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Dating scammer Telvis Emmanuel Garry


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Name: Telvis Emmanuel Garry


He says he is from Mount Holly, NC but working in Benin, Africa now
Here is address to send money to:
Name: Emmanuel Telvis
Address: No 3 Tombia Street
G.R.A Porthacourt, Nigeria

Other Comments:
I met Telvis on be2. He is very very charming ladies. But beware he is just another Nigerian scammer looking for your money any way he can get it.

1st email on be2:
how are you doing i hope fine?
am telvis by name and just came across your profile as i think it would be lovely i we can get to know each other
cause in life things do happen for a reason and that say am here just to say hi
hope to read from you

Telvi xxx

2nd email on be2:
The one thing I am most passionate about:

* I am independent and know how to make myself calmly happy. I adore people and being inspired by many of those I know. I am rigorously self-controlled about somethings to do with my health but that is because I am ambitious rather than obsessive. I like churches and people with any faith because religious institutions can be very good for communities and for society. I don't believe in absolute truth, I believe in very probable truth. I love debate. I love irony. I love sillyness. My goals involve being influential and probably, if I am honest, powerful in some form. I have many emotionally intimate relationships and would like a romantic one

The three things which I Am most thankful for:

* My ability to reason and my health to continue to do so.
* The educational opportunities I have had.
* My beautiful and varied friends and my family.

My friends describe her as:

* Articulate
* Outgoing
* Genuine
* Funny

Three of My best life-skills are:

* Using humour to make friends laugh
* Finding and taking on challenging activities
* Achieving personal goals

what i like doing with my leisure time:

* I like jogging and dancing salsa. I like reading. I am fascinated by politics; British, American and Latin American. I read Garcia Marquez, Henry James, DHLawrence and modern classics. I have spent more than 18 months of my adult life in Latin America and it is a continued hobby of mine. I like talking politics. I am not sensitive to argument about events and issues. I love being challenged and can laugh at my bad reasoning or argument. I believe strongly in some things such as social equality and the equal status of women. I love music; classical, jazz and solo artists but my CD collection is shameful-needs help
I think i should end here as it would be lovely if you kindly tell me more about yourself as i will be looking forward to read from you soon


He is a BIG talker and a lover but still a scammer no less. Stay away from this one, he will only hurt your heart and wallet.

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2009-03-01, 08:50:37
anonymous from United States  

2009-03-01, 08:51:24
anonymous from United States  

2009-03-01, 08:52:05
anonymous from United States  

2009-03-01, 08:52:36
anonymous from United States  

2009-03-01, 08:53:08
anonymous from United States  

2009-04-06, 13:04:40
anonymous from United States  
Now our darling is apparently on this website:
Looking for more victims. Ladies beware of him and stay far far away from Telvis Garry is he up to no good.

Telvis Garry
is Male aged 42 and is Single Mount Holly, North Carolina, United States
Hi! It's hard to put into words the type of person that I am inside, which is so important. I think that comes out when we meet face to face. Most important, I love God with all my heart. I walk and talk with him everyday. He is my one true friend that has never failed me, is there waiting on me when I fall behind, and provides all the love and understanding I could ever ask for. God is more than someone I just worship on Sunday. I continually feel his presence, especially when I see the beauty he has put in this world. How beautiful heaven must be.... For me, I love animals (especially dogs), gardening, exercise, nutrition, rides in the country, hiking, traveling, boating, adventure, singing, or just a quiet relaxing night sitting by the fireplace on a cold night, especially if it's with someone I love.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Telvis Emmanuel Garry

2009-04-15, 13:08:24
anonymous from United States  
He also has been on Yahoo personals as Mark Mayo and most recently I saw him as Marc. After he conned me extremely badly, he had the audacity to look me up again as 'Marc'. His story to me was that he was from Los Angeles but grew up in Italy. He had a daughter who was being raised by his grandmother who also raised him. He was an engineer on a off shore oil rig and could not access his accounts for his family's repeated emergencies. He had his daughter write me emails and send photos that appeared to back up his stories. He won my trust by paying off a credit card and then asking for cash advances and paying it off again. Months later the credit card payments which were originally cleared by the banks were revoked due to fraud and they are looking to me for repayment. Be very careful ladies....he is very slick. He also asked me numerous times to send him copies of large checks that were deposited into my business account so that his bank could verify that my account was valid. Luckily I wasn't that stupid but it was clear he wanted the routing and account numbers to commit online payment fraud.
2009-04-23, 10:37:51
anonymous from United States  
Here is another photo of our handsome Telvis Gary, et al.

2009-04-23, 10:39:37
anonymous from United States  
I saw this darling listed on another site since 2007 so he's been at this for quite a while. Don't be fooled by him.
2009-04-23, 10:40:17
anonymous from United States  

2009-04-23, 12:11:38
anonymous from United States  
Just an FYI
In the 2md email posted above the;
3 things most thankful for
friends describe 'her' as &
3 best life skills
Come from E-harmony, I used to be a member there. Goes to show that they use lines from everywhere!!

2009-09-06, 23:56:13
Wow, I'm blown away,, this guy has a new name James Erwin Bates, 44. birthday is april 9, 1965. He is a captan of a oil rig in north sea norway, weekends he goes to bodo with his enginer crew. His has a daughter Kelsy who is 11, wife die given birth to his son 4 years ago. she is in boarding school in finland where is aunt takes care of her. Aunt is on herbal med, and ask for money for buy them because he is on a oil rig and can;t get money to her.. Please wire it this lady in california and she'll buy the herbal med and ship to his aunt.. First it was 2000 after saying no for about a week it was down to 300.. now the foster home that he has burnt down and he has 45 kids to take care of. that the house to be rebuilded. So, can he pay off my mortage and then get tha cash advance to send to a priets in finland to do the building. also, asked to pay off my daughters credit cards too... this guy is a smooth talker, poems, letters. Calls me Mrs. Bates and that he wants to me my husband, and Kelsey wants me as her mum.. He wants my account number for my house finance company. ya right!.
Also, he texts, calls and IM off yahoo IM. when he thinks your upset he want to have phone sex with you.. I guess to calm you down.. little does he know I'm usually typing or text someone while phone sex..bored.
So, I have fallen love with this guy, and wouldn't have been checking him out until last week when another lady emailed me asking about James bates that one of her letters had my name on it.. I was shocked becaue I wanted to believe james was honest. loyal and in love with me.. I was wrong.. since then I have been doing my research.. wow alot on the internet about him.. now, I found all these name out too. Shocked... He found me on I haven't dated anyone for 14 years, now I know why!

2009-11-20, 15:42:53
anonymous from United States  
Some of these photos are currently being used by someone on He showed up in my 'Today's Matches'. I recognized the photos and reported it to Match. The profile name is akf999 and sais he lives in San Jose, CA and is 40 years old. The profile starts off kind of believable but it turns in to very poor English grammar about half way through. Talks about distance bot being a problem in a relationship. Ya right! Not a problem if you are scamming women for money!
2009-11-20, 16:37:10
Miss Marple from Sweden  
2009-12-11, 19:33:32
anonymous from United States  
I'm so sorry sweetie. I've known this scum bag for quite a while now and hate to see that he has moved on to another ID and more victims. He does still contact me now and then begging for money stating he is out of Nigeria and in London but needs help to get out of the UK. I won't ever give this thief a dime and he gets very very ugly with me. I hope you just have blocked him on your IM and move on.
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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