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Dating scammer Sean Thomas Bradley


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Name: Sean Thomas Bradley


2281 Garlough Ave SW Seattle WA 98116 *not an actual address on tax assessor website

Other Comments:
'Sean' told me he was in the oil business and that his parents had passed when he was 7 and his uncle who had raised him had passed away last year, so he was alone. He stated he had $ and his personal assistant had stolen $125,000 from him just before leaving for a job in the north sea, for which he had to place a mandate on his banking accounts so in order to transfer any $ he would have to be there in person. I believe this was the set up for why he would need to ask for money from me later. I included picture of Nelson Platform where he said he was working in the North Sea.

Phone # in Seattle was given as 206-426-4006

This is part of an e-mail that was sent to me:
'And when you think about it, how could you possibly miss someone constantly in your thoughts, in your dreams in your fantasies? I guess I still can't believe this.. God I'm blushing!

There are no words that can possibly explain how I feel right now, because in fact, I've never felt this before ... sounds so cliché doesn't it? But that's a fact that I can never hide just like the blush on my cheeks ... always visible manifestations of the care I feel inside.'

Thank god I work in a business where I do background searches and knew things sounded to good to be true so I kept looking for something to be wrong. I hope this helps another person like the search I did to find this website.

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2008-11-01, 10:28:35
anonymous from United States  
The first mistake he made was telling me when he was flying out to London. I immediately checked the flights and no flights left Seattle at the time he was leaving. So from the beginning I knew he was a scammer. His birth date is a lie, as there is no Sean Bradley born on that date. I had told him from the beginning that I wanted to have him checked out and asked for his SSN. He kept saying that it hurt his feelings that I didnt believe that he was who he said he was. The last email that I received from him I emailed him back and CC the other yahoo address he has that another girl listed for him. He cant be that smart as he still IM'd me to tell me that he was now being going to be extracted and sued and I wouldnt hear from him for a bit but will contact me as soon as he can. I IM'd him back and asked why didnt the 10k that the other girl give him help him out and that he was ill and needed help. When he first asked me for the money he asked that I take a loan out for 7500. I said to him, Sean, that is what they tell women to watch out for and that it screams scammer. He was tearful and said he wasnt and didnt want me to think that of him and apologized the next day for asking me and putting me in that predicament.

I keep wondering does he know we are all talking about him on this and is laughing while he reads our comments
2008-11-01, 11:56:00 from Seattle, United States  
I am so glad I got this man's profile on here... I searched for his name, e-mail address, everything I could think of to look for some reason to end it early when I first met him, but found nothing. Now I see he has quite the reputaion! If anyone would like to share their stories please contact me at or if you are in the Seattle area and would like to meet over coffee it would be my treat! I am looking into a project to make others aware of what crooks there are out there to stop the loss so many of us have felt, some financial but mostly the hurt and pain of feeling like there was a glimmer of hope when meeting this man or the many others that are out there. We must empower those who for whatever reasons in their life fall for and are sucked in by these deceivers. Help me shine a light for the masses to see the truth.
2008-11-02, 00:46:36   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

These pictures were also reported as the following identity:

Name: Sean T Bradley



Other Comments:

2008-11-03, 19:30:10
anonymous from United States  
well.. here's another one in Florida that he's beenin contact with... and NO I sent him nothing, not even my phone number. I knew something was up when at the end of our conversation via yahoo chat... he said... I'm glad I could make your day. ! Hmmm.. you make my day? oh please. You must be kidding me I thought!
I never corresponded with him again. I'm so sick of these (*#_%( men who continue to try to deceive us women!
2008-11-06, 15:45:24
[hidden] from United States  
I am wondering if there is a common denominator amongst us women that he is targeting
2009-01-12, 17:28:45
Hello Ladies,

You all agree that this is the same person...Right?!!?
Visually, this is the same man....Right?
Question?...Isen't is funny the It is the exact same storie...I would think he would have changed things around a little if he was a real good scammer. Or was he really an American entipinure who got into some major trouble?

I also ask...why would he not change the phone numbers...once accused of wrong doings?
When all of you 'Ladies' started writting Mr. Bradley, Did YOU give all information to the exact honest truth?...or maybe, you might have been a little wary to be TOO boldly honest, for fear of wrong doings to you. Why would he feel YOU had money for the asking? Did those of you that gave money, request it back?...and if so, Did Mr. Bradley cut you off of all communication? Or did you get scared and cut him off? And one more question...When YOU were on the inter-net...Did you only communicate with ONLY Mr. Bradley...or did you share with many others?!!?

I know that some of you...or perhaps all of you may be angry with me, but I know that I talked to at least 20+ men in a one week period of being on Plent-of-fish...I was overwhelmed with some of the men. Some where just so RUDE and RAW, nothing charming for the most point! Nasty and Dirty was more like it! No one could ever tract my phone, as I use my fathers phone for business. I do know Mr. Bradley, he may not be the best business man, but hard working and in a business he has promised to quit.

From Day one...He has always known the truth from me...THE WHOLE TRUTH. Sean knows that I am poor and a singel mom for 17 years. I worked two to three jobs to put all my kids through private school, with no help from they,re 'father'. My three daughter are all in college...I will be in the whole with money for the rest of my life..and yet wants to take care of all of us...for the rest of our lifes. As my husband and the head of the house hold.

Didn't we all want so badly to just start over! Everyone has a perfect mate...Sean was not yours. I am not saying he was all innocent...Proverbs 22:16 'He who gains by oppressing the poor or by bribing the rich shall end in proverty'

Ladies...If you are going to throw sure you do not live in glass houses, and remember that if you do not have sound evidence, that is called 'Barring false witness'
And how could you believe in a earthly thing so much? happy.

Please read
psalms 18:16
And just pray...that all justice will come and that in the end we will all be Happy...
God Bless!
In His Name,


2009-03-30, 13:37:46
anonymous from Bahamas  
I too had a run-in with this Sean/Cristian - bu the was Mark Howard to me. It was the same exact story, needed money always to be sent to Nigeria. I even called the phone number listed above for Cristian and it is the same voice.

I got out at an early stage, unike some who lost tens of thousands. I am more educated now and am helping others also in educating themselves about scammers
I met 'Mark' on Webdate - his handle was markhoward7. I have a post about him on Romance Scams, if anyone is interested. It tells my story also.

Wishing recovery to anyone who has been hurt by this man, financially or otherwise.

2009-04-01, 11:31:23
anonymous from Bahamas  
Let me tell you all, I too was scammed by this man - however, he has several identities. Please check out my post on romancescam and look up Mark Howard, or google markhoward7.

My post will come up and you will see it is the exact same story to the T. I invite everyone to google this markhoward7 to read my post on this man as well.
2009-06-24, 01:07:21
anonymous from United States  
I hope that no posts since April 1, 2009 means that this one has slowed down. The phone # originally listed is nolonger in use by this man, I am sure he has a new #, but hope that all the news on his story has slowed their earnings from this pathetic story they use. May no other woman ever be hurt as those of us here have been! Healing from the pain this was a step on my broken road to my now fiance. I had to open myself up to the pain of heartbreak to allow someone new to love me and be able to love me in return. My you all heal and find what you are looking for!
2009-08-17, 07:11:16
anonymous from United States  
This guy has been Iming me from Perfect Match. Wow- good to know before I met him.
He is still out there ladies. Same story

2009-09-29, 22:14:02
Sean T Bradley and a Man by the name of Steven King the Guitarist from Graniter Fall, WA have a little too much in connon! If they are not partners, they are one in the same. Check out their profiles!
2009-11-13, 00:53:58
Mr. Steven King and Mr. Bradley had the same phone number in WA. This was found after doing a Phone number reverce on google. Then I looked up the other owner, again on Google and found the Entertainer posted over many sight's with Sean Bradley's phone number. Lady's, Don't you find that ODD?
2011-10-15, 21:44:32
anonymous from United States  

2011-10-15, 21:53:23
anonymous from United States  

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