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Dating scammer McKelvin Brown


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Name: McKelvin Brown


Owerri, Nigeria
11 or 23 ...... Housing Estates

Other Comments:
McKelvin Brown aka Larry Moore aka Pascal Moore aka Alfred Johnfat aka Kelvin Brown.
As of today 10/5/2008 he is suppose to be in a hospital in Benin City (Alpha Medical Clinic) being treated by a Dr Alfred Johnfat. McKelvin was to come to the US on friday but instead he was involved in some fatal accident with the driver being killed on Thursday and he and his litte girl Dee being injured. He was supposed to be in a coma. Of couse now I waiting for a request for cash. It came in by request from Dr. Johnfat who call me on yesterday say they needed to get things in order. LOL the money. He had given me his moble number so I decided to bait he and gave him my number and told him to call if there was any change in his condition and until I spoke with McKelvin I would not be sending anything. Thats McKelvin is very weak and out of his coma. While all this is going on I decide to research this and this is what I found.
This are his other scams

Baby, i miss u so much.I am appologizing to u to put
ur anger away about me and lets go on. I have miss the
woman that make me feel on top of the world knowing
how much u love and care for me.I have not been able
to go online.i would have seen your mail before now.I
want u to know that u will always be in my heart.Baby
we actually need to talk.I have been incontact with my
Company and i pray everything will go well as they
give me hope.I have actually been in prayers to over
come this suituation and be home to u to show u that i
appreciate what u have done for me all this time.U are
still the happiness i feel deep inside in my heart.I
LOVE U SO MUCH LAURIE.When ever i thought of u i feel
stronger in spirit to move on.I know we have been so
lonely missing each others love,voice and happiness we
shared but i want u to know that with God all things
are possible and through his Grace things will be fine
and our dream to live together in his love will be
accompanished.I love u and i miss u so much.


He contacted me thru tagged, said his name is Nino Brown from Washington working on oilrig in Edinburgh UK. Said his wife died 5 yrs ago in tragic accident and wants to marry me and wants me to be mom to his 16yr old son. (found sons pic infocus
Told me his son is being raised by grandparents in Malaysia
He talks with accent, says he is originally from Sweden Wants me to divorce and marry him soon.(LOL)

The pictures he used on the other ladies are different but are the same man.

Brown seems to be a very common name. SO please be careful.

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2012-10-21, 09:52:15
anonymous from United States  

I know exactly how you feel, 'emotional rape', very good description as you put it. I want to vomit when I wonder who it really was I was opening my heart to all that time, ugh. It hurt big time and I don't know how a human can sleep at night knowing they mess with peoples heads like this. I was so mad at myself for not seeing it, but this guy talked to me every night for MONTHS. WTF?

Hope more girls find this site because I'm sure there are hundreds who still haven't figured it out yet!! Just thankful that I did not lose money like some did.
2012-10-25, 11:30:50 from Aledo, United States  
my romantic guy was richard moore, very handsome potrait, even thou i know it wasn't actually him. But one of theses idiots. didnt take me for anything but my heart. just feel real stupid. how could they sleep at night. i real lost my husband, and thats was they are looking for someone one maybe has widow money, well i didn't, but i did have people who cared of enough to keep telling me to check him out. he said he was a engineer on a oil rig in dubai, the oasis oil rig, when i google it it can to this site. word for word, some of the things in my emails, down to his friends the rascals. its been 4 days since i've heard from them, but hopefully i wont. havent given up on online dating i'm just more careful.. alice
2012-11-14, 08:36:00
anonymous from Germany  

I feel that a relationship should always be based upon honesty and acceptance. When you can fully accept yourself, honesty will come naturally. This in return will leave your partner feeling comfortable with you, knowing there is nothing to hide. If two people can see each other in full view with complete acceptance, they can build a successful relationship from this, I believe that the most important 'key' to a successful relationship would have to be 'trust'. I believe that with trust, love will follow. However, what I have noticed is that many people think trust, or expect that trust is to be earned by the other person, when in all actuality it is something that comes from within yourself. All too many times people will say they don't trust due to past experiences. What they don't realize is that they have built up those proverbial walls to protect them from the very thing they are searching for... Yes, there is a risk in trusting someone, but when you finally find that 'right' person, it makes all the past experiences and lessons learned very much worth the risk. All of life's little lessons do not have to be painful... even when they seem so at the time. You just have to chalk it up to experience and move on. Nothing is worth closing your heart. Nothing is worth living in a world of fearing what bad 'may' come to you. Without trust, you close your heart to the happiness and joy that true love brings. It's only my experience... and it's what I believe has given me the wonderful gift of 'true' love. It's a hard thing to do, a scary thing, but very much worth it. This is not to go without saying that some people may betray your trust... that's the risk... but why allow past betrayals to prolong the pain by building a fortress around your heart that not only protects you from pain/betrayal, but also denies you the ability to experience happiness and joy?

2012-11-24, 17:11:01
anonymous from United Kingdom  
He is now going by the name of Robert Watkins and the photo he shows is of a really handsome man very well groomed. I started to worry when he would say things that just didn't make sense, not using good English he is on as Iamhere4uoo. Uses all the same names of his so called friends working with him in Dubai and said there had been a terrible accident this morning on a rig but no reports of any such accident. Ladies if he is too good to be true it is probably because it isn't true.

2012-11-25, 14:50:25
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:Robert Watkins
Please post his current emailaddress and other photos used in this scam.
2012-12-05, 09:22:01
anonymous from United States  
I got the exact same letters with a different photo from a Todd Pelligrinni....
I did not send money, but was asked after communicating for about 3 months...I confronted him and he never responded after that...
Im sure they will find another dating site to scam and hopefully no one will send money or have their hearts broken....
2012-12-05, 13:44:04
anonymous from United States  

I met Spencer Kimball on zoosk site recently we emailed for about 2 weeks and I was waiting for money request which came a few days ago. Contact has been ended and I'm not sure if it's the same person but wanted to share.

Hello My goddess,

How are you Doing? I am so so sorry for not writing you a note yesterday,i got home on the late side and was tired so off to bed i went,i did not even get to shower,(my bad).
Can you imagine how yesterday went. I was with the nine rascals at the quarters. Oh! i need to tell you who the nine rascals are. They are my professional buddies. we work together, we have more of a friendship relationship than Employee employer relationship. When one of us has an occasion to grace, you would be thrilled. we could act much and make a crowd laugh out their stress. there is Nelson, Bishop, Owen, Chan, Lee, John, Brian, Nikky, and mike. Nelson met Debby online while we were in Dubai, then we moved out after our project. Then Chan was always getting on Nelson's nerves, but really, they have always been like that. Bishop would call them, cat and dog. They would make fun of each other and i tell you the whole party would laugh. But today, Even Debby is Chan's best friend. After their marriage, we went to Saudi to bid for a project on one of their oil platforms. I personally logged most of my funds in the bidding's and so did many of us. It got to a point that we were knocked out by their local politics. It left us almost stranded, please don't laugh at us,lol. But somehow you wouldn't believe it , Debby did most of the work of getting our naughty asses out of there. We were disappointed that we lost big, but as humans, we don't know God has a bigger plan for us. Just the week we got back to States, we got this biggest project of our career in Nigeria. We were bidding for a 4 million gain project and we got a gift of over 10 m,lol.

Most of my colleagues still have this envy in them, but as it is , i did not make myself but God did. When we went back to the states to finalize Nelson's wedding. we met her family. My dear, they had us for days and the old man did not want the rascals to go. They impacted so much into there lives. Even the man calls on us like a father time to time till now. What i know is that, we were able to get people's love , not because of wealth but because of our simplicity. That is one thing that can never be compromised in life. So, i gave them an exclusive on how i met this woman who has become a screen saver on my mind, and they were thrilled, saying they cant wait to meet her. They promised they had a bet on who would be closer to her. can you believe that. They all said, Hey .....pls put up her pic in the main room,lol.
I cant wait to finish this project in less than three weeks so i can come show you how much i can steal your heart, Let us see if you can resist this Happy man! LOL.I already have a house that we you can come on meeting me if you wish to come visit me in SFO so i wouldn't need a hotel,lol.

How did your day go? do you think you have listened to your heart? listen to it and you will find out how much we stand to gain! I am just a man who wants my best friend with me. Someone i can look at and smile for no reason. Someone i cant wait to get home to be with. Someone to hold in my arms and whisper to her ears. someone to run my fingers through her ears. Someone who is never afraid of telling her deepest thoughts to me. Someone who sees me more as her twin.
What do you think?


Hello My Angel,

Thanks for your lovely email and the answers to the questions. I don't know what i have done that i deserve a second chance. I lost one and yet i found another angel. How did i become so lucky. I trusted my instincts and got only you from that market and you turned gold. My instincts still direct me, move ahead with her in my journey. I really thank my God,i mean i ask for something good and he gives me the best.

Hiding from the whole past, rains and snow, for i may be reminded of some memories, trying to forget yet i wont let go.Walking through a crowded street, i could still hear my own heartbeat..So many people around this world my dear, tell me, where do i find someone like you? lol Please take me to your heart, take me to your soul, show me that wonders can be true. They say, nothing lasts forever, we are only here today, Love is now or never, please bring me far away! give me your hand and hold me, show me what love is, maybe i haven't got a clue, be my guardian star. take my hands before i am too old,lol. i could go be with some friends to have fun, but they don't really comprehend. I don't need too much talking , without saying anything, all i need is some one who makes me want to sing. And you do a great job on that. I have written a song i would sing for you when i get to you. In few weeks i would handover and come see you. Would you mind picking this old man from the airport? lol.

Have you ever danced in a rain? give it a trial and see how free your soul really is. We should really take this to another level. let me hear the voice of an angel. Be warned i have been told i have an unsorted/African accent and very soft voice, but sexy, i can hardly get you out of my mind.I was so depressed and worried when you told me that you daughter was missing. Finally got happy and feel much joy in me when you told me she is back home now. Here is my mobile number,you can give me a call if you want to babe +2348181079055 or (678) 568-9098 (i included the dial code already so just dial the number the way it appears)
Yours Forever,

Good morning there my love.How are you today? i just got to work, even though late, but then, i have four locals down with serious injuries and one gone. This is the most painful thing i have come across. Now the Rig tow they were rushing to fix before my arrival, did swing into the best place after rolling down on them before time, so they were catalyst to its best position, but they did pay a hard price for this. I hate accidents on site, sometimes it makes you feel like not having to use local labors, because they sometimes make these mistakes that doesn't make sense. I feel bad enough to feel responsible for them. The four have been taken to general hospital now, i just pray for the best for them, i pity the family of the deceased. They spoiled my mood this day because they should have waited for us before making such vital installations. These are even men who lack basic insurance for that matter, risking there lives and now i feel responsible for what has happened to them. Maybe i should have been on the site early enough.
Can't write much this time honey, would try later. Just know that you mean alot to me ok? and i really appreciate you dear.

The joy i feel in recent days is my best.


Good morning there my one and only!
How are you feeling this morning? i feel better this morning.. You work miracles with me, even you don't know wish i was with you to give you a good massage to put you to sleep,lol. Honey, i am glad my men are doing better now, even though they have cost me personally over 65 grand out of budget that is present cost as of Now... I am still happy that we can work things by the grace of God.
I think i need a long vacation honey and you will be with me. I am handling over the project next week and that is why i was summoned to Ibandan(Nigeria) by the government few days back, but they are talking about a different payment procedure, which i fear may affect us if much work is not done. Since this Nigerians are asking us to pay all pending taxes and clearance before all the funds are released, and now i just lured out almost all our reserve, i pray we can do something about the taxes so they can release our funds, most especially because i have over 100 men and families depending on this success, so that is giving me another headache right now.
I don't want you to feel tired baby, please make sure you take good care of yourself for me ok? so that i will meet you in good health ok? i cant wait to get this over with and leave here on time honey. I want you to know that you are always on my mind ok?
I cant wait to hear your lovely voice.
I am off to go see the deceased family at their home right now.
Yours forever,

My beautiful ,
How are you doing? I hope you are as good as ever?
Well I have been very busy with the rascals and co workers for the funeral arrangements for the deceased and the discussion on how to raise some funds for the family of the deceased which I was also the person in the position to raise the funds on the family's behalf as I was also told to get the funds from every angle of my friends and family to make the contribution much for them, as the deceased was a nice and caring individual to be rewarded in much ways which am gladly going to be very happy if you could also contribute to the wonderful fund raising of this lovely person we lost… as i would like you as my wife to also have an impact in their lives.

I would really be very happy to hear from you soon, also let me know what your voluntary donation would be.

Make sure you take good care of your lovely self for me as I would await your ever sweet reply on here…


2012-12-06, 07:36:29
Miss Marple from United States

Location: Abeokuta, Nigeria
Last Online:More than a month ago

Looking for:: Women:a friend
Height: 178 cm (5 ft 10 in)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Body Type: Slender
Ethnicity: Other
Education: -- no answer --
Occupation: Student
Smoke: Trying to quit
Drink: Social drinker, maybe one or two
Martial tatus: -- no answer --
Number of children: None
Weight: 68 Kg (150 lb)
Willing to relocate: No
Best thing about me: am a caring person
Worst thing about me: I hate being offended
What i bring in your life: What ever good
Health status: Very good
Type of relation: Fun:Chat:Online friends
religious affiliation: Christian
Describe yourself: Well we need to talk about that..just the way i feel.


2012-12-06, 07:40:14   (updated: 2012-12-06, 07:42:32)
Miss Marple from United States
Thank you ,the photos are stolen from Basil Fitzpatrick and are abused in scams.

Real ID:
Basil Fitzpatrick
48 from California, United States
Model, Actor, Musician


2012-12-06, 23:58:47
anonymous from United States  
This man is now going by Joseph Wright. Its a diffrent pic but same man. He used the story about being on a rig in Pearl Qatar and talked about waking up early and catching a ride on the chopper.

I didn't give him time to scam, I recognized him for what he was, told him off, and told him not to contact me ever again.
2012-12-23, 10:04:11
anonymous from United States  
Ineed to tell my aunt this. she has been telling us how she is marrying a guy she met onlin efrmo london. He has multiple properties lots of money his wife died, has a daughter, sold his huge house and made lots of money off of it (350 million... obvi not true as we can see) and most recently, he wont be here for christmas with my aunt not because he has a daughter but because the tow rig accident with one dying and 4 being injured. my heart aches for my aunt and I need to tell her but we just cant before the holidays we dont want to ruin her spirits yet and dk how to tell her.
2012-12-24, 12:55:23
anonymous from United States  
Please watch out for a Using the same scam about all his friends and working on an oil platform. Claimed he is from US and UK. His mother is 80 and has a son Will age 20. this guy is a great con artist. Same accident, with friends Chan, Nelson , Debbie. etc.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Robert Wood

2012-12-24, 13:19:56
anonymous from United States  
Ladies watch out for this scammer more pictures of James Bradley always put sweet pea, knew everything about the state. This is truly an evil man.

2012-12-24, 13:19:56
anonymous from United States  
Ladies watch out for this scammer more pictures of James Bradley always put sweet pea, knew everything about the state. This is truly an evil man.

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