospital and had been robbed at his hotel. He had me speak with a Dr. and everything. I could never get the name and phone number of the hospital though. Bethany hospital in Lagos. He needed at first $12000 for his bill then $8000 then $4000 I explained i could not come up with it. I accused him of being a scammer and he had his attorney in N>Y> call me. Funny the attorney has never answered the phone since. He said he could not get his passport from the hospital and was staying in the maintenance room at the hotel. Could I please at least send him money for food. The story goes on that I ended up sending money for his passport and he was on his way to the airport and had a car accident on the way. I am supposed to now post a bond to pay for an operation to save his life. He has a daughter named Sharon who is supposed to be 17 yrs old. She has now been without her father? He says he has no other family and I am his only hope When I send someone from the church or request proof of his id he screams at me and becomes cruel and a horrible temper. I have told him that if he is not willing to trust me with his id or a current photo taken or his home address I wash my hands. Have I been wrong and did i leave this man without proper medical attention to die. I am in love with him. He has an accent that sounds Latin and he is the king of con artists because I have never let a scammer come anywhere close to sending a dime. He has cried like a baby. i now know since I said he either marries me on the phone or nothing that it was all a lie and scam. It is the cruelest thing to do to another human being without any regard for leaving them penniless and he took every single dollar I could borrow and come up with and it is not enough I am having all my utilities shut off now and will be homeless. Ladies he does not care. Be careful and think of me out in the street in debt from sending him funds and paying for over $3000 in phone calls. He has partners in on this and he has no shame. I even tried to commit suicide over this shame that it has brought me. If anyone know and would recognise the voice please help me find some closure. It has devastated me beyond belief and I have been in the hospital because of this ruthless man.
2013-05-28, 09:23:02
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Hi !
Well , all comments here about my husband ! I knew he spend a lot of time on Internet .Alan Walton ... his profile every where in any Dating sites in any countries. Yes , my dear Collins Rags and other girl , it's Alan ! Some profile he is a teacher , when he was seat on benefits job center send him for studying,he say: 3 times in week go to restroran -he never been ! He had a 55.000 per year. Ha ha ha !!! I try to stop him 9 years to do this, but if I delete one profile he open 10 others!!
He says: 'It s only game !' I read a lot of letters from women, I'm very sad that Alan stolen their time and hope.What I can say now? If man married 3 times before, YOU most thinking , why ?!
9 years he play this gams. Not any more, I'm off. Good luck !

2014-05-31, 04:56:08
anonymous from United Kingdom  

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Dating scammer Collins Rack

2014-05-31, 04:56:41
anonymous from United Kingdom  

2014-05-31, 05:02:11
anonymous from United Kingdom  
One face. One man : Alan Walton from England - Internet scammer , teacher of English language ? He pretend than he is from Coventry his age is 46 . No ! His age is 59 !!!!
Last one picture is photoshop ! Even he pointing by arrow . Please , be aware.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Collins Rack

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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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