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Dating scammer Dave Holguin


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Name: Dave Holguin



Other Comments:
Dave Holguin
Name: Dave Holguin
Alter: 45 Jahre
Geb.Dat.: 08.07.1962
Lagos, Awolowo Way
Adressen in USA
Agoura Hills, Kalifornien
dann in Garberville, Kalifornien (dort käme die Mutter her)
e-Mail-Adresse:; Beruf: Maschinenbau-Ingenieur
ID-Messenger: Dave Holguin in Yahoo; Dave in MSN
e-Mail-Adresse:; Beruf: Maschinenbau-Ingenieur
ID-Messenger: Dave Holguin in Yahoo; Dave in MSN

Bekannte Ruf-Nummern:
002348067846571 (Mobil-Telefon) das war die erste Nummer, dann hatte er: 0023416569687 (Festnetz)
Geroutet: über Israel

Ein Sohn: Eric 12 Jahre
11 x Gary Maxwell
1 x Dominic Wilford,
12 Awolowo Way, 23401 Ikejy


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2008-10-22, 16:22:14   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  

2008-10-22, 16:22:14   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  
2008-12-05, 06:02:00
is his msn adress
This man can be really mean
2009-01-07, 10:08:18
anonymous from Germany  
Here s the rigjht pic of dave
ladies beware

a member of

2009-01-07, 10:09:39
anonymous from Germany  
and another pic of dave

ladies beware

a member of

2009-02-15, 02:07:37
anonymous from Australia  
i am uanble to find Dominic Wilford's details, can some one direct me where to look at please. currnetly i am in touch with Dominic Wilford and just want to verify the same Dominic Wilford is appearing on this site,
2009-02-15, 05:51:25
Steve_dux from Australia  
@ anonymous from Australia 2009-02-15, 02:07:37

Please post as much info you have to enable us to help you!

Copies of email and the email header.

Email header info can be found here: http://www.spamcop...h_headers/
2009-03-09, 01:35:13
anonymous from Australia  
where would i find a picture of Dominic Wilford in this site? can you please help thanks
2009-03-09, 04:55:58
Post subject: Dominic Wilford

2009-03-16, 01:07:30
anonymous from Australia  
Thank you very much for your help.
2009-06-11, 16:25:28
anonymous from Australia  
dominic wilford appear to me with the same photo that is shown on 'blossom15' in www. (as supplied above)..that was the same time that i was scam by him and i couldnt beleive he is still around and not rot in hell.
he spun the same story as in blossom15..his email is
he caught me in a very vulnerable time when i am griefing over my spouse death ,have a split up with my partner and was reaally depressed and he appears in Yahoo personal dating site and cancel his profile as soon as he contact me.ful of love and sympathy and kindness .he goes all way out to pay to contact women. i was green on internet dating and too much compassion gets the better of me and same story , get to know me for at least a couple of months with phonecall etc. and then told me he went to africa for a job as an engineer and his internet is goign tobe cut off..i was really stupid and he conned me for 350.
i wonder if that would help, he ask me to deposit the money in his friends account, under the name of dominic wilford in queensland ( istill have his account number) but am not sure if that is really him, i check white pages and found two person with that name in beaudesert, queensland. at that time he said he was in arca africa. so can someone explain how he withdraw the money or is he at large in queensland.
another things that happen.. and that inicident bought me deep down intot the gutter and i have not a clue that all these sick people is around..6months later i have a major big one coming which i was not even aware of it as i burry myself in miseries over my spouse death..and this Terry ken comes into the sure you all hear of him , under email from england,have a daughter of 10 and spun himself a sad story of being a widower like dominic,he takes time to get to know me , call me often,let me speak to his 'daughter', so there is a kid involved here..very strong accent..then went to spain on the way supposed to come and see me in australia and proposed etc..didnt beleive that bit, thought it weas a joke but had a business contract to sign in spain and then flying over..even send the reservation of airticket from air france.,say was staying a t a hotel. that i check and cant find its existence.they all protray themselve as god fearing..and rings ever so often adn would ask me to cross my eyes and he will be chanting a few prayers about angels and stuff..its strange,i am not releigious and i laugh over it but somehow it seem i was in deep trance , never to wake up to reality even though guts feeling tells me its unbeleivable..a few day in spain, then i didnt hear form him for a day and then he wrote and say they were mugged and lost all money and documents and got beaten up and end up in hospital thn i got a phone call from 'his daughter' and she was crying and sobbing her eyes out that the police has come to take his father to prison cos he didnt pay tax adn later play up by him that they allow him to use the internet to contact me for a few minute and that he was beaten adn then the 'hotel manager' came intot he scene , I guess pretending that he cant speak english so we got it translated to english etc..and that he needs me to abil him out asi am the only one he got a secretary somewhere n england , got the number and i range couldnt get hold of them,i even check the school for the daughter and non whatsoever and yet i still didnt wake up to wont beleive my heart crys out for that 'littlegirl' as she said she is starving, cant communicate wihtthe spanish manager and all alone inthe hotel etc..the emotional stress i go through is unbeleivable.and wants me to send 10 thousand is i could help..they didnt impose but do it subtly that you can teven ralise that, they playing on your compassion and weakness.then the hotel manager comes intothe scen and pretend that he is goign tohelp him pay and just need me to contribute..all the while i thought they are genuine..and then the interesting bit, he supposedly got release and said he is short of money for the ticket,so a few more hundreds, then pocket money etc..and few more hundreds..and when that got sorted out he was supposed help by the hotel manager , driver taking them tothe airport and thenthe news that thye have a major accident and daughter and him in critical condition,,if he is a 'stranger' i couldnt care the shit, but over the period of 5-6 months of writing and talking on the phone, there is emotion and feelings involve and that breaks my heart esp fo rthe little girl(9 yrs old) hasnt got a mother..a letter was send to me form St faith (watch out for that word, very popular with nigerian) hospital by a doctor, and supposedly found anote and a ring and a card that has my contact etc , thats why they contact me ,and they used all sort of medical term that was worng wioth them and they need money to do a urgent surgery etc and blood etc..i wake to the bit when they suck the last few hundreds for ticket..i check and report to the uk embasy and that was when they reveal to me of a
similar incident that happen to a lady in canada. there is more to that but i need to cut it short..after i expose him , he still maintain his cool no matter how i curse at him and said i neglect him in the hospital adn still have the guts to email me...i didnt block his mail cos i wnat to see what he is goping to do next, but he act as if nothing happen uuntil i fool him into my email has been taken over by the FBI and is tracking his movement and then he send me a couple more with virus in it.i send it back and it bounce back with some strange language , i would think its there is a whole gang involve..all this happen last year 2008 and it has traumatised me for a long time,emotionally and mentally and physically..about two weeks of intense drama.because of the time fdifferent, i was basically up all night trying to 'babysit the daughter through messenger'.am i stupid or what..i felt like an absolute idiot..all through this ordeal, i felt i have been hypnotised and not been able to wake up..the prayer things keeps coming to my mind..strang but i swear i will kill him if i knew his identity..those scum of the earth.i bet there is a lot more of the similar incident and a lot of women felt so embarrassed to talk about it, i felt that way at first but i need to heal from this and let it go and i advised the others, cos we are the victim, not becaus e we are stupid, but we have humanity and good values and compassion and that others betray us and misuse it and they will pay for it somehow. i reply to him tht the money he scam from me will pay for his funeral. for the nigerian scammer , call them a mugu and be as racist as you can and put them down and tell them you will call on a fugu to make his penis disappear..they will leaveyou alone.i hope this has been informative enough to help others.
2009-06-11, 16:51:33
anonymous from Australia  
forgot to add, how do u explain the process of the scamming and sending of money through western union,at one stage trying on phone using credit card but cancel..and a few days later money started to get withdrawn from my credit card account, and the next day as i was reportingit tohe bank and while the banker was helping me out right before our eyes another amount comes out and all at different location at atm an done of them was round the corner of where i lived. before that i have applied for a new card adn the card never arrived , assumely stolen , and the pin number stolen from my letter box..a few days later they found out that i have asummely stolen couple of thousand from an old lady 's account and her money was in my accoutn, and luckily the bank stop it from going out ans was do youexplain that has it any connectiona adn it happen so close to home..its scary..i vow to shoot them!honest
2009-07-05, 13:34:14
[hidden] from United States  
Sorry that you were scammed after your grieving I too was scammed by one of these Nigerian assholes who took my last money. I am a single mom who got lonely one day and decided to go on eharmony and was screwed by them. It happens to the best of us, because we are loving, caring people who do not expect to be frauded by a nice man with sweet loving words. But all I pray for is that they get their sweet Karma to pay them a visit because Karma is a real bitch when she comes back around. I know there is not way to get my money back-but I want to figure out a way to shut down the whole fucking Nigeria country from ever having internet again!! so they can stop preying on vulnerable women who do not know any better.
2009-07-22, 21:38:53
anonymous from Australia  
I would like to see a photo or an email written by dominic wilford as I think I was in contact with a man who i know/knew as barry walters but always used dominic wilford or his partner freda apinko as a means of getting money deposited. I too thought I had a relationship with barry walters for a about 10 months and gave him a lot of money but I always had to deposit into dominic and fredas account because of all different excuses. I believe they are the same person. I also think they have been or are in australia and also UK. I also know photos sent to me by barry walters is not of him, but a genuine person who is unaware they are being used. information about barry walters / dominic wilford / freda apinko would be greatly appreciated even if under a different name used by them.
2009-07-23, 19:06:40   (updated: 2009-07-23, 19:23:38)
anonymous from Australia  
Ann-Maree can you please upload Barry Walters pictures, Thank you and also if you would like to see a picture of Dominic wilford go to 29-03-09 post and click on the website, it will take you to romance scam website and you can read other posts about Dominic Wilford.
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