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Dating scammer Telvis Emmanuel Garry


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Name: Telvis Emmanuel Garry


He says he is from Mount Holly, NC but working in Benin, Africa now
Here is address to send money to:
Name: Emmanuel Telvis
Address: No 3 Tombia Street
G.R.A Porthacourt, Nigeria

Other Comments:
I met Telvis on be2. He is very very charming ladies. But beware he is just another Nigerian scammer looking for your money any way he can get it.

1st email on be2:
how are you doing i hope fine?
am telvis by name and just came across your profile as i think it would be lovely i we can get to know each other
cause in life things do happen for a reason and that say am here just to say hi
hope to read from you

Telvi xxx

2nd email on be2:
The one thing I am most passionate about:

* I am independent and know how to make myself calmly happy. I adore people and being inspired by many of those I know. I am rigorously self-controlled about somethings to do with my health but that is because I am ambitious rather than obsessive. I like churches and people with any faith because religious institutions can be very good for communities and for society. I don't believe in absolute truth, I believe in very probable truth. I love debate. I love irony. I love sillyness. My goals involve being influential and probably, if I am honest, powerful in some form. I have many emotionally intimate relationships and would like a romantic one

The three things which I Am most thankful for:

* My ability to reason and my health to continue to do so.
* The educational opportunities I have had.
* My beautiful and varied friends and my family.

My friends describe her as:

* Articulate
* Outgoing
* Genuine
* Funny

Three of My best life-skills are:

* Using humour to make friends laugh
* Finding and taking on challenging activities
* Achieving personal goals

what i like doing with my leisure time:

* I like jogging and dancing salsa. I like reading. I am fascinated by politics; British, American and Latin American. I read Garcia Marquez, Henry James, DHLawrence and modern classics. I have spent more than 18 months of my adult life in Latin America and it is a continued hobby of mine. I like talking politics. I am not sensitive to argument about events and issues. I love being challenged and can laugh at my bad reasoning or argument. I believe strongly in some things such as social equality and the equal status of women. I love music; classical, jazz and solo artists but my CD collection is shameful-needs help
I think i should end here as it would be lovely if you kindly tell me more about yourself as i will be looking forward to read from you soon


He is a BIG talker and a lover but still a scammer no less. Stay away from this one, he will only hurt your heart and wallet.

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2010-03-03, 00:50:03   (updated: 2010-03-03, 01:28:48)
anonymous from United States  
'Ladies, beware of this guy- he is a big time scammer. He goes by the name of Chris Anderson. He claimed he was from Rome Italy, but lives in Denver Colorado. He claimed he is a widower with an 18 year old daugther going to school in Rome. He is a sweet talker and his email is He is still out there looking for victims. He said he went to Nigeria to rescue the goods he ordered from UK to sign papers with the customs. Then he claimed he forgot his wallet in the States and has no money for hotel, air ticket to return home. I was scammed by this thief. His email is in the United States and probably is working with other Nigerians. Did you see this picture somewhere else?'

2010-03-03, 07:43:42
OJAS from United States  
The American passport is fake. Closed eyes, sun glasses on head, etc. Send it to the FBI, this division
2010-03-06, 02:03:10
petite6 from United States  
'OJAS, thanks for your suggestion. But do they ever catch these scammers? I tried to go to the website and they are asking a bunch of questions. Is this worth reporting to them and do they really catch these scammers? I am sure they work with other people in Nigeria. I believe this scammer lives in the US. What I don't understand is how he called me several times with numbers coming from Nigeria. I am sure the photos he use are also fake or they are probably stolen. I also got a mailing address which I posted on his profile. The address seems to match with his name but his name is very common. Can I also report him to Yahoo where he has an account? Thanks.'
2010-04-25, 15:13:55
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I am the person that travelled to Nigeria to meet this man,and was met by his driver/collegue Emmanuel.I have done extensive research since then for over a
year and have discovered that the scam is done by this Nigerian national,Em Bright prob another fake name.The man who's pictures they use once worked there unfortunately for him,and he was robbed of his camera and belongings,this is why they have and use his photos. The Nigerian authorities know all this and choose to ignore it,my only advice to all you ladies is ask him to switch his cam on so you can see who you are talking to,i guarantee he will feel tired and develop a headache,lol..
Lastly,find love near you with someone you can actually see and get to know,not someone that is reading poetry from a book as he has no grasp of the English language,lol as he so clearly demonstrates with his comments in broken English to annonymous.
I have found true love with a real British gentleman and am getting married this summer.
Amanda .
2012-05-02, 03:57:58
This man is also known as Michael Bruno Carlton and says he has a daughter Nichole who is with him in Nigeria. Always comes across as a very loving, caring person, but when you get to know him he is a real scammer. Always looking for money for one thing or another and even says that he has an inheritance from his late father and needs money to pay for taxes, etc. What a joke. Ladies beware, he is not genuine and most certainly not someone you want to be associated with. The photos shown here on the site, are what he sends to everyone.
2012-05-02, 04:11:43
anonymous from Johannesburg, South Africa  
'My name Michael Bruno Carlton,I am from Italy,my home town is Roma,I am 5.11feet tall and 49years old.But I permanently base in USA,. I had a daughter and she is the apple of my eyes.I am a very open man who has a vivid imagination.I am a very easy going man with good sense of humor, always try to look on things positively. My English is not all that good,my late wife taught me how to speak English hope you don't mind?

I am sculptor and also a art collector ,consultant to art gallery ,museum ,5star hotels ,offices for interior decoration.i have been with this profession for 28 years, with lots of experiences and i love my job so much.As a result,i travel a lot to for research to collect art works, medieval,antiques.

Things i like do at my leisure time,I love swimming,singing, dancing..i love outing like going to the beach party, museum, cinema..most especially, playing with my Daughter in the favorite indoor game chess and monopoly..

Let me tell more about me ,I am the only child of my parent my Dad is still alive but is age and is a business man in real estate consultant in United kingdon,Africa and also a contractor as well.....and mom have late long ago, I am just left alone with my daughter since my wife pass away.

Thats all about me and I hope you are going to respond back so we be acquainted to each other so we can correspond and see what the future hold for us and I am optimistic that our friendship will be great and the sky is not our limit but stepping stone.

Honey,I want to let you know more about me,My foster Dad is the one that take care of me and he adopted me as the only son..It was a terrible story,My dad is a wicked man,He slayed my Mom when I was young 4years old and my sister Ran away after the murder,she is scared ,if my Dad will kill her, ever since then I never found her,It broke my heart,I cried all then...the Government brought me to orphang home cos nobody to take of me.

My foster dad is a local artist,there I developed my interest on sculptor, he finally relocated to united kingdom for his business and He was also into real estate and also a contract on petroleum in NNPC in west Africa, he daily routine is from UK to Africa.

The only thing I don't like about him is smoke alot,He has a heart problem but I pray for him that God should see him through cos is personal doctor called me that I need to advise my Dad. that is all i have to say.' His last known email address was: or - both these email addresses are not in existence.

Sends same pics to most women he meets online.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer from Tomsk, Russia

2012-05-02, 04:17:53
Ladies also please be aware of this man. Says he is from Los Angeles and is currently in Nigeria and is desperate need of money to get back home. Promises to pay you all the money back, but believe me I do not think he ever will. Not to be trusted. He is on the dating site Connecting Singles and Metrodate. Says his son is in desperate need of an operation and needs to get back home. Also works with a so called lawyer who is handling his contract payment. Goes under various names under these dating sites. Pictures attached. Please be careful about this man. Cannot be trusted or believed at all.

2012-05-02, 04:24:25
Ladies also please be aware of this man. Also someone who is a smooth talker, gets to know you and then starts asking for money. Waits until the money is sent and then just disappears without a trace or any further contact. He is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin last know place where he was is in London, UK. Has 2 sisters in the USA. Unknown of his whereabouts now, but please be aware. Meets ladies on dating sites, last known dating site is Connecting Singles and Metrodate.

2012-07-31, 01:57:19
Eng Garyy Goal from Pakistan  
Eng Garry Goal is a scammer. he scammed me and i lost every thing.
2013-05-11, 06:33:58
salam man mehdi 25 az tehran
2014-03-06, 04:16:17
Anonymous posting 5/2/2012. The fella in the gray T-shirt. John Nicholas, Weslaco, TX on facebook. Known as dating scammer on this site as Godhasbeenfaithful and MANY, MANY other AKA's. Pathetic SOCIOPATH.
2014-03-30, 05:12:28
Anonymous remark-3/6/14- The REAL JONATHAN NICHOLAS, WESLACO, TX profile belongs to this man Jonathan Nicholas, author / Nick Hubbard (same man under different names and pics on facebook) Has 2 new books out The Kibbutz Virgin and Oz. Also has another book out Hospital Beat. Has been turned in to the Europol/FBI. LEADER OF A HUGE SCAM RING ALL OVER THE GLOBE. Also known on this site as Godhasbeenfaithful. SICK SOCIOPATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2014-04-12, 13:37:20
Alan Metcalfe (PATRICK)
He is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin last know place where he was is in London, UK (Feb 2014). He has 2 sisters in the USA. He says he is in Mexico now, but please be aware. Meets ladies on dating sites, last known dating site is
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Telvis Emmanuel Garry

2014-04-12, 13:37:24
Alan Metcalfe (PATRICK)
He is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin last know place where he was is in London, UK (Feb 2014). He has 2 sisters in the USA. He says he is in Mexico now, but please be aware. Meets ladies on dating sites, last known dating site is
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Telvis Emmanuel Garry

2014-05-23, 15:11:01

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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