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Dating scammer Mark Bentley


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Name: Mark Bentley



Other Comments:
This man email me from a singles site on a Thursay by Friday he was in love and wanting to marry me, by Saturday his 14 daughter was emailing me and calling me MOM...of couse her mother died in a car accident and she is in China with her grand parents, while he works on an oil rig in Scotland (where ever)by Sunday he was planning madly in love writing all the poems and I care and I love you's. I had never told this man I had an intrest in him so I could not understand the method to his maddness, by Monday I got an email from his daughter tell me that her teacher told her that they are coming to my country for a trip...I live in the Caribean and she would like to meet me and spend time with me.....I said cool, let me know when and where you'll be staying.......the next day I got a email from her father asking me to help his daughter our by sending her travelling money because he is unable to...I told myself......I KNEW THIS MAN WAS A CREEP..I INFORMED HIM THAT HOW DARE HE ASK ME FOR MONEY FOR HIS DAUGHTER, AND I DID NOT APPRECIATE THAT AT ALL.....his whole personality change and he told me a few MF##@@ words and I didn't hesitate to return the does not happen like that........and besides that am well aware of how this scam this works...thanks to sites like yours that keeps us lonely hearts safe.......thanks

Here is a copy of his last email asking for help for his daughter which I suspected was also him:
Hello Mom,

Nice to hear from you again you made my day mom am very happy today when my teacher told us about going to bahamas for excursion i was so surprise when they told us in school mom i cant wait to meet you in person God has answer my prayers i have been wait for mom please i will need your address mom so that when we get there i can call you on phone i love you so much please help me to tell that i have to pay for the trip to your country by next week mom i need you in my life i wish not to come back from this trip again i have to wait for dad there so that he can meet us after work i miss you so much i hope to hear from you soon have a blessing day mom how is your week end take care i love you so much.


Hello Honey How are you doing today please i need your help for cindy she need some funds for are trip to bahamas i cant send her anything from here honey i dont want to bother you please you have to help her out she said the trip is very important to her i hope to hear a good news from you honey God bless you. Mark

photos below are pics he sent of himself and his daughter


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2008-12-06, 01:38:45   (updated: )
[hidden] from Bahamas  

2008-12-06, 07:55:43
his daughter
2009-05-11, 14:29:05
anonymous from Bahamas  
this guy is a scammer)
2009-05-11, 14:45:37
anonymous from Bahamas  
this guy is noo good he love to lie alot he will be caught sooner or later
2009-05-11, 14:55:33
anonymous from Bahamas  
she is not lieing he is a real scammer i could tell you that for sure.
2009-05-11, 18:46:27
he will be caught sooner than he think
2009-05-13, 11:33:48
anonymous from Bahamas  
wow he looks like he does that for a living boy he better stop or else he will be caught i dont beleive he sends the same pictures to everyone two to none tthats not even him neither his daughter at all these men have to be stopped once and for all thats bad involving a child in his dirt he have to be a sick man cant be a normal preson doing those type of things to women have to be sick in some way not normal at all.
2009-05-14, 13:06:20
anonymous from Sweden  
I think Mark Bently and Mark Philips are the same person. He told me his mom from Bahamas, dad UK. Wife died 5 years back in motor accident., daughter calling me mom in her dreams. I know his writing styles. He went to collect his dads inheritence in gahana,(goldbars ) he sent a pic too, he´s stranden their because of money problem, want me to help him, i helped him but he´s still their, coming with al l kinds of excuses why he´s still their, now want money to a airticket to visit me and live with me forever.He loved me soo much.
2009-05-29, 15:10:07
anonymous from Bahamas  
this guy is on every dating site trying to get money from women if you really think am joking check it out he has several id's he uses he loves to talk about his daughter tell him you heard about him on the net trying to swing ladies telling them he loves them and dont know them and he was on vacation for a month he has a house on 6 acres of land in the country he's puting a swimming pool in and all sorts of lies tell him go get a life he is nothing but.... a scammer BEWARE LADIES
2009-07-19, 09:26:39
be careful ladies this guy is now changing his name and photo now but his lione of talk still the same.
2009-08-22, 17:16:54
he is back online again doing his fool be wise and play his game along with him.
2009-08-23, 18:56:27
luckily I have learned to check the name of the person on google to see if they are real or not, it does not always help but this time it paid off thanks Ladys.
we only sent two emails so I did not have much time invested.
2009-09-06, 05:17:09
anonymous from United Kingdom  

This guy is on Carib Singles, Net log and my Space, I dont think he has any large house or worked for Exoon Mobil.
2009-09-13, 08:57:50
anonymous from Bahamas  
this man has no shame he has ran out of things to say to women now and forgets what he says to you for a man working at exoon he really a poor man looking to swing any woman he can go get a life you no good thief
2009-11-04, 16:58:21
I like to tellyou woman that this man is has been talking to me since sept ,09 saying that he works in scotland in the platfform . and just in the last week he told me that he loves me and want 's to marry me but i told him that i hardly know so how could i marry him he said i will be finishing his contract in scotaland around nov 20 ,09. Just a few day ago i receive and email from him say that he need help for his daughter in china . Refering that she needs some fund because she is strarving and need monesy for food and school. Lady i commited and error insending out some money for his daughter cindy. this man uses his daughter also because she wrote and email asking for money too and she also send me her teacher name so that i could send out and western unio money our . Ihave to confess that i was doing in a charity way but something told me to look up for this man name and i foud=nd all this writting of mb but i went and cancel the money order .i just thank god for alerting me. LADY DON;T BELIEVE MB IN A SINGLE THING THAT HE SAYS READ EVERY AND YOUBE AWARE OF WHAT KIND OF MAN HE AND HIS DAUGHTER. HE DOES LOVE ANYONE EXCEP HIS SELF AND DAUGHTER .HE JUST WANT TO LIVE FROM DIFERENTS WOMAN , PLEASE DON'T BE THE NEXT ONE EVEN IF HE SEND YOU A PICTURE OF HIS PASSPORT . THANKS FOR READING THIS COMMENT...
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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