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Dating scammer anaky mike godwin aka anaky robert


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Name: anaky mike godwin aka anaky robert


Mike godwin

120 Palm Avenue road mushin lagos Nigeria 23401

Phone +234 47033291727

Other Comments:
his names are Anaky Robert, Anaky Mike Godwin
his phonenumber i have from him in Nigeria is 002347032291727 the adres he gave me to send the money to him Mike Godwin,120 Palm Aveneu Road Mushin Lagos Nigeria 23401 i had to send money trough Western unions before i did not know,that they existed.
He had to be there for his work he said in Lagos he says, with his 13 year old son Joby, he lived in Seatle he said the state Washington dc, he never phoned me from there,he said he could not get any connection with me, he even mentioned i forgot about it, then he had to dial a one in front of my number, as far i know you have,to that when you call to the usa, not to the netherlands then its 0031,and so on, i told him that, but i was to much in love then, as he was to he said, he still does say that,but i do doubt it now,we have been online since 27-07-2008 until last night,and i have been mailing with him,since then, and i received a lot of mails from him dayly and he from me, we have been chatting almost dayly, the last month there ,where suddenly problems, when he had arrived Nigeria, he lost his bag,with his atm card and his cheques and personal information, so he lost the info from his best friend, he had only me left to help him, and his
son, he needed money to pay the Hotel, and to go to the Hospital with his son Joby, i sended him money then, because i was so much in love, and i cant leave people in trouble when they do need help, and especialy when there is a child concernd i cant refuge then, so i did send him 1000 euros at the end of august,then it still felt good, but when he did ask the next day for more i got angry andsaid that to him, but he needed to rent a car and to pay bills for his son and so on i gave in,and sended my last money, only it was not that easy to send it to him, because after have been sending to him once the second sending got refuged,and did that for more times, so then i had to send the money,to his mummy sister in Canada, and i did that, itwas all i had left 1200euros and i have been having extra cost to send it to him ,and traveling up and down to the big city here to be able to send money, i did not know then you could be scamned by love
now i know that,thanks to you,but its a bit to late for me,with him now, i am finding out total untal i have lost now,with out counting to get a passport for myself.or my phone bill i do not know how much that will be, its now 2300 euros, thats all i had,and lost and will not get that back i suppose when he is a real scammer,thats for me two months income , i have to live from a minimum here and that money i needed to buy care for my self and my mum, now i do have to find a way, to do things diffrent and do with out it, i cant tell any one, because they will not understand it, that i did not listen to my mind, instead of my heart and soul,i usualy do that,but now my mind was clouded, and to much on my mind, and my heart and soul needed that love so much from him, that they completly shutted up my mind, until last weekend agian something happend, and he got, robberd he said, he was on his way to work,and was having a little detour with his
son to the beach bar there first, that they got gunpointed, and the got treatend and he had to give his briefcase, to them,there was in it his laptop and working papers, and he ,then i got so much upset that weekend about it, i could not sleep of that all, and then at sunday night he asked me if i could help him again please, because i was the only one that he loved and cared for, and that i was the only one who could help him, i told him i could not, because i do have none left any more, he kept on begging me, and i would get evrything back, when i got his work finished there, he had a contract, and in it was standing, after the job,he gets paid, for a big sum, i believed it as far as that, but i did argue with him,that he did have done a lot of work there,so they should be willing to give him some money for exspences, and when
he needed that to finish his job,that they had to i said to him, but he said that they could not do that and so on, ist to much to repeat it, he whants me to solve this i cant, and i do not whant to find a solution anymore,because he is not only asking money now, for a new laptop so we can keep our comunication, but he whants besides that a other 1000 for travel expences and health care for his son and so on, at the end of this month next week,i told him that i could not even send money for a new laptop, so how will be able to send 1500euros to him, he even asked me to ask from my son or family help or friends, i said to him, if i would have had it, i would have sended it, but i do not have it, and i am to going to ask my family,because thet do not have it, and i whant to keep it private, its my problem not theres and so on, he kept on pleading last night since then , i got my mind back, and my heart broken, because i know, i am not going to do
anything any more to try to get or find money for him,
i have answerd his mails last night withe less love and pleasure as usual, and when i just started with this mail, he came online, and i could not enjoy our chat, because i was not feeling well, i feel terrible, and i feel cold, and weak,so i said to him i do not feel well, and i whant to rest, and not chat or phone to night i am not in the mood for it, he does not know yet, that i know now, he is a scammer,to be honest i feel not happy about that, because i was so much in love with all his mail the most off them, when he did not ask for money, and his Chats, more then i liked his photos, but i got used to them, i was even willing to accept it, that i did not like his voice, because i was so much on love, with the words they where so good for my heart and soul, like Honey is for a Bee,even if it would, have been turned out he was not white but black and Nigarian, i would have been able to accept that to, but being scammed no thats go,s to far,
then i am at my end,and thats what i am feeling now, sad, and heartbroken and cold and confused, all i whant to do now, is cry, and be alone now,just now with my dogs,and to answer you, and give you the information you need, to find out how and what he has done more, and where he is more and so on, i would like to hear from you all please, do not worry i am not going to hurt my self, my mum and son and my dogs need me to much, and i love life to much to, i have good friends here nearby, and when needed i will talk to my son about it to,but not just now, i need now for tonight rest, i should have gone to my mum this evening but after reading your message i was not abele anymore at that moment so i will go to her tomorow evening,she will understand it when i will tell her, she loves me, and she knows i will come when i can. and we all need to safe others for him or other scammers.
as far i know, and knew, he was born in Brasil, and lived since 20 years in the states, and became a civil engineer, and that is what he is now, and doing over there what he said to me,before he came to Nigeria,he never phoned me, since he got there, and he had problems there,he did, that and he called me several times,and aksed me to phone him back ,to wish him good night and give goodnight kisses,
thats was the first time i heard his voice, it did not sound, Amerian neither Brasilan, more like a Afriacan voice, but then i was still to much in love, and to much bussy with other things,like my mothers health,her ending up in a hospital,and nursing home later,and that i had to get her house empty, the last month until the 5th of september,i was much to bussy with that, to even listen to ,my mind then, who was giving signs i did ignore then,


also check out

have a safe day all you outthere ...


2008-09-21, 09:59:16   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  

2008-09-21, 09:59:16   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  

2008-09-21, 09:59:16   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  

2008-09-22, 10:41:07
anonymous from Germany  
here is the pic he put with his profile at the perfspot site

Have a scammerfree day all

Pic is stolen from
and watch out ...

A Member of

2008-10-12, 18:21:34
anonymous from Canada  
Hi ladies , I guess I'm one of the fools we have somthing in common Mike. Iam breaking up inside right now . He told me so many lies and like a fool I believe every word of it. But deep down my gut was telling me different. Every night he would talk to me on the net and say how much he loved and needed me . For him and his son Joby and God forgive me I believe it. I live in Canada and right now he is suppose to be travelling to Indonesia and ladies beware. Your heart willbe broken into a million pieces .
Now he has created abroken heart . A fallen women. I did not ask for this no did I need this . I guess I'm one of the lucky ones cause I found this before he could get money from me. Now all I have is a layer of ice on my heart and soul. and all I cansay is thanks my love Mike

2008-10-12, 21:52:57
anonymous from United States  
Go to and tell your story. There are over 13,000 members and they have all experienced what you have. You will find help and support in this difficult time. There is no judgement there and tons of support. Go there!
2008-10-13, 12:35:12
anonymous from Germany  
or go to

thats a grat site too
you get all information about the scammingbusiness you need
register is free
and we ve an international section

German / English/Danish ,Dutch

take care and stay scammerfree

good you found all the information before you sent money my sister ...
I m Happy I could prevent you from financial loss ...!!!

2008-10-14, 17:28:01
anonymous from Canada  
I want you to know I just checked out the site where I met mike . And I was discusted . I had called perfspot to let them know bout Mike godwin and what he was doing to women and all they did was block him from access to me. He is still adding women and I can't believe this site is allowing it
2008-10-17, 04:29:51
[hidden] from France  
I have been warned by nigerian scammers 419 that Chirs Donald was one of them. I knew it was too nice to be true, so I go on with him with carefulness. He is connected right now and trying to go on with his lies. So if i can be of some help for the french ladies who are going to be caught by this kind of man it would be with pleasure. He was on on the nick name of feargold1957. His email is or I think is ip is and his phone number is 234 8064846870. He is supposed to be in nigeria for a contract as an ingenieur and to sell the texil company that a father let him after is death. He has a girl Britany aged 12. He just started to tell me he was sick when i read all the files here, i realise he would be soon asking me money. I work in a medical environnement and i know a bit about ear sickness and his was not credible. I have some photo he sent me and there i understood it was all faked ! i don't know how to pass them to you. i search on another site and did not find any info on him.
thank you for what you are doing.

2008-10-17, 11:51:54
anonymous from Germany  
HI we ve also a french sektion there
register is free just leave a note in our guestbook and we contact you
i ve never seen this pic before must be a new face ...

take care and stay scammerfree

a member of
2009-08-01, 13:07:11
anonymous from United States  
wow. i started getting msgs from this anaky mike godwin on the perfspot site under LONELY HEART. he looks nothing like the pictures posted here. he is bald buff with tatoos sitting on a bench with a little boy..some hunk huh? so he wanted to start talking to 65 and hes 48 so why would he do that? little old rich lady...right? wrong!! the red flags started going up the more he sent me emails which reminded me of another guy on the perfspot site who scammed me..after a few weeks he started asking for money. wow.i was shocked and naive at the time..didnt think there were any bad guys out there...too of course i said no...and never talked to him agin..but if u look at his site..ANDREA CORTEZ you will see over 400 or so women..changed his picture like this mike did..and now theres no beware of this one too ladies!! im gonna see how far this mike is gonna go before i give him the boot. im glad i found this site!!! thanks
2009-11-23, 18:50:52
anonymous from United States  
here are a couple i think is the same guy: sgt.franklin ward and his friend who helps out an orphanage in africa and sgt. ward is in the us army.station in camp victory..he has several yahoo and facebook and myspace Iredia Omage phone number is #234-803-655-4859 he claims to need money for the kids in the orphanage.. sgt.ward helps him with donations..sgt.ward69yahoo..they are both are scammers.. sgt.ward claims to have a franklin that lives with his mom in texas he is from florida..the pic he uses as him is old and out dated..i still wonder who is this soldier is..I i just got hit up by another guy name mark godwin german suppose to be his phone number is 234-708-727-1240 he claims to be from tenn. here in the states and has 2 kids wife died giving birth to the 3rd..the is a contractor and is stuck in africa with no money cause they wont cash an american checks..he needed me to send him $1,000 untill he is able to get more money and he will pay me back..sgt.ward and iredia both ask for money it is all ways an emergency..

Remember these names

Sgt.Franklin Ward or Sgt.Ward

Iredia Omage or Omage

Mark Godwin



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