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Dating scammer Cole Kenny


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Name: Cole Kenny



Other Comments:
He recently contacted me from the following dating site:
I found the picture he sent me on - the name on the photo on this site is ANDERSON CURTIN RAY

I found his e-mail very odd - almost scripted. this is what he sent:


Firstly,i must say a big thanks to you for taking the time to write me on here..I really appreciate your sweetness and your kindness..If i may say something,it should be its a honour to read your profile on the site....

Well my name is Cole,i'm the only son of my folks...I am actually from Switzerland but i reside in the UK.I'm so lucky to be an Engineer by profession..I'm an electronic engineer to be precise..I love my job cos its pretty interesting and its lucrative..Although it could be a pain in the butt sometimes but all the same its still great..I'm single never been married,no kids..I love kids pretty much and i sure hope to have some someday...
I'm very easy going guy who believes in making people happy cos thats when i'm happy too.I love doing most things like,swimming,i could be a fish when it comes to water..LOl..Do you like swimming?I bet you can't match me when it comes to swimming..I love going to the movies,my favourite sport is basketball..
I joined the site just to find my soulmate and when i do i will treat her so good like the beauty queen she has always been and make her the happiest man on earth with GOD on my side...

Anyway,how are you doing today and how is work and every other things going?Great i believe?I hope your job is not all thats stressful ..If there is anything i would cherish most,its to know all about you my dear cos you seem pretty cool and interesting...I hope you don't mind me asking this questions irrespective of the fact that i might have read some on your profile?Where do you reside,where are you from?Are you seeing someone?Do you have kids?If yes how many and if NO how many would you prefer with your partner?Say 12 right?Lol..Just kidding.I love kids pretty much and i hope to have some someday...Are you close to your family?...What do you do for a living?Is your job pretty tasking?Cos mine could be a pain on the butt sometimes but i still love my job all the same..Do you live alone?Do you drive?If yes whats your kind of car?Whats your favourite colour,movies?musics?sport? and what do you do for fun?What do you do at your leisure hours?I'm fascinated with your kind of lady and i must say you have got the intellect and thats something money can't buy...I'm also in search of a soulmate cos i wanna have a family of my own so i guess we have got somethings in common..I can understand your dreams my dear,one needs to build a life and achieve his/her dreams but having a family of your one is something that can not be compromised...

So should i assume you joined the site to search for your potential partner right?A soul mate i mean?..What are the qualities you seek in your dream man?Whats your view about life?Where would you love to live with your man probably after marriage?Oops too many question right?Its just out curiousity..

I should hope you will also be free to ask be any question at all..Be it any aspect of a man's life okay..I have attached a few pics of me to this mail and i hope you will like it cos i'm not as cute as you are i believe..People do call me baby face and i sure hope you can see that in me too.I guess you wouldn't mind chatting online right?here is my ID on Yahoo messenger cos i am having a hard time downloading this msn thing cos i'm not use to using it...I hope you don't mind?...

So i guess i have to get going cos i need to get back to work...Its really nice reading your mail and i hope to read more of it soon..

Take care and stay blessed..



2008-11-23, 22:59:14   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2008-11-23, 22:59:14   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2008-11-24, 00:56:35   (updated: 2008-11-24, 01:11:46)
He also uses an Hotmail account:

He uses the user name of Purelove_2008 on the following matrimonial site:

He sent me the following message, but it seemed very odd as I have not put enough detail on my profiles on any matrimonial site.

Date: 22 Nov-2008Profile ID: purelove_2008Subject:

Hello there, I just wanna say thanks to you for accepting my request to talk to you..Thats sweet and kind of you..I really appreciate it.. I was hoping i could get to know you better cos you are one lady i would love to get acquainted to thats if you wouldn't mind..By the way i'm Cole by name,would you mind telling me your sweet name?Here is my Email ..Please feel free to write me on there cos i seldomly come on here..You could add me to your Yahoo Messenger list at this ID thats if you would fancy a chat.. I would love to hear from you soon..Till then,stay blessed and be happy.. Cole
2008-12-10, 01:44:23
Same complain as above
2008-12-11, 01:08:59
It is very ture.
2009-01-11, 18:00:12
anonymous from United Arab Emirates  
Micheal Abraham: 533 Harry Hines Boulevard,
Dallas, Texas 75390
Micheal Abraham: 14th feb 1958

Micheal Abraham (11/01/2009 11:14:47 ã): actually the hotel manager came in not long ago
Micheal Abraham (11/01/2009 11:14:57 ã): asking for his payment
Micheal Abraham (11/01/2009 11:15:28 ã): i lost my wallet on my way back from the gym house yesterday
Micheal Abraham (11/01/2009 11:16:01 ã): and ken need some stuff.....
Micheal Abraham (11/01/2009 11:16:26 ã): i havent given him major food todat
Micheal Abraham (11/01/2009 11:16:38 ã): today*
Micheal Abraham (11/01/2009 11:17:02 ã): the constriant is that i am really out of cash now
Micheal Abraham (11/01/2009 11:17:13 ã): i never wanted to tell you this
Micheal Abraham (11/01/2009 11:17:52 ã): but as my love and the likeness i have for you ,i decided to share it with you if you dont mind
Micheal Abraham (11/01/2009 11:19:42 ã): i dont know what to do now honey
Micheal Abraham (11/01/2009 11:20:50 ã): ken is changing color...he havent eat something major
Micheal Abraham (11/01/2009 11:21:05 ã): eaten*
Micheal Abraham (11/01/2009 11:22:42 ã): i havent reported that to the police
Micheal Abraham (11/01/2009 11:22:56 ã): i only told you and the hotel manager
Micheal Abraham (11/01/2009 11:24:09 ã): i will to do that tomorrow
Micheal Abraham (11/01/2009 11:24:36 ã): but the police station here need my id and passport
Micheal Abraham (11/01/2009 11:25:07 ã): nope..cos i do pay on daily basis

Micheal Abraham: you know howmuch i love and care for you
Micheal Abraham: pls take care of your self for me ok
Micheal Abraham: i cant wait to be with you hun
Micheal Abraham: pls have your sleep now ok
Micheal Abraham: you there?
Micheal Abraham: @];-
Micheal Abraham: @
Micheal Abraham:
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer mikephilips09/jerry101

2009-05-28, 11:35:23
Mr.Kenny Cole met me through dating site and within a month he borrowed 25,000/-GBP and when he was suppose to meet me he disappeared from the world.He is from Conneaut Ohio but swiss origin.he said he was going to Africa for his work then the trouble started this end of March 2009 he said all his 20,000 USD got over and need some help please help then his computer broke for which he borrowed money and then he asked more and he promised to say he is a rich man and will pay all He made me take Loan and now i'm in debt which i can't pay back and He had a travellers cheque which he was paid when i asked him to exchange it he started getting mad at me then he put a drama of crying and having no food to eat for weeks .If anyone can help me trace this Scammer please inform the police about his where about.He needs to stop stealing money from innocent females and males and brought to justice.
2009-05-29, 16:45:54
Can you please inform me his cellphone number in UK and Nigieria
2009-09-19, 10:53:58
anonymous from United States  
Please check out 'Kenny Cole' additonal information by searching
thru under the name of 'Richard Brown' at this website.

2009-09-20, 10:05:48
Please see below for the real person who own this
email address 'DOTRULE07@YAHOO.CO.UK'




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